The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 886

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Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao and said nothing. 

Shen Yanxiao quickly finished eating the apple, and then tidied herself up a bit. She was ready to look for some unlucky higher demons in the mountain to train herself up and acquire new skills. 

After a moment, Xiu turned into a dark mist and returned to Shen Yanxiao's body. 

As for the reason why he decided to no longer personally train Shen Yanxiao, it would seem that only Xiu himself knew it. 

Shen Yanxiao, who had been fooled by a certain great master, was full of fighting spirit, and was very eager to look for demons in the mountain.

In fact, what Shen Yanxiao was trying to do was completely contrary to human practices. It was estimated that only this little girl could do such a thing. 

Shen Yanxiao raised the banner she was carrying over her shoulder and sang "The king called me to patrol the mountain and feed the beasts".[1]

But for some reason, she did not see any demon for a long time. Not to mention the higher demons, she had not even seen the shadow of a lower demon.

According to the map, although this mountain was not as rich in demons as each Barren Land city, it should not be so lacking to the point that she could not even see one! 

Could it be that the demons had begun to improve the quality of their own life? Were they already tired of squatting in this barren mountain and, one by one, settled down into a city to spend their days goofing around? 

A picture of demons, carrying small bags, huffing and puffing away to move to each city involuntarily emerged in Shen Yanxiao’s mind. 


It really was... 

Something, ah! 

From halfway up the mountain to the peak area, Shen Yanxiao still had no harvest. But just as she was about to go to other areas, there was a loud scream not faraway. 

Shen Yanxiao immediately flew towards the direction of the sound. Behind a huge boulder, she finally found a large group of demons... 

And also a group of humans.

Five hundred or six hundred lower demons stood together forming a dark ma.s.s of a wall. She could faintly see some middle demons in that group of lower demons. And in front of this demon team, two loosely-dressed higher demons had their arms crossed over their chests while standing with a sly look. 

In front of them, a team of humans consisting of one or two hundred people was being forced back under the huge boulder. 

Five hundred or six hundred demons surrounded these pitiful humans. 

Judging from their attire, these people appeared to be mercenaries, a larger mercenary corps than the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. 


The situation of these elite mercenaries at this time was not very optimistic. The middle-aged man leading the team was covered with wounds. All the mercenaries around him formed a protective circle, surrounding the man and woman who stood in the middle. 

The man and woman who were being protected by the mercenaries did not seem to be very old, only fifteen or sixteen. They dressed differently from those dusky mercenaries. 

Although the young man also looked strong; with his fair and clear face and clothes that couldn’t be seen to have even a trace of dust, one could tell that he was a pampered young master, and was probably no match for the mercenaries around him. 

And the girl beside him, whose whole body was dressed in yellow clothing, had no color of blood in her gentle face. 

The two people were tightly protected by a group of mercenaries. And while they were unscathed, the mercenaries protecting them sustained many injuries. 

Shen Yanxiao also saw that at the end of the demon team, several lower demons were greedily eating the corpse of a mercenary. 

It seemed like they had been through a fight. 

Although the number of these mercenaries was not small, they were unlucky enough to actually encounter two higher demons leading a group of demons. 

[1] Here’s the original video while this is the better quality video.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 886

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