King of Gods Chapter 959 - Sky Shaking Golden Ape

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Chapter 959 - Sky Shaking Golden Ape

"The Crown Prince trial is about to enter the second stage," Old Ying spoke in a serious tone.

"Old Ying, do you have a plan?" s.h.i.+ Yulei's eyes were slightly dim.

The Crown Prince trial was a game to train the future Crown Prince designed by the imperials and the Grand Imperial Hall.

This game started with the very first "Crown Prince trial" and was perfected as time pa.s.sed. The game was split into four stages: gathering of draconic providence, attacking the city, clash between princes, and the fight for the Grand Seal.

Of course, if there weren't enough partic.i.p.ants in this game, then it wouldn't be able to continue. This was why the princes needed to recruit people. To put it another way, the recruitment was also considered a stage.

After that, everyone entering the Imperial Tombs and conquering the inheritances to gather draconic providence was the first proper stage.

"For the 'attacking the city' stage, we originally would've had to rely on luck and wait for the right moment, but now I have a new plan."

A flash of joy pa.s.sed through Old Ying's eyes as he gave a deep glance at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng's beast taming skills and mastery of the soul gave Old Ying confidence.

The Ninth Prince, Zhou Su'er, and company all knew a little bit about Old Ying's plan, but s.h.i.+ Yulei and Su Qingling followed Old Ying's gaze and looked thoughtfully at Zhao Feng.

"Could it be that Zhao Feng's beast taming ability most Grandmaster Beast Tamers?" s.h.i.+ Yulei couldn't help but feel shocked. He originally thought that Zhao Feng only relied on Duke Nanfeng's connections and used the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly to take the position of beast tamer, but apparently, that wasn't the case. Zhao Feng truly was a talented beast tamer.

"That's right." Zhou Su'er nodded her head. She had witnessed Zhao Feng's beast taming abilities and had the right to speak.

"So, what we need to do next is help Zhao Feng obtain more beast packs. This will give us an advantage when attacking the city," Old Ying said.

Attacking the city was the time to show the strength of a full team. Beast tamers and doctors were extremely useful here. When the both worked together, they would be able to unleash ma.s.sive battle-power.

Su Qingling looked at Zhao Feng with a dazed look. This youth that they ignored and disliked had suddenly become a main character after a couple dozen days. When interacting with the others, she also realized that Zhao Feng's mastery of the soul wasn't simple either.

"We need to find power-type beasts." The Ninth Prince had a joyful expression. Recruiting Zhao Feng seemed to be the most successful decision he had made so far.

Apart from Zhao Feng, the other seven talked with one another and discussed their opinions. Zhao Feng was still able to hear what everyone said while he was recovering his injuries and cultivating.

"Game? Attacking the city…? The place that we will be attacking definitely won't be simple."

If there was one side on offense, there would obviously be one side on defense. The place that they needed to fight over would definitely be unique in some way.

Even the princes that had no intention of becoming the Crown Prince would partic.i.p.ate.

"Rely on my beast taming skills? Good!"

Zhao Feng was looking forward to it. He had cultivated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to a level where he could have one thousand and eight hundred thoughts at once.

The current Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique he had wasn't complete, and Zhao Feng would only be able to cultivate up to nine thousand thoughts. As for the Duanmu Family, they might not have the complete Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, but even if they did have the complete version, Zhao Feng wouldn't be obtaining it from them any time soon.

Therefore, Zhao Feng had to rely on himself after reaching nine thousand thoughts. Controlling a huge number of beasts was the perfect chance for Zhao Feng to train the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. He believed that, once he reached a certain level, it wouldn't be hard for him to extrapolate the complete version on his own.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes half a day later. The most serious injuries on his body had recovered, and he would be able to fully recover by relying on the Wood and Water of Wind Lightning.

"We can leave now."

Zhao Feng let out a breath. The other seven that were still discussing the plan all looked at Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, you've already recovered?" Zhou Su'er rushed over. At the beginning, she had come over to help Zhao Feng, but he declined her help.

Everyone thought that they would need to stay here for another couple days, but in just half a day's time, Zhao Feng finished recovering.

"Indeed, he's mostly recovered…." Zhou Su'er closely inspected Zhao Feng and found that there were no serious or hidden injuries on Zhao Feng's body.

At this instant, Zhou Su'er even thought that Zhao Feng was a Grandmaster Doctor too. If this was really the case, Zhao Feng and the Ninth Prince alone would be able to form a team in the Crown Prince trial.

"My cultivation technique is unique and has fast recovery speed," Zhao Feng explained.

"Okay. Let's go then." Old Ying immediately stood up. The faster they were, the more preparations they could make.

The plan had been decided already. Their target was the king of this forest - the Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

Sky Shaking Golden Apes didn't just have terrifying power; their defense was also extremely strong, and they were even somewhat agile. They were much more useful than some stone monsters and many others.

s.h.i.+ Yulei and Su Qingling looked at Zhao Feng. Sky Shaking Golden Apes were an impossible task for the Grandmaster Beast Tamers of the lord dynasty.

Sky Shaking Golden Apes didn't live in groups, but they did have the ability to fight as a team if needed. They were chaotic and easily angered, but their will was tough. If there were no teammates specializing in battle nearby, normal beast tamers wouldn't even be able to get close to a Sky Shaking Golden Ape, let alone tame one. Even now, they didn't believe that Zhao Feng had this ability, but Old Ying had set this as the goal, and they believed that Old Ying wouldn't wrongly estimate Zhao Feng's beast taming skills.

"The Sky Shaking Golden Apes live in the depths of this forest."

The eight walked toward the depths of the forest and met many fierce beasts hiding. However, even though they were easily angered, they didn't attack humans randomly.

With Old Ying's sensing skills, the group avoided as many beast packs as they could.

The center of the forest was dimly lit, and each tree would need a couple dozen people linked hand by hand to wrap around it.

Boom! Boom!

"Hua Hui, go! This Emperor-level Sky Shaking Golden Ape is too strong," an elder in gray urged.

A Quasi-Sacred Lord expert charged forward with a flash of gold. In front of him was a giant ape with golden fur. Its eyes were gold and red, and its enraged aura spread throughout the area.

Even Hua Hui, who was a Quasi-Sacred Lord expert that specialized in body-strengthening, didn't dare to fight against it head-on. He had to rely on his ability to attract its attention and let the other members of his group damage it.

Hu~ Boom!

Two Emperors released a surge of ice and fire that landed on the Sky Shaking Golden Ape's back.


On the other side, an old granny that stood on a tree shot out several arrows of light at the Sky Shaking Golden Ape's head.


The Sky Shaking Golden Ape roared in anger, and the fur on its body stood up. It had ma.s.sive fists that contained the force of a small mountain, and it caused the air to crack as it waved them around.


A giant tree was sent flying through the air.

"If Brother Zhu is able to tame such a powerful beast, it will be a great help to us." The eyes of a young male in golden robes on a tree far away flashed.

"Hehe. Eleventh Prince, after we tame this Sky Shaking Golden Ape, we can use it to tame other Sky Shaking Golden Apes and keep on expanding our beast horde."

Next to the Eleventh Prince, Zhu Long was also extremely excited. They could only tame this powerful beast by relying on a huge number of members skilled in battle.

This was the first time he had seen such a strong Emperor-level beast. If they were able to tame this beast and take it back to the continent zone, he could flaunt it in front of the other Grandmaster Beast Tamers.

"Brother Zhu better be fast." The Eleventh Prince was slightly impatient.

"Your Highness, we can't rush this. Let them put in some more effort." Zhu Long paused for a moment. Such powerful beasts couldn't be tamed unless they became truly exhausted. He could lose his life if he wasn't careful.

"Who is that person?" Zhu Long suddenly sensed something and turned around. Several figures appeared in front of the Eleventh Prince.

"Brother Ninth Prince." The Eleventh Prince let out a breath. The difference in strength between the lower-ranked princes wasn't very big. Furthermore, the Ninth Prince's team didn't have many members. It was only because he was so personally talented and had a good personality that he was even ranked 7th.

However, the three Emperors on the Eleventh Prince's side that were fighting immediately called out.

"It's him!"

"It's Zhao Feng!"

The other members of the Eleventh Prince's group instinctively looked at Zhao Feng. Amongst them, Zhu Long's eyes were filled with interest.

At the same time, the Ninth Prince's side all looked at Zhao Feng. Who knew what kind of shenanigans he had pulled when he was travelling alone with Zhou Su'er?

"Zhao Feng, you robbed those three earlier," Zhou Su'er warned Zhao Feng after seeing that he had no impression of them at all. When she was together with Zhao Feng, they had robbed two groups; the first was from the Sixth Prince's team while the second was from the Eleventh Prince's team.

"May I know why Brother Ninth Prince is here?" The Eleventh Prince's expression remained the same. Those three had told him many times about what had happened. From his point of view, there was only one possibility - Zhao Feng had a treasure that could allow him to adapt to this dimension. Otherwise, even Sacred Lords wouldn't be as terrifying as they had described.

"We're here to tame a Sky Shaking Golden Ape as well, but we didn't expect Brother Eleventh Prince to be here as well," the Ninth Prince told the truth, but the expressions of the Eleventh Prince's team instantly changed.

From their perspective, the Ninth Prince's tone was provoking them. Beast Tamer Zhu Long next to the Eleventh Prince spun around and immediately sent the Eleventh Prince a message.

A smile appeared on the Eleventh Prince's face; "Since Brother Ninth Prince is here to tame the Sky Shaking Golden Ape as well, we can team up and first suppress this Sky Shaking Golden Ape before deciding who it belongs to."

King of Gods Chapter 959 - Sky Shaking Golden Ape

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