The Devil's Origin Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 : Kelpie

T/N: Kelpie reminds me of this movie :

Anyway this is the first chapter of Devil Origin this year! Happy new year everyone!


After thorough punishment by Velke, my LV raised by 7 resulting in my current LV to be 66.

I also gained another LV for a couple of my skill and 4 velluclesis eggs.

Procreation Denial skill rose to LV 60.

Thought Wave skill rose to LV 65.

Thought Wave.. I guess that means I could transfer my thought to other but what about Procreation Denial?


That………I guess…..Hence the name Procreation Denial…..But I don't think that skill would be useful for saving the monster from extinction?

I see, so I could use this skill when Alexius forced me to mate with him multiple times.

Anyway since I levelled up, the structure of the maou's castle also changed.

The castle now had second floor and a bas.e.m.e.nt.

I had decided to move the mating room and created an audience room in the second floor. Both of these room would be in the same floor for easier access.

The Fountain of Life would be moved into the bas.e.m.e.nt.

The nursery room would be in the first floor.

I had told Velke to never, in any circ.u.mstances to bring the chibi near the second floor.

No matter what, I didn't want the children to see me in disheveled state while the monster were banging me into oblivion.

We also had more vacant rooms so I told Alexius, Chaos and Elk to find some room for themselves.


"Kyupi! Kyupi!"

(T/N: wtf this pokemon sfx)

The red dragon's children were chirping cutely. They were chirping 'pipipi' while crawling to me since they couldn't fly yet.

I put these two children on my shoulder and they immediately smiled happily, ah so cute!

So adorable!

Ah… I wish you guys would never grew up to become arrogant like your father.. Please, preserve your innocence and cuteness like this forever!

"Dulagon.. Look..Nice.. Mshama..I wan..Hug..Too!"


The two velluclesis children were looking at the dragon's child enviously.

The female velluclesis and male velluclesis raised their arms, asking me to hug them as well.

"You two! Don't trouble Maou-sama with your selfishness!"

The oldest velluclesis child, Lucis was scolding his sibling with both of his hand poised on his waist. He looked so adorable!

"It's okay, Lucis. Heave-o!"

Ugh, these two were heavier than I expected.

"Hug..So happy..Mshama.. I luv!"

"I luv!"


I looked to the side to see Lucis, his eyes were wet with unshed tears.

I see.

So Lucis actually also wanted me to hug him too.

I crouched down on the floor and beckoned Lucis to come to me.

Lucis shyly came trotting to me and hesitantly reached into my chest to hug me tightly.

"Mao-sama, I like you!"


Just how cute could you get ?!

Lucis was too cute!!

Ah.. So happy..

I felt so happy I could cry blissfully…

Ah.. So this was what happiness felt like..

Velke on the other hand, he was looking at us while smiling warmly.

As maou…

I thought to myself that I need to protect these children with all my strength.

These children were the future of our kind, I had to gather more power so I could protect them properly.


Well then, I had replenished my energy by playing with the chibi.

I guess.. It was time for me to search another monster and mate with him..

While I was thinking what monster should I call for, I heard a horse neighing from the outside.


So my next monster was kelpie.

I went outside to see a black horse with an empty saddle on his back.


I thought kelpie was a sea creature? I was imagining a blue seahorse so I was taken aback a little.


I see..

Now that I looked at him properly, he had a very beautiful black eyes and his fur was also very silky.

He was indeed a beautiful horse but…

He was big.

Like, really..Big..

He looked like those thoroughbred horse that was popular in horse racing.

His muscle looked very well defined, ah.. He was a really beautiful horse no matter how I looked at him.

I used 'thought wave' on him to transfer my thought.

((I am the maou. If you pledge your loyalty to me, I will grant you a family.))

The black horse neighed in return, I guess it could be count as acceptance from the sound of it.

He nudged his nose to me, asking me to climb on his back.


I wonder whether it was alright for me to come with him alone?

Velke might be worried sick if I went alone..


"I'm sorry, Velke. I will ride with you, kelpie."


I hugged Velke to bid goodbyes and he helped me to get on top of the kelpie.

The kelpie neighed more and stomped his foot, making me having a hard time stabilizing myself. I had to grabbed on his reins so I wouldn't fall down. The horse kept his face toward some direction but I didn't really understand which way he was pointing at.

"What is he doing?" Velke asked irritatedly.

c.r.a.p, Velke seemed like he would burn the horse to cinder if I let him.

"No, it seems this child wants me to go somewhere with him. I will be back soon so don't worry, okay?"

As I finished saying that, the kelpie immediately leaped away with me in tow.


After a few moment of running, I've finally arrived in the banks of a lake with the kelpie.

I thought he would stop on the outskirt of the lake but the kelpie jumped into the lake without any hesitation!

On the land, the kelpie was in the form of black horse but when we hit the water, the kelpie immediately turned into beautiful light blue horse with the lower body of a fish.

But I didn't have the leisure to stare at the kelpie's figure!

I couldn't breathe!

I thrashed frantically, my chest felt hot from the lack of oxygen, it was really painful!

The kelpie looked at me confusedly before he finally understand my predicament and brought me to the surface.

I gasped for air heavily as we hit the surface.

The kelpie nosed at me apologetically and suddenly I heard.


Seemed like the kelpie knew that I couldn't breathe underwater and granted me a protection.

Instead of diving underwater once more, the kelpie brought me to the banks and tried to take my clothes off but because my clothes was wet, it was sticky and hard to remove.

Especially since kelpie didn't have a finger like humanoid monster, he only had fins and scales.

The kelpie huffed in annoyance and tore my clothes apart with his fang.



I didn't know a horse had a fang….


A kelpie was surprisingly a ferocious and carnivorous animal…

The kelpie turned my body so I was laying on my back, he pressed his body close and licked my wet hair with his long tongue.

On my stomach, I felt the sensation of a blunt shaft rubbing on me.

It was horrifyingly long..

I looked up at the p.e.n.i.s and paled instantly.

It was the size of an adult's arm.

There was no way that kind of.. Thing.. Could get inside of me..Right..?

The kelpie seemed dissatisfied, he proceed to rubbed his erection on the cleft of my b.u.t.t instead.


His long p.e.n.i.s grazed on my b.u.t.t roughly, the pain was mixed with pleasure I didn't even understand which was which.

The kelpie tried to aim at my b.u.t.thole but to no avail, he couldn't push his length inside me no matter how hard he tried.

He huffed disapprovingly at his own futile attempts.

I took his length with both of my hands and aimed it at my a.n.u.s. The kelpie, noticing my anxiety he slowly approached my entrance with my hand guiding it.


The horrifyingly long and thick length pushed my ring of muscle and reached my r.e.c.t.u.m in an instant.

The water from the lake also leaked through inside me, working as extra lubricant for the kelpie to ease his thrust inside me.

The kelpie couldn't get his whole length inside me, only one third of his p.e.n.i.s was inside and I was already filled to the brim.

He thrusted his p.e.n.i.s vigorously, making the water around me splashed with each movements.

I guess it would be understandable that the kelpie had this kind of p.e.n.i.s, after all even when he was in a horse form, the kelpie had a really well defined muscle and big body.

The kelpie pushed more and more of his length inside, my stomach was bulging from the force of his blunt length inside.

He pushed through my r.e.c.t.u.m until he reached my colon, bending my 's' shaped colon into straight highway for his p.e.n.i.s to move through.

I felt my body was transformed for his own pleasure, I kept on screaming as he pistoned his p.e.n.i.s on my without any hesitation.

I gasped for breath, my chest felt tight, my body felt like it was being torn apart.

My eyes was wet from tears, I didn't know it could felt so good to have my colon abused like this.

The pain, the pleasure, the hotness and the length of thick p.e.n.i.s melted my senses.

"AHNG-….AH! NGH…!! WAH..!"

The water waved with each thrust of his hips, since he had large build, more water was being carried away with his movement.

I grasped on the gra.s.s on top of me with my hand to try and withstand the pain, I kept on screaming even when my throat grew sore.

As the kelpie about to reach his climax, he moved even faster than before.

My body couldn't even kept up with his movement, I felt my body went limbless, I could only screamed as I received his brutal pistoning.

In one final thrust, he planted his p.e.n.i.s deep inside my colon and I could feel he spilled his s.e.m.e.n inside me, the hot and gus.h.i.+ng liquid filled my body to the brim.

He pulled his length from my body as the last drop of his s.e.m.e.n had successfully taken root inside me, the loss of his p.e.n.i.s making his s.e.m.e.n leaked from my abused hole.

Both of us were breathing heavily, I could feel the kelpie had given his all in mating me.

The kelpie, seemed like he was satisfied with our mating process, started to lick my hair.

Was he.. Grooming me?

I guess he felt like he couldn't send me back to the maou's castle when I was looking disheveled like this.

"Wow, what an incredible s.e.x that was!"

I turned my head up to see Alex looking at me.

Seemed like Velke told Alex to look for me since I abruptly ran with the kelpie.

But.. I felt my stomach churned at thinking someone was watching me mating with the kelpie.

"Don't..look at me.."

"How could you put that big p.e.n.i.s inside this small body? Wow." Alex said, he was grinning from ear to ear.

He then proceed to cover my naked body with his mantle and hugged my sore body.

Since I was being half submerged in the water, the warmth of Alex's body felt nice.

The mantle also gave me a sense of security and warmth.

"Well, I will take you back soon so rest a.s.sured!"

Sensing my fatigue, Alex decided to use teleportation magic instead of flying back to the castle.




The kelpie decided to take residence in the unused well on near the maou's castle.

The neighing of the horse could be heard up to the castle occasionally.

When I rode on his back, I could feel the kelpie looked satisfied as he ran through the forest in lightning speed.

As we reached the lake, the kelpie will proceed to mate with me again but that was a story for another time.


T/N: So hardcore ya, horse s.e.x..I think rather than s.e.x it was more like fisting… Ouch..

Chapter 20(not yet)

The Devil's Origin Chapter 19

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