King of Gods Chapter 985 - Cheater

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Chapter 985 - Cheater

The four princes above the Heaven's Legacy Cities were completely concentrated on the maze palace as they used their pseudo Crown Prince Seals to direct their members inside the maze palace.

Random transparent spheres occasionally appeared above the maze palace. Within these spheres were images of the fights. Inside one of them, Zhao Feng shot toward a tree and grabbed a red kite.

"As expected of the Heaven's Legacy Race. Their creation ability is unimaginable. Who knows how many secret dimensions are contained within this one game?" s.h.i.+ Yulei was stunned, and he felt slightly regretful that he wasn't able to experience it himself.

Shen Jizi looked at the maze palace below and didn't seem to focus on anything. Instead, he seemed to be divining something.

"Good! Zhao Feng defeated Sacred Lord Black Demon and won 10% of his draconic providence," s.h.i.+ Yulei exclaimed.

The sphere showing Zhao Feng then disappeared.

"Brother Zhao has courage and skill." The Ninth Prince let out a breath. Because of his error, Sacred Lord Black Demon managed to approach Zhao Feng and start a fight, but luckily, Zhao Feng won. Zhao Feng's adaptive abilities toward unknown environments easily surpa.s.sed others.

"I'll listen to Zhao Feng and just direct Old Ying and Su Qingling." The Ninth Prince believed Zhao Feng's decision.

Within the moving maze palace, Jing Kai met an elder in azure robes from the Fourth Prince's team.

"Hahaha! It's Jing Kai from the Ninth Prince's team!" The elder in azure robes revealed a wicked smile as he charged forward. As soon as he made it within a certain range of Jing Kai:


The scenery around them started to twist, and they appeared in another dimension.

Jing Kai faced the elder in azure robes within a forest. Several hundred villagers were crying and begging as they knelt behind Jing Kai.

"Hero, please save our village. That group of bandits has come again."

"Please help us get rid of these bandits."

On the other hand, behind the azure-robed elder were several dozen fierce-looking bandits holding big swords and axes.

"Big bro, let's attack."

"Yeah, we brothers haven't eaten meat in several months."

The azure-robed elder's eyes bulged out, and his moustache blew upward in anger. Although he knew everything here was just random and all the contents were fake, he was the Regulations Elder of a three-star power in reality, but in this game, he was the leader of a group of bandits?

"Jing Kai, let's end this." The azure-robed elder charged out impatiently.

"Three Stances of the Green Ocean!" The elder in azure robes waved his hand, and waves of water formed a dark green whirlpool that swept toward Jing Kai.

Jing Kai was on guard, and a bright golden light appeared around him.


The golden light clashed with the dark green water. The power of the shockwave destroyed the nearby mountains and rivers.

"Hehe, Jing Kai, you've just reached the Quasi-Sacred Lord level, right?" The azure-robed elder laughed.


Just as the dark green water covered Jing Kai and was about to completely engulf him, a faint golden Eye of Heaven appeared above them both. A surge of Eye Intent that reached the heavens suddenly shot toward the azure-robed elder.

"Arghh!" The azure-robed elder screamed as ten thousand bolts of lightning blasted his soul, and he instantly froze. Jing Kai instantly charged over, and countless golden beams of light slew the bandits.

"Victor, Jing Kai," a mechanical voice sounded.

"How is this possible! That eye…" The elder in azure robes had a stunned and fearful expression.


Ten percent of the azure-robed elder's draconic providence entered Jing Kai's Dragon Jade.

"Thank you, Master," Jing Kai said in a low tone.

At the same time, the villagers behind him erupted in cheers.

"Hero, thank you for saving our village. This gift is just a bit of our grat.i.tude."

The expressions of everyone on the Fourth Prince's stone stage froze. How did the azure-robed elder lose? And what was that faint golden eye that appeared in the sky?

"Fourth Prince, I don't know either. When I was fighting with Jing Kai, a powerful Eye Intent suddenly appeared in the sky…." the elder explained helplessly. He felt that he had lost too unfairly.

That golden eye… could it be Zhao Feng? The Fourth Prince remembered Zhao Feng's eye and thought.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes within the maze palace.

"The Eye of Heaven uses too much Eye Intent," Zhao Feng said in a light tone.

Zhao Feng could talk with and interact with anyone that had a Dark Heart Seal. He could also see through their eyes and use the Eye of Heaven to help them.

However, this was the first time he had used the Eye of Heaven through another dimension. Luckily, the secret dimension wasn't very far away from the moving maze palace, and the structure of the secret dimension was extremely simple.

Zhao Feng was better at helping Jing Kai than the Ninth Prince. At this moment, the Ninth Prince was fully focused on Old Ying and Su Qingling.

Zhao Feng started to take action as well, but he didn't meet anyone else after walking for a long time.

"Looks like I revealed too much of my strength, and now everyone is avoiding me." Zhao Feng sighed helplessly.

The strength he displayed in the previous stage was completely comparable to the older Sacred Lords. Since most of those that were partic.i.p.ating in the maze palace were Quasi-Sacred Lords, they obviously wanted to avoid Zhao Feng.

"This means that I will only meet Sacred Lords." Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed.

Although he wasn't scared of Sacred Lords head-on, there were many possibilities in the different secret dimensions, and Sacred Lords were stronger than him in most aspects. Zhao Feng didn't want to interact with only Sacred Lords. It would be much easier if he dealt with Quasi-Sacred Lords and Emperors.

"If that's the case, then I'll just rely on luck."

A surge of Wind Lightning appeared around Zhao Feng.


A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning extended behind his back.


Zhao Feng chose a random direction, turned into a bolt of lightning, and flashed forward.

While everyone else was carefully moving under the guidance of their princes, Zhao Feng used a speed-based secret technique and moved through the everchanging maze palace as quickly as possible. Whoever he met first would be the one he would fight.

"Luo Zun, not good! Zhao Feng is approaching you!" the Eighth Prince's voice suddenly sounded in Luo Zun's mind.

Luo Zun paused for a moment. Although he knew that he wasn't Zhao Feng's match, he didn't want to run this time. Besides, the challenges in the moving maze palace weren't completely reliant on strength.

"Zhao Feng!" Luo Zun charged forward when he saw Zhao Feng appear in front of him.


They appeared within a world of snow and ice.

"I really need the Frozen Ice Mystic Iron at the bottom of this thousand-year old mystic ice. Which one of you can mine some for me?" A middle-aged male wearing cold-resistance clothes looked at Zhao Feng and Luo Zun.

"Zhao Feng, sorry, but I specialize in ice." Luo Zun puffed out his chest with a smug smile.

Although it wasn't very fair if he won against Zhao Feng using his forte, luck was a part of strength.

A surge of extreme coldness appeared from Luo Zun's left hand, and the temperature nearby dropped by another couple dozen degrees. Even the air was completely frozen. Luo Zun pressed his hand onto the layer of ice and released a surge of cold power.


The layer of ice on the ground exploded, but it wasn't enough. It was hard to know how deep the Frozen Ice Mystic Iron was.

Zhao Feng looked at the layer of ice below. The Frozen Ice Mystic Iron is a thousand yards deep underground.

He also had an Ice-Water bloodline, but it specialized in defense and recovery. In terms of digging, Luo Zun was probably better.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder and leaned on a spade as it revealed a swagger-filled expression, as if it was its time to s.h.i.+ne again. The little thieving cat landed on the ground and dug the spade into the layer of ice.

Beng~ Boom~~~~!

The ground suddenly started to shake. Zhao Feng's left eye saw the Frozen Ice Mystic Iron underground move a certain distance as the layer of ice cracked.

Luo Zun revealed a surprised expression and looked at Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat. He felt the depths of the ice shake just now. He didn't understand what Zhao Feng and his spiritual pet were doing.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The little thieving cat once again dug the spade into the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire depths of the ice started to shake and crack, as if a beast was about to charge out from underground.

Bam! Bam!

The shaking started to become stronger and stronger until the entire ground started to shake.

Luo Zun revealed a surprised expression. He didn't know what Zhao Feng's spiritual pet was doing, but the ice a thousand yards underground was shattering.

Beng~~ Crack! Crack!

Large holes appeared wherever the little thieving cat dug. If one looked down, they could see the layers of ice underneath shattering inch by inch.

A gold-and-white piece of iron was stuck within the cracks.


Zhao Feng instantly jumped into the hole and took the Frozen Ice Mystic Iron.

"How is this possible?" Luo Zun, who was still circulating his power of Ice, was instantly dazed. Even now, he didn't understand what Zhao Feng and his spiritual pet did to make the Frozen Ice Mystic Iron, which was a thousand yards underground, jump out by itself.

"Thank you, young man. This is your reward." The middle-aged male revealed a faint smile and handed over several weird stones.

"Victor, Zhao Feng." A voice appeared in the dimension, and Zhao Feng's Dragon Jade lit up a bit more. The next instant, Zhao Feng returned to the maze palace.

"This still doesn't work."

Zhao Feng just stood there. If it wasn't for the fact that Luo Zun decided to charge over to him, Zhao Feng wouldn't have even realized that someone was there. His senses were heavily suppressed, and his left eye couldn't see through anything. It was indeed quite troublesome.

"If my left eye can't see through the walls of the maze palace, then what about this?" Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something.


A faint golden disturbance of light appeared on Zhao Feng's eye. While his left eye had the ability to see through objects inherently, the new ability of his golden eye had an even-stronger version of that ability.

"It works!"

Zhao Feng was extremely happy. At this moment, wherever he looked with his left eye, that place would turn into a world made up of faint golden atoms. He was able to see through several dozen metallic walls now. The structure of the atoms that made up the metallic walls was extremely complex. It was actually several dozen times more complex than the structure of a peak Earth-grade weapon.

Of course, that wasn't what Zhao Feng was focusing on.

"This means that everyone within a range of ten walls of me will be under my control." Zhao Feng was secretly overjoyed. This would be much easier.

However, white light suddenly started to glitter around the transparent elder above the moving maze palace.

"A cheater has been found and will be punished."

King of Gods Chapter 985 - Cheater

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