King of Gods Chapter 1028 Eyes Of Myriad Forms

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Chapter 1028 - Eye of Myriad Forms

"Your Highness, let's attack!" Old Ying's eyes flashed as he immediately spoke.

Zhao Feng had slain many high echelon members in Meng City before leaving. This would dramatically reduce the morale of those from Meng City. On top of that, Meng City was heavily injured right now.

If they didn't attack now, the non-humans would be able to gather their forces. It would be hard to find an opportunity like this again in the future.

Old Ying immediately told the Ninth Prince what he was thinking.


The Ninth Prince soon understood. This was indeed the best chance to attack.

"Everyone, attack Meng City!" the Ninth Prince roared, and the guards patrolling outside the hall immediately pa.s.sed the order across the city.

In just a short while, all the forces were gathered outside Moon Dragon City.

"Let's go!"

The Ninth Prince pointed his ancient green sword of lightning.


Several dozen thousand troops instantly marched forward. Apart from a few True Spirit Realm and Origin Core Realm experts left behind to guard Moon Dragon City, everyone else pushed forward.

The Ninth Prince obtained the trust of the soldiers after the last battle. Adding on Zhao Feng's display of strength, and these soldiers were confident with no worries.

"Ninth Prince, are we being too rash?" a three-star captain asked.

Although they had Zhao Feng and Tie Hongling, who both had strong battle-power and weren't scared of normal Sacred Lords, they didn't know the situation within Meng City. If they attacked right now, it would be going against logic.

"Zhao Feng already came back with all the intel within Meng City," the Ninth Prince said without explaining too much.

The three-star captain faltered for a moment before looking at Zhao Feng not far away. He had heard rumors of Zhao Feng becoming a scout, but from the Ninth Prince's tone, Zhao Feng had given a very detailed report indeed.

He originally thought that Zhao Feng was only strong in a fight. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to excel in gathering intel as well.

He started to relax after hearing what the Ninth Prince said.

"If we manage to take over another city…"

The three-star captain was looking forward to it. If one took over a city, all the troops under the general would obtain war points in correlation with their cultivation. For example, Sacred Lords would obtain twenty thousand war points while Quasi-Sacred Lords would obtain six thousand.

Likewise, if they lost a city, war points would be deducted.

Therefore, if a normal soldier was lucky and fought alongside a smart general, even if they didn't kill any enemies and did nothing, just the war points from taking over the city would be enough to obtain a large amount of resources.

Tie Hongling asked a question next to Zhao Feng, "Zhao Feng, what's the situation like in Meng City?"

"Their overall strength is about the same as Moon Dragon City," Zhao Feng replied with a simple example.

"How is that possible?"

Tie Hongling didn't believe it. They had already taken over Moon Dragon City, so how could the non-humans not react and reinforce Meng City?

However, when everyone arrived, they realized that the city had become empty. There was no one here at all!

"Where are the non-humans!?"

"What's going on? There are no non-humans here!"

"Could there be a trap?"

The captains and soldiers exclaimed. This situation had never happened since the start of the war. None of the captains and soldiers knew why.

Tie Hongling's mouth dropped open as she glanced at Zhao Feng; "What's going on?"

She believed that, when Zhao Feng came to gather intel, the situation wasn't like this, otherwise Zhao Feng wouldn't have said that the forces of Meng City were around Moon Dragon City's level.

However, why did all the non-humans retreat after Zhao Feng came to gather intel?

Zhao Feng paused for a moment as well. He didn't expect something like this to happen. He originally thought that Meng City would choose to defend and wait for reinforcements.

"Looks like we acted too quickly, so all the non-humans left!" Old Ying said.

However, that wasn't exactly a good thing. If they fought with the forces of Meng City, then the non-humans would have at least 60% casualties. However, now that all the non-humans within Meng City had retreated, they would have no losses.

From the looks of it, the general of the non-humans was someone intelligent.

Some captains realized this as well. If they took over Meng City, then they would need to face even stronger forces later. At that point, they might not be able to hold onto Meng City even if they took it now.

"Take it over!" the Ninth Prince announced.

He had nowhere to retreat. Besides, the war points from taking over a city were right in front of them. All they had to do was capture an empty city.

In terms of war points, Zhao Feng received the largest portion.

After taking over Meng City, the Ninth Prince's forces soon spread throughout the city and took control of everything.

All the soldiers were full of excitement and joy. This time, the Ninth Prince brought all his forces and took over a city for free. It was the same as doing nothing at all and still obtaining war points.

Within the hall where the Ninth Prince was staying.

"Zhao Feng, your war points this time will be huge!" the Ninth Prince said.

Firstly, he had given a very detailed report, so he would be given a high-tier reward for that. Secondly, Zhao Feng had killed two Quasi-Sacred Lord prodigies, several dozen Emperors, and many Peak-tier Kings. He would be able to receive a plentiful amount of war points from that too.

Furthermore, because of Zhao Feng's actions, the non-humans within Meng City had retreated. That meant that Zhao Feng had basically conquered Meng City by himself.

"I can only report this to the main hall of Lan Province and let them decide the amount of war points you get."

The Ninth Prince didn't dare to rashly estimate Zhao Feng's performance.

"But the non-humans that have retreated from Meng City might return at any time, so I will report this a while later," the Ninth Prince continued.

"Old Ying, tell the array masters to set up a defensive array quickly!" the Ninth Prince ordered.

Only they and a few captains knew that the non-humans might attack in a short while.

"Brother Zhao, we might need to use your beast horde in a bit!" the Ninth Prince said in a solemn tone.

That was also one of the reasons why the Ninth Prince dared to take over Meng City and fight against the non-human forces, who were stronger. Zhao Feng's beast horde was very strong, and he had many Emperor-level beasts and stronger. The Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly could even affect Quasi-Sacred Lords and Sacred Lords.

However, what the Ninth Prince didn't know was that Zhao Feng's Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly had fallen into deep sleep.

Three hundred thousand miles away from Meng City, in a mountain valley:

"Sacred Lord Anyou, we're going to give Meng City to those shameless humans just like that?" The female eagleman with black wings asked angrily.

"If we were giving it to them, why would we be waiting here?"

The Fifth Serpent Son had a cold expression. This was his first time joining the war and he immediately had to meet a situation like this. The Fifth Serpent Son was extremely angry, and he vowed to take back Meng City.

"Reinforcements will be arriving shortly. Meng City will be ours again. We need to kill that human who has a spatial treasure first."

Sacred Lord Anyou looked into the distance with a calm expression. He had requested for reinforcements right after Zhao Feng used his spatial item to escape.

However, the humans had taken action too quickly, so Sacred Lord Anyou decided to retreat for now so they could slaughter the humans with full power.

"Who will be coming to reinforce us?" The female genius from the snakemen race couldn't help but be curious.

Although Meng City had lost two Quasi-Sacred Lords and many Emperors, they hadn't lost many foot soldiers. Adding on the fact that the journey would be long, only someone with strong battle-power would arrive.

"There might be a very big battle coming up!" Zhao Feng murmured in the Misty Spatial World.

Since Sacred Lord Anyou retreated, that meant he wouldn't attack unless he received strong reinforcements. At the very least, there would be a couple Quasi-Sacred Lords or a Sacred Lord.

"I'll try to form my Little World of Illusions before the battle starts," Zhao Feng said as he entered the Ancient Dream Realm. He sat down and released his Little World of Illusions.

Weng~~ Shua!

Everything within several hundred yards became covered in a dark purple mist. Within it was a limitless maze. The maze contained structures of different types, such as palaces, hotels, Heaven Legacy Cities, mermaid palaces, and more. Zhao Feng had seen most of these structures in the past.

The formation of the Little World of Illusions was different from the Little World of Wind Lightning. Zhao Feng used the storms in the Ancient Dream Realm to help form his Little World of Wind Lightning, but he had nothing like that for his Little World of Illusions, so he could only absorb the pure ancient aura.

Zhao Feng circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and split his mind into several thousand thoughts, which filled the Little World of Illusions and perfected it.

Several dozen days pa.s.sed, and a scout walked into the Ninth Prince's hall.

"Report! The non-humans have come to attack!"

The expressions of the Ninth Prince, Old Ying, and some captains changed dramatically.

"I didn't expect them to come so quickly." Old Ying had a grim expression.

"Everyone, come out!" the Ninth Prince announced, then spoke to the scout, "Go tell Captain Zhao Feng!"

A hundred thousand miles away from Meng City, the non-human army was like an enraged beast horde. An air of hatred swept over.

There were three figures at the head of the army. One of them was the Fifth Serpent Son, and another was Sacred Lord Anyou. In the middle was a large non-human who released a terrifying aura. Wind and rain howled. Ice, snow, and lightning appeared wherever he went.

"Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, I didn't expect you to come in person!" Sacred Lord Anyou had a respectful expression.

"Hmph, all of you are useless!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had a cold expression as he spoke.

Sacred Lord Anyou and the Fifth Serpent Son's expression became ugly, but they didn't say anything back.

"It was just an accident. We didn't expect that human to be able to escape through s.p.a.ce. Furthermore, that human prodigy seems to have a unique eye-bloodline," Sacred Lord Anyou said with a smile.

"All eye-bloodlines come from the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes, but what does his eye-bloodline have compared to mine?"

Light started to spin in Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes. A layer of rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power surrounded him.

The pressure and power of the laws radiating from him made Sacred Lord Anyou's heart shake.

Is this the power of the Eye of Myriad Forms?

King of Gods Chapter 1028 Eyes Of Myriad Forms

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