The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 958

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"Jiawei, do you have something to say?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Jiawei, she was very calm.

Shen Jiawei hesitantly looked at Shen Yanxiao, his hands clasping his sleeves. 

"I... There are things I want to talk about with the City Lord alone... Is it possible?" Shen Jiawei carefully said.

Without any trace of hesitation, Shen Yanxiao said, "It’s possible. You can come into the study room.” she answered, letting him take a step into the room.

Shen Jiawei bowed his head towards the five animals before going to the study room.

“What do you think Shen Jiawei wants to say, for him to come looking for Little Xiao?” Tang Nazhi crossed his arms around his chest as he looked at Shen Jiawei's somewhat stiff back.

"There is no need for us to worry about it.” Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders. 

The five animals reached a common understanding not to go to the corner and secretly listen. Since Shen Jiawei was looking for Shen Yanxiao, then this should be a family matter of Vermillion Bird Clan. And it was better for them to not be involved in it.

In the study room, Shen Yanxiao was sitting in her chair while looking at Shen Jiawei, who looked slightly nervous. 

Shen Yanxiao felt like it had just been a moment ago when she had woken up in this world and had, for the first time, seen the ridiculous and shameful appearance of these two brats, Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi. Back then she was still Vermillion Bird Clan’s disgrace, who was always trampled on by people.  

Yet, as time pa.s.sed by, who knew that these people who humiliated her would become this tiny before her eyes.  

"You should sit down first." Shen Yanxiao was not a child; she was not that interested in playing with children and harboring hatred for each other.

The current Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi were not worthy opponents for her.

Shen Jiawei hesitated for a moment before he slowly sat down. He looked at Shen Yanxiao, and a struggle could be seen in his eyes. His mouth was about to blurt out his thoughts, yet the moment he was about to, he began to hesitate and swallowed his words instead. 

Shen Yanxiao was not in a hurry, so she just looked quietly at Shen Jiawei. She knew that since he came, he definitely had something important to say.

"I... I have something to tell you..." After a long moment of hesitation, Shen Jiawei had finally manage to choke out some words.

Shen Yanxiao sighed, "There is no harm letting out what one thinks."

Shen Jiawei took a deep breath before continuing, "My elder sister, she… is acting a bit strange recently."

"Why do you say so?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow slightly. She truly did not expect that Shen Jiawei would come to her because of matters regarding Shen Jiayi. 

She did not have a good relations.h.i.+p with this pair of twins. However, she heard from a lot of people’s mouths that Shen Jiayi seemed to hate Shen Jiawei. Every time Shen Jiayi would see him, her expression would turn bad. Meanwhile, contrary to their expectations, Shen Jiawei continued to respect his older sister as always. And even when Shen Jiayi punched and kicked him, he would not retaliate even once.

What could have happened in the end that could have broken their relations.h.i.+p? What did Shen Jiawei, who kept on protecting himself from Shen Jiayi’s abuse, find? 

Shen Jiawei’s face continued to hesitate.

“Older sister is very reluctant to leave the house during this time. She locked herself in her room all day, and it made me quite worried. I tried to call her out to walk outside for a bit. However she only hurriedly drove me out and…” Shen Jiawei bit his lips.

“At that time, while I was calling her, I discovered that there was another person in her room besides her.”

 "Who is that person?" In The Rising Sun City, there were only a few people that these two brats knew. And because of Shen Jiayi’s eccentric temperament, a lot of people here did not want to have any contact with her, so who would actually go to visit her? 

"I don’t know. I only stayed outside the room for a while and only heard a man’s voice inside. It was very unfamiliar, I don’t think it was a voice of any men from The Rising Sun City. Furthermore, that man said something very suspicious.” Shen Jiawei frowned.

"What did he say?" Shen Yanxiao asked, her eyes narrowing.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 958

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