The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 826

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Finally, in the midst of excitement, the auction in the Phantom Auction House officially began. 


There were more than 1,700 people who were partic.i.p.ating in the auction of The Rising Sun City, and these people had come from more than 300 different forces. 


Due to the large number of people, Shen Yanxiao stipulated that for each force, only two people could enter the auction house to bid. Eventually, she controlled the number to just over 500 people. 


However, even if there were only a few more than five hundred people, the Phantom Auction House was still crowded. 


After Yang Xi’s investigation during this period of time, at least 30 of the 500 plus people were spies. 


But it did not matter because outside the Phantom Auction House, 300 higher demons led by Fu Tu were standing guard. As long as someone dared to disturb the auction, that person would be eaten alive in minutes. 


People at the auction did not know that they were surrounded by a large group of vicious demons. 


All of them sat in their respective positions, waiting for the start of the auction. 


They had already obtained the list of the auction’s items before, so they knew what was about to be auctioned. 


The person who presided over this auction was Qi Xia. He was wearing a face-changing mask, standing on the auction stage. He smiled and looked at the restless crowd.


Shen Yanxiao was quite certain that since a fox like Qi Xia was a.s.suming personal command, even if these people didn’t die, their skins would be peeled off. 


This guy’s eloquence was definitely not inferior to her own; furthermore, he understood the value of these things better than her. 


The items were carried to the auction platform in the order of priority. The first auction items were mostly precious gems and luxury goods. 


Although these things were rare, they were not hugely attractive. Those who wanted them were the rich merchants. The influential families and several powerhouses did not move. 


Their purpose was very clear. What they wanted was something that would help in their dou qi and magic cultivation, potions that would enhance their const.i.tution, and the Divine Weapon.


The two boxes of gems were easily auctioned. The last thing left was the piece of Pearl Milkstone which had already had its power consumed by Shen Yanxiao. 


A Pearl Milkstone was very rare, let alone such a big one. Not to mention that the rich merchants were excited, even those from the influential families could not sit still. 


They had no shortage of gems and jewels, but a genuine rare Pearl Milkstone could add l.u.s.ter to their families. Buying them could be considered taking home a great treasure. 


"The legendary Merfolks who lived in the deep sea only shed tears twice in their life. After their birth and before their death, their tears would coagulate into Pearl Milkstones. Presumably we all have heard about it, but such a large piece of Pearl Milkstone, I believe that everyone hasn't seen anything like it before. Even if I don't say anything more, discerning people will naturally know that this is a rare, good thing. The starting price is 100,000 gold coins." Qi Xia lazily opened. Though the starting price of Pearl Milkstone was not high, he was sure that the final price would not be lower than one million. 


"200,000!" A wealthy businessman who had just bought a pile of precious gems raised his hand. 


"300,000!" Another person glanced at the local tyrant and grunted. 


He didn’t care about gems or whatnot, but who would easily let go of this real good thing? 


The price of the Pearl Milkstone had risen steadily and had quickly exceeded one million gold coins. Even some influential families were rus.h.i.+ng to bid. 


There was probably only one piece of Pearl Milkstone that was so large in this world. This kind of treasure was very rare. Everyone wanted to grab it and take this treasure back home. Not only was it a beautiful decoration, it could also increase their prestige. 


"1.7 million!" Someone from the Imperial Family of the Lan Yue Dynasty unexpectedly threw out an astonis.h.i.+ng number. 


1.7 million, for a precious stone, was already a sky-high price!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 826

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