King of Gods Chapter 966 - True Face

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Chapter 966 - True Face

Everything that happened outside the Seventh Prince's city was obviously seen by the experts in the other three Heaven's Legacy Cities and the three princes outside. They weren't too far away, and the laws of Death from the black-robed person shook the hearts of countless experts.

Due to the appearance of the black-robed person, the Ninth Prince's advantage was instantly destroyed, and they had to retreat. If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Feng put away his beasts in time, normal King-level beasts would have been instantly killed by the power of Death.

"This black-robed person is too terrifying!" The three princes' forces outside were silent before an Emperor exclaimed.

"You can only blame that Zhao Feng made too many enemies." Xue Yuan started to gloat. The strength that the black-robed person displayed made even the two Sacred Lords of the Seventh Prince's team extremely wary. This meant that Zhao Feng would definitely die.

"Luckily, we didn't invite the Ninth Prince." The Second Prince felt lucky. It was obvious that the black-robed person's target was Zhao Feng, and his laws of Death were too strong. They countered all living things, especially souls. Any shockwave of power contained unimaginable power.

On the wall of the Eighth Prince's city:

"Who is that black-robed person?" Yu Lenghua murmured. Even Sacred Lords didn't dare to be arrogant against the black-robed person who controlled the laws of Death.

"The Emperor of Death should be dead." The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun were stunned. To be able to control such strong power of Death, they could only think of the Emperor of Death, who had the Eye of Death.

"Zhao Feng won't lose." Yu Tianhao looked at the Ninth Prince's team and the black-robed person who were moving into the distance.

Apart from everyone in the Imperial Tombs being shocked at the black-robed person's strength, everyone in the Imperial Palace was also stunned.

"Zhao Feng, not good! Sacred Lord Dark Soul from the Seventh Prince's team has come over as well!" Old Ying's heart shook when he saw a dark beam of light flying over from the distance. At the same time, his sole eye locked onto the black-robed person, and his expression changed.

They all left the Seventh Prince's Heaven's Legacy City, but this black-robed person was still chasing after them. One had to know that the Ninth Prince's team had eight people. Even though they might not be strong individually, they could easily finish off the black-robed person if they teamed up.

However, the black-robed person looked as if he wasn't scared, and he completely ignored everyone else apart from Zhao Feng. He most likely had a hidden card that could allow him to ignore the other members of the Ninth Prince's team.


A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning spread behind Zhao Feng's back.


Zhao Feng turned into a streak of scarlet lightning and split away from the Ninth Prince's team, moving several miles away. At the same time, Zhao Feng's voice sounded in the minds of the Ninth Prince's team members, "I'll leave Sacred Lord Dark Soul to you."

"Okay." The Ninth Prince and his team agreed. From their point of view, the black-robed person was even stronger than Sacred Lord Dark Soul, especially since he controlled the power of Death and they had nothing to counter it.

Old Ying knew what Zhao Feng meant; they couldn't let the black-robed person and Sacred Lord Dark Soul team up.

The seven of them were enough to stop Sacred Lord Dark Soul. They just hoped that no accidents would happen to Zhao Feng.


"Death Instant Shadow!" The black-robed person turned into a dark beam of light and quickly followed after Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, you won't be able to escape." The black-robed person's ghastly voice was like maggots that were stuck in one's bone as it sounded behind Zhao Feng's back.

Zhao Feng's heart felt heavy. The Death Instant Shadow was a technique that the Emperor of Death used in the past as well, but the black-robed person's cultivation had reached the Quasi-Sacred Lord-level, and his laws of Death were even stronger.

Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to escape even if he used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash.

"Hmph. Who said I was going to run away?" Zhao Feng only left the Ninth Prince's group so that the black-robed person and Sacred Lord Dark Soul wouldn't be able to team up. Furthermore, he would kill the black-robed person no matter what his true ident.i.ty was.


Zhao Feng suddenly stopped and looked at the black-robed person with fiery eyes.

"Hmph, just like the past. You don't know what life and death are." The black-robed person laughed coldly as his Intent of Death covered Zhao Feng.


The Blood Devil Sun bloodline within Zhao Feng's body started to burn, and a gla.s.s-like fire covered his body. At the same time, a terrifying surge of fire burned through the Intent of Death nearby.


Zhao Feng turned into a ball of fire and lightning and shot toward the black-robed person.

He first had find out the true face of this black-robed person. Right now, he was only guessing that he was the Emperor of Death.

"Oh? You seem to have obtained a decent bloodline," the black-robed person said.

The perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline was ranked within the top ten among Imperial Dao Bloodlines and the black-robed person could obviously feel this, but he acted like he still didn't care.

Ding! Bam!

Zhao Feng, who was surrounded by scarlet-red lightning, clashed with the black-robed person's Scythe of Death.


The perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline instantly ignited the black-robed person, but the red flames were soon extinguished by a surge of Death Intent.

The Intent of Death killed everything. Even strong fires would eventually die out.

Zhao Feng's eyes focused. He had expected this much. If his Sacred Lightning Body had reached the 6th level, the ignition effect of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline probably wouldn't be countered so much.

However, Zhao Feng was very surprised by one point - the lifesteal effect of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline didn't seem to work very much.

In the instant just now, Zhao Feng's perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline didn't manage to absorb any blood essence from the black-robed person's body. Only a part of his Yuan Qi was absorbed.

When Zhao Feng got too close to the black-robed person, the lifeforce within his body was eroded by the Intent of Death.

"What a powerful body! And this power of Lightning…" The black-robed person was slightly surprised. This power of Lightning seemed like it could resist his Intent of Death.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly and circulated his Sacred Lightning Body. At the same time, he completely released his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline and threw out a scarlet fist of lightning.

Zhao Feng wasn't dumb. Why would he fight against the black-robed person head-on when he controlled the Intent of Death?

He had merged large amounts of ancient lightning from the Ancient Dream Realm into his Sacred Lightning Body, and this ancient lightning was able to fight back against the Intent of Death to a certain degree.

However, Zhao Feng could still feel the lifeforce within his body start to fade away. From this, one could see how terrifying the Intent of Death was.

"Hmph. Zhao Feng, you will die today."

Zhao Feng's countless methods seemed to make the black-robed person remember something, and he harrumphed in anger. The Intent of Death started to form a field of darkness.

"Death Force Field!"

The power of Death within the field was like black ink as it killed all lifeforce within it. Even the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was forcefully absorbed.

The instant the Death Force Field appeared, Zhao Feng felt his lifeforce flowing away even faster.

Boom! Beng!

The Death Force Field restricted the release of Zhao Feng's perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and it unleashed a wave of repulsion.

Zhao Feng had an ugly expression. The Death Force Field was also a secret technique of the Emperor of Death.


Zhao Feng used the Scarlet Wings of Lightning to retreat.


A surge of terrifying Death Intent landed where Zhao Feng was just standing, engulfing the area.

"Zhao Feng, die!"

Even-stronger Intent of Death appeared around the black-robed person's body like evil ghosts floating in the air. All the lifeforce and Yuan Qi within several miles were devoured and entered the black-robed person's Scythe of Death.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he maintained his distance from the black-robed person. The lifeforce within Zhao Feng's body started to fade away even faster facing such strong Intent of Death. If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Feng's left eye had evolved and he now had a G.o.d Tribulation Lightning Soul Body, even his soul might have withered against this power.

At this point, the power that the black-robed person was displaying had easily surpa.s.sed normal Sacred Lords, and it countered the soul. Even Sacred Lord Sharp Edge didn't dare to get close.

Boom! Hu~

The black-robed person slashed forward with the Scythe of Death, and a black crescent moon several dozen yards long swept toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as an ancient and desolate chaotic power of Lightning radiated from him and merged into the air.

This was the first time he was using his Little World to fight.

"A Little World that can merge with this ancient dimension?" The black-robed person was slightly surprised. One had to know that even his Little World wasn't able to merge into this dimension. At the most, he could only use it protect himself; it had the same effect as the Death Force Field.

The black-robed person's power was slightly suppressed by Zhao Feng's Little World of Wind Lightning.


The black-robed person's attack was weakened due to Zhao Feng's Little World, but the black crescent moon still took away part of the lifeforce within his body.

"Dammit, at this rate, the Sacred Lightning Body and the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline will start to weaken." Zhao Feng felt troubled for the first time.

Back then, the Emperor of Death's Intent of Death mostly just countered the soul, and Zhao Feng was able to resist it and kill the Emperor of Death by relying on his G.o.d Eye. However, the Intent of Death that this black-robed person gave off countered both the soul and the physical world.

If this continued, Zhao Feng probably wouldn't even be able to maintain his Sacred Lightning Body. Decisiveness flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes.

"Blood Devil Charge!"

Zhao Feng circulated his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline to the maximum as the lifeforce within his body quickly faded away. The gla.s.s-like flames around Zhao Feng's body expanded, and the sound of crackling flames could be heard. The image of a blood-red sun with a spinning whirlpool in the middle appeared behind him.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+"


Zhao Feng flew into the air and used the Blood Devil Charge, and he used the wings to propel himself downward. With the addition of his Little World, this was his strongest attack. He was like a flaming meteor, and he gave off a terrifying pressure of Fire and Lightning as he charged toward the black-robed person in the center of the Death Force Field.

This attack was Zhao Feng's strongest attack yet.

"This attack will reveal your true face."

King of Gods Chapter 966 - True Face

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