The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 847

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Oriental City’s allegiance meant that Shen Yanxiao’s plan for territory expansion had already begun. Since Qiao Chu was more familiar with the demons of the Oriental City, Shen Yanxiao did not put him in The Rising Sun City and instead left him there to manage the city. After witnessing Shen Yanxiao’s prowess, Qiao Chu also behaved himself. Nevertheless, Shen Yanxiao still could not let him make even the slightest trouble, so she picked up half of the demons of the Oriental City to go to The Rising Sun City and arranged thousands of demons of The Rising Sun City to enter the Oriental City in exchange. She also sent Jia Lan and Jia He to sit in town so that Qiao Chu would think twice if he had even the slightest bad idea.

However, the demon's thinking was very simple; Shen Yanxiao could waste less mental effort by not thinking too much about this matter. The only thing to worry about was how to let the demons of the Oriental City become familiar with human beings and to no longer treat humans as food. In this aspect, the demons of The Rising Sun City were very experienced. They mingled with the demons of the Oriental City and imperceptibly influenced them.

Although the brothers Jia Lan and Jia He were not opponents of Qiao Chu, that was only in a strictly one-to-one combat. Once they fought together, their combined combat effectiveness was really quite impressive.

Shen Yanxiao gave them high authority. If Qiao Chu was not honest, they could beat him until he behaved himself.

Oriental City had now been won over. Shen Yanxiao’s next step was to send Su He and Yin Jiuchen to the Forgotten Traces to purchase slaves once again.

The size of the Oriental City was far less than that of The Rising Sun City; therefore, Shen Yanxiao only let them select 1,500 people, 500 of whom must be women.

This was the beginning of the construction of the city. Until the four cities were all completed and built, Shen Yanxiao would continue to buy a large number of slaves and revoke their slave status so that they could live like ordinary people.

Su He and Yin Jiuchen was more familiar with the Forgotten Traces than Shen Yanxiao, they returned with the troops in less than half a month.

Like the first group of slaves before, the eyes of this group of people were also desperate and their expressions were numb.

Shen Yanxiao was not stupid enough to allow them to build the Oriental City. Instead, she sent 1000  skilled workers of The Rising Sun City.

After these things were resolved, Shen Yanxiao intended to allow Pei Yuan and Long Yue to return to the Long Xuan Empire. Pei Yuan no longer had his previous prejudice and was very polite to Shen Yanxiao. He knew that Shen Yanxiao was willing to let them go back home afterwards, and this old man finally awakened.

Shen Yanxiao did not plan to use the prince to fight with the Emperor from the very beginning. What she wanted was to save The Rising Sun City.

It must be said that all of Shen Yanxiao’s achievements at this time in The Rising Sun City made the originally disdainful Pei Yuan quite admire her. If he did not see everything with his own eyes, he would have a hard time imagining that a 14-year-old girl could actually stir up such big waves.

When Long Yue was about to go back, he felt very reluctant to leave. He was reluctant to part with the people of The Rising Sun City, he was reluctant that he could not see those stupid and funny demons again, and he was even more reluctant because...

He looked at the pet.i.te figure standing at the city gates. Long Yue secretly clenched his fists; he remembered it clearly. His promises must be honored in the future.

The departure of Pei Yuan and Long Yue did not bring any changes to The Rising Sun City, and the only ones who felt quite sad were those higher demons who had become familiar with Long Yue. They thought that that human brat was also very cute, his small face would go red easily if one teased him with a word or two.

Such shy feelings were rare in the demons, ah.

With all the staff in hand, Shen Yanxiao dispatched people to the Oriental City in accordance with the previous plan; she let Su He and Yin Jiuchen take charge of the newly recruited people.

With the former slaves who set themselves as role models, the group’s ability to accept was slightly faster.

Everything was going according to Shen Yanxiao's plan.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 847

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