King of Gods Chapter 1071 Terrifying Combination

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Chapter 1071 - Terrifying Combination

"I will focus on cultivating during this period of time, so I'll have the ability to protect myself then!"

Zhao Yufei's body glittered with a faint purple light as the essence of Heaven and Earth merged into her.

The Spiritual Race was ranked 19th in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and their cultivation ruled supreme. As long as they had enough Heaven and Earth essence, the Spiritual Race could devour it and increase their power.

"This is…?" Zhao Yufei put her Divine Sense into the interspatial ring that Zhao Feng gave her. She opened a gla.s.s bottle, and a thick surge of bloodline aura from one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races appeared. It shook her Spiritual Race bloodline, and her sleeping bloodline genes started to awaken.

A powerful Spiritual Race bloodline pressure was released from Zhao Yufei's body and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to shake. Purple light flashed and created a whirlwind. The Mystic Light Sacred power in Duanmu Qing's body next to her started to shake. It was suppressed and unable to be circulated.

"Yufei? What is it?" Duanmu Qing instantly asked as he sensed the sudden change in Zhao Yufei. He felt that Zhao Yufei's Spiritual Race bloodline had become much stronger, and the pressure radiating from it made Duanmu Qing feel as if he was tiny in comparison.

"It's this. Brother Feng gave it to me…." Zhao Yufei took out a transparent gla.s.s bottle containing some dark yellow glittering blood, and an ancient bloodline aura started to slowly seep out.

"What a thick ancient aura. It seems to be from one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and the purity of it…" Duanmu Qing was completely stunned as he put his Divine Sense inside the bottle.


Duanmu Qing waved his hand, and a barrier instantly appeared to block the ancient bloodline aura.

"Yufei, if you completely absorb the genes and aura of this bloodline, the purity of your Spiritual Race bloodline might be able to improve!" Sacred Lord Purple Night's voice sounded in Zhao Yufei's mind.

"How does Zhao Feng have something so precious!?" Duanmu Qing asked in surprise.

"There's also this as well!" Zhao Yufei paused for a moment before taking out a herb from the interspatial ring.

She didn't know what it was, so she took it out for Sacred Lord Dark Night and Duanmu Qing to look at.

"This is a Sacred Spirit Green Jade Gra.s.s, a legendary herb from ancient times. It contains the element of Wood, which can be merged into the Sacred Power Whirlpool of a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord…."

Sacred Lord Purple Night was extremely knowledgeable and instantly recognized the herb. Everyone knew that the strength of a Sacred Lord was related to the Sacred Power Whirlpool within their body. Most importantly, this Sacred Spirit Green Jade Gra.s.s contained an extremely thick ancient aura that helped even Zhao Yufei's precious bloodline.

"This Zhao Feng has really put in a lot of effort. He's given so many precious resources to you!" Sacred Lord Purple Night sighed.

"Brother Feng, I won't let you down!" Zhao Yufei was extremely excited as she held the two treasures.

Zhao Feng had given her such precious treasures. This made Zhao Yufei feel warm, and her eyes became watery.

There was also a flask of cold water in the interspatial ring. Zhao Yufei believed that the water would also be unique.

Like this, Zhao Yufei used the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of Heaven and Earth as well as the resources that Zhao Feng had given her to enter seclusion.

"This liquid can increase my Soul Intent!"

Zhao Yufei was surprised by the effect of the water within the flask. Zhao Yufei's physical cultivation was always higher than her soul's. If her Soul Intent was able to become stronger, then her cultivation would increase even more quickly.

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng used the ability of the Misty Spatial World to pa.s.s between provinces and return to the Hall of G.o.ds in Yu Province.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment mid-way.

"A couple dozen thousand miles away is the Dark Ghost Clan!"

The Dark Ghost Clan was where Zhao w.a.n.g was staying. At this moment, the connection between Zhao Feng and Zhao w.a.n.g was extremely clear. It was as if Zhao Feng was in the Dark Ghost Clan himself.

In the Dark Ghost Clan:

"Senior Martial Brother Zhao w.a.n.g!"

"Senior Martial Brother Zhao w.a.n.g has become even stronger!"

"Senior Martial Brother Zhao is the peerless prodigy of the Dark Ghost Clan, and his name will definitely shock the Great Gan Lord Dynasty in the future!"

Many inner disciples and even some Core disciples of the Dark Ghost Clan were extremely respectful to Zhao w.a.n.g.

At this time, Zhao w.a.n.g was already a Domain-level King, and he was the Head disciple of the Dark Ghost Clan. He was a once-in-ten-thousand-years prodigy in the Dao of Ghosts, and he was the personal disciple of the First Elder of the Dark Ghost Clan. The status of the First Elder was only below that of the Grand Elder.

Zhao w.a.n.g ignored everything and had a cold expression as he left the Dark Ghost Clan. When Zhao w.a.n.g progressed a certain distance, he looked around and didn't find anything suspicious.

The next instant, a whirlpool containing many treasures appeared next to Zhao w.a.n.g. Zhao w.a.n.g stored them away the moment they appeared. Zhao w.a.n.g then headed in another direction and left the Dark Ghost Clan.

Zhao Feng had an emotionless expression. He really needed Zhao w.a.n.g to become stronger more quickly.

Zhao Feng had fought against many Sacred Lords after becoming one himself, and he realized just how important clones were. At the critical moment, they had the ability to turn the tide.

Zhao Feng's clone was too weak. Of course, the main reason was because Zhao w.a.n.g was in the Dark Ghost Clan and couldn't over-perform, lest he draw unwanted attention, but Zhao Feng couldn't wait anymore.

Zhao Feng gave Zhao w.a.n.g many precious ancient resources this time. Most were useful even for Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

Zhao Feng's plan was to make Zhao w.a.n.g leave the Dark Ghost Clan for a while, and upon returning, he would say that he went to an inheritance, where he obtained many cultivating resources. This would allow Zhao w.a.n.g's strength to increase rapidly with a good reason.

Zhao Feng then slowly disappeared in a layer of silver light after giving resources to Zhao w.a.n.g. Zhao Feng returned to the Hall of G.o.ds a day later. He didn't attract anyone's attention and directly entered the Hall of G.o.ds.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night and Bi Qingyue had been waiting in a secret hall. Bi Qingyue reported the current situation of the Hall of G.o.ds to Zhao Feng as well as some other important information. Supreme Emperor Dark Night then told Zhao Feng the current circ.u.mstances of the Silence Division because the success rate recently was very high.

"Supreme Emperor Dark Night, limit the amount of missions and slowly reduce them!" Zhao Feng told Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

Now that the Sacred Kings and a DemiG.o.d of Nine Darkness Palace had come out, it would be better if the Silence Division slowed down their actions.

"Bi Qingyue, is there any news of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon?" Zhao Feng asked.

He was curious about the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. After all, Zhao Feng was one of the main people that stopped it in the Divine Illusion Dimensions, and he even used the power of his left eye to fight with it.

"The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was severely injured after fighting with DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor and ran away. No one knows where it is!" Bi Qingyue said.

"He managed to survive against DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor?" Zhao Feng was slightly disappointed.

Although DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was the strongest DemiG.o.d from the Grand Imperial Hall, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon wasn't exactly weak. It was very likely that DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was attracted by the power of the G.o.d corpse that appeared on the battlefield, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon managed to escape with the distraction.

Zhao Feng felt uneasy that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon didn't die. After all, at its peak, the strength of this dragon was on par with Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang.

Inside a concealed canyon within the Shuang Province battlefield, a fierce male covered in black scales faced a simple female in white.

"Kill Zhao Feng?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon paused for a moment. He didn't expect this to be the reason why the Eyes of Destiny owner found it.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had a deep impression of Zhao Feng. If it wasn't for Zhao Feng, it would have been able to enter Xie Yang Palace long ago and obtain some resources. Its strength would've been able to increase by leaps and bounds, which would've let him fight the DemiG.o.ds of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty without injury.

"Killing one person with the a.s.sistance of the Eyes of Destiny should be very simple, right!?"

Cunningness appeared in the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's eyes. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was obviously very familiar with the Eye of Destiny. The Eye of Destiny didn't have any fighting capabilities, but if the owner wanted to kill someone, they could change the future to do so.

"You might not know this, but Zhao Feng's left eye has the potential to become the Ninth G.o.d's Eye!" Bai Lin said calmly and smiled.

"The Ninth G.o.d's Eye?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was utterly stunned.

The Eight Great G.o.d Eyes were unique existences on par with the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Each G.o.d Eye could be ranked at least within the top twenty among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races in terms of power.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon didn't doubt what Bai Lin said. It had fought against Zhao Feng, so it knew how powerful his eye-bloodline was firsthand.

There were rumors about the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes that each and every one of them contained an Origin Dimension unique in the world. This should be the same for the Ninth G.o.d's Eye. If the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was able to kill Zhao Feng and destroy the Origin Dimension within the Ninth G.o.d's Eye, it would obtain a very powerful source of Destruction that would increase its strength dramatically.

"That's right. His G.o.d's Eye has already formed. It's too hard for my Eyes of Destiny to calculate his fate!" Bai Lin shook her head.

When Zhao Feng's left eye had become golden, the difficulty for her to calculate the future kept on increasing. Therefore, Bai Lin started to calculate the future of all those that were in contact with Zhao Feng, such as Duke Nanfeng, Old Monster Xu, the Ninth Prince, Zhao Yufei, and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Bai Lin secretly changed the fate of these people and tried to push Zhao Feng into danger, but her actions didn't manage to do anything to Zhao Feng. Afterward, not long after the Crown Prince trial ended, Bai Lin found that her calculation abilities were being interrupted by another power of destiny. It was impossible for her to kill Zhao Feng by herself.

Of course, Bai Lin didn't tell the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon any of that.

"Sure, I'll help you kill Zhao Feng, and you help me get rid of the danger around the G.o.d corpse so I can obtain the most benefits possible!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon agreed with an excited and cruel expression.

King of Gods Chapter 1071 Terrifying Combination

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