King of Gods Chapter 968 - Samsara Of Death

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Chapter 968 - Samsara of Death

"I didn't think there would be someone here that recognized the Samsara Immortal Body." The Emperor of Death glanced at Old Ying in the distance before completely ignoring him.

"Samsara Immortal Body!?" Zhao Feng exclaimed before starting to think.

The moment he destroyed the Emperor of Death's body, he realized that it wasn't the Emperor of Death's original body. The mysterious power from the black-robed body made Zhao Feng think about the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes.

Only the Emperor of Death's soul had been "revived."

"Eye of Samsara!"

With this evidence and Old Ying's words, Zhao Feng could only think of this unique eye among the descendants of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes.

He wasn't too sure about the abilities of the Eye of Samsara, but Zhao Feng was certain that the Emperor of Death's immortal and undying body was related to Eye of Samsara. The Emperor of Death had been stuck at the Void G.o.d Realm for several thousand years. Even if he was reborn or something, Zhao Feng didn't believe that the Emperor of Death would be able to suddenly become a Quasi-Sacred Lord after only several years.

"Zhao Feng, you were the one that made me like this!" After his true ident.i.ty was revealed, the Emperor of Death released an angry roar, and the power of Death radiated from his body.

"I didn't want you to become like this. I just wanted you to die." Zhao Feng looked at the Emperor of Death coldly. That was what he truly wished for.

However, Zhao Feng could feel pain in the Emperor of Death's words. Why would there be pain if he was lucky enough to revive and obtain a Quasi-Sacred Lord-level immortal body?

Zhao Feng couldn't imagine the price that the Emperor of Death had to pay to "revive." This price was most likely even more painful than death.

Zhao Feng believed that a price was necessary to obtain power. An example was Nan Gongsheng obtaining the power of the Evil G.o.d. If his heart and mind weren't strong enough, he might have been demonized, which would have meant the true Nan Gongsheng's death.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng looked at the Emperor of Death. If he could kill the Emperor of Death once, then he could kill him again.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng activated his left eye and used the Wind Lightning Eye Flame once again. This was the eye-bloodline technique with the biggest effect on the Emperor of Death. The power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning contained within it was effective against the Emperor of Death's body and soul.

"Arghhhh~~~~! Zhao Feng, it's useless!" The Emperor of Death howled as he bore Zhao Feng's attack.

"It's not just my body that's immortal - my soul is as well." The Emperor of Death's cold laughter sounded.

Zhao Feng's heart jumped and his eyebrows locked together, but he didn't respond to the Emperor of Death.

The scorch marks on the Emperor of Death's black robes hadn't recovered yet. He could also feel that the damage to the Emperor of Death's soul hadn't recovered either. Why would the Emperor of Death say that his soul was immortal as well? How could that be possible? It was utterly ridiculous.

"Zhao Feng, the soul of anyone with a Samsara Immortal Body is indeed immortal," Old Ying's voice sounded from the distance.

Zhao Feng almost fell over. Even Old Ying said that too? How could that be possible?

"Even if you destroy his soul today, the Emperor of Death will still be able to crawl out from the Samsara of Death." Old Ying's voice was trembling as he looked at the Emperor of Death.

"Old Ying? Are you sure you've remembered correctly? How is that possible?" s.h.i.+ Yulei couldn't believe it, and his body shook when he looked at the Emperor of Death.

Both the body and soul were immortal? How was that possible? Was this the ability of the Eye of Samsara? That would be too incredible.

"s.h.i.+ Yulei, you've understood it wrong." Old Ying sighed before looking at the Emperor of Death sadly. "The soul of someone that has entered the Samsara of Death can never be reincarnated. They can't die even if they want to. All they can do is travel across the borders of Samsara. The body that the Emperor of Death currently has was created by the Eye of Samsara. He can't even take over another body." Old Ying had a solemn expression as he slowly told them an old piece of information.

"That…!!?" s.h.i.+ Yulei's heart jumped when he heard this. The Emperor of Death couldn't die even if he wished to. He would never able to be able to rest in peace or be reincarnated. All he could do was travel across the borders of Samsara.

Zhao Feng obviously heard what Old Ying said as well and was utterly shocked. He never would have thought that the price would be so big. This meant that the Emperor of Death's soul was indeed immortal, which also meant that the Cursed Words of Death definitely couldn't be used anymore. If one couldn't even die, how were they supposed to activate the Cursed Words of Death?

"The potential of someone that enters the Samsara of Death is reduced dramatically. The Emperor of Death is just lucky that he has the Eyes of Death and managed to comprehend something by dying. However, this is as far as he goes." Old Ying was also stunned. Probably only the owner of the Eyes of Death had the ability to improve by dying.

However, even though this was the Emperor of Death's final progress, he would still be able to travel wherever he wished in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty with his strength and laws of Death.

"Zhao Feng, I will never die, but you will eventually be killed by me!" The Emperor of Death roared with seething hatred as he saw Zhao Feng's stunned expression.

"Ultimate eye-bloodline techniques of Death!" The Emperor of Death's expression changed as he revealed a cruel smile.


The Emperor of Death's eyes suddenly started to spin, and limitless power of Death merged into the center of the whirlpool. The area around the Emperor of Death turned black like an abyss of death that was completely devoid of life.

"Gaze of Death!" A cold voice resounded throughout the soul-dimension and caused everything within a thousand miles to go silent. The hood over the Emperor of Death's head suddenly fell back, revealing a head covered in bandages and a pair of black Eyes of Death that radiated a limitless aura of Death. It was like he was the Heavenly Dao as he gazed down quietly at Zhao Feng.

At this moment in time, the hearts of countless beings turned cold with uneasiness. It was as if they were covered by the shadow of death, and they were completely unable to block this power. All they could do was let it do whatever it wanted.

"Hehe, this move again? Both your soul and mine have reached the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm. How can this move be effective against me?" Zhao Feng was surprised, but he soon let out a laugh.

The Gaze of Death had been useless against Zhao Feng for a long time now, but the Emperor of Death shouldn't be so dumb that he would use it for no reason. Zhao Feng carefully circulated his Soul Intent and prepared to resist the Emperor of Death's Gaze of Death.

"Hehe, Zhao Feng, after experiencing the Samsara of Death, my laws of Death have become more powerful. Today, you will die." The Emperor of Death laughed coldly when he saw Zhao Feng remain so calm.


An eye-bloodline technique of Death that rose into the heavens landed on Zhao Feng. Limitless Intent of Death bound Zhao Feng's body and soul. Zhao Feng stiffened, and his heart went cold.

"This isn't the Gaze of Death!" Zhao Feng was shocked. The Gaze of Death that the Emperor of Death used now was completely different from before.

The Gaze of Death this time didn't pull out the soul; instead, it just continuously eroded and stole away the lifeforce in his body and the lifespan of his soul.

All life within a thousand miles was affected by the Emperor of Death's Gaze of Death, and their lifeforce slowly drained away. Flowers withered, and beasts aged into piles of bones. Even rocks seemed to be eroded by time until they turned to dust in the wind.

The entire world seemed to turn into a world of death. Nothing would remain at the end.

"What is this!? s.h.i.+ Yulei, run!" Old Ying roared. He was several dozen miles away, but he could still feel a terrifying power of Death lock onto him. The life within his body quickly faded away, and he lost several dozen years of his soul lifespan.


s.h.i.+ Yulei and Old Ying quickly retreated out of the range of the Emperor of Death's eye-bloodline technique as their hearts thudded.

"What will Zhao Feng do against such a terrifying technique of Death?" s.h.i.+ Yulei was full of fear. He specialized in body-strengthening, so he had more lifeforce within his body, which meant he could clearly feel how scary the Emperor of Death's eye-bloodline technique was.

Furthermore, he was only hit the shockwave. How much Intent of Death would Zhao Feng, who was right in the middle of the Gaze of Death, need to face?

"Hehe, you have the G.o.d Eye protecting you, so my Gaze of Death wouldn't be able to suck away your soul anyway. After comprehending the new laws of Death, I made a Gaze of Death specifically for you." The Emperor of Death laughed smugly as he circulated his eye-bloodline and released an even-more powerful Intent of Death.

The new Gaze of Death was his strongest attack so far. The body and soul of anyone locked onto by this attack would start to slowly walk into death and finally turn into ashes. However, there was one thing that would be unaffected by the Intent of Death.

"Only the G.o.d Eye will remain after your body and soul disappear," the Emperor of Death's cold voice sounded in Zhao Feng's mind.

The new Gaze of Death was made specifically for Zhao Feng. It was prepared in order to steal his Ninth G.o.d's Eye. The Emperor of Death's target had always been the G.o.d Eye.

"What powerful Death Intent. From the looks of it, the Emperor of Death has gambled everything on this attack." Zhao Feng was shocked.

The Emperor of Death had poured all his soul-power and Intent of Death into this new Gaze of Death.

At this instant, Zhao Feng's lifeforce was rapidly decreasing, and the Sacred Lightning Body started to dim. At the same time, the lifespan of his soul was also reducing. Even though Zhao Feng's soul had evolved into a Lightning Soul Body and contained the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, he wasn't able to fight back against the Gaze of Death.

"No, I can't just stand here and wait to be killed!"

Apart from his left eye, Zhao Feng's body and his soul weren't able to move at all since he was bound by the Intent of Death.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath, and a flas.h.i.+ng golden glow started to appear in his left eye. A deep gold-and-purple whirlpool seemed to connect to a gold-and-purple world of illusions surrounded by mist within Zhao Feng's left eye.

"Gaze of the G.o.d Eye!" A powerful suction force appeared from Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye.

This was the only thing Zhao Feng could do - use the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye to absorb the Emperor of Death's soul into the dimension of his left eye. If he did this, the Emperor of Death's Gaze of Death would naturally disappear.

A black soul started to slowly leave the black-robed body.

"It's useless Zhao Feng. Your soul and my soul have the same strength." The Emperor of Death laughed wickedly. The Emperor of Death fought back against Zhao Feng's pulling force.

"I will be able to escape the Samsara of Death and gain new life if I obtain your G.o.d Eye."

King of Gods Chapter 968 - Samsara Of Death

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