King of Gods Chapter 1120 End Of Samsara

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Chapter 1120 - End of Samsara

"How is this possible?" Sacred King Samsara's expression changed dramatically. He had never met such a situation before in his life. Without any Samsara Immortal Bodies protecting him, it would be impossible for Sacred King Samsara to match up against Zhao Feng.

If Sacred King Samsara was at his peak, he would have several Sacred Kings and several late-stage Sacred Lords, with countless other Mystic Light Realm experts as well as two substandard G.o.d weapons. Even DemiG.o.ds wouldn't be able to kill him. Furthermore, Sacred King Samsara had the Eyes of Samsara. His ability to survive was very great, or else he wouldn't be alive after offending so many forces from both lord dynasties.

However, fear started to appear in Sacred King Samsara's heart as he looked at Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, you can't kill me. You already saved Liu Qinyin and took away that substandard G.o.d weapon. Instead of having one more enemy, why not have one more friend?" Sacred King Samsara looked at Zhao Feng and said through gritted teeth.

Zhao Feng had a cold expression. His killing intent toward Sacred King Samsara didn't decrease at all.

It didn't really matter that Sacred King Samsara had tricked him; the main thing was that Sacred King Samsara had lied to Liu Qinyin and wanted to kill her in order to break through. Zhao Feng couldn't stand this. Liu Qinxin finally managed to change her fate and obtain new life, but she was almost killed by Sacred King Samsara without even knowing anything?

"Start of Samsara!" Seeing Zhao Feng remain unmoved, Sacred King Samsara used the Start of Samsara once more. This time, he summoned back all the other Samsara Immortal Bodies.

The next instant, black figures shot out of Sacred King Samsara's left eye one after another. There were about eighty Samsara Immortal Bodies; more than twenty were at the Mystic Light Realm, while the rest were all at the Void G.o.d Realm.

Most of these Samsara Immortal Bodies were suppressed by the little thieving cat and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, some were fighting against the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, while others had been completing various tasks for Sacred King Samsara elsewhere.

Zhao Feng saw the Emperor of Death, as well as Sacred Lord Black Shark, the man who tried to the Ninth Prince.

"A sinful person!" Zhao Feng looked at Sacred King Samsara. It was hard to imagine how many experts Sacred King Samsara had killed in his life.

At the same time, Zhao Feng instantly went on guard. Although he wasn't scared of these weaklings, Sacred King Samsara wouldn't do something that was completely useless.

"Restrictions of Samsara!" Sacred King Samsara circulated both his eyes and released a powerful surge of Samsara Intent, which entered these Samsara Immortal Bodies.

Hu~ Hu~

The bodies and souls of the Samsara Immortal Bodies started to fade away and turn into a dark mist that surrounded Zhao Feng.

"Dammit, several dozen millennia of hard work…!" Sacred King Samsara was extremely unwilling to do this. When using the Restrictions of Samsara against the enemy, the souls of his Samsara Immortal Bodies would also be released.

"Dark Shadow Instant Movement!" Sacred King Samsara used a secret technique and turned into a flash of gray light that disappeared into the sky.

"This power…"

A dark mist covered the area around Zhao Feng. This dark mist could block everything, including his Soul Intent and consciousness.

Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!

Zhao Feng thrust out a scarlet palm of lightning, but he found that his attack disappeared completely after entering the dark mist.

The next instant, a scarlet palm of lightning shot toward Zhao Feng from behind.

Zhao Feng immediately circulated his power to block it.

"The power of Samsara doesn't belong to the physical or soul dimensions. It is similar to the power of Destiny; a unique power that is hard to touch!" Zhao Feng had a grim expression.

"Hmph, then I'll just use absolute power to break everything!"

Zhao Feng had to kill Sacred King Samsara today. He couldn't allow himself to be trapped here. Zhao Feng raised his right hand and extended the purple-and-gold-colored finger. This finger was surrounded by faint cold air.


Zhao Feng released part of the seal and pointed out.

Boom! Peng!

A desolate and strong bloodline Divine Power turned into a beam of purple-and-blood-colored light that shot forward and pierced through everything. The dark mist around Zhao Feng was instantly pushed aside!

However, Zhao Feng's heart hurt because the attack just now used over 10% of the power from the G.o.d blood.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+" Zhao Feng used his Sacred Power of Wind Lightning and turned into a streak of scarlet light that disappeared into the sky.

Sacred King Samsara was running as fast as he could in the sky.

"Many experts died in the G.o.d corpse. I will be able to create even stronger Samsara Immortal Bodies in the future after I recover. At that point in time, I will definitely turn Zhao Feng and everyone related to him into Samsara Immortal Bodies and never let them enjoy freedom for eternity…."

Sacred King Samsara felt extremely humiliated and angry. Being the descendant of a G.o.d Eye and a Sacred King that stood at the peak of the continent, he had never been in such a situation before.

However, in the next instant, Sacred King Samsara's body turned cold even though he had already run away for ten thousand miles. It was as if a piercing aura had locked onto him.


A scarlet-golden arrow seemed to jump out of s.p.a.ce itself as it pierced through Sacred King Samsara's body.

"What's going on?" Sacred King Samsara's expression turned to shock.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A powerful Intent of Wind Lightning crushed toward him.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!" The instant Zhao Feng approached, he used an eye-bloodline technique.

Bam! Whoos.h.!.+

A purple-and-gold lightning-fire exploded in Sacred King Samsara's face, and the extreme pain made him stop for a moment.

"You actually managed to escape?" Sacred King Samsara's expression lost all color. Zhao Feng had managed to break through his Restrictions of Samsara in such a short amount of time!?

"Mental Energy Spike! Soul Illusion Charge!"

Seeing that his eye-bloodline technique wasn't very effective against Sacred King Samsara, Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Eye Intent and released some different eye-bloodline techniques.

"Arghhhh…! Zhao Feng, treat others the way you want to be treated!" Sacred King Samsara was being tortured by Zhao Feng and would be unable to escape, but Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline techniques were unable to kill him. Having a Samsara Immortal Body and the Eyes of Samsara, Sacred King Samsara's defenses and soul recovery speed exceeded the limits of most Sacred Kings.

"As expected, he's very hard to kill!"

While Sacred King Samsara's soul-defending capabilities weren't as strong as Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye, his soul recovery speed was very strong.

Shu~~ Weng! Weng!

Zhao Feng merged the remaining power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning into his left eye.

"Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!"

A ball of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols appeared in Zhao Feng's left eye. Each G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbol glittered with a soul flame as it turned into a crystalline purple soul-fire.

Boom! Peng!

A ball of burning G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols released a terrifying Soul aura as it bombarded Sacred King Samsara's head.

"Arghhh!" Sacred King Samsara screamed out in pain. Right now, he felt like he would rather die. After losing his soul-defending treasure earlier, he was unable to stop the offense of Zhao Feng's G.o.d Tribulation Lightning power despite his Samsara Immortal Body's recovery speed.

After bearing the attack of the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame, Sacred King Samsara became very weak.

"Zhao Feng, spare me, and I will hand over the method of combining the powers of the G.o.d Eye descendants!"

Sacred King Samsara believed that Zhao Feng wouldn't decline this offer. Now that Zhao Feng had Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and an Eye of Death, he would only need one more G.o.d Eye bloodline in order to use this secret technique on his own. No expert in the continent zone would be able to disobey this power that could destroy Heaven and Earth.

Even though he was bent on killing Sacred King Samsara, Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly for a moment.

"Hmph, die!" Zhao Feng's expression was cold. Although he really wanted Sacred King Samsara's secret technique, he was someone that had morals. Those that needed to die would die!

Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng kept on using Soul eye-bloodline techniques to weaken Sacred King Samsara's soul. If Zhao Feng was facing someone else right now, he could just use the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye to suck their soul away, but Sacred King Samsara had the Eyes of Samsara and a very strong Soul Intent. If Sacred King Samsara decided to self-destruct in the process, Zhao Feng might be killed since he was so close to the opponent.

"Arghhhhh…! Die!" Sacred King Samsara's expression contorted as he poured all his soul power, Sacred Power, and the Intent of Samsara into his Eyes of Samsara.


Sacred King Samsara compressed his power and released it through the Eyes of Samsara. A terrifying wave of power swept across Heaven and Earth, shattering mountains and destroying rivers.


Zhao Feng was already on guard and instantly used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique to dodge the explosion's range.

"Hmph, where do you think you're running to!?" Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye locked onto a certain object and chased after it. He had already sensed that Sacred King Samsara only self-destructed one of the eyes.

The Eyes of Samsara were split into the Samsara of Life and the Samsara of Death. The eye that exploded was the Samsara of Death while the eye containing the Samsara of Life took part of Sacred King Samsara's Soul Intent and escaped.

Zhao Feng took out the Sky Locking Bow and shot out several arrows.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Scarlet-golden Wind Lightning and surges of Soul power landed against the dark soul.

"Zhao Feng, I admit that you're very strong, but you can't kill me!" Sacred King Samsara suddenly said arrogantly after seeing Zhao Feng catch up.

"Samsara Rebirth!"

Sacred King Samsara's Soul Intent poured into the eye. Sacred King Samsara was full of hatred and regret. He hated the fact that Zhao Feng had forced him into a situation like this, and he regretted that he offended Zhao Feng.

He was now using the last secret technique of the Samsara of Life. He would lose everything and be reborn.

"A sinner like you still wants to reincarnate!?" Zhao Feng approached and circulated his Eye Intent.

"Gaze of the G.o.d Eye!"

An endless purple whirlpool that was connected to a limitless maze appeared in Zhao Feng's left eye.

At this moment, Sacred King Samsara's Soul Intent was very weak. Even if he self-destructed again, he wouldn't be able to cause much damage, so Zhao Feng used the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye directly. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's Gaze of the G.o.d Eye was now combined with the Forbidden Illusion Lost World, so its ability to control and deceive was even stronger!

"Don't!" Sacred King Samsara's Soul Intent had just entered the Samsara of Life and lost all resistance.


The eye containing the Samsara of Life was sucked into the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye. On the other hand, Sacred King Samsara's faint Soul Intent lost its connection with the eye of Samsara of Life at the critical moment of reincarnating and failed. His Soul Intent was then destroyed by the power of Samsara that existed in Heaven and Earth.

"So close!" Zhao Feng felt lucky. If he was just a step slower or if the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye was just a bit weaker, Sacred King Samsara might have successfully reincarnated. Luckily, he managed to kill Sacred King Samsara, and he also obtained the eye containing the Samsara of Life.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng's thoughts twitched, and he looked into the distance in a certain direction as he sensed something. A stunning female that seemed to come from a painting was standing in the distance.

"You killed my master!" Liu Qinyin was in a daze as her eyes became watery, and she was filled with sadness and helplessness.

King of Gods Chapter 1120 End Of Samsara

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