King of Gods Chapter 991 - Terrifying Bloodline

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Chapter 991 - Terrifying Bloodline

Several dozen figures in black stood behind Zhao Feng's back, and the wicked aura they gave off seemed to materialize.

"Demon Lord, the enemy in front of us is our greatest yet."

"Once we kill him, we will be able to rule the continent. The entire continent will bow down at our feet."

Zhao Feng knew that he was the biggest villain in this scenery and that the character he was playing had the intention to conquer the continent. Yu Tianhao opposite him was obviously the hero that was going to save the continent.

"Lord Battle King, please kill the demon!"

"Only then will the world be saved."

Battle-intent shot out from Yu Tianhao's black eyes. Such a scene was exactly what he wanted. Furthermore, the environment here was very similar to the place where he last fought Zhao Feng in the Azure Flower Continent.

Yu Tianhao even had the feeling that he and Zhao Feng had returned to the past and were about to start their last battle once more. However, the difference between him and Zhao Feng wasn't that big anymore - both of them were Emperors.

"Zhao Feng, let me witness your perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline."

Yu Tianhao's bloodline started to boil with the help of his battle-intent.


An ancient and mysterious cold figure synced with Yu Tianhao's body. Yu Tianhao's actions instantly became one with the ice-cold figure behind him. At this instant, Yu Tianhao seemed to become the G.o.d of War as everything nearby was covered by an orange light that shot into the sky.

"Unparalleled Under the Heavens!"

A supreme Intent radiated from Yu Tianhao as he attacked. A brilliant palm made of light shot out from Yu Tianhao's hand.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

This palm crushed everything in its path and landed on Zhao Feng's body.


A dark yellow sandstorm spread across the area.


A flash of red light was unleashed, and it reached the heavens as it surged with power.

Hu~ Hu~

The entire sandstorm was ripped apart by a stunning blow of lightning and fire.

Zhao Feng was like a demonic sovereign of lightning as he stood in the middle of the sandstorm. The terrifying power of fire and lightning radiating from him destroyed everything nearby.

The blazing physical force clashed with the materialized battle-intent.

Bam! Shu~~ Shu~~

Orange and scarlet light flashed and explosions sounded.

"As expected of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline - an extreme Imperial Dao Bloodline on the same level as the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline."

Yu Tianhao started to circulate his own bloodline to the maximum. When his will to battle covered his body, Yu Tianhao felt as if he had turned into the ancient and mysterious figure. His power had reached a peak and was about to be completely released. The mysterious figure behind him instantly became bigger and more condensed.

"His battle-power is increasing so quickly!" Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. He knew a little bit about Yu Tianhao's bloodline. It was a terrifying bloodline that became stronger the longer one fought, and it could last for quite a long time.

In merely the first exchange, Yu Tianhao's battle-intent had already reached a shocking level. His battle-power was already comparable to Sacred Lords.

"Come!" Explosions sounded from Zhao Feng's body, which was covered in gla.s.s-like flames.


Zhao Feng left behind a fiery afterimage as he instantly approached Yu Tianhao and threw out a punch. The power of limitless fire and lightning crushed over along with the pressure of his Sacred Lightning Body.


Yu Tianhao thrust out his palm and unleashed a s.h.i.+ning golden sun. Its power was on par with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, which specialized in explosiveness.

Boom! Hu~

A surge of gla.s.s-like flames instantly fell onto Yu Tianhao's ancient and mysterious figure and started to burn.

"Ignition, erosion, and lifesteal?" Yu Tianhao's expression changed. This was the first time he had seen the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and it was indeed terrifying.

"Unparalleled secret technique - Chaotic Dancing Spring and Autumn!" Yu Tianhao's black hair blew wildly as a brilliant glow of light covered his body and crystalized like a piece of armor. A layer of armor also appeared on the human figure behind him.

Peng! Boom! Bam!

Yu Tianhao's offense could move mountains and oceans. Every punch and kick contained unrivalled battle-intent that could crush anything and everything.

Zhao Feng also became fiercer the longer he fought. The flames on his body turned transparent, and an occasional arc of lightning would also flicker.

Zhao Feng's Soul Intent had reached the level of a Sacred Lord, and with the powerful defense of his Sacred Lightning Body, he wasn't scared of Yu Tianhao's offense. Furthermore, his lifesteal ability was effective in this battle.

Boom! Bam!

Zhao Feng punched out, and limitless power of fire and lightning erupted like a volcano. His each and every attack contained extremely explosive power.

After the fight against Tie Lingyun, Zhao Feng had better control over the Blood Devil Sun bloodline. Zhao Feng was able to decrease the energy expenditure from the Blood Devil Sun bloodline to the minimum and still instantly release explosive power when he attacked.

However, he had to admit that, at this moment in time, Yu Tianhao's offense and defense had both reached a shocking level. Zhao Feng's explosiveness wasn't able to cause much damage to him.

Boom! Peng!

The battle between these two was shocking, and beams of red and orange light continuously shot out from the storm.

"Zhao Feng, use your true skill." Yu Tianhao was like the G.o.d of War as he and the cold figure both released a ray of light that seemed to engulf the force of Heaven and Earth. The battle-intent radiating from him rose once more and actually surpa.s.sed normal Sacred Lords.

"I might as well. After all, there isn't much time left." Zhao Feng retreated a couple dozen yards, leaving a trail of flames behind.

"Blood Devil Charge!" The gla.s.s-like flames around Zhao Feng started to burn frenziedly, and eruptions started to sound. The image of a blood-red sun with a spinning whirlpool in the middle of it appeared behind Zhao Feng.

Boom! Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng's figure flashed and left behind a streak of light as he arrived before Yu Tianhao.


The instant Zhao Feng punched out, all the fire around him seemed to merge into the attack like a volcano about to erupt with lava. The scorching fire and lightning completely engulfed the ice-cold figure behind Yu Tianhao's back.


The ignition and erosion effects of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline immediately took effect and burned the figure behind Yu Tianhao, making it seem like a mountain of fire.

"Unparalleled G.o.d of War!" Yu Tianhao gently said as fire covered him.


The ice-cold figure behind him released a bright orange light from every inch of his body. Yu Tianhao himself became an orange sun. Every faint movement from him was closely connected to the ice-cold figure.


A pair of scarlet-orange eyes suddenly appeared in the ice-cold figure and released a surge of battle-intent that could shock the heavens. At this instant, Yu Tianhao became the ice-cold figure itself and released a wave of battle-intent that could crush the minds of Sacred Lords.


The fire around the surface of the figure was instantly pushed aside by this supreme power.

"Power G.o.d's Axe!"

Yu Tianhao's eyes were like black stars as explosions sounded. An axe that gave off a faint glow of orange could be seen slas.h.i.+ng through the air.

"What terrifying battle-power!" At this instant, Zhao Feng felt like he was facing a mountain as he had to withstand the pressure of the limitless battle-intent. Even Zhao Feng didn't dare to defend against this peerless attack head-on.

"Zhao Feng, the situation isn't looking good. The Thirteenth Prince has overtaken us in the number of wins," the Ninth Prince's voice sounded at this moment. Although he knew Zhao Feng's current situation, he had to tell Zhao Feng the news.

"If that's the case…" Zhao Feng's expression suddenly became calm. Although he fought against Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao to satisfy himself, he still knew what was most important.


The power of desolate lightning started to pour into the air behind Zhao Feng. Everything within a hundred yards instantly became dark and chaotic. Some of the laws of this dimension were even controlled by Zhao Feng.

At the same time, a surge of flas.h.i.+ng golden light appeared around Zhao Feng's flaming body. A barrier of blood-colored lightning appeared around his body as well.

Zhao Feng didn't want for Yu Tianhao's peerless attack to arrive. If he did, the attack would become even stronger.


Zhao Feng leapt into the air and pushed out his palms, condensing all the ancient lightning and the physical force of his Sacred Lightning Body into the defensive lightning barrier. At the same time, the power of Wind Lightning within his Little World started to gather toward Zhao Feng.

At this instant Zhao Feng seemed to become the G.o.d of Lightning as fierce and deadly scarlet lightning surrounded him.

Bam! Boom! Boom!

The scarlet lightning clashed against the stunning orange light. The entire dimension that they were fighting in started to shake, creating huge gale winds and sandstorms as if some kind of doomsday had arrived.


In the next instant, a bolt of scarlet lightning shot out and arrived before Yu Tianhao.

"G.o.d Eye Disintegration!" Zhao Feng used the new power of his left eye. Only this move was able to counter Yu Tianhao, whose battle-power could increase infinitely.

Boom! Hu~~~~

When the sandstorms calmed down, Yu Tianhao was lying on the ground drenched in blood and sweat.

"Victor, Zhao Feng."

They instantly returned to the maze palace. Zhao Feng immediately took some special resources and pills while using his left eye to search for more opponents.

"Zhao Feng, after you just beat Yu Tianhao, our total number of wins is the exact same as the Thirteenth Prince's," the Ninth Prince's voice sounded.

"Understood," Zhao Feng replied.

Since he had been focusing too much on the battle against Yu Tianhao, he couldn't help Jing Kai, which resulted in their win rate slowing down and being overtaken. After all, the Thirteenth Prince's team still had five people walking around in the maze palace.

There was only a little bit of time left. Zhao Feng wouldn't let the Thirteenth Prince's total number of wins surpa.s.s the Ninth Prince's.

King of Gods Chapter 991 - Terrifying Bloodline

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