The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 954

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At first, it was clearly an unprepossessing young boy. But how come the one in front of them now was a peerless and beautiful girl?

The higher demons from the northern region were all very puzzled.

"Have you guys been very idle lately?" Shen Yanxiao was lazily lying on the soft couch. Her white and tender little hand supported her head as she faintly smiled at the crowd of silly demons.

"The Lord is mighty!" A group of demons eagerly b.u.t.tered her up immediately.

Shen Yanxiao's mouth evoked a mischievous smile.

"That's right. I have something for you to do to make sure you don't feel bored."

"For real..." The higher demons all looked at Shen Yanxiao with very excited expressions; it was only Fu Tu on one side whose expression was not so optimistic.

He had a hunch about what Shen Yanxiao had for them this time, and he estimated that...

It was not so agreeable.


Fu Tu really did not dare to say anything, ah!!!

He had been caught being lazy by Shen Yanxiao just now. If he messed around with the Lord at this moment, he would definitely be killed!

"For real." Shen Yanxiao's eyes flashed with a nasty light.

The higher demons became even more excited.

"I’ve invited a..." Shen Yanxiao paused... invited a person? It does not seem right. Xiu was not human.

“A Great G.o.d.” Shen Yanxiao took a breath and continued, “In the next period of time, he will train you all until you have been fully disciplined into an extremely powerful army.”


The demons, who had been boiling with lots of excitement, were all dumbfounded after hearing the truth.

Their Lord wanted to train them as... an army?

"Yes, you will be the first regular army of The Rising Sun City." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.

The demons were instantly petrified.

This news was rather too scary!!!

"Lord, you’re not being serious, are you?" Being a mercenary was enough for them to be depressed. Now, Shen Yanxiao actually wanted them to be soldiers... They were demons!

Vicious demons, ah! Was it fine that she was using them as humans?

"You, do you think you guys have a say about it?" Shen Yanxiao got up and her face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with smile that made the demons feel terrified.

The demons wanted to recede. Somehow, when they saw Shen Yanxiao's smile, they all felt a chill on their backs.

Shen Yanxiao saw through their attempts at a glance and sneered, "If you want to withdraw, you can leave at any time. The dark elements of The Rising Sun City will not raise any trash."


A group of demons instantly cried. They were as good as Second Stage Professionals of the Human Race, but they became trash in the mouth of their Lord.

"What? Isn’t that right?” Shen Yanxiao said with a smile, “Tell me, what is your use to The Rising Sun City? I have humans to build the city, I have humans to develop the city, and even the guards stationed in the city are all members of the Caves Wolves Mercenary Corps. But you, groups of demons, what is your use?"

Shen Yanxiao's words were like a bucket of cold water that splashed on the demons’ heads.

They didn’t seem to have any use to The Rising Sun City at all.

They were even ignoring the current mercenary tasks these days. If they saw that the Caves Wolves Mercenary Corps had nothing to do, and they could cope with the task, they would just give the tasks to them...

The demons, who were originally full of self-confidence, instantly resembled wilted eggplants.

It turned out that they were so useless; they had been eating for free all along!!!

Ah, this was illogical. They were a group of mighty and tyrannical demons. But today, they had fallen to the point where they were just freeloading.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 954

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