King of Gods 1000 Purple Star Tower

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Chapter 1000 - Purple Star Tower

"Zhao Feng? I don't care if you plundered resources from the Ji Family in the Divine Illusion Dimension, but I can't allow you to be so close to Ji Lan." Ji Lian's tone changed as he warned Zhao Feng.

Even if Zhao Feng was a guest of the Ji Family, Ji Lian didn't need to be respectful to Zhao Feng. This was how proud the Eight Big Families were.

Ji Lan faltered for a moment before preparing to stop Ji Lian. With Zhao Feng's current status and the force behind him, even the Ji Family didn't want to form a bad relations.h.i.+p with him. Especially if the Ninth Prince became the Sacred Emperor, then the forces behind Zhao Feng would only become even stronger. They might only need a couple hundred years before surpa.s.sing the Ji Family entirely.

However, she suddenly realized that maybe Zhao Feng could help her get rid of Ji Lian.

"Ji Lan, I'll be going first then." Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as he said goodbye to Ji Lan.

Ji Lan was surprised. She didn't expect Zhao Feng to be so calm and just leave straight away.

She didn't want to face Ji Lian alone and was about to say something to Zhao Feng before realizing that she actually didn't know Zhao Feng that well.

Zhao Feng glanced at Ji Lian before leaving. This was the Ji Family, and Zhao Feng owed Sacred Lord Star Demon a big favor, so he didn't want to cause trouble.

"Did you hear what I just said!?" Ji Lian roared as he saw Zhao Feng's calm expression and how he was about to just leave. It was as if Zhao Feng had completely ignored him.

"Mind your own business." Zhao Feng's voice was cold as he continued to leave.

"What? You…!" Ji Lian's face went slightly red. Zhao Feng's words meant that he completely didn't put Ji Lian in his eyes.

"Where does your confidence come from when you're in the Ji Family's territory?" Ji Lian instantly turned around, and a faint ripple of eye-bloodline power flashed in his Purple Star Eyes.

"Don't!" Ji Lan immediately tried to stop Ji Lian. She didn't expect him to actually attack. However, it was too late; the release of an eye-bloodline technique only required an instant.

Chains made of purple mist appeared around Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng still slowly left as if he was completely unaffected.

"Hmph!" Ji Lian's face was green. Although he didn't put much effort into cultivation, there was no effect even after he took action. There were also other members of the same age group watching. Where would his face go after this?

Ji Lian instantly released all his Eye Intent. Ji Lian was an Emperor, and although his mastery of eye-bloodline techniques was just average among the Ji Family, this skill was enough to trap a peak Emperor in a world of illusions.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed. Although he was still completely unaffected, Ji Lian was starting to annoy him.

Even if Zhao Feng peacefully left today, Ji Lian might come trouble him again in the future. After all, Zhao Feng still needed to stay at the Ji Family for a while.

Zhao Feng suddenly turned around, and a purple-golden light started to flow through his left eye and turn into an endless abyss that was extremely alluring.

Ji Lian's illusion instantly broke apart.

"What?" Ji Lian's eyes shook as he instinctively looked at Zhao Feng's eyes. The next instant, Ji Lian arrived in a purple maze palace. The maze palace was surrounded by mist, and there was a storm of wind and lightning booming above.

"Ji Lian, what happened to you?" One of the people next to Ji Lian found that he seemed to have become an idiot and was just standing there.

Ji Lian had no reaction to anything they said. The two others tried all sorts of eye-bloodline techniques, but they all had no effect on him.

"What did you do to Ji Lian!?" The two disciples slightly panicked.

From this, they could obviously see how strong Zhao Feng was. However, Zhao Feng was destined to suffer if he took action against Ji Lian.

Zhao Feng didn't bother with them. He just turned around and left.

At this instant, Ji Lan also immediately followed behind him.

"You didn't do anything to him, right?" Ji Lan looked at Zhao Feng and was slightly worried. She was pretty skilled with illusions, and even she was surprised. What kind of illusion did Zhao Feng use that it was so effective against a member of the Ji Family?

One had to know that the members of the Ji Family not only had the Purple Star Eyes, which were extremely resilient against illusions, but they were also born and raised in this special misty area that increased resistance to illusions. The Ji Family also specialized in the Dao of the Soul and the Dao of Illusions as well, so they should easily be able to break through any illusion.

"He'll recover in a while." Zhao Feng thought for a moment before saying. The illusion he just used was a new illusion technique he had constructed by using the Eye of Illusion - Purple Star Chaos that he learned during his last encounter with the Ji Family, as well as some comprehensions he had gained in Sacred Lord Star Demon's secret hall earlier.

The technique didn't just drag the opponent's consciousness into his own illusion, it could also change one's senses, including their Divine Sense, to make them feel as if they were in a real world. It could completely trap the enemy in a world of illusion because they wouldn't know it was one.

When someone entered an illusion, most people knew that everything around them was fake, which is why they could struggle out of it. However, what if the person in the illusion thought everything around them was real?

Of course, Zhao Feng was just testing this illusion technique. He still needed to browse through more eye-bloodline techniques to perfect it.

Zhao Feng suddenly felt that he needed to pick up the Dao of the Soul and the Dao of Illusions again.

"Oh." Ji Lan nodded her head. Although she knew that Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline techniques were extremely powerful, she didn't expect that his mastery of illusions had reached such a high level as well.

"But you need to watch out for Ji Lian. He might trouble you later," Ji Lan warned, but then immediately felt that there was no need. Zhao Feng had been invited by Sacred Lord Star Demon personally. Adding on Zhao Feng's strength, there wasn't much Ji Lian could do to Zhao Feng. Even the upper echelon members behind Ji Lian shouldn't trouble Zhao Feng just for Ji Lian.

Zhao Feng then started to comprehend the books he had memorized when he returned to his room. He also started to multi-task and cultivate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and comprehend the laws of Destruction contained in the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

The Dao of Illusions had two paths. One was an offensive Dao of Illusion attack that could directly affect the soul. The other was a Dao of Illusion trap that was used as support.

Most members of the Ji Family chose Dao of Illusion attacks.

"The collection of the Ji Family is definitely the best in the continent." Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. He still remembered Meng Xi from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, who had the bloodline of the Nightmare Race, which was ranked 239th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

The unique ability of her Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was an illusion technique. If one trained the Dao of Illusions to a certain level, they might be able to obtain the strength of one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

"Master." Bi Qingyue's voice sounded from nearby.

"What is it?" Zhao Feng could communicate with her directly through the Dark Heart Seal.

"If Master wants to focus on the Dao of Illusions, you can maybe go the Purple Star Tower of the Ji Family," Bi Qingyue suggested.

The Ji Family's Purple Star Tower was extremely famous throughout the continent as a place to cultivate Soul and Illusion techniques. Many disciples of the Ji Family used family contribution points to trade for time in the Purple Star Tower, and she believed that Zhao Feng definitely didn't know about the Purple Star Tower.

"Purple Star Tower?" Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He really didn't know about it.

Bi Qingyue then told Zhao Feng some information regarding the Purple Star Tower.

Ji Lan came once more on the morning of the second day; "Zhao Feng, Sacred Lord Star Demon invites you over."

They arrived in Sacred Lord Star Demon's private hall and started to learn just like yesterday.

Ji Lan was very excited. She didn't expect that she would be able to stay with Zhao Feng again and still read the books here. At the same time, she could guess Sacred Lord Star Demon's intentions. Ji Lan knew that he was purposefully creating time for them to be alone together.

Ji Lan smiled bitterly and didn't disagree. The heart of any female might move due to a peerless genius like Zhao Feng, but she wasn't confident she could make Zhao Feng like her. Ji Lan was also very surprised at how much importance Sacred Lord Star Demon placed on Zhao Feng.

The light started to dim, and the room darkened.

"Senior Star Demon, this junior wishes to read the contents of the bookshelf on the right," Zhao Feng messaged Sacred Lord Star Demon in the next room.

"Oh?" Sacred Lord Star Demon's figure instantly appeared next to Zhao Feng with an expectant expression.

Zhao Feng then gave the Dark Eye Secret Manual that he had already made a copy of to Sacred Lord Star Demon.

"Dark Eye Secret Manual…? The Eyes of Death!" Sacred Lord Star Demon took the book in Zhao Feng's hand and started to read it.

"Little Friend Zhao. There's only some basic knowledge and theories in this book. It might be very useful to the disciples of the Ji Family." Sacred Lord Star Demon gave a faint smile, but his tone was euphemistic.

Zhao Feng smiled. He didn't have any hope at all. When he obtained the Dark Eye Secret Manual, he was only at the Small Origin Core Realm. While the Emperor of Death's mastery of eye-bloodline techniques was very high, it obviously wasn't as good as the strongest eye-bloodline family in the continent zone.

It was within Zhao Feng's expectations that Sacred Lord Star Demon wouldn't want the Dark Eye Secret Manual. However, Zhao Feng wouldn't tell him the theory behind the disintegration technique of his G.o.d Eye.

Then how about the Soul Eye Refining Technique? Zhao Feng thought for a moment but didn't take it out. The Soul Eye Refining Technique was the most precious soul-based eye-stealing technique in the Heaven's Legacy City. Furthermore, the Soul Eye Refining Technique was forbidden and caused a lot of harm.

Therefore, Zhao Feng took out the other soul-cultivating technique.

"Soul Splitting Technique?" Sacred Lord Star Demon was curious as he took the object from Zhao Feng's hand.

"Good!" Sacred Lord Star Demon exclaimed, frightening Ji Lan next to him.

What kind of secret technique can make Sacred Lord Star Demon so excited? Ji Lan's heart raced, and she admired Zhao Feng even more.

Sacred Lord Star Demon only closed the book after a long time and spoke with a smile. "Little Friend Zhao has three days of time to read the bookshelf on the right."

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. Although there was only one stage in the Soul Splitting Technique and it was wasn't even complete, the theories and ideas behind this technique were extremely stunning and broke tradition. Even the machines of the Heaven's Legacy City gave this technique a high rating, and he believed that Sacred Lord Star Demon was someone with good eyes.

Ji Lan was completely shocked. In her memory, Sacred Lord Star Demon had only let one person ever read the books in the right bookshelf.

"If Little Friend Zhao wants to improve the Soul Splitting Technique, there might be something you need in there," Sacred Lord Star Demon warned before leaving.

In a misty grand palace in the Ji Family:

"Great grandfather, that Zhao Feng attacked me and made me lose all face." Ji Lian knelt in a hall.

"You're the one who lost face for the Ji Family." An ancient dreamy voice sounded in the air.

"Understood. Lian'er knows that he was wrong, but that Zhao Feng-" Ji Lian's heart jumped as he continued.

"He is a guest that Star Demon brought here." The old voice interrupted Ji Lian. Ji Lian paused for a moment before disappointment flashed through his eyes, and he didn't speak anymore.

"However… the Ji Family supports the Eighth Prince, and Star Demon formed a good relations.h.i.+p with someone behind the Ninth Prince without even telling me…?" the old voice sounded once more.

King of Gods 1000 Purple Star Tower

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