The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 836

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Even after the auction ended, the guests still did not rushed to leave the city. The items being sold in the city’s shops were enough for them to waste some more time here. Besides, they also wanted to use this opportunity to learn the ident.i.ty of the Senior Pharmacist. Although they could not scoop the person out, if they could maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with him, they could at least still extract some decent benefits.


Only few people in the crowd were fools; most of them had a clear view of things .


That night, once the auction ended, the City Lord Residence received a lot of visitors.


These visitors came from various influential families, strong forces, and rich businessmen.


The goal of the influential families were very simple: The Rising Sun City was very rich in resources that they wanted. Aside from that, there was also a Senior Pharmacist residing in the city that might be able to produce rare potions for them.


As for the strong forces, their thinking was much simpler: The Rising Sun City’s development was very impressive. In the entire Radiance Continent, the Barren Land was the bone that was the hardest to ‘chew’ on. They hoped to gain a good relations.h.i.+p with the City Lord so that it would be easier for them to do some activities in the Barren Land, which could make their names become famous again.


Meanwhile, the businessmen’s intention was to cooperate with The Rising Sun City. In their opinion, there was still many uncovered wealth in The Rising Sun City that was not fully ‘excavated’ yet. Such a large city, yet it only had random shops. There was a great potential for investment. Whether it was to open their own shops in The Rising Sun City or transport and sell the resources from here, they could end up with a big profit.  


They were not worried that the population of The Rising Sun City might become scarce in the future. After the auction, people would only continue to find their way to enter this fertile city. Besides, they did not encounter any demons along their journey to The Rising Sun City, so the trade route was very safe.


After talking with the three groups of people one after another for a long time, Shen Yanxiao was so exhausted. They discussed about giving permits to the influential families to enter into The Rising Sun City again, and talked about reserving a place for the strong forces to stay in. In the future, if they wanted to develop in the Barren Land, they would first think of The Rising Sun City. Each of these people were strong and influential. If they could gather together in The Rising Sun City, then they could surely give a huge boost to the city.


Finally, the merchants agreed and signed a cooperative agreement with The Rising Sun City. Naturally, this kind of matter was handled by Qi Xia, and he obviously prioritized the interests of The Rising Sun City.


The result made everyone very satisfied. Shen Yanxiao’s mind started to think a lot. Just one day after opening The Rising Sun City and the money in her hands was already plenty. Her total income this time was a bit alarming. It would be a pity not to put the money to use.


An idea formed in Shen Yanxiao’s mind. She immediately called all the Phantom members, Du Lang, Uncle Jiu, and the rest to gather and then started discussing.  


The auction house today was arranged by the Phantom members. Du Lang did not partic.i.p.ate too much, and they were not that clear on how much money Shen Yanxiao had earned this time. However, when they heard her thoughts, the people were surprised.


“City Lord, you want to start reclaiming other cities?" Du Lang found Shen Yanxiao’s idea somewhat difficult to digest. It had just been a month since The Rising Sun City was completely built, yet Shen Yanxiao unexpectedly wanted to start reclaiming other cities in the eastern region of the Barren Land so soon. Was this not too hasty?


There were not many people in The Rising Sun City. It was already considered rare for them to somewhat support the operation in the entire city. Now, if they were to split their manpower, he was afraid it would become disastrously difficult to accomplish.


"Originally, the Emperor chartered The Rising Sun City to me, but it was also written in the decree that if I can develop the other cities then they would belong to me as well.” Shen Yanxiao stroked her chin. This idea was not just something that she had just thought on a whim, she had already been thinking of it before.


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 836

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