King of Gods Chapter 1080 Success

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Chapter 1080 - Success

"Anyone that comes here shall die!" Another crystal giant woke up. Zhao Feng's group and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' group felt a strong pressure.

"Brother Feng, things will be bad if this continues!" Zhao Yufei's expression became grim. She was surrounded in a layer of dazzling purple light as she unleashed waves of purple light that thudded against the crystal giants with every action.

Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei had both reached the level of a Sacred King in terms of battle-power, and they could even stall non-human Sacred Kings like Black Poison and Purple Poison. In order to do that though, they would have to use their full; Nan Gongsheng had to use the power of the Evil G.o.d while Zhao Yufei had to use her Spiritual Race bloodline.

However, even then, they didn't have an advantage against those two Sacred Kings. It was Zhao Feng defeating the other Sacred Lords that turned the tide.

At this point in time, it was far more difficult to slay these crystal giants that had the battle-power of a Sacred King. With the addition of more crystal giants, even Zhao Feng felt a sense of danger.

On the other hand, Nan Gongsheng was becoming fiercer by the second, but Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei knew that Nan Gongsheng had used too much power of the Evil G.o.d. Greed had tainted his eyes, but in reality, Nan Gongsheng was already exhausted.

"I'll use my Soul eye-bloodline techniques to stall them. Attack their hearts!" Zhao Feng immediately said.

Zhao Feng's physical attacks weren't as strong as Zhao Yufei's or Nan Gongsheng's. It was best to let them be the main offensive force while he used his Soul eye-bloodline techniques to disturb the crystal giants and other techniques to block the attacks of the other two crystal giants.

Weakening a Sacred King and taking their attacks head-on was a tough task for even Zhao Feng.

"Forbidden Illusion Lost World!"

Limitless soul power from Zhao Feng's Lightning Soul Body entered his left eye as it turned into a infinite purple-and-gold maze. This maze gave off an alluring sensation that disturbed the crystal giants' minds.

"Spiritual Light Sacred Strike!" Purple light glittered around Zhao Yufei as a large source of Mystic Light Sacred Power condensed in front of her and landed on one of the crystal giant's chest.

"Evil Sky Shattering Demonic Claw!" Nan Gongsheng's eyes flashed with purple-and-blood-colored lights as a terrifying and wicked purple-and-blood-colored Sacred Power formed into a giant evil claw that slashed toward the crystal giant's chest.

This crystal giant managed to regain its consciousness after being attacked, and it roared out loud as it waved its arms around. It was about to go on the offensive.

"Soul Chaos!" Zhao Feng focused his left eye once more and released a surge of mental energy that surrounded the crystal giant's consciousness and distracted it. At this moment, the crystal giant's attack suddenly descended. Zhao Feng used his Physical Force Lightning Domain and the Little World of Wind Lightning to block it and reduce the damage.

Nan Gongsheng took out his Golden Pond s.h.i.+eld and blocked the other monstrous attack.

"Continue the attacks!" Zhao Feng said. The trio knew what they had to do, and they attacked the crystal giant's weaknesses, severely injuring it.

Every time this crystal giant was about to attack, Zhao Feng would use a Soul eye-bloodline technique to distract it.

"It's about to die!" Nan Gongsheng roared as he used another wisp of Divine Power.

On the other side, Sacred King Black Poison's group was also facing a lot of pressure as they fought three crystal giants simultaneously.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms hid behind the two Sacred Kings and used his Eyes of Myriad Forms to continuously distract the crystal giants in support of the two Sacred Kings. The Eyes of Myriad Forms specialized in every element, and its power was very pure. He could even supply it directly to the two Sacred Kings.

"These crystal giants are way too strong!" Sacred King Purple Poison felt troubled, but it wasn't the critical moment yet. He couldn't use his hidden cards so easily; they still had to be on guard against Zhao Feng and company.

"They have someone that specializes in the Dao of the Soul in their group, so they have it easier than us!" Sacred King Black Poison glared at Zhao Feng with an ugly expression. These crystal giants had great power and defense, but their Soul Intent was relatively weak.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng's left eye glittered with purple fire as a terrifying undulation of eye-bloodline power appeared.


The next instant, the severely injured crystal giant's head exploded before it could escape, and the purple-golden lightning-fire burned across its body. This crystal giant then faced attacks from Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei head-on.


Nan Gongsheng grabbed the crystal giant's heart and took out the substandard G.o.d Crystals.

"That's the second!" Zhao Feng felt slightly tired. He had been using a lot of Sacred Power and Eye Intent since the battle started.

Nan Gongsheng's current situation wasn't much different from Zhao Feng's. Although he had broken through to the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, he hadn't consolidated his cultivation, so his offensive power wasn't as strong as it could've been.

On the other hand, while Zhao Yufei was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, her aura was extremely steady, and she maintained a stream of rhythmic attacks.

"There's not much time left! Quickly finish off these crystal giants!" Nan Gongsheng roared with a bloodthirsty and frenzied expression.

"Humans, how about all of us use some of our hidden cards to get rid of this trouble!?" Sacred King Black Poison suddenly said from the other side.

The two groups were on guard against one another, and this dramatically reduced the effort they were putting in. All six of them had used up a lot of energy and had injuries to different degrees. If this dragged on, it would only hurt everyone here and attract other groups.

Just as Zhao Feng was thinking, auras appeared from outside the wall.

"Another group is here!" Nan Gongsheng's heart tightened.

Are they human or Yao!? Sacred King Black Poison's heart shook. If it was only the six of them, the treasures they obtained would be split evenly, but now there was another group approaching. If they were going to lose out on treasure, Sacred King Black Poison hoped that they were at least allies.

"It's a group of non-humans!" Zhao Feng's left eye saw through the walls, and he noticed non-human experts speeding over. If he was correct, one of them was the Grand Elder of Demonic Sky Palace - DemiG.o.d Destruction!

One of the descendants of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes!

Zhao Feng's pupil contracted as he felt a sense of critical danger. No one else knew this yet; they were still waiting for the group to arrive. However, Zhao Feng got ready to tell this news to Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A strong surge of consciousness appeared from the ball of light at the very top of the cave and released a monstrous aura that could suppress everything in the world. All the crystal giants in the cave started to tremble and stopped attacking.

"What's going on?" Sacred King Black Poison was stunned as he looked at the ball of divine light.

"How is this possible? Could it be…!?" Zhao Feng was shocked as he stared at the ball of divine light with his left eye, and he immediately took in a cold breath.

That ball of light actually has its own consciousness! Could it have turned into a Yao Spirit just like the crystal giants!? Zhao Feng was in utter disbelief.

His left eye could see things that others couldn't. If it was just Divine Power, they had a chance to obtain it, but if this Divine Power had its own consciousness, it was now a Yao Spirit. How terrifying would this Yao Spirit be if it was able to use Divine Power!?

DemiG.o.d Destruction… and a Yao Spirit with Divine Power! At this moment, only Zhao Feng could sense these two critical dangers, but he still acted in a nonchalant manner on the surface.

"Little thieving cat!" Zhao Feng circulated his thoughts and communicated with the little thieving cat hiding in the darkness.

On the other side, Sacred King Black Poison, Sacred King Purple Poison, and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms were attracted by the disturbance coming from the Divine Power as well. After all, they teamed up in the first place for this Divine Power.

A silver streak of light suddenly flashed behind Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat gripped a normal spade and smacked it onto Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' head. The little thieving cat could transfer its stunning paw-strike through the spade and combine it with some of the spade's own power. In an instant, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' head shook.


The little thieving cat took off the necklace around its neck, which transformed into the image of a dark golden dragon that quickly wrapped around Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. The Dark Golden Dragon Snake Whip that wrapped around Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had the ability to numb and absorb Mystic Light Sacred Power, which made Sacred Lord Myriad Forms feel helpless when trying to fight back.

Miao miao!

After doing all of this, the little thieving cat opened its mouth, and a small dot of green light appeared. This small dot of green light was the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly!

The Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly immediately flapped its wings and released a whirlwind of half-transparent pollen that blew onto Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and spread out in every direction.

The little thieving cat's actions were extremely quick; it did all of this within an instant. The expressions of Sacred King Black Poison and Sacred King Purple Poison changed dramatically; they had been attracted by the weird disturbance coming from the ball of Divine Power.


Right as the two Sacred Kings prepared to attack, the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly opened its mouth and spat out a five-colored silk that filled the air. The combination of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Silk and the Dream Pollen heavily distracted the two Sacred Kings.


The next instant, the little thieving cat dragged the helpless Sacred Lord Myriad Forms away and turned into a flash of dark silver that disappeared.

"Humans, what have you done?" Sacred King Black Poison was stunned. He could tell that Zhao Feng had planned all of this from the beginning based on the cat's speed.

The little thieving cat did everything perfectly. The incoming arrival of another group and the disturbance of Divine Power had distracted them, and they let their guard down.

"Zhao Feng, what are you doing?" Nan Gongsheng paused. It was obvious that Zhao Feng didn't tell them about his plan either.

"The newcomer is DemiG.o.d Destruction. We need to leave!" Zhao Feng messaged them both in warning before waving his left hand to use the Misty Spatial World.

"What!?" The expressions of Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei changed dramatically. They didn't doubt what Zhao Feng said. If the group that was coming really was led by a DemiG.o.d of the non-humans, they might really die here.


The wall shattered, and several non-human figures charged in. The leader had one horn and black scaly armor. This was DemiG.o.d Destruction.

"Human, get back here!" DemiG.o.d Destruction's eyes released a brilliant beam of gold as he looked at Zhao Feng and company, but it was too late. The figures of Zhao Feng and company had already disappeared with a flash of silver.

DemiG.o.d Destruction's attack missed and landed on the crystal giant behind them.

"Senior Destruction!" Sacred King Black Poison and Sacred King Purple Poison had respectful expressions. They were joyful that the newcomers were non-humans, but they didn't expect there to be a DemiG.o.d in this team!

However, Zhao Feng and company left immediately after capturing Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, as if they knew that the newcomers would be DemiG.o.d Destruction's team, but how was that possible? The Divine Sense of a Sacred Lord couldn't pa.s.s through these walls unless one reached the level of a DemiG.o.d, but even then, it would be extremely weak. For example, DemiG.o.d Destruction had sensed Zhao Feng beforehand and immediately unleashed an attack, but only after getting pretty close.

Sacred King Black Poison and Sacred King Purple Poison were about to tell them the situation, but with a Boom!, the cave crumbled as a giant heavy figure descended before them.

King of Gods Chapter 1080 Success

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