King of Gods Chapter 987 - Clash Between Two

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Chapter 987 - Clash Between Two

"Zhao Feng, good job!" the Ninth Prince couldn't help but say.

At the moment, Old Ying and Jing Kai had won two matches each. Under the Ninth Prince's guidance, Su Qingling hadn't met anyone, so she didn't have any victories or losses, whereas Zhao Feng already had three wins. This meant that his team already had seven wins, which should be the best result amongst the four princes.

The Ninth Prince obviously knew why. The reason Old Ying had successfully won two fights so far was because of his guidance. Since the Ninth Prince only needed to direct Old Ying and Su Qingling, he had it much easier than the rest. Comparatively, the other princes had at least five or six people inside the maze palace. The Thirteenth Prince had the most; seven people from his team had entered the moving maze palace.

The other princes had to monitor all their team members and communicate with them. They obviously couldn't do whatever they pleased, so they made many mistakes.

"Dammit, Zhao Feng!" the Thirteenth Prince cursed. One of his members had met Zhao Feng in the maze palace and lost two times now.

"Your Highness, Zhao Feng seems to be purposely troubling us."

"This Zhao Feng is too evil. We didn't even offend him."

Several members behind the Thirteenth Prince discussed, and the Thirteenth Prince's face went black. He realized that Zhao Feng seemed to be purposely causing trouble for his members.

"Hmph, you want me to lose?" The Thirteenth Prince harrumphed angrily. "Sacred Lord Black Demon, Zhao Feng is straight ahead and to the right."

The instant Zhao Feng's challenge ended and he returned to the maze palace, the Thirteenth Prince directed Sacred Lord Black Demon. Two Sacred Lords from his team had entered the maze palace, and only these two Sacred Lords could defeat Zhao Feng.

"Hehe." Zhao Feng saw Sacred Lord Black Demon approaching and avoided him, then started to scout for others nearby. As long as he completed one of the maze's challenges, he would reappear in a random location. It would be extremely difficult for Sacred Lord Black Demon to meet Zhao Feng unless the latter appeared right next to him.

"Hmm? Another Sacred Lord?" Zhao Feng's heart jumped, and he changed directions again to avoid them.

A white bolt of lightning was flas.h.i.+ng through the maze palace. He had white hair, and his expression was very cold and calm. He was the number one expert from the Fourth Prince's team, Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning from Sky Suspension Palace.

The method he was using was the same as Zhao Feng's moments ago. He just charged around the maze palace and would fight whoever he met.

After avoiding Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning, Zhao Feng continued to search for some targets.

"I should finish off the Thirteenth Prince's and the Eighth Prince's team members first."

Only two princes could emerge victorious from the third stage, and it was based on the total number of wins from each team. The two princes who had the lowest number of wins would be eliminated.

The victor being decided by the number of wins was relatively fair because the number of people one prince had in the maze palace didn't affect the proportion of wins much. If one group had more people, they might win more, but they also might lose more. At the same time, even if they made it through, they might lose a lot of draconic providence because they had more members losing, which would mean utter defeat in the fourth stage.

The third stage tested the princes. They had to be good commanders and win as many games as possible while making sure they had enough draconic providence for the final stage. This required heavy a.n.a.lysis and thinking abilities.

"The Ninth Prince doesn't have enough draconic providence."

Zhao Feng needed to keep defeating the Eighth and Thirteenth Princes to prevent them from acc.u.mulating wins and to steal more draconic providence for the Ninth Prince. Otherwise, the Ninth Prince wouldn't be able to defeat the Fourth Prince.

Although Zhao Feng had sent some flying beasts with Dragon Jades to gather draconic providence, two of them already had accidents. When these two flying pets were in trouble, Zhao Feng was busy and couldn't help them, so Zhao Feng couldn't put all his hope on the spiritual pets. Furthermore, if they didn't emerge victorious in the third stage, it wouldn't matter how much draconic providence Zhao Feng collected from them.

"Yu Tianhao!" Zhao Feng paused. Yu Tianhao was approaching him very fast, probably because the Eighth Prince was directing him.

"If that's the case, then let us fight again!" Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. He still remembered how Yu Tianhao had declared war on him during the fights for the positions. He obviously would give Yu Tianhao face.

"Zhao Feng!" Yu Tianhao's expression changed.

Weng~ Hu!

The scenery around them started to change, and the two appeared in a courtyard next to dazzling golden halls.

"Zhao Feng, let's settle it once and for all!" Battle-intent shot out of Yu Tianhao's eyes, and a surge of limitless power was about to break out of his body.

"Just what I was planning." The bloodline within Zhao Feng's body seemed to start boiling.

However, at this moment, the precious daughter of a big family walked over angrily.

"I want to see a battle between spiritual pets!" the precious daughter roared at Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao.

Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao looked at one another and decided to completely ignore her.

"Aren't the two of you beast tamers of my family? I want to see a fight between spiritual pets!" The precious daughter became angrier after seeing neither of them react.

"I get angry just by looking at you. I don't understand why the Bai Family would want such an ugly beast tamer." This precious daughter became even more enraged after seeing Zhao Feng and started to curse at him.

Yu Tianhao paused for a moment. Why did the characters hate Zhao Feng so much?

Zhao Feng was speechless. No matter how much the characters hated him, there was no need for them to mock him based on appearance every time.

Zhao Feng immediately messaged Yu Tianhao, and the latter seemed to understand as he gave a faint smile toward the precious daughter; "Young lady, we have something to do right now. Can you wait for a while? We'll definitely give you a good show between spiritual pets soon."

Yu Tianhao repeated what Zhao Feng told him. He knew that he wasn't allowed to attack the characters within the scenery.

"This…" The young lady looked at Yu Tianhao's eyes, and her face became slightly red.

Zhao Feng was secretly happy. From the looks of it, all characters would favor his opponents.

"No, I want to see a battle between spiritual pets." The young lady's expression changed once more and she repeated.

"Yu Tianhao, I'm sorry." Zhao Feng shook his head. The setting within the scenery was unable to be changed.

Zhao Feng waved his hand, and a little Wind Wolf appeared.

Yu Tianhao had an ugly expression, and his eyebrows locked together. He felt as if his True Yuan and bloodline were restricted by a certain power, and they were unable to be circulated.

However, the main issue was that he had no spiritual pets.

"I admit defeat," Yu Tianhao lowered his head after a long time and said unwillingly. He didn't expect to enter such a scenery.


A surge of draconic providence flowed into Zhao Feng's Dragon Jade as Yu Tianhao left this dimension.

"Sigh, this is your silver." The young lady didn't like Zhao Feng, but she threw a few rare crafting stones behind before leaving. The scenery then started to fade away, and Zhao Feng returned to the maze palace.

"As expected, luck is also very important." Zhao Feng was very sympathetic toward Yu Tianhao. Even he felt that Yu Tianhao lost unfairly.

"The draconic providence within my Dragon Jade has almost reached the limit."

Zhao Feng stopped and transferred his draconic providence to the Ninth Prince, only leaving 10% with himself.


Zhao Feng started to move again and find some other people.

"Zhao Feng's won seven in a row now!" s.h.i.+ Yulei couldn't help but exclaim.

Other than Zhao Feng's superb score, Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning had also won five in a row. Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning wasn't just strong; he also had a certain level of understanding about herbs, spiritual pets, and geography.

"Even Jing Kai has won three and only lost once." The Ninth Prince was very excited.

Meanwhile, Su Qingling still hadn't met anyone yet under the Ninth Prince's precise control.

"Your Highness Fourth Prince, the Ninth Prince's team is acting weirdly. Their win rate is very high," a Quasi-Sacred Lord behind the Fourth Prince said as he looked at Zhao Feng, who was moving around within the maze palace.

"That's good. If the Ninth Prince can emerge victorious, then I'll beat him without a doubt in the fourth stage," the Fourth Prince said while communicating with his members in the maze palace.

"En, they only have four people gathering draconic providence in the maze palace. The amount they can obtain is limited." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge agreed with what the Fourth Prince said.

The Ninth Prince just didn't have enough draconic providence, so it was unlikely for him to become the Crown Prince even if he won this stage.

On the other side, the Thirteenth Prince gritted his teeth as he stared at Zhao Feng. "This brat is indeed only picking on my members."

Other than the fights against Zhao Feng, the win rate of his team was decent. However, Zhao Feng was able to find someone from his team and win every single time. Not only did this waste their time, it also wasted their draconic providence.

Could Zhao Feng be the cheater? the Thirteenth Prince suddenly thought.

He paid a lot of attention to Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng moved very fast, and his target was always very clear, as if he had a map of the maze palace.

Zhao Feng returned to the maze palace again after defeating another opponent.

"Hmm? Xin Wuheng?" Zhao Feng's left eye saw through several walls and found Xin Wuheng's figure. He thought for a while before charging over.

"Xin Wuheng, let's have a fight." Zhao Feng wouldn't overestimate himself against Xin Wuheng, and he wasn't completely confident that he could win. However, Zhao Feng wanted to spar with Xin Wuheng and see his technique.

"Zhao Feng's voice?" Xin Wuheng's ears twitched. Sound was also heavily suppressed in the maze palace.

"Good!" Xin Wuheng received directions from the Fourth Prince and turned around.

The two met at a corner, and the scenery around them started to change.

Weng~ Hu!

Xin Wuheng appeared on a flat rocky ground on a mountain range. There were two ghastly paths filled with countless bones and skeletons ahead of them. The cries of ghosts could be faintly heard from the depths. Directly in front of them was a tall, dark mountain with a cave in it. Ghost Fire and an air of wicked Yin radiated from it. Behind them was an official from a kingdom and countless elite swordsmen.

"Heroes, please save the princess from the Black Iron Dragon. The King will reward you handsomely," the official said.

"A battle like this isn't bad either." Zhao Feng wanted to laugh after remembering what happened in the scenery with Yu Tianhao.

"There are two paths here. Let's see who can save the princess first." Xin Wuheng was very interested in this setting.

"Okay, I will give five hundred elites to this hero." The official looked excitedly at Xin Wuheng, as if he was placing all his hope on him.

"As for this hero…" The official's eyebrows furrowed when he looked at Zhao Feng, as if he was suspicious of Zhao Feng's capabilities.

"I'll give the remaining one hundred elites to you," the official shook his head and said unwillingly.

King of Gods Chapter 987 - Clash Between Two

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