King of Gods Chapter 1026 Dangerous Actions

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Chapter 1026 - Dangerous Actions

"How is this possible!? My Little World!"

The bat-winged male's heart rate sped up, and his entire body started to tremble.

At this instant, cracks hadn't appeared only on the surface of his Little World - the foundational structure of his Little World had been damaged as well!

When the structure and foundation of a Little World was damaged, the Little World would start to act chaotically.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm - World Destroying Palm!"

A giant lightning palm made of red-and-golden light pushed forward and destroyed everything in its path.


Zhao Feng's palm landed on the bat-winged male's Little World.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The powerful physical force and the lightning were released through the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm and eroded the structure of the Little World.

Although this palm wasn't as strong as when he fought against Sacred Lord Dark Shadow, it was enough to deal with this Quasi-Sacred Lord non-human prodigy.

Beng~~~~ Crack!

The bat-winged male felt the majority of his Little World's foundation break, and the purple Little World around him instantly crumbled!

At the same time, the remaining power from the palm landed on the bat-winged male.


"My Little World!"

The bat-winged male spat out a mouthful of blood as he exclaimed.

One had to know that a Little World was formed by taking a King's domain and strengthening it bit by bit until it turned into a Little World. A lot of time and effort were necessary.

The bat-winged male looked at Zhao Feng in fear. Not only was the latter fast, his defense and power were also incredulous.

"How can there be such a strong prodigy amongst the humans!?"

The bat-winged male was stunned. He never thought that he and the leopardman prodigy would see something like this.

"Shadow Bat Escape!" The bat-winged male gave a decisive expression as he started to burn his True Yuan. A dark layer of light covered his body, and his purple wings became bigger as they enveloped his body. At the same time, a weird spatial ripple started to spread.


The bat-winged male's figure disappeared from Zhao Feng's Little World with a flash of purple.

At this moment, Zhao Feng wasn't able to find any tracks of the bat-winged male within his Little Word.

"A stealth-type bloodline secret technique?"

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as a faint golden glow appeared in his left eye.


With one scan, the bat-winged male's figure appeared before Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's left eye was the nemesis of such secret techniques, especially after it evolved to the gold level. Nothing could be hidden from him!

Zhao Feng instantly locked onto the bat-winged male.

"This… how is this possible?" The bat-winged male, who had merged into s.p.a.ce and had no aura, suddenly felt a source of mental energy lock onto him.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!"

A ball of purple-and-gold lightning-fire appeared at a certain spot and exploded.


The bat-winged male's figure appeared. A Destructive lightning-fire burned across his body and soul. At the same time, limitless power of lightning within Zhao Feng's Little World bombarded the male with bat wings.

You want to run away? Zhao Feng thought.

Whoos.h.!.+ Weng~~

With a flash, Zhao Feng appeared on the other side of his Little World.

The leopardman was about to escape Zhao Feng's Little World but was suddenly blocked.

The leopardman looked at Zhao Feng. Apart from limitless fear, there was hatred. He knew that, no matter how he begged, it would be useless.


The leopardman started to burn the bloodline within his body, and he suddenly became bigger. His skin turned into golden needles as he turned into a leopard/human-shaped monster, and a fierce and powerful force radiated from him.


The leopardman unleashed supreme speed and tried to charge out from another side.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly and made a grabbing motion with his hand.

A Magnificent Power of Heaven and Earth and the pressure of the Little World descended onto the leopardman.

Weng~ Weng~ Boom!

A giant scarlet-colored claw covered in lightning then descended from the sky and grabbed the leopardman.

Zhao Feng laughed and condensed the power of his left eye. The next instant, a powerful Eye Intent restricted the leopardman's soul in the air.

"What, his Soul Intent…!"

The leopardman had lost control over his body and was unable to even think.

"Soul Search!"

A wicked Soul undulation pa.s.sed through Zhao Feng's left eye as it entered the leopardman's soul.

With Zhao Feng's soul-strength, his mastery over the soul, and his eye-bloodline, performing a soul search was extremely simple. Furthermore, this leopardman's Soul Intent was slightly weaker than the bat-winged man's. This was why Zhao Feng used the soul search on him instead.

Zhao Feng finished the soul search a breath or two later.

Pa! Weng~~

Zhao Feng's Soul Intent destroyed the leopardman's soul, and his head was taken into the Misty Spatial World.

On the other side, the bat-winged male, who had been severely injured by Zhao Feng's Wind Lightning Eye Flame, was being tortured by the Little World. He would rather die than live at this point. After seeing what happened to the leopardman, the bat-winged male chose to self-destruct.

Zhao Feng didn't try to stop him. After all, the self-destruction of a Quasi-Sacred Lord prodigy was enough to threaten even Sacred Lords.


Zhao Feng retracted his Little World when the bat-winged male disappeared.

In just a short while, two non-human prodigies that had overestimated themselves were killed by Zhao Feng.

"I have enough intel now!" Zhao Feng murmured.

He had received all the intel within the leopardman's mind.

Meng City only had one Sacred Lord, who was roughly on the same level as the dead Sacred Lord Dark Shadow. However, the Fifth Serpent Son of the serpentmen race had brought four powerful Quasi-Sacred Lords and many unrivalled Emperors.

The overall strength of the Fifth Serpent Son's forces was far greater than Sacred Lord Dark Shadow. This meant that Meng City's overall battle-power was even greater than two Sacred Lord Dark Shadows.

"Dammit, I shouldn't have put my Little World away!"

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed. He had been scared that the bat-winged male's self-destruction would affect his Little World, so he put it away. However, the bat-winged male's self-destruction attracted the attention of the patrols near Meng City.

"If that's the case, then I'll just take care of you all as well!"

Zhao Feng didn't leave; he chose to progress forward.

Three teams of non-humans soon arrived. There were about one hundred in each team, ranging from Small Origin Core Realm cultivators to half-step Kings. The leader was a normal Emperor.

"There was a strong surge of True Yuan from the front just now!"

"Could it be that the two geniuses that followed the Fifth Serpent Son are sparring with one another?"

"The element from the disturbance just now was different from before!"

The leading elder discussed as he flew over.

A thunderous boom suddenly sped toward them, and the three teams were instantly on guard. However, before they could notice anything, a male with golden hair and a golden eye appeared before them.

"How is this possible? A human!?"

The three teams felt a Magnificent Power locking s.p.a.ce nearby. The pressure coming from him made them unable to breathe.

"Illusion Maze Domain!"

A purple-and-gold maze world appeared within Zhao Feng's left eye, and it was extremely alluring.


All the non-humans near Zhao Feng instinctively looked at Zhao Feng's eyes and instantly became dazed. Their eyes dimmed as their souls fell into the world of illusions that Zhao Feng created.


Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and countless wind blades cut off all the non-human heads.

"Maybe I can kill some more!" Zhao Feng started to think.

He had completed his mission already, and he killed two non-human prodigies and three patrolling teams. According to what Zhao Feng knew, war points could be obtained from methods other than just killing non-humans. For example, Zhao Feng learning information would also give rewards, but because Zhao Feng didn't usually come out, that little amount wasn't enough to satisfy him.


Zhao Feng continued to approach Meng City.

If one used their Spiritual Sense to detect others, experts with the same cultivation or those that specialized in sensing would be able to sense something. However, when Zhao Feng used his left eye, he could control the situation around Meng City. As long as he didn't purposely stare at some expert, no one would be able to find him.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng was hiding in a forest sixty thousand miles away from Meng City.


Zhao Feng suddenly released a faint aura.

"Ehh? Come with me and have a look over there." Two non-human patrol leaders felt something, but they weren't certain, so they led their teams over to confirm the situation.

"Bait - success!" Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile as he waited for them to arrive.


When these two teams got close to the forest, a powerful Intent locked s.p.a.ce.

Zhao Feng's left eye turned into a purple-and-gold maze world, and everyone's soul fell silently into another dimension as they lost control over their body and senses.


One of the leading Emperors suddenly released a surge of Intent before he was trapped in Zhao Feng's illusion.

"It seems my plan failed."

Zhao Feng had a calm expression. The Illusion Maze Domain was obviously a lot weaker when it was used against several hundred people.

One of the Emperors whose Soul Intent was slightly stronger managed to send a signal out before falling into Zhao Feng's illusion.

"But this is good too. I don't need to lure them out one by one!"

Zhao Feng cut off the heads of the two non-human leaders and waved his hand. True Yuan of Wind Lightning surged and turned the bodies of all the other non-humans into ashes.

"There's something going on; come with me!" A peak Emperor near Meng City looked into the distance and roared.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

All the patrolling teams around Meng City started to gather together.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several thousand patrols headed toward Zhao Feng's direction under the command of the non-human peak Emperor.

At the same time, within Meng City, five one-star captains and three two-star captains led a total of five thousand elites and charged out.

Within a dim hall in Meng City:

"What's going on?" A non-human male with green scales and horns and who wore n.o.ble clothes asked.

At the very center of the great hall stood a big non-human elder. This was Sacred Lord Anyou, who guarded Meng City. He released his Spiritual Sense but didn't sense anything.

"Go have a look!" Sacred Lord Anyou ordered.


"Hehehe, I hope that we will be able to fight!"

Two females with powerful auras revealed bloodthirsty smiles. One of them was from the eaglemen race, and a pair of black wings extended from her back as she shot into the sky. The other was a s.e.xy woman from the snakemen race, and she turned into a streak of azure light that chased after the black light.

These two were peerless prodigies that were accompanying the Fifth Serpent Son.

King of Gods Chapter 1026 Dangerous Actions

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