King of Gods Chapter 943 - Sacred Lord Black Demon

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Chapter 943 - Sacred Lord Black Demon

"Zhao Feng!" Sacred Lord Black Demon roared as he turned into a ball of black flames and shot directly into the pathway as well.

The other members of Sacred Lord Black Demon's group immediately followed him after recovering from the shock.

"Hahaha, as expected of Zhao Feng!" Sacred Lord Hundred Refined roared with laughter. He could do nothing about Zhao Feng, so he felt extremely satisfied after seeing Sacred Lord Black Demon being toyed around with by Zhao Feng too.

Sacred Lord Black Demon was the strongest beginning-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord from Nine Darkness Palace, and he apparently had the ability to attempt a breakthrough to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

The Three Life Evil Ghost Flower was originally Zhao Feng's, and it had nothing to do with Sacred Lord Hundred Refined.

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined and Ji Dengtian felt a lot more relaxed after Zhao Feng attracted the Thirteenth Prince's group away.

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined didn't want to be Sacred Lord Black Demon's enemy if he could help it. Nine Darkness Palace was a peak three star-power that had once been a four-star force. Their strength was even higher than the Eight Big Families.

Nine Darkness Palace had two spots in the Crown Prince trial - Sacred Lord Black Demon and Quasi-Sacred Lord Xi Peng. If his guesses were correct, Sacred Lord Black Demon definitely had that item on him.

A bolt of scarlet-and-white lightning flashed through the dark pathway like a meteor. Zhao Feng ate some parts of a Green Water Sky Lotus as he moved.

If it was some other force, Zhao Feng wouldn't mind giving away the Three Life Evil Ghost Flower since it was useless to him anyway, but definitely not to Nine Darkness Palace. Besides, even if he was willing, how could Zhao Feng believe anything Sacred Lord Black Demon said?

"Zhao Feng, as long as you hand over the Three Life Evil Ghost Flower, I promise that I won't attack you in the Crown Prince trial," Sacred Lord Black Demon's voice sounded.

"Sacred Lord Black Demon, stop spewing your garbage." Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly and increased his speed. He wasn't scared of anyone in the Crown Prince trial.

"Hmph, if that's the case, then you won't be able to leave the Imperial Tombs." Sacred Lord Black Demon gave up on trying to communicate.

"Rapid Black Ink!" The dark flames around Sacred Lord Black Demon's body suddenly exploded, and Sacred Lord Black Demon seemed to slide through the air. The resistance he faced was reduced dramatically.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng's expression paused for a moment when he saw Sacred Lord Black Demon closing the gap.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+" Zhao Feng's wings flashed, and his speed increased once more. He turned into a bolt of scarlet lightning that seemed to merge into the air, and it would appear a bit further away with every blink.

"Not good; my spatial flying technique is suppressed here." Zhao Feng's expression was ugly. His spatial flying technique was suppressed while Sacred Lord Black Demon's secret technique wasn't affected as much.

However, it was impossible for Sacred Lord Black Demon to catch up to him within a short amount of time.


A bolt of scarlet lightning and a pitch-black demonic figure travelled through the pathway at alarming speed.

"The exit!"

A tiny bit of light could be seen ahead.


Zhao Feng charged out of the pathway and flew into the sky.

"Zhou Su'er's not here."

Zhao Feng looked around.

Sacred Lord Black Demon most likely didn't dare to do anything against Zhou Su'er. At worst, he only forced her to use the array within the Dragon Jade.

At this moment, a pitch-black demonic figure slid out of the pathway.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!" A half-transparent ball of fire and the Destructive aura of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning whistled down onto Sacred Lord Black Demon's body.


The black crown on Sacred Lord Black Demon's head gave off a black light, and a layer of light covered Sacred Lord Black Demon's body. The soul attack that Sacred Lord Black Demon faced was weakened. However, while he was able to completely block Zhao Feng's soul flame with the power of his Sacred Lord-level soul, he couldn't block the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.


Sacred Lord Black Demon's soul and black crown were damaged to a certain degree.

"The laws of Destruction!" Sacred Lord Black Demon's expression changed. The laws of Destruction existed to destroy completely, and such injuries were hard to recover from. Even the regeneration ability of undying bodies would be limited.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!"

Zhao Feng's figure grew taller and radiated a layer of gold-and-blue. He seemed to transform into a giant tower of golden lightning that suppressed everything with its physical strength.

The main reason Zhao Feng had moved so quickly was to heck on Zhou Su'er. Given his advantage in terms of the dimension's suppression, Zhao Feng wasn't actually scared of Sacred Lord Black Demon.

"If you want to fight, then let's fight, Sacred Lord Black Demon!" Zhao Feng turned into a streak of scarlet-golden lightning and crushed over like a mountain.

"Demonic Flames Sacred Power!" Sacred Lord Black Demon harrumphed coldly and thrust out his palm. A beam of darkness almost pa.s.sed through s.p.a.ce as it moved toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's heart went cold. He felt like his body, soul, and even the air around him had been locked onto. This offensive style was exactly the same as the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord.

"Sacred Lightning Protection!" Zhao Feng merged the physical power of his Sacred Lightning Body and the power of his Wind Lightning together.


A condensed barrier of lightning instantly appeared. It gave off a glowing golden light that blocked this dark beam. Lightning crackled and thunder boomed around the surface of the lightning barrier.

Zhao Feng's eyes became grim. The battle-power being displayed by Sacred Lord Black Demon was much stronger than what Sacred Lord Hundred Refined could do. Sacred Lord Black Demon also specialized in speed, and he didn't fight against Zhao Feng in close combat.


A layer of gla.s.s-like fire instantly appeared around Zhao Feng's body, and a scorching aura appeared. It was as if Zhao Feng had become the sun.

Zhao Feng's body became covered in fire, and with the addition of the Sacred Lightning Body, he looked like a flaming demonic sovereign.


The wings behind Zhao Feng's back fluttered as he charged down and thrust out his fist.

Since Sacred Lord Black Demon wasn't willing to fight in close combat against Zhao Feng, then he would just give up on defense and first close in on Sacred Lord Black Demon.


With the addition of the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline, Zhao Feng's speed instantly increased as he charged toward Sacred Lord Black Demon.

"You're indeed related to the Tie Family! But don't think that Nine Darkness Palace will be scared of the Tie Family." Sacred Lord Black Demon snickered and laughed as he stood there. Sacred Lord Black Demon thrust out another palm, and a beam of black light arrived before Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng's speed didn't decrease. He circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and took Sacred Lord Black Demon's attack head-on with the help of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline.


The barrier of lightning was shattered and a surge of golden light was reflected back, but it wasn't able to damage Sacred Lord Black Demon. The weakened Black Flames Sacred Power landed on Zhao Feng, but he wasn't scared at all.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+"

Zhao Feng's speed suddenly increased, and he became a bolt of lightning that appeared before Sacred Lord Black Demon. He then punched down with his fist.

"Junior, I was waiting for you to come over!" Sacred Lord Black Demon revealed an overjoyed expression as the black flames around his body erupted like a volcano. An invisible force completely suppressed Zhao Feng.

"Not good!" Zhao Feng felt that something was wrong. He didn't think that Sacred Lord Black Demon still had another move left, but since he had already punched out, he couldn't retreat. He could only use his Scarlet Wings of Lightning to push himself to the side.

"It's too late, Zhao Feng." The darkness around Sacred Lord Black Demon's body seemed to merge into the air and block out the sun. Everything within a thousand miles became dark, and one could see wicked and chaotic images within it.

"Little World!? Your strength…?"

Zhao Feng revealed a stunned expression. Due to the suppression of this ancient dimension, normal Emperors and Sacred Lords weren't really able to use their Little Worlds at all. Furthermore, the aura that Sacred Lord Black Demon was currently releasing made Zhao Feng's heart shake.

"That's right. Normal Emperors can, at most, only use 50% of their total strength here, while Sacred Lords can only use 60%… but did you really think that Nine Darkness Palace wouldn't be prepared for that?" Sacred Lord Black Demon roared with laughter.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng felt that Sacred Lord Black Demon's words made sense. Zhao Feng himself was only a late-stage King; if it wasn't for the fact that he was used to the ancient aura of the Ancient Dream Realm, he would only be able to use 40% of his full power right now.

After adapting to this place, Zhao Feng could now use 60% of his full power, but the aura that Sacred Lord Black Demon was displaying definitely exceeded the 60% limit of Sacred Lords.

"Hahaha, Nine Darkness Palace paid a huge price and a dozen millennia of preparations to create a treasure that could allow one to adapt to the laws of this dimension." Sacred Lord Black Demon felt extremely smug when he saw Zhao Feng's panicking expression.

"I can now use almost 80% of my full power. Apart from the other Sacred Lords that have the same kind of treasure, no one is my match." Sacred Lord Black Demon's eyes sparkled with a black light as he waved his hand and controlled a few wisps of this dimension's laws.

The dimension's restriction and the power of the Little World instantly made Zhao Feng unable to move, and he found it hard to breathe.

"Zhao Feng, die!" Sacred Lord Black Demon used a technique from the Nine Darkness Sacred Scroll and thrust his palm out. A beam of black light instantly appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

It was as if this attack had come from directly in front of Zhao Feng, and with the addition of the Little World's power, it had become even stronger.

"Spatial Movement!"

A whirlpool appeared in front of Zhao Feng.


A part of the black beam that was about to land on Zhao Feng suddenly disappeared. The rest of the beam split into two and sc.r.a.ped past Zhao Feng's shoulders.

"Spatial Movement? This kind of usage of s.p.a.ce…" Sacred Lord Black Demon paused for a moment. Nothing had been said about this in the reports on Zhao Feng.

His expression suddenly changed, as if he had sensed something.


The part of the beam that had disappeared sliced past his head and caused a wisp of black blood to flow out.

"Ridiculous!" Sacred Lord Black Demon roared in anger. Although this attack wasn't very effective against his Demonic Dao Sacred Body, he had never felt such humiliation from being injured by his own attack.

"Dark Demonic Sacred power!" Sacred Lord Black Demon waved his hands, and countless rays of light started to surround Zhao Feng. It was almost as if they actually had life.

Sacred Lord Black Demon wasn't dumb; he knew that Zhao Feng could only use Spatial Movement over a small range.

"This next move will force you to use the array. Then, the next time I meet you will be your death."

Sacred Lord Black Demon gave a wicked laughter. He was like a peerless Demonic G.o.d as he stood in the world of darkness.

At this moment in time, the three other members of Sacred Lord Black Demon's group had rushed out from the Imperial Sky Inheritance.

"So strong!" the face of a doctor from the Duanmu Family was filled with shock.

"Hmph. Underestimating Nine Darkness Palace will result in death." Xi Peng, who wore purple-and-black robes, snickered coldly as he looked at Zhao Feng being trapped by Sacred Lord Black Demon.

King of Gods Chapter 943 - Sacred Lord Black Demon

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