King of Gods Chapter 1113 The Power Of The God Eye Descendants

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Chapter 1113 - The Power of the G.o.d Eye Descendants

"I have a secret technique. Once successfully activated, it can gather the power of the G.o.d Eye descendants and create a power that can destroy Heaven and Earth. It might be even able to threaten this True G.o.d. Of course, I've never actually tried this secret technique, so I'm not completely confident…." Sacred King Samsara slowly said.

The expressions of all experts from both lord dynasties changed slightly. Even DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor, who didn't have much hope, was extremely interested.

There was a legend; once all Eight Great G.o.d Eyes gathered together, they could summon the Supreme Ancestor Eye that could change Heaven and Earth and reform the laws of the universe. Of course, this was just a legend, and it was impossible for the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes to appear in the continent zone anyway, so no one knew whether this was true or not.

Sacred King Samsara's method seemed to be somewhat related to this legend, but Sacred King Samsara's method was to gather the power of the G.o.d Eye descendants, not G.o.d Eyes themselves, and there was no limit on the number.

"Sacred King Samsara, there's really a technique like this?" DemiG.o.d Destruction was stunned. This was the first time he had heard of such a technique.

"I've never tried it, so I'm not sure if it works or not…." Sacred King Samsara had a grim expression.

"Then give it a try!" DemiG.o.d Dark Dragon said. Although Sacred King Samsara didn't guarantee that it would be successful, if it did succeed, it might really contain the power to destroy Heaven and Earth. This might be the only method they had to counter True G.o.d Tian Fa. Otherwise, both lord dynasties would face destruction.

DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor also nodded his head. Many of the experts from both lord dynasties became slightly expectant.

Of course, only a few DemiG.o.ds were in the conversation. Everyone else from both lord dynasties were unaware of Sacred King Samsara's plan.

"Then let the descendants of the G.o.d Eyes from both lord dynasties appear!" Sacred King Samsara messaged.

"Hmm? Where's Sacred Lord Myriad Forms from the elephantmen race?" DemiG.o.d Dark Dragon's Divine Sense didn't find any signs of Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

"Reporting to the DemiG.o.d, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was captured by Zhao Feng!" Sacred Lord Sky Trampler from the elephantmen race immediately said.

"Zhao Feng, hand over Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!" DemiG.o.d Destruction immediately said.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng suddenly stopped cultivating. Why did DemiG.o.d Destruction suddenly ask for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms?

"Little Friend Zhao Feng, let Sacred Lord Myriad Forms out for now. We are doing this in order to deal with True G.o.d Tian Fa…." Sacred King Samsara messaged Zhao Feng about the origin of the matter.

"There's a secret technique that gathers the power of the Eight Great G.o.d Eye descendants?" Zhao Feng was very interested in Sacred King Samsara's secret technique as well.

"I will control Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!" Zhao Feng said coldly. It was impossible for him to hand over Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. It was only because of Sacred Lord Myriad Forms that DemiG.o.d Ferocity had chased after Zhao Feng for so long, so he wouldn't just give Sacred Lord Myriad Forms up so easily.

Zhao Feng's att.i.tude made all the DemiG.o.ds from both lord dynasties unhappy, but they couldn't say anything or else True G.o.d Tian Fa might sense something.


Zhao Feng let out Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and put the majority of his own energy into Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' mind in order to control him.

"Controlling Sacred Lord Myriad Forms with all my energy basically means that I'm partic.i.p.ating in this event myself using Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' ident.i.ty…." Zhao Feng was excited.


The black lines in the Eyes of Samsara suddenly started to spin, and a black-robed person with a pale face and one eye suddenly appeared.

"Zhao Feng!" The Emperor of Death howled, but the Eyes of Samsara was restricting him. He was unable to move or use any of his power.

The aura of a G.o.d Eye also appeared from within the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's body. The expressions of all the experts from both lord dynasties shook slightly when they sensed this aura. Why did the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's body contain the aura of a G.o.d Eye descendant?

"Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, release the Eye of Destiny!" Sacred King Samsara said directly.

Before Black Destruction Serpent Dragon knew what was going on, Bai Lin managed to calculate the unknown through the traces of destiny.


A normal female in white slowly walked out from the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's Origin Dimension.

"Master!" Bai Lin immediately called out.

"Bai Lin!" The Emperor of Death was slightly crazy as he revealed a sad expression.

"All of this is my fault!" the Emperor of Death said with regret.

After revealing herself, Bai Lin looked at Zhao Feng coldly and radiated killing intent.

"The Eyes of Destiny!"

Many experts were filled with shock. Although the Eye of Destiny had the lowest battle-power amongst the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes, it was the most profound and mystic G.o.d Eye.

Many of the experts present had never even heard of someone owning the Eyes of Destiny before, but the descendant with the Eyes of Destiny was standing right next to them now. They finally understood why the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was able to safely pa.s.s through the G.o.d corpse and avoid all the dangers.

Zhao Feng's expression became grim. He had noticed the existence of the Eyes of Destiny when he fought against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

He also wanted to kill Bai Lin, but there was nothing he could do right now. Zhao Feng didn't really care about the Emperor of Death at this point. The latter posed no threat to him anymore, and the Emperor of Death's current situation was actually pretty pitiful.

"The Eyes of Destruction, the Eyes of Myriad Forms, the Eyes of Destiny, the Eye of Death, and the Eyes of Samsara. Five descendants of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes are gathered here!"

The hearts of every expert here shook when they saw this scene. What would happen when the power of these G.o.d Eye descendants fused together?

"Five G.o.d Eye descendants…?" True G.o.d Tian Fa felt that something bad was going to happen. As someone that lived in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, he knew even more about the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes. Even in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes were G.o.ds that couldn't be touched!

"What can the measly descendants of the G.o.d Eyes do!?" True G.o.d Tian Fa roared.


True G.o.d Tian Fa's figure flashed and instantly approached the gathered forces of the two lord dynasties.

"Stop him!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor said, and the DemiG.o.ds of both lord dynasties started to take action. They couldn't allow True G.o.d Tian Fa to injure the G.o.d Eye descendants!

"I'll teach the technique to you all!" Sacred King Samsara messaged the descendants of the G.o.d Eyes.

Shua! Shua!

After receiving the technique, they immediately started to follow the requirements and work with Sacred King Samsara.

"Summon the power within the Origin Dimension?" Zhao Feng controlled Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' soul to enter the latter's Myriad Forms Dimension.

"Power of Origin!"

The Eyes of Myriad Forms' Power of Origin was the power of Myriad Forms - the incarnation of nature.


A rainbow-colored power was directed out by Zhao Feng, and it completely ignored the soul dimension, the physical dimension, and spatial laws.

At the same time, the other G.o.d Eye descendants summoned out their own Origin Power.

The color of everyone's eyes dimmed when they released this power. It was obvious that using the Power of Origin heavily affected their eyes.

"What are they going to do with that power?" True G.o.d Tian Fa lost his confidence when he felt the terrifying power.

Although the power was actually very weak, each surge of power was an ultimate law that normal people couldn't control. Even True G.o.d Tian Fa didn't know what would happen if all these powers gathered together, but he had a bad feeling.

"I'll just kill them then!" True G.o.d Tian Fa snickered coldly.

"Don't even think about it!"

"Stop him!"

The DemiG.o.ds of the two lord dynasties instantly started to use their own skills. They became more expectant when they saw True G.o.d Tian Fa place so much importance on the combined power of the five G.o.d Eye descendants.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The five G.o.d Eye descendants all started to use a complex hand seal at the same time.

"Freeze!" Sacred King Samsara roared as he activated his Eyes of Samsara.


The five Powers of Origin were led by his power of Samsara and combined into a mystic power that no one recognized, but it scared them all.

This ball of power suddenly seemed to evolve.


A terrifying ultimate power instantly appeared across Heaven and Earth. This power was completely void as if it didn't even exist, yet it also affected everything in the world as if it was a G.o.d!

"The aura of a G.o.d Eye!"

At this moment in time, the descendants of the G.o.d Eyes felt a unique aura within this power.

"Go!" Sacred King Samsara said lightly.

Boom! Peng!

Right at this instant, the DemiG.o.ds of both lord dynasties were pushed aside by True G.o.d Tian Fa, and many DemiG.o.ds were heavily injured by a surge of bloodline Divine Power.

"That power…!?" True G.o.d Tian Fa's eyes froze. When facing this power, his body, bloodline, and soul seemed to give up resistance and instinctively wanted to bow.

"What is this power?"

"I can't understand it!"

The DemiG.o.d experts of the two lord dynasties were the same as True G.o.d Tian Fa. They were in extreme awe of this power, and they were about to bow down to it.

"Dark Cloud Flas.h.!.+" True G.o.d Tian Fa felt a sense of danger for the first time and instantly used a divine technique.

Shua! Shua!

True G.o.d Tian Fa left behind a blur of afterimages as he instantly moved away a very long distance. However, when his figure stopped, the mysterious void power that dominated all other powers appeared in front of him.

"How is this possible!?" True G.o.d Tian Fa's expression turned to shock. This power had broken through s.p.a.cetime itself and directly descended on him.


A storm of devastating destruction blew out from the center of the explosion.

Shua! Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

A black hole formed in the center of the explosion and engulfed all the physical and soul powers nearby!

"What terrifying power!"

"Is he dead?"

The DemiG.o.d experts were in utter shock as they locked their eyes on the black hole storm.

At this instant, the five G.o.d Eye descendants were all standing still. At the instant of activation, they seemed to gain comprehension of a secret power that no one else could. None of them knew how to explain it, but they felt an aura of a G.o.d Eye.

However, Zhao Feng realized that the mysterious golden ball within the dimension of his left eye started to tremble as if something was about to come out.

"Success!" Sacred King Samsara's eyes were filled with joy. At least three G.o.d Eye descendants needed to be together in order to use this technique, so this was his first time using it.

He originally didn't want to reveal this secret technique, but the two lord dynasties weren't True G.o.d Tian Fa's match. If they lost, the life of every expert present would be controlled by True G.o.d Tian Fa, including his, so he had to do so.

"If I can control this power for myself…" Sacred King Samsara was full of excitement.

Boom! Peng!

A deafening explosion sounded from the center of the explosion that was starting to calm down.

"All of you are courting death!" True G.o.d Tian Fa's enraged roar sounded.


True G.o.d Tian Fa's body appeared with a flash. There was a hole in his body, and the majority of the Seven Ocean Demonic Dragon Armor was shattered and dim.


True G.o.d Tian Fa spat out a mouthful of black blood.


The shattered parts of True G.o.d Tian Fa's Divine Body slowly started to move and recover.

King of Gods Chapter 1113 The Power Of The God Eye Descendants

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