King of Gods Chapter 1128 The Situation Of The Lord Dynasty

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Chapter 1128 - The Situation of the Lord Dynasty

"Zhao Feng, you dare to attack Nine Darkness Palace?" Sacred King Feather Spirit looked at Zhao Feng and questioned in a cold tone.

"And so what if I do?" Zhao Feng coldly replied with a calm expression.

Sacred King Feather Spirit paused. Zhao Feng's cold and disdainful att.i.tude scared him a little bit. However, although Sacred King Feather Spirit knew that he wasn't Zhao Feng's match, the Grand Imperial Hall was behind him. With a background like this, he didn't need to be scared of Zhao Feng.

"Now that the two lord dynasties are continuously fighting and might start a war again at any moment, the Hall of G.o.ds destroyed a peak three-star power of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Do you have some hidden intentions?" Sacred King Feather Spirit's expression was cold as he questioned.

Now that Nine Darkness Palace had been destroyed, the Grand Imperial Hall had to put some blame on the Hall of G.o.ds in order to obtain the secret technique in Zhao Feng's hands. If Zhao Feng dared to fight back, the Grand Imperial Hall would be able to rightfully take action.

"It seems Sacred King Feather Spirit doesn't know what's happening. The one with hidden intentions was Nine Darkness Palace!" A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

"What do you mean?" Sacred King Feather Spirit revealed a puzzled look.

"When we attacked Nine Darkness Palace, we found that there was a non-human DemiG.o.d hiding inside the Little World of a Nine Darkness Palace Elder. Everyone present can prove this!" Zhao Feng said with a faint smile.

"Sacred King Feather Spirit, I can vouch for this!"

"I didn't think that Nine Darkness Palace would collaborate with the non-humans. Our eyes were blind to not see Nine Darkness Palace clearly!"

Some of the forces immediately distanced themselves from Nine Darkness Palace and spoke righteously. A non-human DemiG.o.d infiltrating the Great Gan Lord Dynasty wasn't a small matter. Besides, too many people had witnessed this; they had to admit it even if they didn't want to.

"This…" Sacred King Feather Spirit was dazed for a moment. He never would have imagined that Nine Darkness Palace would collaborate with the non-humans. This meant that Nine Darkness Palace should indeed have been destroyed. Instead of blaming the Hall of G.o.ds for destroying such a force, the Grand Imperial Hall needed to reward them instead.

"Why is Sacred King Feather Spirit here anyway?" Zhao Feng asked with a playful smile.

"I was coincidentally pa.s.sing through…." Sacred King Feather Spirit was instantly scared.

"I need to report this to the Grand Imperial Hall as quickly as possible!" Sacred King Feather Spirit said before leading the other members of the Grand Imperial Hall and immediately leaving.

"The Grand Imperial Hall needs to catch the DemiG.o.d that has infiltrated the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!" Zhao Feng's voice entered Sacred King Feather Spirit's ear before he left.

"Zhao Feng…!" Sacred King Feather Spirit gritted his teeth. He had to return with nothing this time as well.

The atmosphere tensed once more after the members of the Grand Imperial Hall left. The members of the various forces looked at Zhao Feng and tried to please him.

"All of you collaborated with Nine Darkness Palace, but Nine Darkness Palace was working together with the non-humans! In order to wash away your own suspicions, the only path you have left is to become a subordinate force of the Hall of G.o.ds!" Zhao Feng gazed down with a serious expression and spoke in a decisive tone. There was no room for disagreement.

The three-star powers became silent. They didn't think that Zhao Feng would be so forceful even after destroying Nine Darkness Palace. He was threatening almost twenty three-star powers at once, including super three-star forces such as the Jiang Family and the Dong Family of the Eight Major Families.

There was nothing wrong with becoming a subordinate force of such a strong three-star power. The problem was that there was quite a big feud between the Hall of G.o.ds and the Grand Imperial Hall.

"If you don't agree, then the Hall of G.o.ds will just have to visit you one by one!" Zhao Feng's cold voice sounded once more, and everyone's heart jumped.

Even DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean had to self-destruct after four people from the Hall of G.o.ds came to visit Nine Darkness Palace. Small forces like theirs wouldn't be able to withstand a visit from Zhao Feng and company.

"The Mountain Ocean Clan is willing to be the Hall of G.o.d's subordinate force!" At this moment, the Grand Elder of a normal three-star force spoke.

"The Earth Fire Sect is willing to become the Hall of G.o.d's subordinate force!" another voice sounded.

The forces that first bowed to the Hall of G.o.ds were normal three-star powers. After witnessing Zhao Feng's strength and the outcome of Nine Darkness Palace, they didn't dare to disagree.

"The Earth Demon Cult is willing to work with the Hall of G.o.ds!" Sacred King Earth Ghost's voice sounded at this moment.

The other big forces were stunned. They didn't expect Sacred King Earth Ghost to bow to Zhao Feng so easily. However, the reason was very simple - Sacred King Earth Ghost was terrified of Zhao Feng.

In the G.o.d corpse, Sacred King Earth Ghost had teamed up with Sacred King Feather Spirit and company to chase after Zhao Feng, and he helped Nine Darkness Palace deal with Zhao Feng as well. At this time, Sacred King Earth Ghost's heart was still suspended in midair, scared that Zhao Feng would trouble him.

Seeing that Sacred King Earth Ghost bowed to Zhao Feng as well, the other forces all consented to Zhao Feng's suggestion.

"Let's go!" Zhao Feng flew toward Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, Kun Yun, and Zhao Wan, then waved the Misty Spatial World and disappeared.

A little more than a dozen days later, the members of the Hall of G.o.ds near Nine Darkness Palace took over the Nine Darkness Mountain Range and built a sub-division of the Hall of G.o.ds there. The ruler of this sub-division was the Darkness Ghost Clan, who used to be one of the biggest subordinate forces of Nine Darkness Palace.

The news of Nine Darkness Palace being destroyed also spread across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. A total of five people had crushed Nine Darkness Palace and more than a dozen three-star forces. DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean of Nine Darkness Palace wasn't a match for Zhao Feng and had to self-destruct but still wasn't able to kill Zhao Feng.

This shocked the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty and became another hot topic of discussion alongside the war and the G.o.d corpse. The strength of the Hall of G.o.ds' upper echelon shocked the world.

After taking over Nine Darkness Palace and more than a dozen three-star powers, the Hall of G.o.ds expanded rapidly. More and more forces of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, such as the Tie Family, the Ji Family, and Black Screen Corner offered to team up with the Hall of G.o.ds.

The Hall of G.o.ds was now the number one power below four-star forces. It was an enormous power that could be compared to the Grand Imperial Hall and Sky Suspension Palace.

Three months later, the DemiG.o.d that had infiltrated the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was killed by many experts led by the Grand Imperial Hall.

In Gan Province, in the Grand Imperial Hall, the atmosphere was very tense within a large green-and-gold hall.

"The momentum of the Hall of G.o.ds is set. If Zhao Feng becomes a DemiG.o.d in the next several millennia, another four-star power will be born!" an old Sacred King sighed.

In reality, the current magnitude of the Hall of G.o.ds was already comparable to the Grand Imperial Hall and Sky Suspension Palace, they just didn't have any DemiG.o.d experts.

"Zhao Feng definitely has the secret technique that Sacred King Samsara had. The Hall of G.o.ds will definitely fight against the Grand Imperial Hall in the future for control over the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!" DemiG.o.d Taichi's expression was very grim as he spoke.

After saying this, the hall became silent once more.

The upper echelon of the Grand Imperial Hall had been severely injured in the fight against the True G.o.d, and the DemiG.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall had to personally go out because of the non-human DemiG.o.d infiltrator. This caused them to waste time. No DemiG.o.d of the Grand Imperial Hall was at their peak right now.

Apparently, in the fight between the Hall of G.o.ds and Nine Darkness Palace, Zhao Feng had suppressed DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean and a non-human DemiG.o.d by himself. Even if DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean and the non-human DemiG.o.d hadn't fully recovered from the G.o.d corpse battle, Zhao Feng's display was incredulous.

This meant that, even if the Grand Imperial Hall found an excuse to take the technique, they would need to send out at least three DemiG.o.d experts. This would weaken the Great Gan Lord Dynasty's power even more. If the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty used that chance to attack, the Great Gan Lord Dynasty would be in critical danger.

"The Grand Imperial Hall needs some time to rest. When the time is ripe, I will personally head out!"

At this moment, DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor spoke. He was at the very front of the hall, and he was covered in golden dragons made of light. DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor had originally been planning to attempt a breakthrough to the Heavenly Divine Realm after recovering from his injuries, but now he had to delay that plan.

DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor would take action personally! The upper echelon members' expressions turned to shock, and they had nothing to say.

Back in the Hall of G.o.ds, Zhao Feng had gained a lot of comprehension after fighting against two DemiG.o.d experts head-on.

Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to mult.i.task. The first two of his thoughts cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Wind Lightning Raging Finger.

If Zhao Feng hadn't had the help of Divine Power in the fight against DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean, his attacks would have found it difficult to damage DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean so much. The power of the Wind Lightning Raging Finger when used with his index finger was also very stunning. This proved that Zhao Feng's path was correct.

The third of his thoughts a.n.a.lyzed the Soul Splitting Technique. Zhao Feng had successfully cultivated the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique, but he still had an Eye of Samsara on him, so he needed to create the third level as quickly as possible and create the third clone when the time was ripe.

Zhao Feng then entered the dimension of his left eye and replayed the fight against DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean. There was a lot to learn from DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean.

Zhao Yufei entered seclusion as well. The diamond-shaped crystal that Zhao Yufei had obtained in the G.o.d corpse was extremely mysterious and allowed her Spiritual Race bloodline to awaken a step further. She also seemed to have obtained other benefits that needed time to digest.

Nan Gongsheng and Kun Yun both seemed to be preparing to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm. From the beginning of time, countless Mystic Light Realm experts had been stopped by this barrier and weren't even able to touch the border of G.o.dhood. Countless DemiG.o.ds had made no progress for dozens of millennia and were unable to break through.

Even though Kun Yun had experience of trying to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm, he needed to make preparations and give it his all.

A year later, a strong surge of ancient aura appeared in the Misty Spatial World that woke up Zhao Feng from seclusion. A rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power surrounded Zhao Wan and changed the power of nature within the Misty Spatial World.

"His cultivation and Soul Intent have both reached the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm!" Zhao Feng revealed a stunned expression. He didn't expect Zhao Wan to progress so quickly that he would catch up to himself already.

"From the looks of it, I underestimated this body!" Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

Zhao Wan's body was created by the Blood G.o.d Crystal and many rare materials from within the G.o.d corpse. Zhao Feng had even merged some of the power from the G.o.d blood into it.

Although Zhao Wan didn't have the bloodline of the Giant G.o.d Race, his bloodline could be considered slightly related to it.

At the same time, Zhao Feng's thoughts turned toward Zhao w.a.n.g. Zhao w.a.n.g had taken control of the remaining forces of Nine Darkness Palace, and he had used the resources of Nine Darkness Palace and some unique secret realms to become a Sacred Lord.

"Both clones have completely matured now!" Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

Right at this moment, Bi Qingyue's voice sounded through the Dark Heart Seal.

"Master, there's some intel on the traces of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon…."

King of Gods Chapter 1128 The Situation Of The Lord Dynasty

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