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 "Now you know that your master is one of those Warlock that has sinned and that my hands are stained with the blood of innocent people." Yun Qi revealed a bitter smile. There was no trace of joy in his smile, only despair and repentance.


Shen Yanxiao walked before Yun Qi, she crouched down her body, took his hand and whispered, "No, you will always be my most respected master."


After Yun Qi realized what the Forbidden Technique truly was, he had already decided to pull back. He had no intention of changing the natural order of things.  It was his two other powerful companions continuing the Forbidden Technique Research that led to the decline of Warlocks.


Yun Qi hesitantly raised his head, looked at Shen Yanxiao's firm gaze, and slowly smiled.


"The greatest pride I have in this life is that I took you as my disciple." Perhaps G.o.d gave him a chance to compensate for his previous deeds, so that he could once again see the chance for the Warlock to rise.


Yun Qi suddenly thought of something, he stared at Shen Yanxiao and asked, "You just said that Little Feng already had all the characteristics of the seven major races except for the G.o.d Race?”


Shen Yanxiao nodded.


Yun Qi suddenly stood up, there was a hint of surprise in his face.


"They have done it! They have truly done it! Haha!”


Shen Yanxiao quickly s.h.i.+fted her gaze to the laughing Yun Qi. She was worried that Yun Qi might have gone crazy&h.e.l.lip;  


"What do you mean they have done it?” Shen Yanxiao tried to ask.


Yun Qi smiled and said, “From the start, to integrate all the races, they must collect something from the eight major races in the world. And this ‘something’ must come from a living being of the various races.”


“The Human Race, the Elves, the Merfolks, the Devil Race, the G.o.d Race, the Undead, the Dwarves and the Dragons Race..." Shen Yanxiao recited all the eight major races and found it strange. The Radiance Continent was the Human Race’s territory, and they could look for the five major races from the other continents in the world, but how about the Devil Race and the G.o.d Race?


"Weren’t the Devil Race forced back to the Underworld ever since the G.o.d Race has fallen?” Shen Yanxiao could not think of where they could find these two sources.


Yun Qi shook his head and said, "Although the devils had been forced back to the Underworld, some of them remained in the various continents. They must have captured those devils and test their Forbidden Technique at them. As for the G.o.d Race&h.e.l.lip;” Yun Qi narrowed his eyes.


“In the war against the G.o.d Race and the Devil Race, the G.o.d Race suffered a huge loss just to resist the devils. At the end of the war, the last of the G.o.d Race used his G.o.dhood to seal the pa.s.sage from the Underworld to the surface.  All the people thought that he died, but he did not. He lost his G.o.dhood, which was equivalent to losing most of the power belonging to a G.o.d. He was only temporarily impaired. His strength was reduced a lot, but his soul and body were still alive.” Yun Qi’s voice had a trace of reverence. He had a lot of respect towards this G.o.d who sacrificed his G.o.dhood just to resist the devils.


"It is just that no one knows where his frozen body is. Even after thousands of years have pa.s.sed since that event happened, still no one has found him. But one day, there was a mysterious man that came to us while carrying a body coated in ice. He told us that the man who was frozen inside the ice was the last G.o.d.”


“They captured his weak soul from that G.o.d’s body and used it in the Forbidden Technique Research.” Yun Qi said, squeezing out the last words from his mouth.


This was blasphemy!

This was disrespecting the G.o.d Race!



The Warlocks actually found the G.o.d who gave up his life to save the whole world.  


And they actually dared to disrespect that G.o.d!


"That’s too much!" Ye Qing, who had been quiet the whole time, could not take it anymore and let out the anger building up inside him.  



Ye Qing: That's too much information! Don't you think you are telling a lot of things to the readers?!

Yun Qi: What?

Ye Qing: To make the series longer, we should just give them bits by bits of information! Yet you actually jump straight and said the past event all at once! How would we make this series longer by then?! We can't just add more villains, that will just make things worse!

Yun Qi: Then what do you suggest me to do to avoid saying it?

Ye Qing: I don't know! How about try getting kidnap or something? Great now because of that we need the other important characters to find a way to make their arc longer! Tsk tsk tsk.

Shen Yanxiao: Since when did you start acting like a director? 

Ye Qing: *grumbles* If there was a filming industry, I would have take it but saddly there isn't so I needed to just do with pharmacist.

Shen Yanxiao: ...

Ye Qing: I would have been the greatest writer and director ever known to the world.

Shen Yanxiao: ...Someone come and give me a bucket of cold water. It looks like someone is still sleeping here.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 800

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