King of Gods Chapter 981 - Shock

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Chapter 981 - Shock

"Not good, the three princes are coming." s.h.i.+ Yulei's expression became solemn as he looked into the distance.

"Zhao Feng!" Old Ying called out.

Zhao Feng was the strongest person in the Ninth Prince's team. Right now, he managed to stall more than a dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords. Old Ying believed that Zhao Feng should have the strength to defeat the three princes.


The Ninth Prince slowly stepped forward, and the pseudo Crown Prince Seal in his hand started to blink.

The opposing three princes were all Emperors. Amongst them, the Second Prince's strength was the closest to the Ninth Prince. However, everything would be completely different if the princes used their draconic providence. The three princes would be able to increase their battle-power to the Quasi-Sacred Lord rank or even higher.

Luckily though, the three princes hadn't gathered much draconic providence.

Within Zhao Feng's Little World of Wind Lightning:

"Zhao Feng, you're stealing from us? You're really despicable!"

"Zhao Feng, it doesn't matter if you've trapped us. You have lost."

"The battle-power of the three princes will be extremely close to the Sacred Lord rank once they use their draconic providence."

More than a dozen people that Zhao Feng had trapped sensed that the three princes entered the battlefield and were overjoyed.

"Hehe, since I've already obtained your Dragon Jades and none of you want to leave, don't blame me for being disrespectful." Zhao Feng suddenly laughed coldly.


A blazing gla.s.s-like flame spread across Zhao Feng's body. It was as he was bathing in fire, and he looked like a flaming demonic sovereign with the addition of the Sacred Lightning Body.

"This is the Blood Devil Sun bloodline?"

"The intel is indeed correct; Zhao Feng really has the Blood Devil Sun bloodline of the Tie Family."

"Everyone, stall Zhao Feng and wait for the three princes to arrive."

While the experts that were trapped in Zhao Feng's Little World were somewhat surprised, conquering the Heaven's Legacy City was the most important thing right now.

They had forced out the Dream Pollen and escaped from the illusions long ago. The reason they stayed in Zhao Feng's Little World was because they saw the three princes entering the battle. The experts all prepared to team up. As long as they could stall Zhao Feng, the three princes would arrive and take over the Heaven's Legacy City.


With the explosive release of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng's figure disappeared with a flash.

"Watch out!" A Quasi-Sacred Lord could sense Zhao Feng's location and immediately called out.

The next instant, amidst an explosion of fire and lightning that shook the heavens, an Emperor in the group was smashed into pieces by a punch from Zhao Feng.


The enemies became dead-silent when they saw Zhao Feng instantly kill a peak Emperor. They had already guessed that Zhao Feng's strength had reached the level of Sacred Lords, but even some actual Sacred Lords weren't as fast as him.

"Quick, stop him!" Xue Yuan roared as his body shook.

The others all recovered from the shock and circulated their True Yuan to block Zhao Feng. They couldn't let Zhao Feng rely on his speed and slowly take them down one by one.


With another explosion, Zhao Feng left behind a wave of fire and lightning as he turned into a bolt of lightning and charged toward a group that had fewer people.


An Emperor circulated his True Yuan and formed a defensive barrier when he saw Zhao Feng approaching, but he was still crushed by Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body - his body exploded.

Zhao Feng's True Yuan was strengthened in the Little World of Wind Lightning. His speed and power could be completely unleashed. If this group of people had broken Zhao Feng's Little World first, they might have been able to cause Zhao Feng some trouble, but the situation was now under Zhao Feng's control. They no longer had any chance to break out of Zhao Feng's Little World.

"Arghh!" Another Emperor was easily smashed into smithereens by Zhao Feng.

The hearts of both friend and foe alike shook.

"Good! As long as Zhao Feng can finish them off, we still have hope." Old Ying's voice was calm.

On the other side, the enemies fighting against the Sky Shaking Golden Apes and the other members of the Ninth Prince's team trembled. Zhao Feng killed Emperors as easily as killing chickens. The enemies could only place their hopes on the three princes.

"Zhao Feng, stop!" The three princes who were rus.h.i.+ng over saw this scene and roared.

"A bunch of idiots!" the Fifth Prince cursed.

The group of people who were in Zhao Feng's Little World thought that Zhao Feng could do nothing to them, and now they were being slaughtered. If they had attacked Zhao Feng's Little World with full power from the start, everything would have been fine.

"Let's destroy Zhao Feng's Little World first." The Second Prince had a grim expression. They couldn't let Zhao Feng kill any more of their members.


The other two princes nodded their heads, and they all drew their swords as they circulated their True Yuan, and a dragon made of light shot into the air.

"Not good, the three princes want to destroy Zhao Feng's Little World!" Old Ying's expression changed slightly. He was fighting against a Quasi-Sacred Lord right now and couldn't help.

"It'll be bad if Zhao Feng's Little World is destroyed." s.h.i.+ Yulei had a heavy heart. Right now, he was blocking a bunch of attacks for the other members.

There weren't many people in the Ninth Prince's team who could fight. If it wasn't for the three Sky Shaking Golden Apes stalling some of the enemies, they would have lost long ago.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng looked at the three princes and waved his left hand.

Eight fist-sized bees appeared. They radiated a terrifying aura, and they flew directly toward the three princes that were just about to attack.

"Not good! Those are Five Poison Distinct Bees! Retreat!" the Second Prince exclaimed, and the three princes instantly gave up on attacking and started to retreat. They somewhat knew the history of the Five Poison Distinct Bees.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Eight peak-King-level bees self-destructed as the three princes were retreating. Although only the shockwave reached the three princes, the Bee Kings' suicide was able to critically threaten Emperors.

The self-destruction of eight Bee Kings at once definitely had a big effect on the three princes. The three princes had ugly expressions; they lost a lot of draconic providence to the self-destruction of the Five Poison Distinct Bees.

"Zhao Feng, good job!" Old Ying exclaimed.

Zhao Feng used the Five Poison Distinct Bees to force the three princes back quite a bit. This gave Zhao Feng time to finish off the rest of the enemies within his Little World.

"What is this!?"

"Second Prince, save us!"

"The three princes were forced back by Zhao Feng!"

The experts trapped within Zhao Feng's Little World revealed expressions of despair when they saw this. Zhao Feng had still hidden some of his skills?

"Dammit, Zhao Feng could have used those Five Poison Distinct Bees to defeat us right from the beginning," an Emperor called out.

"He probably thought that he didn't need to do so." A Quasi-Sacred Lord felt their body turn cold.

Hearing this, the hearts of all the other members shook, and they started to tremble. Indeed, Zhao Feng had already forced them into desperation even without the use of the Five Poison Distinct Bees.


During the time when everyone was dazed, Zhao Feng's Scarlet Lightning Fire fists engulfed another two Emperors.


"I don't want to die!"

"Zhao Feng, don't kill me!" Xue Yuan begged Zhao Feng while retreating.

At the moment, five Emperors had been killed by Zhao Feng already. Even if they did destroy Zhao Feng's Little World now, they wouldn't be his match. They had no will to fight anymore, and they all escaped toward the direction of the three princes and hoped that the princes could come as soon as possible and save them.


Zhao Feng flapped his Scarlet Wings of Lightning and left behind a streak of light as he appeared directly in front of everyone and blocked their way.

"Zhao Feng, let us go, please."

"We won't attack ever again."

"You've already taken our Dragon Jades. Please just let us go."

Everyone was in utter despair. They couldn't escape from Zhao Feng's Little World. Zhao Feng was the fastest in his own Little World, and with the addition of his powerful physical power, no one was his match.

"Three princes, hand over your pseudo Crown Prince Seals or else I will start a ma.s.sacre." Zhao Feng looked down on everyone from above like the G.o.d of Storms and Lightning.

The three princes' hearts fell when they heard this.

If Zhao Feng killed all these experts, then the blame would be on Zhao Feng. It would be Zhao Feng who cruelly killed them, offending more than a dozen forces in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

However, everything became completely different once Zhao Feng said this. If the three princes declined Zhao Feng and then Zhao Feng killed everyone, the three princes would be at fault. It would be them who had given up on their own members' lives just to preserve their draconic providence.

"Hmph, Zhao Feng, don't you dare kill my members!" The Second Prince's expression remained the same as he charged over with a roar.

The two other princes faltered. They didn't know what to do.

"Brother Second Prince's idea is good." The Fifth Prince revealed a faint smile.

The Second Prince was using his own method to reject Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng still killed all their members, it wouldn't be because the princes didn't want to save them, it would be because they didn't have enough time to do so.

The Fifth and Twelfth Princes also yelled and followed the Second Prince as they charged at Zhao Feng once more. True Yuan flowed into their swords, and they prepared to destroy Zhao Feng's Little World once more.

"Hehe." Zhao Feng waved his hand and eight venomous bees appeared once again.

The eight Five Poison Distinct Bees charged directly at the three princes. One of them was slightly bigger than the rest and had brighter colors - it was a Bee Emperor.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three princes were frightened back again. The power of the Five Poison Distinct Bees' self-destruction this time was even stronger than before. The Twelfth Prince accidentally touched the toxic air, and his expression became extremely ugly.

"He still has more Five Poison Distinct Bees!?" The Second Prince's face went green, but there was nothing he could do.

Countless experts on the battlefield felt their hearts tremble as they looked at Zhao Feng. The enemies that were still fighting against Old Ying and company became filled with fear, and they slowly lost the will to fight.

The advantage they originally had was turned around because of Zhao Feng's partic.i.p.ation. The beast horde started to turn the tide after Zhao Feng took control of them, and the three Sky Shaking Golden Apes and their new bloodlines helped the Ninth Prince's team stall many experts. Zhao Feng himself had trapped more than a dozen enemies and stopped the three princes from entering single-handedly.

If this continued, the losers would definitely be the three princes.

The people in the other three Heaven's Legacy Cities were stunned as well when they looked at this battle. The Seventh Prince's team that was ready to come out at any moment never appeared.

King of Gods Chapter 981 - Shock

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