The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 810

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Compared to Du Lang’s horrified reaction, the group of demons were extremely excited.

"City Lord! I think it’s a good idea! Let's form a Demon Trade Union, how about it?" Jia He squawked and stood up. Without the trouble of securing food sources they, the demons, had been idle for a long time now, and they heard that the mercenary was the most stimulating human occupation. So, this group of idle, moldy higher demons almost fluttered to Shen Yanxiao’s feet, shouting, “Long Live the City Lord”.

"It's quite good, we are idle anyway."

"I heard mercenaries can earn money? Then can we buy something later?"

"You want to buy something? There is no shortage of food."

"I will buy food for Little Jiu and others. They could eat them!"

"That idea is good!"

A group of demons yelled and raised their hands and feet in favor of Shen Yanxiao's idea. There were two reasons for their support. One was they were too idle, and the other was that they wanted to make money to support the people of The Rising Sun City...

Although they were eating and drinking just fine in The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao didn’t give them even a single gold coin. Each time they saw the happy faces of people walking in front of them holding some gold coins, this group of demons who had just merged into human society could only drool and draw circles in the corners.

The demons’ high enthusiasm made Shen Yanxiao very surprised. She looked confusedly at Fu Tu. He was the only demon who had lived outside the Barren Land.

Fu Tu looked at Shen Yanxiao with a faint smile.

"There is no problem with this decision. It’s naturally better for them to find something to do." Fu Tu leaned on the back of his chair. He was the first demon to follow Shen Yanxiao and had a lofty position among the higher demons of The Rising Sun City.

Seeing that Fu Tu had no objections, Shen Yanxiao went back to ask Du Lang for his opinion.

Du Lang's mood was very complicated. On one hand, he was pleased to have more powerful comrades. On the other hand, he was sad that this group of demons actually wanted to rob humans of their job!

Where was the justice, ah!?

How could they get rid of such a racial advantage!

However, facing the eyes of the demons which were filled with eager antic.i.p.ation, Du Lang could only swallow back the hesitation from his mouth.


It was not like they were going to get the same mission as these demon mercenaries!


"This one listens to the arrangement of the City Lord and has no objection." Du Lang crumpled his moral integrity and swallowed it down to his belly.

"Then it’s decided. The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps is naturally still under Big Brother Du’s jurisdiction. In addition, all higher demons in the city will set up a Demon Trade Union with your collaboration. Wait until The Rising Sun City is officially opened to the outside world, they can then accept missions, and you may also rest a.s.sured that I will let them stay in human form for the time being. In the coming period of time, no one will know their true ident.i.ty.” The establishment of a Demon Trade Union was a good thing for her.

The strength of the higher demons was daunting; even in a large mercenary corps, one probably could not find such a luxurious force.

And the demons were born with a perception that was more sensitive than that of humans, so it was also much easier for them to find task items. There was also no need to eat food and drink water; if they were hungry, they could just get back to The Rising Sun City to fill themselves with dark elements and revive their exhausted blood. In addition, the demon's physique was stronger than humans: they had a strong fighting ability and a natural self-healing ability.

Being a mercenary was definitely the best choice for them.

Having a powerful mercenary corps would attract people from all parts of the Radiance Continent to send tasks and missions.

Among the four countries, the Divine Wind Alliance established by the top five mercenary corps in the entire continent had once made the other three countries intimidated by their mercenary forces.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 810

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