King of Gods Chapter 1121 Liu Qinyin's Decision

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Chapter 1121 - Liu Qinyin's Decision

"You killed my master!" Liu Qinyin was in a daze as her eyes became watery, and she was filled with sadness and helplessness.

As far back as she could remember, she had always been with her master. To her, her master was her only family; Sacred King Samsara was like a father to her. Although the Emperor of Death said that Sacred King Samsara sent him to kill her, Liu Qinyin didn't believe it. She didn't understand why her master would do that.

"He wanted to kill both you and me, so I had to kill him!" Zhao Feng didn't know where to start, so he just gave a simple explanation.

Liu Qinyin stood in a daze and didn't speak. Hearing Zhao Feng say that Sacred King Samsara wanted to kill her somehow made her want to believe. She hoped that the male in front of her wasn't lying to her. However, if this was real, that meant she didn't have any family in this world anymore. Sadness and helplessness washed over her heart.

"All of this is real. I won't lie to you ever again!" Zhao Feng said. He thought that Liu Qinyin didn't believe him. No normal person would believe him if they were in this situation.

"You lied to me in the past?" Liu Qinyin looked at Zhao Feng with slight resentment.

Zhao Feng stood there and looked at Liu Qinyin. At this moment, Liu Qinyin's image combined with the image of Liu Qinxin in Zhao Feng's memories. The two were extremely similar, whether it be their appearance, aura, or the emotion in their eyes.

At this instant, Zhao Feng's heart was deeply touched.

"I lied to you in your previous life!" Zhao Feng said decisively. It didn't matter whether or not Liu Qinyin believed him, he would respond with the truth. Zhao Feng didn't want to and wouldn't lie to her.

Zhao Feng could feel how s.h.i.+tty Liu Qinyin's current life was, and he could almost feel what she was feeling right now. Zhao Feng's heart hurt. He wanted to heal Liu Qinyin's heart and protect her. It didn't matter whether or not she remembered what had happened, he just didn't want Liu Qinyin to be injured.

"Previous life?" Liu Qinyin's body shook.

"This is your next life. At that time, you were called Liu Qinxin!" Zhao Feng felt that his words didn't make much sense, so he waved his hand and took out some of his memories.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

Screens of purple-and-gold light appeared around Liu Qinyin, and they contained countless images. Every image contained a female in white that was extremely similar to her. At this moment in time, even Zhao Feng was completely immersed in the past.

"These are my memories. They can't be forged!" Zhao Feng said.

"These are your memories?" Liu Qinyin's eyes started to become teary as she looked at the images. These images were Zhao Feng's memories, but they were the same images in her dreams!

Liu Qinyin suddenly understood that Zhao Feng was the youth whose name she couldn't remember in her dreams.

"So, all of that is real, and it was my previous life…." Liu Qinyin murmured. In reality, she had already foreseen this result.

Zhao Feng's expression changed. It seemed as if Liu Qinyin already knew a little bit about her previous life.

"Liu Qinyin, come with me!" Zhao Feng said in a solemn tone. From this moment onward, Zhao Feng wanted to protect Liu Qinyin and not let her experience any pain.

"I can't go with you!" Liu Qinyin's eyes suddenly became clear.

"Why? You don't believe that this is real?" Zhao Feng's heart faintly shook.

"I do, but I'm not Liu Qinxin anymore. You don't need to fulfill the promise from back then!" Liu Qinyin said in a certain tone. Liu Qinyin didn't know how to face Zhao Feng either - whether to use her current ident.i.ty of the ident.i.ty of her previous life.

After saying that, Liu Qinyin walked past Zhao Feng.

"Where are you going?" Zhao Feng immediately asked. Where would Liu Qinyin go now that she had no one to rely on?

"To find the end of my dreams!" Liu Qinyin said with a decisive gaze. The moment her memories had completely awakened, she seemed to have seen something. She had to understand it no matter what.

Zhao Feng stood motionless. He didn't know what Liu Qinyin was talking about, and he had no right to stop her.

Just like that, Zhao Feng watched as Liu Qinyin slowly left.

"Bi Qingyue, make sure every intel agent in the continent zone pays attention to this person!" Zhao Feng communicated with Bi Qingyue through the Dark Heart Seal and sent Liu Qinyin's appearance and current location to Bi Qingyue.

"This still isn't enough…!" Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

"Old Monster Xu, I'm giving you a mission to protect someone right now!" Zhao Feng immediately communicated with Old Monster Xu, who was further away.

Now that his Soul Intent had reached the level of a Sacred King, his senses through the Dark Heart Seal were even greater. Amongst his subordinates, Bi Qingyue and Supreme Emperor Dark Night both had important tasks, and Zhao Feng couldn't protect Liu Qinyin in secret himself, so he chose Old Monster Xu.

Zhao Feng then returned to the Hall of G.o.ds. If there wasn't Nine Darkness Palace and some other enemies in hiding, Zhao Feng would have followed Liu Qinyin in secret by himself.


Zhao Feng used the Misty Spatial World, and his figure disappeared amongst a flash of silver. He soon arrived at the Hall of G.o.ds.

"Since most of the forces from both lord dynasties are gathered at the G.o.d Tribulation barren grounds on the battlefield, news of me killing Sacred King Samsara will probably take some time to spread!" Zhao Feng a.n.a.lyzed.

Killing Sacred King Samsara was actually a bad thing in that sense. All the forces of both lord dynasties would think that Zhao Feng killed Sacred King Samsara for the secret technique that could gather the power of the G.o.d Eye descendants. This meant that both lord dynasties would be suspicious about whether Zhao Feng had that secret technique or not.

This secret technique was too important; even the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn't sit still. This would push Zhao Feng to the peak of everyone's attention, but at the same time, they wouldn't dare to offend Zhao Feng easily!

"Strength is everything. If my strength was high enough to make both lord dynasties worry, then I wouldn't have any worries!"

Zhao Feng's will to become strong was further toughened. However, it was too hard to reach a level that both lord dynasties would be wary of, so Zhao Feng needed to expand the power of his organization.


Zhao Feng put the last bottle of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey into the dimension of his left eye so he could replicate it.

After the small evolution of his G.o.d Eye, Zhao Feng's duplication ability became stronger.

Five days later:

"Take these resources and raise a group of Sacred Lords with potential in the shortest amount of time possible!" Zhao Feng handed an interspatial ring to Bi Qingyue.

Apart from the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey that could increase one's chance of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, it also contained some resources that he had obtained in the Ancient Dream Realm and the G.o.d corpse. Almost all of these resources were useless to Zhao Feng, but they were very useful to peak Emperors and normal Sacred Lords.

Zhao Feng believed that Bi Qingyue would sort all this out well. After giving out the orders, Zhao Feng immediately entered seclusion.

"I obtained a lot in the G.o.d corpse. If I manage to digest all of this, my overall strength will increase dramatically!" Zhao Feng said with a tough gaze.

He then used the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to mult.i.task.

The first of his thoughts cultivated the Divine Forming Technique. Zhao Feng had already managed to learn its first steps, and he would be able to refine Divine Power into his own soon. After obtaining Divine Power, Zhao Feng's physical attacks would become much stronger, and he would be able to use the power of the Ancient G.o.d Seal. Zhao Feng was looking forward to seeing the power of his first divine weapon.

Zhao Feng used the second of his thoughts to a.n.a.lyze the technique to create his second clone. Bi Qingyue had messaged Zhao Feng with many books and theories regarding clones. Zhao Feng believed that he would be able to form his second clone before long, and the battle-power of this clone would come in handy very quickly.

Zhao Feng used the third of his thoughts to absorb the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. Zhao Feng first completely absorbed the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning from the DemiG.o.d head.

"Lightning Tribulation Crystal…!" Zhao Feng took out a golden-white crystal pearl that flashed with lightning. The instant this Lightning G.o.d Crystal pearl appeared, a Destructive force of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning spread.

At this instant, everyone within the Hall of G.o.ds felt their souls and bodies shake.


Zhao Feng instantly put this G.o.d Crystal into the dimension of his left eye.

"Xin Wuheng, thank you!" Zhao Feng smiled and said. He felt like Xin Wuheng had purposely prepared this Lightning G.o.d Crystal specifically for him. A Lightning G.o.d Crystal that contained the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning wasn't something that normal Lightning G.o.d Crystals could be compared to. Furthermore, the quant.i.ty and quality of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning within this Lightning G.o.d Crystal exceeded Zhao Feng's imaginations. It would definitely be enough for Zhao Feng to use.

While Zhao Feng was in seclusion, the power of the G.o.d Tribulation in the G.o.d Tribulation barren grounds was starting to fade away.

Almost the entire G.o.d corpse had been blasted into smithereens, so no precious treasures were left behind. There were only a few not-too-bad G.o.d Tribulation Lightning storage items, and they were taken away by the experts of both lord dynasties.

The peak experts of the two lord dynasties then returned to their strongholds to recover their injuries or attempt a breakthrough.

However, at this moment, a shocking piece of news started to spread. Sacred King Samsara, the person who had done the most against the True G.o.d expert, had been slain by Zhao Feng. This news shocked the peak forces of both lord dynasties.

At the same time, Bi Qingyue picked out a group of members from the Hall of G.o.ds that had contributed a lot and had potential. She then gave them resources that could allow them to break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

At this moment, all the members and disciples of the Hall of G.o.ds were filled with hot blood, and they were filled with admiration and respect for their Grand Elder Zhao Feng.

The success rate of them breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm reached over 80% with the help of the Hundred Origin Sacred honey and the protection of draconic providence. The overall strength of the Hall of G.o.ds increased once more.

Several dozen days later, Zhao Feng opened his eyes.


A holy golden-white light gave off a supreme power as it appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. This was the first surge of Divine Power he had refined from a normal G.o.d crystal and the Divine Forming Technique.


A triangular black piece of metal appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. He was looking forward to testing out his divine weapon.

King of Gods Chapter 1121 Liu Qinyin's Decision

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