The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 807

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Just how lofty was the status of a Second Stage Professional in the various countries?


And Shen Yanxiao actually had three hundred higher demons who had the same strength as them. 


"What is it?" The group of higher demons secretly swallowed their saliva. They knew that their City Lord was a shameless, black-bellied person. Seeing her stare at them like that was making them a bit panicked. 


Shen Yanxiao pointed her finger at the only female demon, Yao Ji, and signalled her to come close. Yao Ji provocatively stood up and walked towards her while seductively twisting her perfect waist. She moved her ear closer to Shen Yanxiao to distinctly hear her words. 


After Shen Yanxiao whispered for a while, Yao Ji seductively stood up straight again and her bewitching face had an alluring smile plastered on.


"This servant will go and invite him right away.” After saying so, Yao Ji left the hall. 


Jia He and the other demons could only silently watch her figure leaving the hall. Their small hearts were beating hard; they had no idea what their City Lord was planning to do.  


Du Lang and the six wolves were sitting inside the headquarters of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, a place Shen Yanxiao had especially prepared for them while constructing The Rising Sun City. This place was much better than the one they had in the Black City. It was s.p.a.cious and bright, and the accommodation was excellent. Almost no one from the top to the bottom of the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps was willing to leave The Rising Sun City and go back to Black City. 


Don’t be ridiculous. With such good treatment, only a fool would want to go back. Besides, their City Lord was so kind and friendly, even if she was unscrupulous and shameless, they would still follow her until the end. 


The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ slogan had changed from ‘follow the Corps Head to eat meat’ to ‘follow the City Lord to eat meat.’ 


Du Lang had no complaints about this. He was also happy that his brothers had a good home. 


Shen Yanxiao trusted him very much. Many things in the city were handed over to him and Uncle Jiu. She was not worried at all that they would reveal the secrets of the city. 


Soldiers die for their friends. There was such a person who trusted Du Lang very much, so he was also determined to fight for Shen Yanxiao until death. 


The seven wolves were gathered around the table, discussing the arrangement of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps after The Rising Sun City had been officially opened to public. 


After all, they were a mercenary corps. They could not just eat and drink. They were ready to resume their old business and continue their lives as mercenaries.


"Oh, then do we need to often receive missions in the Barren Land?" Vicious Wolf asked with a smile. 


Du Lang calmly swept a glance at Vicious Wolf, lifted a cup and said, "Are you prepared to kill demons?" 


The most famous thing in the Barren Land was the demons. The minerals here were excavated by Su He and the others, so it seemed they could only fight with demons. 


Vicious Wolf's mouth slightly twitched. Kill the demons? When they thought of themselves eating, drinking, and playing with the demons in the city, there really was a certain psychological burden fighting such "adorable" creatures. 


It must be said that the three views of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had completely been distorted after living in The Rising Sun City for quite a long time. 


The demons who brought fear, and they once dreaded, had become good friends in their hearts. 


As he spoke, a gorgeous figure rushed in front of the seven wolves. 


Yao Ji flew into the headquarters of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. Her overly alluring slender waist was slightly twisting with her movements. 


The seven wolves immediately felt their blood rushed up to their faces. 


Well, aside from being adorable, demons were also very s.e.xy. 


Yao Ji did not spare the blus.h.i.+ng six wolves a glance and just twisted her waist to sit down on Du Lang's lap. 


Du Lang had just sipped a tea, but he almost got choked by it. 


"Hey, ahem... Yao Ji, why did you come?" Du Lang had always been fierce and daunting. But right now, he was at a loss, looking at the gorgeous demon sitting on his lap. He wanted to push Yao Ji away, but did not dare reach out his hands to touch her. 


Which of these wasn’t a restricted area? He dared not touch!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 807

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