King of Gods Chapter 1018 In Spite Of Oneself

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Chapter 1018 - In Spite of Oneself

"This is my granddaughter, Tie Hongling. She has always wanted to meet Little Friend Zhao, and she can finally do so today!"

The gorgeous female immediately walked forward after the white-robed elder finished speaking.

"I'm Tie Hongling, and I'm privileged to meet Young Sir Zhao!" Tie Hongling's voice sounded, and she gave a faint bow. Her plentiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s were about to leap out, and she gave a faint smile as she inspected Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed, and he looked at the white-robed elder. This time, the Tie Family's att.i.tude was very different from before, and they didn't even mention his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline yet. Zhao Feng didn't know what the Tie Family's intentions were.

"Hongling has heard of Young Sir Zhao's stories a long time ago, and Young Sir Zhao is indeed handsome and strong as the stories say!" Tie Hongling started to speak.

In reality, the Tie Family was planning on using her to tie Zhao Feng to them with marriage.

Tie Hongling was the number one beauty of the Tie Family, and she had countless males after her from all Eight Big Families, but she didn't like any of them.

The Tie Family placed great importance on Zhao Feng's display in the Crown Prince trial. Her grandfather even came up with the idea of having her marry Zhao Feng.

Tie Hongling had obviously come this time to see her future husband. She wanted to see what differences this male with the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline had in comparison to the other geniuses of the Tie Family. If all Zhao Feng had was the bloodline but was useless in every other respect, she wouldn't agree. However, seeing Zhao Feng's calm att.i.tude, handsome face, and cold eyes, Tie Hongling's heart swayed.

"I've also heard that Young Sir Zhao is only an Emperor but has the battle-power of an early stage Mystic Light Realm. May I know if I can witness Young Sir Zhao's handsome figure?"

Seeing that Zhao Feng didn't say anything for a long time, Tie Hongling thought that she had dazzled Zhao Feng and gave a confident smile.

She was extremely satisfied by Zhao Feng's bloodline, appearance, and display. Now she wanted to see if Zhao Feng was really as strong as the rumors said.

"Lady Hongling is extremely gorgeous and stunning. You've managed to become a Quasi-Sacred Lord at such a young age. That is something that I can't compare to."

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes as he inspected this girl. In terms of bloodline, she might be even stronger than Tie Lingyun. As for why she didn't partic.i.p.ate in the Crown Prince trial, perhaps she had failed to obtain the particular spot she wanted.

"Hahaha, Little Friend Zhao doesn't need to be humble. My granddaughter is very compet.i.tive. Why doesn't Little Friend show her a move or two?" The white-robed elder laughed, and a surge of Sacred Lord-level Magnificent Power covered Zhao Feng and Tie Hongling.


The scenery in front of them changed, and they arrived in another dimension as a hot aura swept over them. In front of them was an area made from lava and countless volcanoes. There was even a volcano spewing lava not far away.

Zhao Feng was faintly surprised. This Little World was close to a real dimension and gave others a realistic feeling.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned over the place and found that this dimension had the elements of Water, Fire, and Earth.

"Senior, you're not planning for me and your granddaughter to fight here, right?"

Zhao Feng was helpless. The white-robed elder had brought Zhao Feng into his Little World without even asking for his opinion, but there was nothing Zhao Feng could do.

"This is my first time seeing Young Sir Zhao. We don't want to damage our relations.h.i.+p; how about we only exchange three blows?" Tie Hongling asked.

She was very interested in the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and Zhao Feng's current att.i.tude suited her. This was very rare. Three moves would be enough to see Zhao Feng's true strength.

"It's just three moves. Little Friend Zhao doesn't need to be so respectful." the white-robed elder said in a forceful tone.

In reality, he was forcing Zhao Feng to show his strength this time to make the upper echelon of the Tie Family witness it as well. Only then would they know if it was worth wedding Tie Hongling to Zhao Feng or not.

After all, Zhao Feng disliked the Tie Family, and the chance of him actually joining was quite low. They could only go for the second best and let Zhao Feng leave a few "seeds" behind for the Tie Family. However, Zhao Feng wouldn't be interested in normal females.

"Okay, three moves." Zhao Feng nodded his head.

In the next instant, Zhao Feng used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and circulated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body as he charged toward Tie Hongling and punched out.

If it was just three moves, then Zhao Feng would take the lead and end it quickly.

Zhao Feng knew that the white-robed elder wanted to see his true strength, so he didn't dare to underestimate Tie Hongling. However, he couldn't use his eye-bloodline or else the white-robed elder and the others from the Tie Family that were hiding would be dissatisfied and make the situation even more troublesome.

As long as he pa.s.sed this stage for now, Zhao Feng would be able to leave with the Ninth Prince to go to Lan Province the next day and completely leave the Tie Family. In the future, Zhao Feng would try his best not to come to Ling Province unless he was strong enough or unless his force was at a level that the Tie Family wouldn't dare to do anything to him.


A powerful physical force merged with the Fire of Wind Lightning and exploded from Zhao Feng's fists.

Ding! Peng!

Two blood-red curved blades appeared in Tie Hongling's hands and blocked Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Dominating Fist.

"Young Sir Zhao is really impatient!" Tie Hongling's s.e.xy voice sounded next to Zhao Feng. She was dissatisfied that Zhao Feng wanted to end this fight as soon as possible.

What power! Zhao Feng exclaimed in his heart. He knew that, in order to utilize the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, members of the Tie Family would have to train body-strengthening techniques. However, Tie Hongling's power was much stronger than Tie Lingyun's during the Crown Prince trial.


The bloodline within Tie Hongling's body suddenly erupted and caused her wicked red hair to blow in the wind. A gla.s.s-like red color also appeared on her skin, making her seem as if she was a work of art.


Zhao Feng was pushed back, and a fiery sensation washed over his Sacred Lightning Body.

At this moment, Tie Hongling floated in the air and was surrounded by fiery flames, as if she was a G.o.ddess of fire - elegant and n.o.ble.

Whoos.h.!.+ Boom!

Zhao Feng's gold-and-blue figure released a ball of fire that dyed his body the color of fresh blood, and a pair of lightning wings extended across his back as if they were the immortal fire wings of a Golden Crow.

A forceful and fiery aura formed a blast that swept over in every direction. The lava below started to tremble.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded from countless volcanoes, and a surge of lava shot out, causing the world to turn red and fiery hot.

"The perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline?" Tie Hongling's eyes inspected Zhao Feng, and her heart faintly shook. Zhao Feng's bloodline gave her a feeling that made her want to stand next to him.

"Young Sir Zhao, it's my turn to attack now!" Tie Hongling shouted as she waved the blood-colored curved blades in her hands.

"Blood Demon Scarlet Moon!" Tie Hongling used a profound movement technique to instantly approach Zhao Feng. She then sliced out and created a flaming scarlet-red curved moon that shot toward Zhao Feng.

In an instant, all the power of fire nearby seemed to be sucked in to increase the power of this attack.

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly as the flames around his body rose once more. A barrier made of his Scarlet Lightning appeared in front of him.

At the same time, a unique blood-red sun started to burn and spin behind Zhao Feng. Fire started to slowly gather from the earth and sky, increasing the power of Zhao Feng's bloodline.

"What a powerful ability to absorb fire!" Tie Hongling's eyes sparkled. The rate of absorption from Zhao Feng's bloodline was much stronger than hers.

Peng! Boom!

A blood-colored wave exploded.


In the next instant, a figure charged out from the center of the explosion.


Zhao Feng's body left behind a flower of fire as he appeared next to Tie Hongling in a flash.

"This is the Blood Devil Charge!" Tie Hongling looked at Zhao Feng's current state. Fire burned across his body, and it was releasing explosions at every moment.

This secret technique that was used in cooperation with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline was the Blood Devil Charge.


The Blood Devil Charge, in addition to the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, shot toward Tie Hongling!


A red figure was slammed into the lava below.


Tie Hongling suddenly charged out. At this moment, half of her clothes had been destroyed, revealing a flawless body. Her pair of jade legs was enough to make any male go crazy.

"Hongling, stop!" the white-robed elder suddenly called out, and the power of the Little World descended onto Tie Hongling, instantly suppressing her bloodline power.

"Thank you, Young Sir Zhao, for teaching me. I admire your strength!" Tie Hongling soon calmed down and gave a faint smile as her grandfather stopped her.

Zhao Feng's increase in speed at the end caught her off guard, but she didn't think that Zhao Feng could actually defeat her. However, his strength had reached the minimum requirement of her future husband.

"Little Friend Zhao's strength has indeed opened my eyes!" The white-robed elder laughed.

He had only heard of Zhao Feng learning the Blood Devil Charge during a fight with Tie Lingyun, but that wasn't enough to make him believe it. Now that he had seen it in person, the white-robed elder completely believed it, and he was extremely excited.

The power of an eye-bloodline that could steal an opponent's secret technique in just one exchange was definitely not weaker than the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

Furthermore, the white-robed elder also saw that Zhao Feng had good control over his Blood Devil Sun bloodline and had some shadows of the Tie Family's techniques. He had probably learned something else when fighting Tie Lingyun.

On top of that, even though Zhao Feng only had a slight advantage against Tie Hongling, he hadn't even used his eye-bloodline. If Zhao Feng used his eye-bloodline, which was even stronger, the situation would have been very different.


The world around them started to disappear, and they returned to the hall they were in moments ago. The hidden auras within the hall were all shocked and started to send each other messages.

"No, no, no, Lady Tie Hongling went easy on me since she saw that I was only an Emperor!" Zhao Feng was very respectful to the white-robed elder's praise.

"This old man won't worry anymore!" The white-robed elder laughed, and Zhao Feng's heart jumped. He felt that something bad was about to happen from what the white-robed elder said.

"This old man was planning to make Hongling experience the battlefield, so I'll leave her to Little Friend then!" the elder in white robes said with a meek smile.

King of Gods Chapter 1018 In Spite Of Oneself

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