King of Gods Chapter 1022 Power Of The Palm

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Chapter 1022 - Power of the Palm

Sacred Lords were the highest battle-powers in the battlefield, and they were unreachable existences for the soldiers. A clash between Sacred Lords could destroy Heaven and Earth, and it was rare for Sacred Lords to die at all ever since this war started.

After all, there were only one or two Sacred Lords in every city. When the difference in strength between both sides wasn't that big, Sacred Lords couldn't be killed.

However, at this moment in time, a Sacred Lord on the non-human side who originally had a big advantage was killed!

"Sacred Lord Raging Force!"

"Sacred Lord Raging Force has been killed!"

"How is this possible!?"

Countless non-human soldiers and captains on the battlefield were stunned and couldn't believe it. The shadow of fear covered the hearts of all the non-humans and reduced their morale dramatically.

The captains that were just fighting with Zhao Feng felt their hearts jump and scalps tingle.

"Is this his true strength?"

"Even if he's actually at the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord, how can he kill Sacred Lord Raging Force so easily?"

The three non-human captains couldn't believe that they had been fighting with such a terrifying opponent. It was obvious that this human had hidden his true strength because he wanted to kill a Sacred Lord, not them.

On the other hand, the low morale of the humans was instantly boosted as screams and cheers sounded.

"One of the non-human Sacred Lords is dead!"

"Is this a 'secret weapon' that came with the Crown Prince?"

"So we do have a Sacred Lord-level battle-power expert here!"

Countless soldiers and humans were extremely excited. Some of the captains that had heard of Zhao Feng's legends before still couldn't believe what they saw.

"Zhao Feng!" Tie Hongling was dazed as she floated in the air.

She originally thought that she might be able to injure Sacred Lord Raging Force with the other two Quasi-Sacred Lords, and perhaps if she used a few hidden cards, she would be able to kill him. However, Zhao Feng took away her prey just like that and instantly killed him.

Furthermore, the strength that Zhao Feng just displayed was completely different from their spar earlier. His physical power was at least twice as strong.

"Could he have been hiding his strength?" Tie Hongling was extremely stunned. If Zhao Feng had displayed such power back then, she would have definitely lost.

Such a powerful and excellent male also had the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline of the Tie Family. Tie Hongling's heart had never felt like this before!

"This human…!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's expression was extremely ugly as he glanced at the cold youth in the sky and Sacred Lord Raging Force's remains.

At this moment, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow finally understood that this was the humans' plan. They had purposely directed their only Sacred Lord away to lure them in. The humans had made preparations already and sent over a Quasi-Sacred Lord that wasn't any weaker than peak Sacred Lords.

However, why did this youth not kill Sacred Lord Raging Force from the beginning? Why did he only reveal his strength as soon as Sacred Lord Dark Shadow appeared?

"It's your turn now!" Zhao Feng's gaze turned toward Sacred Lord Dark Shadow below.

"What!?" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's heart shook as he understood. The reason this youth didn't reveal his true power from the beginning was because he wanted to kill him as well!

"Hmph, ridiculous!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow snickered coldly.

Even though Zhao Feng had slain Sacred Lord Raging Force, it was because the latter was off guard and suffered an ambush. No one present expected this to happen. Sacred Lord Raging Force had been too arrogant and was thus killed.

However, this battle was indeed not looking very good. While Sacred Lord Dark Shadow believed that Zhao Feng couldn't kill him in a one-on-one fight, the humans still had the female from the Tie Family who was extremely strong.

Weng~ Boom!

The Ninth Prince stood on Jiabao City's wall and held the ancient green sword of lightning as he channeled his draconic providence into the sky.

"Full retreat!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow roared.

The non-humans instantly stopped what they were doing and started to rush back toward Moon Dragon City.

There were usually two types of retreating orders. The first was "Retreat!" This basically meant counterattacking while moving back. The other was "Full retreat!" This meant to give up on resisting and run back as quickly as they could.

At this moment, the non-humans initiated a full retreat!


Sacred Lord Dark Shadow turned into a black streak of light and sped backward.

"Get back here!"

The wings behind Zhao Feng's back released a brilliant burst of Fire of Wind Lightning, which pushed his speed to the maximum. Zhao Feng's figure flashed and appeared before Sacred Lord Dark Shadow, stopping him with his physical force.

"Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, f.u.c.k off! Do you really think that I would be scared of you in single combat!?"

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow gritted his teeth. Although he specialized in speed, the speed of this human brat in front of him wasn't any slower than his.

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow spread his arms and turned them into a large pair of scorpion claws that stabbed toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn't move. He simply circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning so that he was covered in scarlet-golden light.

Ding! Bam!

Zhao Feng took the attack of Sacred Lord Dark Shadow head-on, then thrust out a palm.

"This physical defense…!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow felt his scorpion claws turn numb. This youth in front of him relied on body-strength alone to block his attack head-on. One had to know that the scorpionmen race specialized in powerful one-hit attacks that could even counter body-strengthening experts.

"Kill the non-humans!" The Ninth Prince raised the ancient green sword of lightning and commanded.

Ding! Boom… Bam…!

The human soldiers and captains pursued with full power while the Ninth Prince and Tie Hongling charged toward Sacred Lord Dark Shadow.

"I can't waste any more time." Sacred Lord Dark Shadow squished a talisman and escaped through Zhao Feng's offense.

"Zhao Feng, stop Sacred Lord Dark Shadow! Don't let him get away!" The Ninth Prince turned into a green streak of light and rushed over.

They needed to kill as many non-human Sacred Lords as they could. If Sacred Lord Dark Shadow got away today, he would kill many humans in the future.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly as a layer of dark thunderclouds merged into the sky.

The next instant, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow appeared in a chaotic dimension. The laws here heavily restricted his speed.

"This brat's Little World is so weird!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was surprised. He had never seen the power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord be so high. He could feel an old and ancient aura within this human youth's Little World.

Weng~ Boom!

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow didn't dare to be arrogant. He released the power of his Little World as well. A layer of black swarmed toward Zhao Feng's Little World of Wind Lightning.

The Little Worlds of Sacred Lords were completely different. Although they could only use projections, the power of a projection could still crush the Little World of an Emperor.

However, at this moment, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's Little World projection only had a tiny advantage against Zhao Feng's Little World of Wind Lightning.

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow couldn't care any less though as long as he wasn't affected by Zhao Feng's Little World and could run away successfully. The Ninth Prince and Tie Hongling were slightly slower and wouldn't be able to arrive within a short amount of time.

"Hehe, I'll give it a test then!" Zhao Feng revealed a smile.

After all, this was the Little World projection of a Sacred Lord. It was already not bad that Zhao Feng's Little World of Wind Lightning could counter it.

Weng~ Shu! Shu!

Fire of Wind Lightning surrounded Zhao Feng as his physical power started to gather on his right palm. At the same time, the Little World of Wind Lightning also strengthened Zhao Feng.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm - World Destroying Palm!"

The power of his Sacred Lightning Body weakened the instant he unleashed this attack. A golden-red palm phantom as large as a mountain shot out and smashed through everything in its path.


Zhao Feng's attack landed on Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's Little World projection.

Boom! Weng~ Weng~

The Sacred Lightning force and the power of Wind Lightning was released through the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm and started to enter the structure of the Little World projection.

"What the h.e.l.l… the structure of my Little World!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's heart jumped.

He suddenly felt the Little World within his body start to shake, and part of the fundamental structures were destroyed. At the same time, the power of his Little World projection also became a little more chaotic. It became weaker, and part of the power of the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm landed on Sacred Lord Dark Shadow.


Zhao Feng's Little World of Lightning used this chance to sweep in and suppress Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's Little World projection.

"So that's how it is. The weaker the foundation of a Little World, the easier it is to destroy."

Zhao Feng gained some comprehension after using the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm.

In reality, most Emperors formed their Little Worlds in a rush since they didn't have any experience or the guidance of a senior, and they would heavily regret it in the future. Some Sacred Lords would spend a lot of time and effort to forcefully strengthen their Little Worlds. Some Sacred Lords would even destroy their Little World and create a new one.

"I might be able to destroy the Little World of normal Sacred Lords in one palm!" Zhao Feng felt smug. It was obvious that Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was a more experienced Sacred Lord though, so his Little World was relatively stable.

"This human b.a.s.t.a.r.d…!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's scalp tingled. He never thought that a Quasi-Sacred Lord would be able to damage the foundation his Little World.

One had to know that, as long as the foundation of a Little World wasn't destroyed, it would be able to recover as long as there was enough energy.

Without any hesitation, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow turned into a giant scorpion surrounded by darkness and tried to run away.

Tie Hongling, who was still chasing after Zhao Feng, was full of shock and fear. One could argue that Zhao Feng killed Sacred Lord Raging Force by catching him off guard, but now Zhao Feng was actually chasing after Sacred Lord Dark Shadow and giving him a beating. If Sacred Lord Dark Shadow didn't specialize in speed, he probably would have ended up like Sacred Lord Raging Force already.

"Sky Locking Bow!"

A red arrow of Wind Lightning formed on a dark silver bow in Zhao Feng's hand and shot into the air with a Beng~~


The next time the arrow appeared was when it pierced through Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's chest.

After turning into a scorpion, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's defense and size had become greater. He managed to reduce part of the Sky Locking Bow's damage, but it was ultimately useless.

Beng~~ Whoos.h.!.+ Beng~~ Whoosh….

Zhao Feng pulled back the bowstring several times and unleashed scarlet arrows one after another. They shot through the air and stabbed into Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's body.

"Dammit, this human b.a.s.t.a.r.d…!" The scorpion that was Sacred Lord Dark Shadow howled in the air. Zhao Feng's attacks heavily damaged his body and affected his speed.

"Because of the war points, I can't let you - who is already severely injured - be killed by someone else!"

The wings behind Zhao Feng's back fluttered as he chased Sacred Lord Dark Shadow and thrust out his palm.

"Die!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's tail turned into a black spike and stabbed toward Zhao Feng.

He was already severely injured and was no longer faster than Zhao Feng.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!"

Zhao Feng used a Soul eye-bloodline technique and unleashed a purple-and-gold flame that exploded onto Sacred Lord Dark Shadow. At the same time, Zhao Feng used his agility to dodge Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's tail while appearing above Sacred Lord Dark Shadow and crus.h.i.+ng down with his Sacred Lightning Body.

Peng! Peng! Boom!

Zhao Feng thrust out several palms and split Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's enormous body into countless pieces. Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's weak soul was killed by Zhao Feng's Soul Intent before it was even able to run away.

Another non-human Sacred Lord had died!

King of Gods Chapter 1022 Power Of The Palm

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