King of Gods Chapter 969 - God Eye Disintegration

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Chapter 969 - G.o.d Eye Disintegration

"I will be able to escape the Samsara of Death and gain new life if I obtain your G.o.d Eye."

The Emperor of Death revealed an excited and fierce expression. This was the only chance he had.

Weng~~ Boom!

The new Gaze of Death faced the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye, and the two terrifying Eye Intents clashed against each another, causing the nearby black mist to intertwine with the gold-and-purple light. At the same time, a terrifying Soul aura spread across a one-thousand-mile radius, transforming the nearby area into a forbidden zone.


All the symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning within Zhao Feng's soul flashed. His soul was like the creator of lightning, and lightning spread throughout his soul and blocked the erosion from the Intent of Death. At the same instant, Zhao Feng circulated the Sacred Lightning Body without caring about the price.

Right now, victory would be decided by endurance. If he managed to suck the Emperor of Death's soul into the dimension of his left eye, then he would win. If the Emperor of Death managed to suck away all of Zhao Feng's lifeforce first, then it would be the Emperor of Death's victory.

However, the situation wasn't looking very good. The Emperor of Death's Soul Intent and Zhao Feng's were on the same level, and Zhao Feng's Gaze of the G.o.d Eye was modified from the Gaze of Death in the first place, which meant that the Emperor of Death's resistance to it was extremely powerful.

At this point in time, only the Emperor of Death's head was pulled out. On the other hand, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body was already reaching its limits. The lightning around his body was dimming.

Luckily, Zhao Feng also had the Lightning Soul Body, so the weakening of his soul was relatively slow. After all, countless symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning were imprinted in Zhao Feng's soul and had started to affect it, giving it some attributes of the laws of Destruction.

"Your lifeforce and soul are much stronger than what I first thought, but that will only allow you to last a little longer on the borders of death," the Emperor of Death's voice sounded in the soul-dimension.

Although part of the Emperor of Death's soul had been pulled out, his eyes were still trained on Zhao Feng. A huge amount of Death Intent surrounded Zhao Feng and slowly devoured him.

At the same time, more than a thousand miles away:

"Zhao Feng, I'll come help you!" the Ninth Prince's voice sounded.

"Your Highness, please be careful," Old Ying warned.

A golden light started to pour out from the Ninth Prince's pseudo Crown Prince Seal and started to form dragons around him. Relying on draconic providence, the Ninth Prince was able to enter the area where Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death were fighting.

"Ninth Prince!" Zhao Feng faltered for a moment.

Zhao Feng, who was currently using his full power to fight against the Gaze of Death, could faintly sense the Ninth Prince and the pseudo Crown Prince Seal.

The pseudo Crown Prince Seal was much dimmer than before, probably because he used a bunch already to finish Sacred Lord Dark Soul. Otherwise, that fight shouldn't have finished so quickly.

"Ninth Prince, don't come over!" Zhao Feng managed to squeeze out a bit of his Soul Intent and spoke weakly.

Draconic providence could increase the battle-power of those with the imperial bloodline. However, the Ninth Prince didn't specialize in the Soul Dao, so he wouldn't be able to affect the situation very much. He would only be wasting his draconic providence.

"Hmph, you don't specialize in the soul. Using draconic providence to increase your battle-power will do nothing." The Emperor of Death laughed coldly and completely ignored the Ninth Prince.

The Ninth Prince acted as if he didn't hear what either of them said. He relied on the protection of the draconic providence to slowly arrive within a hundred miles of Zhao Feng.

A white glow of light suddenly shot out from the Ninth Prince's pseudo Crown Prince Seal, and it transformed into a golden dragon claw before landing on Zhao Feng's body.


A layer of gold light and draconic providence surrounded Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, this is all I can do for you."

After doing this, the Ninth Prince took the dim pseudo Crown Prince Seal and quickly retreated.

"Dammit, this brat…!" the Emperor of Death cursed. This layer of draconic providence had a unique power similar to Destruction or Death, and it instantly reduced the pressure of the Gaze of Death.

Zhao Feng's eyes became tough, and he fully circulated his Eye Intent in an attempt to pull out the Emperor of Death's soul.

Unfortunately, this draconic providence could only protect him momentarily. If Zhao Feng could actually use the draconic providence, then he could use it to increase the power of his Gaze of the G.o.d's Eye.

"Hmph, even draconic providence will eventually wither." The Emperor of Death snickered coldly as more Intent of Death poured out from his black eyes and increased the power.

Weng~ Weng~~

The draconic providence s.h.i.+eld around Zhao Feng's body started to dim, but the erosion within Zhao Feng's body and soul was very small.

"No… the Gaze of Death circulates the Intent of Death to the maximum while my Gaze of the G.o.d Eye only uses a bit of the Dao of Illusion. The Emperor of Death's soul is so strong that it can basically just ignore my technique."

Zhao Feng used the chance while he was safe to think.

Sacred Kings couldn't enter the Imperial Tombs, and the power of the G.o.d Slaying Arrow had reached the level of a Sacred King, so he obviously couldn't use it. Furthermore, even if he did use the G.o.d Slaying Arrow, it wouldn't truly kill the Emperor of Death, so what was the point of wasting it?

However, what else could Zhao Feng do in order to deal with this life-and-death danger?

"What, have you given up? Hahaha!" The Emperor of Death felt Zhao Feng's Gaze of the G.o.d Eye weaken, and he instantly started to laugh.

"Break!" the Emperor of Death's cold voice sounded.


The draconic providence around Zhao Feng's body was engulfed by the Intent of Death, and limitless power of Death once again surrounded Zhao Feng like hundreds of millions of venomous snakes.

Life started to fade away, and the soul started to wither….

"The Eyes of Death contain the Intent of Death…. Then what about my G.o.d's Eye?" Zhao Feng had a question as he felt the limitless power of Death around him.

"If that's the case…"

A mysterious golden light suddenly started to flash in Zhao Feng's left eye, and his golden hair blew wildly. In the dimension of his left eye, the mysterious golden ball started to move, and a golden ripple that seemed to contain the origin of everything in the world started to spread.

"G.o.d… Eye… Disintegration!"

A gold-and-purple light started to spin in Zhao Feng's left eye, and it instantly pa.s.sed through the Emperor of Death.

"What is this?" The Emperor of Death's soul returned to his body after the Gaze of the G.o.d's Eye ended, but this mysterious golden ripple made him feel uncomfortable.

The Emperor of Death suddenly realized that part of his body was slowly disappearing. Atoms that couldn't be seen by the naked eye were slowly disappearing, as if they didn't even exist in the first place.

Everything the Emperor of Death had was disappearing.

"This… what is this power!?" the Emperor of Death cried out in fear.

His laws of Death made everything - including both physical objects and the soul - slowly age until death. However, even the Emperor of Death didn't understand the theory behind this mysterious power that Zhao Feng was displaying.

It was like a person watching their hands and feet suddenly disappear until they just completely faded away from the world.

At the end, the Emperor of Death would have nothing left and disappear completely.


The mysterious ball within the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye released countless rays of golden light every second.

"My Eye Intent is being used up so quickly!" Zhao Feng jumped up in fright. The G.o.d Eye Disintegration used the power within the mysterious golden ball to disperse the Emperor of Death's body.

In terms of power, it was on par with the Gaze of Death. However, Zhao Feng was able to fight back against the power of Death, while the Emperor of Death could only watch as everything that belonged to him slowly faded away.

The Emperor of Death's body was soon disintegrated, leaving behind the Emperor of Death's soul floating in the air. Zhao Feng could still sense the atoms of the Samsara Immortal Body slowly gathering together in an attempt to recover, but the rate of its recovery wasn't as fast as the rate of its dispersal.

"Emperor of Death, slowly disappear from this world," Zhao Feng's cold voice sounded.

"How is this possible!? Even if your G.o.d Eye evolved again, you can't have such a weird ability!" the Emperor of Death yelled in fear.

The reason he was scared was because the Samsara Immortal Body that disappeared wasn't recovering. The Emperor of Death wondered whether he would ever wake up from the Samsara of Death again if he completely disappeared.

Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body was weak, he lost several thousand years of his lifespan, and his body was starting to wither, but the Emperor of Death's body had completely disappeared and his soul was becoming transparent.

As his soul faded away, the strength of his soul power was obviously reduced, resulting in the Gaze of Death becoming weaker.


Zhao Feng felt that his powerful Eye Intent was about to be all used up, and a painful sensation appeared from his left eye. If he kept this up, Zhao Feng would lose even more, and the Emperor of Death would just be able to revive from the Samsara of Death again even if he was completely disintegrated.


Zhao Feng's Eye Intent touched the mysterious golden ball once more, and the frequency of the ripples sped up. The Emperor of Death's soul started to fade away into nothingness even faster.

"This, this…!" Ever since he acquired the Samsara Immortal Body, the Emperor of Death had never felt such fear.

"My Samsara Immortal Body still hasn't recovered yet…!" The Emperor of Death suddenly stopped the Gaze of Death.

Run! The Emperor of Death's dim soul turned into a dark streak of light and tried to run away.

"Want to run away? Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly and used the Gaze of the G.o.d's Eye again without care for his Eye Intent.

A strong suction force came from Zhao Feng's golden left eye. Zhao Feng was ready this time; he wouldn't let the Emperor of Death's Yuan Soul run away so easily like last time. Once the Emperor of Death entered the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye, he would lock him up and never let him die, preventing him from reviving through the Samsara of Death.

However, a ripple suddenly appeared in the air and gave off an unresistable force. A pair of h.e.l.l-like eyes slowly came into sight above the Emperor of Death's weak soul, and a ripple of darkness started to spin slowly like the Samsara of Life and Death.

"His life and death belong to the Samsara of Death."

King of Gods Chapter 969 - God Eye Disintegration

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