King of Gods Chapter 994 - Clash Of Draconic Providence

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Chapter 994 - Clash of Draconic Providence

The Ninth Prince felt troubled just trying to resist the Fourth Prince's pressure.

Many different Intents suddenly appeared from behind the Ninth Prince and helped him fight back against this pressure.

"Soul Sense Spiritual Technique!" Old Ying used a complex technique to send a faint soul power into the Ninth Prince's soul. The Ninth Prince instantly felt the power of his soul increase, and his senses became sharper.

"Buddhist Seed!" Zhou Su'er waved her hand, and a sparkling green seed slowly floated toward the Ninth Prince.

"This technique can continuously heal you, and it's even effective on the soul," Zhou Su'er told the Ninth Prince about the use of this technique.

"Yellow Dragon Defense!" s.h.i.+ Yulei ignited his bloodline and used a secret technique. A layer of moving dark yellow mist slowly appeared around the Ninth Prince; this was obviously a defensive secret technique of the s.h.i.+ Family.

"Eye Intent!" Zhao Feng didn't hide anything either. He circulated his left eye and left a mark on the Ninth Prince's soul.

The Ninth Prince would now be able to use Zhao Feng's Eye Intent through this mark, and even some of the abilities of the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye. The Ninth Prince instantly felt everything in his sight become ten times clearer; his senses and his precision became perfect. Even the Fourth Prince in front of him started to become slightly transparent. He could see what was happening within the Fourth Prince's body and how the latter was utilizing his Mystic Light Sacred Power.

The Ninth Prince felt as if his overall strength had increased by an entire tier.


The Ninth Prince puffed out his chest and looked the Fourth Prince directly in the eye. An invisible force arose and caused the air to shake.

"Good, your team members are very excellent." Praise flashed through the Fourth Prince's eyes. The momentum of the Ninth Prince was on par with his own after receiving the help of his team members.

A golden sword with dragons carved onto it appeared in the Fourth Prince's hand.

"Receive this attack of mine!" The Fourth Prince lifted his sword and slashed out.

The members behind the Ninth Prince instantly felt the power of a Sacred Lord crus.h.i.+ng over. The power of this sword contained a very profound Intent of the Sword Dao.

Zhou Su'er and Su Qingling took a few steps back and stood behind everyone else.

"Terrifying! So, this is draconic providence when it's controlled by a true imperial." Jing Kai exclaimed. This pressure wasn't even aimed at him, it was aimed at the Ninth Prince in front of him. On top of that, the Fourth Prince was fighting alone - none of his team members were helping him.


The Ninth Prince also drew his ancient green sword of lightning. Lightning sparkled around it as he slashed out.

The draconic providence nearby started to gather as the two swords slashed out.

Bam! Boom!

The Ninth Prince retreated a couple dozen steps before stabilizing his footing. If it wasn't for s.h.i.+ Yulei's defensive secret technique, Zhou Su'er's healing skill, and the buff to his senses and reaction time given by Old Ying and Zhao Feng, the Ninth Prince would have probably been severely injured already.

On the other hand, the Fourth Prince only took half a step back from that terrifying clash. He had no trouble at all.

"So strong! He's fighting against our entire team alone!" s.h.i.+ Yulei exclaimed even though their team technically wasn't fighting.

"The Fourth Prince was already very strong, and he has way more draconic providence than the Ninth Prince…." Old Ying slowly said. The difference between the two groups was very big. Furthermore, the Fourth Prince's team members still hadn't done anything yet.

"Little World of Wind Lightning."

Zhao Feng suddenly released his Little World of Wind Lightning around the Ninth Prince.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power of the lightning in the Little World of Wind Lightning entered the Ninth Prince's ancient green sword of lightning. At the same time, the Little World itself became the Ninth Prince's s.h.i.+eld.

"What powerful lightning!" the Ninth Prince exclaimed. The Inheritance Sacred weapon he had in his hand was a Lightning-type weapon, but the Ninth Prince didn't cultivate lightning techniques, so he was unable to fully release its power. However, with the addition of Zhao Feng's lightning, the lightning within his Inheritance Sacred weapon was completely activated.

The Ninth Prince could even sense that the lightning of Zhao Feng's Little World easily surpa.s.sed the lightning inside his Inheritance Sacred weapon.


At this instant, lightning started to crackle around the Ninth Prince's draconic providence.

"Not bad. Your momentum has become pretty strong, but it's time to end this." The Fourth Prince's voice was calm. Although the Ninth Prince's battle-power had increased, it changed nothing.

Exchanging blows with the Ninth Prince was to show that the Ninth Prince had gained his recognition. If he still continued to play around, it would just be humiliating the Ninth Prince.

As the Fourth Prince's voice sounded, the members behind him started to circulate their Emperor Intent and Sacred Lord Intent as they used secret techniques to buff the Fourth Prince.

Weng~ Boom! Boom!

Limitless power appeared around the Fourth Prince. Even the dimension was unable to handle it and started to crackle.

"Come!" the Fourth Prince's voice boomed across the sky.


The Ninth Prince slashed out. An ancient green bolt of lightning surrounded by draconic light instantly flashed forward.

The Fourth Prince put the sword with dragon carvings in front of his chest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Ninth Prince's attack was easily blocked. The limitless power of lightning wasn't even able to break through the Fourth Prince's defense.

With the support of the Fourth Prince's team, the Ninth Prince's attacks wouldn't be able to harm the Fourth Prince unless they became drastically stronger.

"Let's end this." The Fourth Prince waved his sword and shattered the Ninth Prince's attack.


The Fourth Prince raised his golden sword, and all the draconic providence in the air seemed to be attracted as it surged into the sword. The golden sword seemed to turn into a golden sun, and a faint golden dragon spitting out golden flames could be seen.


Before the Fourth Prince's attack was even unleashed, the Ninth Prince and company felt a pressure as strong as Mount Tai.

However, an eagle cry suddenly sounded in the sky. Normal eagles were definitely unable to approach the battlefield of the two princes.

Everyone raised their head and saw a bright light slowly falling down.

"That's a Dragon Jade!" someone on the Fourth Prince's side exclaimed.


The piece of Dragon Jade landed on the Ninth Prince's body, and the draconic providence within it was absorbed by the Ninth Prince. The draconic light behind him grew by 0.1 yards.

"Where did this Dragon Jade come from?" s.h.i.+ Yulei was curious as well. The Dragon Jade had landed perfectly on the Ninth Prince. Could it be that the heavens themselves were helping them?


A few more eagles cried.


Three more bright lights landed on the Ninth Prince.

Weng~ Boom!

After absorbing the draconic providence within the Dragon Jades, the draconic light behind the Ninth Prince grew by another 0.2 yards.

"This should be because of Zhao Feng. He used his beast taming abilities and gave some Dragon Jades to the beasts to gather draconic providence," Zhuge Yun explained to those that were curious behind the Fourth Prince.

"But the draconic providence within those Dragon Jades is limited. Nothing has changed," Zhuge Yun said certainly. Nothing would change the Fourth Prince's victory.

"That's right. Four pieces of Dragon Jade can only supply a limited amount," another member said.

The Ninth Prince's draconic light had only increased by 0.3 yards, reaching 6.5 yards total. The difference between the Ninth Prince's draconic light and the Fourth Prince's draconic light was still like the difference between heaven and earth.

However, just as he finished saying that, the cries of even more eagles sounded in the distance.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Bam!

Five more pieces of Dragon Jade fell from the sky and landed on the Ninth Prince.

Although there wasn't much draconic providence in each piece of Dragon Jade, there were nine pieces in total so far. Everyone knew the logic behind small amounts adding up. At this moment in time, the Ninth Prince's draconic light was close to reaching seven yards.

"How is this possible? How can he have so many pieces of Dragon Jade?" a member in the Fourth Prince's team exclaimed.

These pieces of Dragon Jade were definitely taken from the members of other princes' teams, but when a prince used the pseudo Crown Prince Seal to ask for help, the arrays within the Dragon Jades would still activate. How were all these Dragon Jades still in the Imperial Tombs?

"The Ninth Prince's draconic providence is reaching the level of the Fourth Prince's," a member of the Fourth Prince's team said deeply.

On the other side, even though they didn't know why so many pieces of Dragon Jade suddenly landed on the Ninth Prince, the Ninth Prince and the other members were all surprised and excited.

The Dragon Winged Eagles suddenly flew over to Zhao Feng and disappeared.

"Brother Zhao!" The Ninth Prince's heart slightly shook. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to have prepared something like this. Now that the amount of draconic providence he had was so close to the Fourth Prince's, fighting back wasn't hopeless anymore. The Ninth Prince felt his blood boil.

Zhao Feng had a calm expression. He originally had ten Dragon Winged Eagles, but one of them was lost while gathering draconic providence.

The Fourth Prince watched all of this without saying anything. Even if the Ninth Prince's draconic providence had increased from these nine pieces of Dragon Jade, he still wasn't scared.

Someone behind the Fourth Prince suddenly called out, "There's still more Dragon Jades!"

Everyone instantly looked into the distance, and the Fourth Prince's expression finally changed. This time, it wasn't Dragon Winged Eagles that were flying over, but several other flying beasts.

Ding! Ding! Bam!

Three pieces of Dragon Jade landed on the Ninth Prince, and the draconic light behind him grew taller. Both the Fourth Prince's and Ninth Prince's draconic light had reached 7.4 yards.

Since Zhao Feng had sent these three flying beasts out earlier than the eagles, they had gathered slightly more draconic providence.

"Let's end this." The Fourth Prince's voice was deep as he slashed forward with his sword. The Ninth Prince had the same amount of draconic providence as him now, but the Fourth Prince still had the absolute advantage in base strength.

A golden flash of sword-light slashed toward the Ninth Prince like an ancient golden dragon.


When this sword descended, two flying beasts in the distance threw out the Dragon Jades in their claws toward the Ninth Prince. There was originally three, but one of them suffered an accident when gathering draconic providence.


Limitless power of lightning and draconic providence spread out. The Ninth Prince's sword unleashed peerless force that had broken through the Fourth Prince's attack.

"Good! This will be interesting." Battle-intent burned in the Fourth Prince's eyes, but he was originally stronger and still had the support of his team members, so his overall battle-power was still slightly stronger than the Ninth Prince.


However, just as the Fourth Prince finished speaking, the cry of another bird sounded in the sky and made his heart shake.

King of Gods Chapter 994 - Clash Of Draconic Providence

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