The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 885

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"Cough... Have you rested well?" Shen Yanxiao continuously patted her chest after she choked.  

How could this person frighten people so much? He would just disappear so suddenly and appear unexpectedly. Fortunately, her heart was strong enough to take it or else she would have a heart attack sooner or later.

Xiu’s handsome face was still the same as it had been in the past; it still had the same cold and indifferent look. His eyes flashed a trace of doubt after hearing Shen Yanxiao’s words.  

“Have you recovered?” Shen Yanxiao said while she was having some difficulty chewing the apple. Her little face was slightly reddish as she pointed at Xiu and then retracting her hand back. 

"Didn't you say that your corporeal form costs a lot of energy? That night, you suddenly disappeared. I called you, yet you didn’t respond. So I went to the Heart Lake and saw you there sitting in the middle and recuperating.” She did not go there to make any trouble, she was awfully obedient, okay?  

Xiu’s brows slightly wrinkled as he looked at Shen Yanxiao still holding the black crystal in her hands, and he finally realized it.

When Shen Yanxiao saw him looking at the black crystal, the corner of her mouth raised, giving off a smile. 

"I thought that since you need to absorb the dark elements inside it to recuperate, I should hold it everytime I cultivate. Don’t you think I’m smart?" Shen Yanxiao looked at him, there was a smile plastered on her lips. If she only had a furry tail at her back, then it might have been swinging around already. 

Xiu narrowed his eyes. 

Was this the reason she had been holding the black crystal for these past few days? 

"Well, you are very smart." Xiu’s tone remained steady. However, it could not be denied that no matter what, he had praised Shen Yanxiao. 

Previously, Xiu kept on covering Shen Yanxiao in bruises everyday. So for Shen Yanxiao to finally receive even just a single praise from him, she could not help but feel more happy. 

"What I’m trying to say is, have you recovered now?” Shen Yanxiao asked. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Xiu. For him to come out, he should be fully recovered, right? 

Xiu kept quiet for a while before he gently nodded. 

Shen Yanxiao's eyes were quickly overflowing with joy.

"Is it possible for you to continue training me tonight?" After that night's teaching, Shen Yanxiao had completely set aside the "Xiu might carelessly kill her" mentality. Now she was just waiting for a certain great master to give her a point or two.  

"No." Xiu directly cut her thoughts. 


Looking at Shen Yanxiao's completely puzzled little face, Xiu unhurriedly answered, "This is extremely slow. You can just go look for other opponents, and then I will tell you where you need to pay attention to after the actual combat. As for the combat itself, I’ll let you handle it alone, then will only tell you what is lacking.” 

“Okay.” Shen Yanxiao obediently nodded. She did not find anything suspicious from what Xiu said.

Anyway, Xiu was definitely doing these things for her own good. It would be pointless to refuse.  

"Then, I will go around this mountain to find some higher demons to fight?” Shen Yanxiao's big eyes were excitedly looking around. She spent almost half a month in here, yet she had not encountered even a single demon. She did not know whether the demons here were just great at hiding -- otherwise, why would her situation be like this?

"Yes." Xiu did not object.

Yet, he suddenly remembered something; looking at the black crystal on Shen Yanxiao’s legs, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. 

 "In the future when you sleep at night, don’t sleep with this thing.” This black crystal contained a lot of extremely cold dark elements. When cultivating, it would not react with the dou qi and magic in the body. But by midnight, when Shen Yanxiao was asleep, the chill of the dark elements inside the black crystal would make her feel uncomfortable.

"How...?" How did Xiu know that she was also holding the black crystal when she was sleeping during the night? 

Was it possible that he figured it out when he realized he could absorb dark elements even at night?

"It’s because you don’t appear, so I thought of replenis.h.i.+ng you with good food...” Shen Yanxiao muttered a line as she put back the black crystal into her storage ring. 

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 885

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