The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 880

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Now that her flaws had been pointed out, they could be corrected promptly. If they had been discovered during a battle with opponent, wouldn’t she be killed for no reason? 

Thinking of this, Shen Yanxiao was finally able to get serious. Xiu did indeed sincerely wanted to teach her. 

"I understand." Shen Yanxiao restrained the smile on her face, her eyes became more attentive. 

Xiu knew that Shen Yanxiao's perception was very high, hence he did not say anything anymore. He stood up and waited for her to attack again. 

This time, Shen Yanxiao was wise. She did not immediately launch an attack towards Xiu, but instead she turned away from the light-congealing crystal and merged herself into the darkness of the night. 

She was a G.o.dly thief. She was very good at hiding her presence and footsteps. She was too reliant on dou qi and magic when she had been reborn and neglected her own advantages. After Xiu’s advice, she immediately realized that she should play to her strengths more. 

In the dark forests, only a little light could be seen. In front of the cave surrounded by light-congealing crystals, Xiu stood quietly. Only the wind blowing could be heard. 

His thin lips evoked a seemingly imperceptible arc. The little guy was learning at a great speed. Even if it were a Second Stage Professional searching for her little figure, it would still be impossible to find her in this silent night.

In the still forest, everything was quiet. Like an agile cheetah, Shen Yanxiao completely blended herself into the night. 

Her half-squinted pair of eyes fixedly stared at Xiu who was surrounded by the radiating crystals. She tried her best to conceal the presence of her whole body, and suppressed the surging dou qi and magic inside her. 

In an instant when she pulled the bowstring and shoot, her hidden breath would spread. In the meantime, she must find a perfect angle, grasp the best timing and then win a hit. 

An Archer hidden in the darkness was like a sniper in the modern society. Hiding in the unknown place, waiting for the target to reveal a flaw and then shoot to kill!

All preparations were for all for the moment she could shoot. 

Shen Yanxiao slowed down her breathing and half narrowed her eyes. There was a glimmer of decisiveness in her pair of eyes.

In less than one second, she took out an arrow and quickly performed seals with one hand. Once the arrow was placed in the string, she had already finished placing the curse. At the next moment, the arrow flew away from the string and whistled through the air! 

An arrow pierced through the night like lightning and the silver light headed straight towards the middle of Xiu’s eyebrows! 

"Although there is progress, it is still inadequate." At the moment when the arrow was released, he immediately noticed the dou qi and magic bursting in the darkness. His one finger swept over and the oncoming arrow full of life were deflected. The next second, He had already flown toward the source of breath. 

In the darkness, he reached out for the person, yet just as his fingertips touched the person, he did not felt the same warmth that he expected. Instead, it was a cold and blunt thing. 

Through the night, Xiu saw an arrow nailed to a tree trunk which was constantly emitting a magical power. 


The sound of a feathered arrow piercing the air made Xiu a bit surprised. He reflexively turned around and caught the arrow from behind with his hand. 

When he looked for Shen Yanxiao’s breath once again, he discovered that around the darkness, more than ten magical breaths suddenly emerged. 

Xiu's lips hooked up into a rare smile in the dark. 

"You finally began to use your brain." 

These scattered breaths must be mostly a trap. The little guy really started to get serious. 

Disturb the opponent’s judgment before launching an attack. 

She was learning really quite fast! 

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 880

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