King of Gods 838 Enormous Amoun

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Chapter 838 - Enormous Amount

"Pond Yao Spirit, hand over half of the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots, and I'll let you live."

Zhao Feng's forceful threat shocked everyone present. The combined forces of Jiu Wuji and Ji Lan barely managed to obtain one and a half Green Water Sky Lotuses, and now Zhao Feng was just asking for half of all the lotuses and lotus roots. The total amount was at least a couple hundred.

As soon as his words finished:


A wave of water surged from the pond, indicating the Yao Spirit's anger and disdain.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he opened his left eye-bloodline, and a purple arc of divine light shot out. A terrifying and condensed Soul eye-bloodline power transformed into a Mental Energy Spike and pierced into the green pond. As this spike emerged, the geniuses and elites present all felt a searing pain and a ma.s.sive pressure, and this was just a remnant shockwave.

Ji Lan's Purple Star Eyes started to tremble uneasily, and her Soul eye-bloodline power was suppressed.

Even an older elite like Jiu Wuji started to feel cold and uneasy.

"Arghh!" A screech came from the green pond.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Mental Energy Spike contained lightning and thunder, which started to explode when it pierced into the Yao Spirit's soul like a tribulation descending from the sky.

Now that Zhao Feng could use part of his Emperor Intent, he could use a small amount of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. In addition, his soul had been refined by the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, so even when he used a normal attack like the Mental Energy Spike, it contained the power and laws of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

Weng~~ Bam!

The ripples in the green pond became bigger as the scream in the soul dimension continued

Just one condensed Mental Energy Spike injured the Yao Spirit's consciousness.

"Watch as I destroy your consciousness!" Zhao Feng roared.

He had already seen through the Yao Spirit of the pond. The Yao Spirit was extremely strong, which was because of how it formed. After countless years of existing in this wonderful environment, it finally formed its own consciousness, and this pond was its body. However, compared to its raw power, the Yao Spirit didn't know how to strengthen its soul. All it did was sit there every day.

In terms of raw strength, this Yao Spirit was comparable to an Emperor, but it wasn't even able to leave the area of this pond. Although its soul was comparable to an Emperor's in terms of size, the quality, technique, and the actual power weren't even at the level of a King that specialized in the Dao of the Soul. Therefore, Zhao Feng's simple Mental Energy Spike already injured the Yao Spirit's consciousness.

A transparent Wind Lightning Eye Flame started to form in Zhao Feng's left eye. This was a powerful killing move; the elements of the Wind Lightning Eye Flame countered the pond Yao Spirit perfectly.

"What a terrifying Soul eye flame…." Ji Lan could feel how terrifying the Wind Lightning Eye Flame was. A normal King would be immediately slain by it, and their soul would be destroyed, giving them no chance to revive.

Zhao Feng was confident that this blow could severely injure the Yao Spirit's consciousness. If it went well, it could even crumble its consciousness.

Bo~ Bo~~

The water in the pond started to shake, as if showing the fear of the pond Yao Spirit. It didn't matter how strong its physical aspects were because they couldn't do anything against Zhao Feng's Soul eye flame.

"My Lord, spare me!" A green G.o.ddess radiating a powerful Water aura started to form in the middle of the pond. The geniuses and elites nearby all felt unable to breathe.

"My Lord, I'll give the Green Water Sky Lotuses and the Spiritual Flesh Jade Roots to you." The green water G.o.ddess looked extremely sympathetic.

This scene made Jiu Wuji, Ji Lan, and company dumbfounded. They did everything the could and only obtained one and a half lotuses, while Zhao Feng actually managed to force the pond Yao Spirit to give him all the lotuses and roots.

"Collect the spoils of war." Zhao Feng's left eye locked on to the green water G.o.ddess that was formed by the green pond.

"He managed to get them so easily…." Nan Gongsheng was dazed and unable to believe what was happening. Zhao Feng's orders shook him back into reality, and he quickly went to collect the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots.

Miao miao!

With a flash of silver-gray, a little cat landed in the pond and started to collect the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots.

Zhao Feng didn't do anything. He just stood there, and a cold glint of ice-blue appeared in his eyes that made the green water G.o.ddess feel like she was sealed in ice.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Nan Gongsheng and the little thieving cat quickly started to gather the spoils of war from the green pond.

Jiu Wuji and company nearby were dazed and filled with jealousy. Their unwillingness almost made them go crazy. There was a ma.s.sive amount of Green Water Sky Lotuses in the pond, not to mention the roots.

A while later, half of the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots were collected by Nan Gongsheng and the little thieving cat.

"That's fine." Zhao Feng waved his hand and stopped Nan Gongsheng and the little thieving cat.

He could tell that the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots concerned the pond Yao Spirit's foundation. Since it complied with his order, Zhao Feng was willing to let it live.

After organizing the spoils of war, they counted the number of Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots they had picked, and it amounted to about seven hundred.

"Zhao Feng, all these are yours." Nan Gongsheng only took ten Green Water Sky Lotuses and a few Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots.

In reality, at Nan Gongsheng's level, only a small number of Green Water Sky Lotus would be effective. Anything after that amount would just be a waste.

When one reached the Mystic Light Realm or the DemiG.o.d realm, they no longer needed just a high quant.i.ty of resources, they also needed high-quality resources. Similarly, if the resources weren't of high enough quality, one wouldn't be able to become an Emperor even if they had a whole bunch of resources.

"This many Green Water Sky Lotuses can create a bunch of Void G.o.d Realm Kings in the outside world."

Zhao Feng had his own plan. The Green Water Sky Lotus was split into the petals, leaves, fruits, and seeds, which helped Soul Intent, the physical body, and had healing capabilities. It was a peerless treasure for anyone below the Void G.o.d Realm.

Zhao Feng could use a few to consolidate his cultivation and further awaken his Emperor Intent.

"As for the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots… they have many uses…." A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

The Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots could create a powerful body; they weren't just mortal bodies made from flesh and blood… and Zhao Feng had the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, which allowed him to split his mind into countless thoughts.

As long as he had enough resources, he could create a batch of Jade Root Bodies, which he could then control with the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. He could use them to bait the enemy, or he could use them as suicide bombers, and under some situations, he could even transfer his soul between the different bodies. The ultimate stage would be "turning into a hundred million." His physical body would just be a place to stay while his soul remained immortal.

Of course, this was just a thought that Zhao Feng had after obtaining the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Root. He was going outside the box.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, are you not scared your hands will become hot after taking so many resources for yourself…?" Jiu Wuji's gaze was not nice.

The geniuses and elites from the Ji Family and Nine Darkness Palace had either red or green eyes as they stared at Zhao Feng. How could they be willing to see Zhao Feng take such a huge amount of resources by himself? Just one Green Water Sky Lotus or Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Root would be a peerless treasure in the outside world, let alone the giant pile Zhao Feng just acquired.

"What, you want to take some off us?" A playful smile formed on Zhao Feng's face.

Everyone froze. Zhao Feng said exactly what they were thinking. Any genius or elite would think about stealing some lotuses after seeing the amount the duo acquired.

However, Jiu Wuji and company were extremely wary of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo's strength. If they fought, they definitely wouldn't be able to keep the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo behind. Even worse though, if Zhao Feng used his true strength, it was very likely that their two forces would have ma.s.sive losses, and they didn't even know it.

The most important point was that they didn't even know Zhao Feng's methods or full strength. The purple-haired youth in their vision gave a smile. He was like the limitless ocean; no one knew how deep he was.

"We'll meet again later." Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng sped into the distance under a layer of silver and purple.

Ridiculous! The playful tone made Jiu Wuji almost explode.

"Eh!? Why are there so many tattered Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots here?" A genius suddenly exclaimed.

The place where Zhao Feng was just standing was filled with tattered or broken pieces of Green Water Sky Lotuses or withered and rotten Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots. All in all, they were substandard.

"Quick!" The geniuses present instantly started to fight over them, and chaos broke out amongst the two forces. There were only a couple dozen substandard ones left behind.

After all of it was taken, Jiu Wuji's expression was grim as he spoke through gritted teeth, "That d.a.m.n Zhao Feng definitely did it on purpose."

Zhao Feng had obtained a large amount of peerless lotuses and lotus roots, but he left a bunch of substandard ones behind for them to fight over. This was like a rich person leaving behind leftover food for beggars to fight over.

"They're a couple of bullies…!" Demonic light flashed around Jiu Wuji's body. He was about to go crazy.

"Hahaha!" Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng roared with laughter as they flew away under a layer of silver and purple.

Four hours later, the duo found a hidden cave and took out the Green Water Sky Lotuses.

"Zhao Feng, with these Green Water Sky Lotuses, I'll be able to break through to the late stages of the Void G.o.d Realm soon." Nan Gongsheng was extremely confident.

"Good." Zhao Feng took out a lotus seed and put it in his mouth as he circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts and started to consolidate the Emperor Intent that had just reawakened not long ago.

King of Gods 838 Enormous Amoun

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