King of Gods Chapter 992 The Deciding Match

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Chapter 992 - The Deciding Match

Although the moving maze palace was coming to an end, the battle between Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao still attracted the eyes of many people. It was a clash between the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline and the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline.

However, even after Yu Tianhao unleashed his peerless battle-power, he somehow lost. The experts in the Imperial Tombs could only see the images within the transparent ball. They couldn't feel any aura from it, and the battle at the end was covered by a sandstorm.

"What happened? How did the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline defeat the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline?" A Quasi-Sacred Lord's heart shook.

The Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline was ranked slightly higher than the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline among Imperial Dao Bloodlines. From the display just now, Yu Tianhao had more power as well.

Everything was a mystery because the sandstorm had hidden everything. The images on the screen in the Great Gan Imperial Palace were even blurrier. No one could see what happened clearly.

"How did Tianhao lose?" Yu Lenghua was very surprised. The main characteristic of the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline was that one would only become fiercer and stronger as the battle continued. Only a few forbidden methods could affect it.

Yu Tianhao soon won ten matches. Winning ten or losing ten was the requirement to leave the maze palace. Yu Tianhao decided to leave.

He was injured, and the side-effect of the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline made him unable to continue fighting. Furthermore, the battle between Zhao Feng and him had already ended, so he had achieved his goal.

"Tianhao, what happened?" Yu Lenghua immediately asked.

"Eye-bloodline technique." Yu Tianhao gave a simple reply. He also knew that Zhao Feng's true forte was eye-bloodline techniques, but he didn't expect Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline techniques to reach a point where they could counter the characteristics of his Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline.

"What is the total number of wins like?" Yu Tianhao asked.

"The Fourth Prince has sixty-one total wins, the Thirteenth Prince and the Ninth Prince both have fifty-two in total." Yu Lenghua told him the current standings. There was only a little bit of time left till the moving maze palace came to an end.

There were less than fifteen people in the moving maze palace now. The Fourth Prince was already guaranteed to win this stage, so he only left behind three of his strongest members in the maze palace in order to plunder some extra draconic providence.

Jing Kai had exited. Helping Jing Kai used up Zhao Feng's focus, and he wasn't very strong in every aspect.

The Thirteenth Prince was the same. He only left four people behind while all the weaker ones had left.

The Ninth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince looked at each other from afar as they both released an invisible momentum. Their scores were constantly either the same or close to one another. It was hard to tell who would win between them.

From the Ninth Prince's, only Zhao Feng and Old Ying team remained in the maze palace, while the Thirteenth Prince had four people. This meant that the Ninth Prince might not win for sure even with Zhao Feng's help.

"Look, the Thirteenth Prince's total number of wins has increased again."

"Hmph, Zhao Feng's match is about to end soon as well."

"Who will win?"

At this moment, everyone's hearts were clenched as they looked at the scores of the Ninth and Thirteenth Princes. Although most of the people thought that the ultimate winner would be the Fourth Prince, the prince that could reach the last stage and fight against the Fourth Prince would obviously be the most famous prince after the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince trial didn't just determine the Crown Prince, it also determined the status of the other princes in the lord dynasty in the future.

"They both have fifty-two wins!"

They were both tied again.

"There's not enough time." Zhao Feng's eyes scanned around. Sacred Lord Black Demon was the closest to him.

It's going to be you! Zhao Feng charged toward Sacred Lord Black Demon.

"The third stage has come to an end. Anyone that hasn't entered a match will now leave." The voice of the transparent elder in the sky sounded, and the screeching of countless metallic sounds could be hard from the maze palace below as it started to become smaller.

All the members exited from the maze palace as well. However, two spheres suddenly appeared above the maze palace. These were matches that just started as the third stage came to an end.

Within one of the spheres was Ji Dengtian and a Quasi-Sacred Lord from the Fourth Prince's team. Inside the other sphere was Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon.

"The Ninth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince have the same number of wins even at the end."

"But there's still one more match between Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon."

"This will be the deciding match between those two princes."

The Thirteenth Prince's hands trembled slightly. "Sacred Lord Black Demon, it's up to you."

Although Sacred Lord Black Demon had lost the first match to Zhao Feng, the Thirteenth Prince knew that it was because he was still unfamiliar with the rules of the moving maze palace. After that, Sacred Lord Black Demon had the highest number of wins on the Thirteenth Prince's team.

The Thirteenth Prince trusted Sacred Lord Black Demon, but he was worried about the opponent - Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had the greatest number of wins amongst everyone. He had only lost one match so far.

"Zhao Feng, beat him!" The Ninth Prince had a powerful gaze. He trusted Zhao Feng, but nothing was absolute. Zhao Feng was more tired than anyone else. Zhao Feng had the most wins because he had entered the most matches, and for a huge part of the third stage, he was busy using a secret technique to help direct Jing Kai to weaken the pressure on the Ninth Prince.


The big maze palace finally condensed into a small metallic cube that floated into the transparent elder's hand and disappeared.

"First place is the Fourth Prince with sixty-two total victories. Second place has yet to be decided…." the transparent elder said.

In an instant, everyone's eyes trained onto the sphere that Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon were in.

The place was a plain with weird trees a thousand yards tall. Sacred Lord Black Demon and Zhao Feng appeared here at the same instant.

They didn't show any hatred or battle-intent. Instead, they were calm and inspected their surroundings closely. They both knew that this was the last match, which would decide which prince moved on. They couldn't be careless.

"Uncle, uncle, my kite is stuck in a tree. Can you help me get it?" A little kid next to Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon jumped around happily.

"Why is it this same scenery again?" Sacred Lord Black Demon's expression froze.

This was the same scene as the first match between him and Zhao Feng, and the little kid was saying the same thing.

However, while this final deciding match seemed to recreate the first scene, the contents had changed. There were countless weird trees a thousand yards high, but there were four or five kites on the top of almost every tree.

"Little Friend, what does your kite look like?" Sacred Lord Black Demon pretended to be friendly. There were thousands upon thousands of kites in this scenery. Therefore, he had to ask this question first so he could know which one to take.

"It has eyes and lines on it and is very cute…" the little kid described to Sacred Lord Black Demon.

"This…" Sacred Lord Black Demon had black lines all over his face. He really wanted to kill this little brat, but he couldn't be rash. This was the deciding match, so he needed to win it no matter what. It wasn't just for the Thirteenth Prince either; he wanted to defeat Zhao Feng.

However, while Sacred Lord Black Demon managed to eliminate a small number of kites with that description, he still didn't know what to do.


The wings behind Zhao Feng's back released a surge of lightning as he sped into the distance.

"How is that possible? How can Zhao Feng already know what this little kid's kite looks like?" Sacred Lord Black Demon instantly started to panic.

"It's that red kite!" Sacred Lord Black Demon suddenly understood. There was only one kite in the first match. Sacred Lord Black Demon could still remember the details of this kite, and it was very likely that the same kid had the same kite.

"Black Demon Escape!" Sacred Lord Black Demon instantly used a secret technique, and countless flows of black light appeared from his legs as he chased after Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng had the advantage, it wasn't as if Sacred Lord Black Demon had no chance at all. This time, they were both prepared for the gravity and were much faster than before.


Zhao Feng reached the peak of a tree and grabbed a kite with one hand.

"Zhao Feng, hand over the kite!"

Sacred Lord Black Demon had already released the projection of his Little World and used a secret technique to charge at Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng did a flip in the air and charged downward. This time, he also used the power of his Little World of Wind Lightning.

Shu~~ Shu~~ Shu~~

Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon clashed with their Little Worlds.

Since Sacred Lord Black Demon wasn't slow to react this time, the amount of s.p.a.ce Zhao Feng had to gain speed was very short, so his explosive power wasn't strong enough.


The two figures both retreated several dozen yards.

Sacred Lord Black Demon had a treasure that allowed him to adapt to this dimension, so the projection of his Little World could also merge into the air. Zhao Feng had no advantage at all in the clash between Little Worlds.

However, this was already enough to stun countless experts of the outside world. The Little World of an Emperor managed to clash with the Little World of a Sacred Lord?

"His Little World…?" Sacred Lord Black Demon's expression became ugly. Although he had seen Zhao Feng's Little World before, he didn't expect Zhao Feng's Little World to be this strong.


Zhao Feng charged down once more, and the two Little Worlds clashed again.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng circulated his left eye, and a transparent gold-and-purple lightning-fire landed on Sacred Lord Black Demon.


While Sacred Lord Black Demon was being attacked by that, Zhao Feng flew directly past him toward the little kid.

"Don't run!" Sacred Lord Black Demon struggled for a while and got rid of Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline technique. His soul was stronger than normal Sacred Lords, and he also had a soul-defending treasure. Even though Zhao Feng's technique contained the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, it could only damage Sacred Lord Black Demon a little bit.


Zhao Feng waved his hand and let out his beast horde and Sky Shaking Golden Apes.


Zhao Feng arrived directly in front of the little kid.

"This kite…" The little kid seemed to hesitate as he looked at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's eyes became grim. s.h.i.+t.

The material of this kite was unique; it was made from profound laws. It was unable to be stored within an interspatial storage, so in the fight just now, the shape of the kite had changed a little bit. Adding on the disgusted gaze of the little kid, which was due to the hatred from the characters… even if the kite was the little kid's, something had changed.

King of Gods Chapter 992 The Deciding Match

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