King of Gods Chapter 1061 Origin Source Of The Ancien

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Chapter 1061 - Origin Source of the Ancient

"Long time no see, Little Kun Yun!"

Zhao Feng appeared in the air above the city and looked at the handsome youth with short hair in front of him.

After breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, Kun Yun finally managed to get rid of the effects of the Immortal Springs Wine and the Everlasting Appearance Gra.s.s, so he managed to escape having the body of a child.

"Zhao Feng, you're courting death!" Kun Yun's eyebrows furrowed.

Zhao Feng still dared to call him Little Kun Yun? He was a DemiG.o.d in his past life, and even now, he was at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

Zhao Feng's current cultivation stunned Kun Yun though. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to be able to reach the Mystic Light Realm so fast after re-cultivating. However, the difference between the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm and the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm was very big.

Kun Yun was at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, and he could already use a wisp of Divine Power. He had many secret techniques and methods in his memory as well. He actually had the ability to fight against a Sacred King.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The Ninth Prince, Zhao Yufei, and Nan Gongsheng appeared nearby.

"Nan Gongsheng? I didn't expect you to come as well!" Kun Yun was slightly surprised. Nan Gongsheng left the True Martial Sacred Land half a year earlier than him, and he was now together with Zhao Feng.

"Kun Yun!" The Ninth Prince and Sacred Lord Black Iron exclaimed. When one mentioned this name, everyone would remember DemiG.o.d Kun Yun, who was once famous throughout the continent.

This Kun Yun in front of them had come to the battlefield several months ago and killed non-humans in a frenzy in order to obtain war points. His strength even made a non-human Sacred King come out; the two had a fight, and Kun Yun was forced to retreat.

"DemiG.o.d Kun Yun?" Duanmu Qing's gaze froze as he looked at the golden figure in the sky. He couldn't think properly.

"How is Zhao Feng related to Kun Yun?" The Ninth Prince was stunned. From the looks of it, Kun Yun was here to cause trouble for Zhao Feng.

"Hehehe! Zhao Feng really knows how to cause trouble wherever he goes. He even offended Kun Yun!" The Thirteenth Prince became happy.

Sacred Lord Black Iron became overjoyed as well and waited to watch the show.

"Kun Yun, I was the one that revived you. How can you take revenge on me?" Zhao Feng questioned with a calm expression.

"What? Zhao Feng revived DemiG.o.d Kun Yun?"

The two princes, Sacred Lord Black Iron, Duanmu Qing, and all the other members present took cold breaths in shock.

Three-star powers and even four-star powers were shocked at Kun Yun's reappearance in the continent zone, and they didn't know that DemiG.o.d Kun Yun had been revived by Zhao Feng. This was indeed shocking news.

"You revived me indeed, but…" Kun Yun's eyebrows furrowed together. The reason he hated Zhao Feng was because the latter had enslaved him while he was weak. Zhao Feng then used him while he was enslaved. Zhao Feng also obtained his DemiG.o.d head and DemiG.o.d blood. Kun Yun also had to fight against the Emperor of Death and almost died. How else would a DemiG.o.d feel when enslaved by an ant?

"When I was your master, I gave you countless resources!" Zhao Feng completed Kun Yun's sentence.

"You…!" DemiG.o.d Kun Yun instantly became enraged and released a terrifying pressure that almost completely froze Heaven and Earth. As expected, his previous master could make him feel disgusted anywhere and anytime. Zhao Feng had spoken of his humiliation in front of everyone.

The members of the two groups below became dazed. Just the thought of enslaving someone that used to be a DemiG.o.d was incredible.

"Zhao Feng used to be Kun Yun's master?" Zhao Yufei and Duanmu Qing were stunned.

They didn't expect Zhao Feng's fortune in the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden to be so huge. Instead of just reviving DemiG.o.d Kun Yun, Zhao Feng even managed to enslave him.

Everyone finally understood why Kun Yun hated Zhao Feng now.


Kun Yun's body flashed with a golden light, and mysterious golden talismans filled the air and released a powerful physical force.

"Kun Yun, are you sure you want to kill me?" Zhao Feng asked just as Kun Yun was about to take action.

"Don't even think about harming Brother Feng!" Zhao Yufei immediately arrived next to Zhao Feng. Purple light sparkled around her snow-white skin as she released the pressure of her powerful bloodline.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby started to gather into a storm, and all the experts nearby felt their bloodlines and True Yuan tremble.

"Yufei, come back!" the Thirteenth Prince immediately called out. No one could describe how happy the Thirteenth Prince was when he knew that there was a feud between Kun Yun and Zhao Feng, but right as DemiG.o.d Kun Yun was about to attack, Zhao Yufei rushed over.

On the other side, the Ninth Prince didn't know what to do either. Firstly, he couldn't help Zhao Feng at all with his power. Secondly, he might offend a DemiG.o.d; at that time, even the imperials wouldn't be able to save him.

Sacred Lord Gonghuang didn't move either. He didn't dare to; DemiG.o.ds were the strongest experts in the continent zone. Even the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn't allow him to offend a DemiG.o.d.

Although Kun Yun was only at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, he was a revived DemiG.o.d, so he would probably be able to recover to his peak soon.

"This bloodline…!" Kun Yun inspected Zhao Yufei in shock. Even he was affected by the bloodline within Zhao Yufei's body.

If he was correct, this bloodline was from the Spiritual Race, ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Kun Yun couldn't help but look at Zhao Feng with jealousy; a female with such a n.o.ble bloodline dared to risk themselves for Zhao Feng?

"So what if I kill you!?" Kun Yun roared as he released a physical force toward Zhao Feng that could suppress the heavens.

"Hehe, Kun Yun, don't be in a rush. The feud between us isn't even that big. What do you get out of killing me?" Zhao Feng laughed as he circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power.

Weng~~ Boom! Boom!

At this instant, a layer of dark yellow Sacred Light glittered around Zhao Feng.

"Physical Force Lightning Domain!" Zhao Feng released a surge of powerful lightning at the same time as Kun Yun's pressure, which also covered Heaven and Earth.

Kun Yun, who suddenly rushed into Zhao Feng's domain, was suppressed to a certain degree. Zhao Feng then circulated his Earth of Wind Lightning to increase his defense.

On the other side, Zhao Yufei thrust out her palm, and a wave of purple light that radiated a terrifying Yuan Qi shot toward Kun Yun.

"Hmph!" Kun Yun snickered coldly as the golden talismans around his body released a wave of lightning and blocked Zhao Yufei's offense.

The bloodline of the Spiritual Race was indeed scary, but Kun Yun's methods and techniques were extremely profound.

The two terrifying physical forces clashed and caused all of Heaven and Earth to shake. Cracks appeared in s.p.a.ce itself.

"What power!" The people below felt their bodies and bloodlines tremble due to the pressure.


Zhao Feng was pushed back several hundred steps before managing to stabilize himself.

"You've cultivated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body?"

Kun Yun was stunned. DemiG.o.d Kun Yun was a body-strengthener in his previous life, and after being revived, he chose to focus on body-strengthening once more. He had accomplished much more at this stage than he had in his past life.

However, at this point in time, Zhao Feng was able to block his physical force by relying on his own physical power too. Kun Yun immediately thought of the skill that Zhao Feng obtained in the Heaven's Legacy City - the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body.

Kun Yun didn't expect Zhao Feng to be able to reach such a high level in the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body within ten years. How was that even possible? Even DemiG.o.d Kun Yun had only cultivated his Golden Kun Sacred Body to the 6th level!

Furthermore, he could tell that Zhao Feng also cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique due to the Physical Force Lightning Domain Zhao Feng just used.

"Kun Yun, you're only becoming more r.e.t.a.r.ded with age. What's the point in killing me? Do you not want to know why I can cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body so quickly?" Zhao Feng revealed a cunning smile.

The Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body was a tier higher than the Golden Kun Sacred Body, and yet Zhao Feng's progress speed was still able to catch up to Kun Yun.

Zhao Yufei stopped attacking after seeing Kun Yun stop as well. After all, even if she used her full power, she could only stall Kun Yun for a short while. Besides, Zhao Feng didn't seem to be worried, so Zhao Yufei relaxed as well.

"You have that meat, but of higher quality?" Kun Yun's heart moved. When he followed Zhao Feng, he had obtained a large amount of flesh that contained an original source of Heaven and Earth. This flesh played a vital part in recovering his strength, but that meat from before was useless to Kun Yun now unless Zhao Feng had meat of higher quality.

Kun Yun couldn't imagine how Zhao Feng had these resources, but he was the only one with them.

"In order to show that I'm honest and came with good intentions, I can give you some good benefits first!" Zhao Feng faintly smiled and spoke as he handed over an interspatial ring.

Kun Yun was in half-belief and half-doubt when he took the interspatial ring that Zhao Feng gave him. He then put his Divine Sense into it while still maintaining the state of his Golden Kun Sacred Body.

"This is…!?" Kun Yun was stunned, and he looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief.

"What's inside?"

"I heard Senior Kun Yun say something about flesh…."

Everyone in the city wanted to know what was in the interspatial ring that it could shock someone who was once a DemiG.o.d.

"There's probably a peerless treasure in there!" Greed appeared in the Thirteenth Prince's eyes as he stared at the interspatial ring. It was impossible to take it away from Kun Yun, but Zhao Feng definitely had more of such a treasure. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given it to a hostile former DemiG.o.d so easily.

"Sacred Lord Black Iron, I believe Nine Darkness Palace will be interested in what's inside that interspatial ring…." The Thirteenth Prince and Sacred Lord Black Iron started to message one another.

Zhao Feng smiled confidently. He had one Earth Shattering Raging Bull within the interspatial ring. The bloodline of the Earth Shattering Raging Bull was even stronger than the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger's bloodline. Furthermore, the overall strength of the Earth Shattering Raging Bull was very high; a lot of energy was contained within them.

The flesh of the Earth Shattering Raging Bull contained the element of Earth, so Zhao Feng unleashed fierce attacks against the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls and didn't care about their casualties since he could just use them as resources.

As long as they could negotiate, it was fine. Zhao Feng didn't want to face Nine Darkness Palace and Kun Yun at once. However, Zhao Feng was surprised by DemiG.o.d Kun Yun's stunned expression. Did the flesh of the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls have other uses that he didn't know of?

This is one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and its bloodline is very concentrated. It has a large amount of blood essence, which can be used to recover my bloodline power. The main thing is that the flesh of this Earth Shattering Raging Bull radiates a wisp of the Origin Source of the Ancients…. Kun Yun's expression was grim.

He had awakened the memories of his previous life, so he obviously knew what the critical point of becoming a G.o.d was. He was precisely thinking about how to obtain the Origin Source of the Ancients, but the flesh of this beast Zhao Feng just gave him contained a wisp of the Origin Source of the Ancients!

"Zhao Feng, since you're so honest, we can talk about things!" DemiG.o.d Kun Yun concealed his aura as his expression calmed down.

Indeed, the feud between them wasn't very big, and now, Zhao Feng could help him break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

King of Gods Chapter 1061 Origin Source Of The Ancien

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