King of Gods Chapter 1024 Undercurren

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Chapter 1024 - Undercurrent

In an area connected to Lan Province, there was a dark mountain range covered by black mist. This mountain rage was full of a wicked aura that swept across the sky. This was the main War Hall of the non-humans that were responsible for attacking Lan Province.

Within a secret hall, a piece of gray paper floated before a muscular male with a giant black horn and eyes as big as bells.

"Moon Dragon City has been conquered!" the giant horned male's deep voice sounded.

At the same time, weird figures appeared around the hall one after another.

"Moon Dragon City has two Sacred Lords. They were defeated?" a wicked voice asked.

Moon Dragon City was the furthest they had gone into enemy territory. This was why the War Hall placed great importance on it and sent out two Sacred Lords to defend it.

"Both Sacred Lords were killed!" the giant horned male added.

"Sacred Lord Demonic Bull, how is that possible? Could the humans have sent out their ancient Sacred Lords already?" another deep voice sounded throughout the hall.

"They both died! There is definitely something suspicious." More suspicious voices sounded within the great hall.

Even though these two Sacred Lords were not as strong as ancient Sacred Lords, it was still difficult to kill either one of them, but now both of them had been killed? This could only happen if the humans had sent late-stage Mystic Light Realms into the battlefield.

"According to news from Meng City, they don't even have any Sacred Lords. It's probably a Great Gan prodigy!" Sacred Lord Demonic Bull continued.

Meng City was the non-human-controlled city nearest Moon Dragon City. There were many powerful non-humans there, and some of the warriors that escaped from Moon Dragon City made it there.

"Hmph. The Great Gan Lord Dynasty doesn't care whether their prodigies live or die?" A voice full of killing intent sounded. It was obvious that this upper echelon member wanted to kill the prodigies of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty personally.

"No need for you to go. A Serpent Son from the serpentmen race has come here. Let him go reinforce Meng City!" Sacred Lord Demonic Bull decided.

The serpentmen race were the rulers of the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty. Serpent Sons were like the princes of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

"This time, it's the Fifth Serpent Son that came. He should have brought many powerful subordinates with him as well," Sacred Lord Demonic Bull added.

The war had just begun, and the non-humans were still making other preparations. Right now, they just needed to stabilize their footing; they would attack for real when the time was ripe.

Sacred Lords were already rare, and there was no need to use even stronger battle-powers unless necessary since that would only increase the intensity of the war.

At this moment, another voice sounded outside the hall; "News from the front line!"


Black mist appeared within the hall, and a gray piece of paper floated in from outside and landed in Sacred Lord Demonic Bull's hand.

"Sacred Lord Myriad Forms conquered another city…." Sacred Lord Demonic Bull roughly summarized.

"Hahaha, as expected of Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. He's still able to maintain such results even now!"

"Obviously. He's a descendant of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes, after all."

Over the last couple days in Moon Dragon City, the Ninth Prince's troops had arrived. These forces included members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, Duke Nanfeng's forces, elites from the Grand Duke Lan's Province, as well as a few other forces.

"With these forces, we can take over Meng City!"

The Ninth Prince was full of excitement. Meng City only had one Sacred Lord, but they had more low-tier soldiers since some had escaped from Moon Dragon City. However, as long as they were able to kill the top battle-power of Meng City, the outcome would be decided.

"Report!" An intel agent outside the Ninth Prince's hall rushed in.

The Ninth Prince took the secret report, and his expression became slightly ugly.

"Your Highness, what is it?" Old Ying immediately asked.

"Meng City is getting reinforcements. It's a Serpent Son," the Ninth Prince said.

"That's normal. Even if a Serpent Son didn't come, they would have sent someone else," Old Ying immediately said.

Taking over Moon Dragon City and killing two Sacred Lords would obviously draw the attention of the non-humans. A Serpent Son of the serpentmen race would at least be easier to deal with in comparison to some ancient Sacred Lords.

"We won't attack Meng City then. This needs to be well planned out."

The Ninth Prince calmed down. He needed to wait for his scouts to at least learn how strong Meng City would become first before making a decision.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was walking through the exchange market within Moon Dragon City.

This exchange market was obviously created by the troops within the city. Both soldiers and captains obtained spoils of war from killing the non-humans, but most of them weren't very useful for themselves.

At the beginning, exchanges only happened between small groups, but it started to expand until it became a market.

Zhao Feng had obtained a lot of spoils of war after killing two Sacred Lords and a bunch of Emperors, but even that was very far off in comparison to the resources he had in the Misty Spatial World. However, his forces were currently expanding and needed resources urgently, which would require a large amount of wealth over time. Right now, Zhao Feng could use his spoils of war to trade for some items or resources he needed more urgently.

The resources that Zhao Feng needed for the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique were too high-level, and he needed different elements.

Apart from that, cultivating the first level of the Soul Splitting Technique had caused Zhao Feng's Soul Intent to weaken. Although it had mainly recovered, that had cost him most of his Soul resources.

"Brother Zhao Feng, I'll give you discounts on whatever you want!"

"Captain Zhao Feng, I have everything here. If you want anything, just tell me!"

Many sellers spoke when Zhao Feng arrived at the market.

Zhao Feng definitely had a lot of spoils of war after killing two Sacred Lords and dozens of Emperors. Furthermore, this was a great chance to build up a good relations.h.i.+p with him.

Zhao Feng managed to obtain the resources he wanted very easily in the end. After exchanging for the resources he wanted, Zhao Feng went to where the soldiers were stationed.

This place was filled with rows of simple houses, and Zhao Feng walked into one specific long row.

"Grand Elder!" several figures exclaimed the instant Zhao Feng walked in.

The leading person was a Peak-tier King who immediately walked forward.

"Split these resources amongst yourselves." Zhao Feng gave this King an interspatial ring.

"Thank you, Grand Elder!" This elder immediately bowed, and the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion behind them were extremely grateful.

The performance of their Grand Elder had allowed them to receive better treatment, and now the Grand Elder had personally come to give them resources.

"After the next battle ends, try and go back to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and tell the Pavilion Master to send some members with potential," Zhao Feng messaged the leading elder in private.

The battlefield was a good place to train oneself, and Zhao Feng could use the battlefield to train the members of his forces that had more potential. On top of that, war points could be traded for resources that could help the expansion of his forces.

"Understood!" the elder said in a respectful tone.

Zhao Feng then returned to his residence and started to cultivate.

Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and multi-tasked.

"I've almost finished creating the 2nd level of the Soul Splitting Technique!"

Zhao Feng started to think. The reason why his creation of the 2nd level progressed so quickly was because of Sacred Lord Star Demon's help.

However, even if he did manage to create the 2nd level of the Soul Splitting Technique, Zhao Feng wouldn't cultivate it in a rush. After all, Sacred Lord Star Demon and he were the ones that had created it, not the original author. Zhao Feng needed to get rid of as many errors as possible.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng's Soul Intent had only just recovered. If he cultivated the 2nd level, it would fall back down again. On top of that, he didn't need another soul clone anytime soon anyways.

"At the moment, Zhao w.a.n.g is in the Darkness Ghost Clan and is already an elite amongst inner disciples. His cultivation has reached the middle stages of the Great Origin Core Realm."

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He had purposely suppressed Zhao w.a.n.g's cultivation speed so that it wouldn't make others suspicious, or else Zhao w.a.n.g would have reached the peak Great Origin Core Realm already given his talent, the Eye of Death, and the resources that Zhao Feng gave him.

The little thieving cat was also using the resources that Zhao Feng gave it. It stayed within the Misty Spatial World, barely leaving.

"The little thieving cat's strength is also increasing rapidly!" Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

The little thieving cat's strength grew alongside Zhao Feng. The difference between Emperors and Sacred Lords was too big. If the little thieving cat wasn't strong enough, then it wouldn't be able to follow Zhao Feng's footsteps and help him.


Resources within the Misty Spatial World moved in front of Zhao Feng.

"Dark Lightning Blood Gra.s.s, Sky Wind Spiritual Bamboo, Nine Sky Green Fire Fruit!"

Zhao Feng circulated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and absorbed the elements within these precious resources while purifying them as well. Three days pa.s.sed, and the Fire of Wind Lightning True Yuan within Zhao Feng's Crystal Core became purer. The occasional flicker of lightning flashed through it.

"Late stages of Fire of Wind Lightning!"

Zhao Feng opened his eyes. His Fire of Wind Lightning had been stuck at the early stages for a long time, and it had finally broken through.

"The 8th level is the Fire of Wind Lightning, then the 9th level is the Earth of Wind Lightning…."

Zhao Feng was already making preparations to cultivate the 9th level, which was the Earth of Wind Lightning.

Next to the Ninth Prince's city in Lan Province was the Thirteenth Prince's stronghold. The Thirteenth Prince relied on his army of elites and one Sacred Lord to finally conquer a city, but the joy on his face immediately faded away after learning that the Ninth Prince had taken over Moon Dragon City already.

The Ninth Prince had no Sacred Lords on his side and was still able to take over a city? This made him even more famous.

"The non-humans in Moon Dragon City are r.e.t.a.r.ded!" the Thirteenth Prince cursed.

"Your Highness, the Ninth Prince is relying solely on Zhao Feng, and Moon Dragon City underestimated their opponents. This is why they were defeated." Xi Peng from Nine Darkness Palace spoke to the Thirteenth Prince.

Xi Peng had entered the Crown Prince trial alongside the Thirteenth Prince and was a powerful Quasi-Sacred Lord. After the Crown Prince trial ended, he became stronger and would be able to attempt a breakthrough to the Mystic Light Realm soon.

"That Zhao Feng is indeed troublesome!" The Thirteenth Prince would become angry whenever he heard Zhao Feng's name.

"Indeed, the main point is Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng is unable to stay on the battlefield…. Hehehe!" Xi Peng revealed a wicked smile.

"Xi Peng, you have an idea?" The Thirteenth Prince revealed a joyful look.

"After offending Nine Darkness Palace, Zhao Feng won't have a good ending, just like with Nan Gongsheng!"

King of Gods Chapter 1024 Undercurren

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