The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 902

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It was only when one of the mercenaries told him that the boy suddenly appeared and defeated the two higher demons that he realized what had allowed them to survive. 

Fang Qiu was not a fool. Since he could defeat two higher demons with his strength, he must not be a simple character. Although when he had first seen Shen Yanxiao, he was surprised at his age, after thinking things over for a bit, he felt quite rea.s.sured. Second Stage Professionals could change their age and appearance. Perhaps this person was a hidden expert who did not like having a high profile.

So Fang Qiu naturally wanted to express his grat.i.tude.

Shen Yanxiao casually replied, "You're welcome."

She then turn around and continued walking.

However, Fang Qiu called out to her once more.

"Little brother, please stay."

"What's the matter?" Shen Yanxiao’s eyes were tinged with impatience.

"This..." Fang Qiu’s face revealed some distress. His team had just engaged in two battles with the demons. The number of people left was less than 100, and they had all suffered injuries.

The task of finding the Joy-Sucking Gra.s.s had not yet been completed. And even if they just wanted to return to the city now, with the current situation of their team, they feared that it would be really dangerous. After all, the Barren Land was full of demons and they were a group of wounded soldiers. They were very likely to become targets of the demons.

"If I may be so bold as to ask a favor, could little brother escort us back to Blizzard City? Of course, if you agree, we will certainly give our thanks once we have returned to the city." Fang Qiu could only ask for Shen Yanxiao’s help.

With her accomplishment of defeating two higher demons unscathed, Fang Qiu believed that as long as she traveled with them, the demons on their way would not be so difficult to deal with.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Fang Qiu without speaking. Her mind was thinking about something.

Xiu said that it was important for her to find a demon for actual combat. However, the speed at which she found demons was really horrible. If she followed these injured mercenaries...

The smell of blood would most likely attract the demons, and this team of mercenaries was almost completely injured. There were still days away before they reach the Blizzard City. She was afraid that they would attract a lot of demons on their way back.

Then, didn’t that mean that by following them, there would be bait that could automatically attract demons?

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. It would really be better for her to walk with this group of people if she wanted to find some higher demons to practice with. And not only that, she could also go fish up something in the Blizzard City.

After calculating for a long time, Shen Yanxiao felt that if she agreed with Fang Qiu's words, there were only benefits to her and no harm.

"Okay." Shen Yanxiao finally agreed.

Fang Qiu was relieved and quickly thanked Shen Yanxiao. He then let people treat each other's wounds before they changed directions to return to Blizzard City as soon as possible.

Shen Yanxiao had nothing to do, so she sat on the ground and continued to cultivate.

Long Xueyao stood aside, looking at Shen Yanxiao in her cultivation state. Her eyes were full of admiration.

He even used this time to cultivate. Sure enough, this is the diligence that the strong possess.

Her favorable impression of Shen Yanxiao increased by a few points in her heart.

In comparison...

"Yao Yao, you're alright, thank goodness. It's too dangerous today. You don't know, when those demons were about to attack you, I was almost ready to give up my life for you!” The crisis had faded, and Gu Feng began to blow his own trumpet. There was an elegant smile on his face as he looked sincerely at Long Xueyao.

Long Xueyao disgustingly frowned. Just how unsightly was Gu Feng just then? Not only did he beg mercy before the two higher demons, when she was attacked by the demons, he was also just standing by and couldn't even speak.

Ready to give up his life for her? 

Did that really just come from his mouth?!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 902

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