King of Gods Chapter 1023 War Points

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Chapter 1023 - War Points


"Lord Dark Shadow!"

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow, the general of Moon Dragon City had been killed.

The non-human army instantly started to panic. This level of defeat was something that had never happened before since the start of the war.

"Great!" The Ninth Prince cheered behind Zhao Feng.

However, he had already realized that the two non-human Sacred Lords weren't very strong. Sacred Lord Raging Force was the weakest, and Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was slightly weaker than the masked male that tried to him.

It was because the opponents were only normal Sacred Lords that the Ninth Prince wasn't worried. If these two Sacred Lords both had Sacred Lord Black Shark's strength, the Ninth Prince wouldn't feel any confidence even with Zhao Feng's help.

After all, the lifespan of Sacred Lords was in dozens of thousands of years, so the Sacred Lords that had lived for over ten thousand years were obviously a lot stronger than the Sacred Lords that had just broken through.

"What a powerful eye-bloodline!"

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was killed before Tie Hongling even managed to partic.i.p.ate in the fight, but she could see what was important. Zhao Feng's Soul Intent had surpa.s.sed normal Sacred Lords, and his Soul eye-bloodline techniques were extremely profound.

For example, Tie Hongling specialized in physical attacks. Even if she managed to destroy Sacred Lord Raging Force's body, she wouldn't be able to destroy his soul, so he would've been able to escape unless Tie Hongling used a hidden card.

Zhao Feng killed the two Sacred Lords, but he also used his Soul eye-bloodline techniques to destroy their souls.

"Wait, Zhao Feng's already killed two Sacred Lords…. That means he has forty thousand war points!" Tie Hongling suddenly remembered something, and her expression changed dramatically as she became angry. If she knew something like this would happen beforehand, she wouldn't have used war points for the bet.

However, even if she was going to lose, she couldn't allow the difference between her and Zhao Feng to be so big.


Tie Hongling immediately joined the battlefield below and circulated her Blood Devil Sun bloodline to slaughter the non-humans and unleash her frustration.

"Kill! Kill all the non-humans!"

The human forces had never been this excited before. They didn't know how long it had been since they had killed enemies in such a manner. Furthermore, two non-human Sacred Lords even died in this battle. This was something that had never happened before.

"Captain Zhao is far too strong!"

"His battle-power does not match his rank!"

Sweat appeared on some captains. They were captains as well, but the difference between them and Zhao Feng was too big.

After killing two Sacred Lords, Zhao Feng turned toward the battlefield.

"One Emperor is worth a thousand points, a Quasi-Sacred Lord is worth six thousand…."

Zhao Feng's eyes locked onto the non-human captains. Even though a mosquito was small, it was still meat!

Mark of the G.o.d Eye!

Zhao Feng left a mark behind on all the captains he could sense.

"Sky Locking Bow!"

A red arrow of Wind Lightning condensed on the dark silver bow in Zhao Feng's hand and shot through the air with a Beng! The next instant, a red arrow of Wind Lightning pierced through the chest of a captain that was running away.

With Zhao Feng's Fire of Wind Lightning True Yuan and the grade of the Sky Locking Bow itself, he could kill almost everyone weaker than a Quasi-Sacred Lord with one arrow. Not many non-humans would be able to survive.

Beng~ Whoos.h.!.+

Another two-star captain was shot dead by Zhao Feng. This method was easy and simple.

Beng~ Whoos.h.!.+

A scarlet-golden arrow shot out and killed an Emperor that was running away.

Zhao Feng just stood there and used his Sky Locking Bow to easily slay Emperors.

Some non-human captains that were being chased by the human captains were also slain by Zhao Feng.

Some captains were full of envy and jealousy when they saw Zhao Feng collecting war points so easily.

"Zhao Feng, you…!" Tie Hongling was extremely frustrated. She was chasing after a non-human captain just now, but an arrow of lightning took the kill.

Beng~ Whoos.h.!.+

At this moment, this sound was like the sound of death. Every time it sounded, an Emperor would die.

The non-human army instantly broke apart and ran as fast as they could. Zhao Feng had become their nightmare. However, no matter how far they ran, Zhao Feng could still kill any Emperor he had left a mark on without moving.

The normal non-human soldiers felt lucky that they were so weak that they weren't targeted by this terrifying human.

Zhao Feng's actions obviously took all the war points of many other human captains. It was extremely easy for Zhao Feng to kill these non-human captains, but if a human captain wanted to kill one, it was extremely hard.

"This Zhao Feng isn't even giving me a sip of the soup…!" One captain was angry.

Zhao Feng slaying two Sacred Lords had turned the tide around, and he had become the strongest expert in the army. He was a savior to them. However, his current actions reduced the impression of him in the other captain's hearts.

"Brother Zhao, your war points are probably enough to enter the top 2000 of the Lan Province War Board Rankings. Let the other captains have some too!" the Ninth Prince said.

One had to know that the War Board Rankings were calculated from the start of the war, and anyone within the top 5000 of each province was an elite that had been fighting for over half a year at the least. However, Zhao Feng had already reached the top 2000 in his first battle. This was extremely shocking.

Of course, this was because Zhao Feng had killed two Sacred Lords singlehandedly.

Zhao Feng felt pretty helpless. He wanted to kill non-humans but wasn't allowed to? Furthermore, from Zhao Feng's point of view, it was only easy to obtain war points in the early stages of the war. As the war dragged out, more peerless geniuses and older Sacred Lords would start to appear on the battlefield.

At that point, it would be hard even for Zhao Feng to kill Sacred Lords. He had killed Sacred Lord Raging Force because it was unexpected and the latter wasn't on guard against him. Zhao Feng had killed Sacred Lord Dark Shadow by relying on his strength and the fact that his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye countered Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's speed and agility. But in the future…?

The army followed the Ninth Prince, charged forward, and took over Moon Dragon City.

The captains had complicated thoughts as they stood in Moon Dragon City.

"We actually managed to take over Moon Dragon City!"

"Hahaha, the non-humans are courting death!"

"It's all thanks to the Crown Prince's commands and Little Friend Zhao's help!"

The captains all had smiles on their faces as they surrounded the Ninth Prince and Zhao Feng.

After taking over Moon Dragon City, the Ninth Prince immediately reported everyone's war points to the Lan Province War Hall.

"Zhao Feng, why did you suppress your strength when sparring against me that day?" Tie Hongling's eyes were hot, and her stunning beauty made the other males all fall for her.

From Tie Hongling's point of view, Zhao Feng only had one reason to do such a thing: Zhao Feng had already been completely attracted by her and had gone easy on her. He suppressed his strength because he didn't want to harm her. However, Tie Hongling wanted to hear it from Zhao Feng personally.

"I just broke through!" Zhao Feng replied honestly in an emotionless tone.

"You…!" Tie Hongling's face went slightly red, and she became mildly angry. She didn't expect Zhao Feng to give a reply like this.

"Little Friend Zhao's talent is indeed stunning!"

"The younger generation of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty can only look up to such cultivation speed."

Some of the captains immediately spoke with smiles. Although they disliked the fact that Zhao Feng had taken some of their war points, Zhao Feng was the strongest person present - he was the only person with the battle-power of a Sacred Lord. On top of that, Zhao Feng's potential was unimaginable. They all needed to get on good terms with him.

The Ninth Prince and Old Ying stood on the side and had smiles on their faces. They knew everything that was happening between Zhao Feng and Tie Hongling, and they could prove that Zhao Feng had indeed just broken through.

After taking over Moon Dragon City, the Ninth Prince took out the treasury and rewarded the troops. Zhao Feng, Old Ying, and Tie Hongling became three-star captains without a doubt due to their performances, and Zhao Feng became a person that was only one rank lower than the Ninth Prince.

The Ninth Prince's forces obviously stayed in Moon Dragon City.

After the battle ended, Zhao Feng entered seclusion once more. He was satisfied by his first use of the Sky Destroying Lightning Palm and had comprehended a lot of things.

After all, Zhao Feng suppressed his power and cultivation when practicing in the Misty Spatial World so he didn't destroy it. Since he suppressed them, he was unable to comprehend all of the move's Intent.

However, this time was different from the past. Whenever Zhao Feng gained some new understanding, he would leave Moon Dragon City and go to a place where no one was around to practice the full Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm.

Over half of the territory in the three provinces was currently a warzone. It was hard to see anyone else apart from soldiers from the two lord dynasties.

Boom! Weng~ Weng~

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and thrust out his palm. Lightning seemed to run through the gold-and-red palm as the power of lightning and physical force merged together perfectly.


A mountain in the distance was flattened by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng then started to cultivate the Physical Force Lightning Domain. Zhao Feng was able to release it after several failures.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several dozen miles within range of Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body was immerse in a storm of physical force and lightning. Enemies in this area would be affected by the pressure of the Sacred Lightning Body's 6th level.

Zhao Feng just cultivated the Physical Force Lightning Domain and could probably only affect normal Emperors.

"We'll end here today."

Zhao Feng put the Physical Force Lightning Domain back into his Sacred Lightning Body and returned to Moon Dragon City.

A bit more than a dozen days later, the Ninth Prince's report was received by the Lan Province War Hall, and it instantly caused some discussion.

Many of the upper echelon members thought that the Ninth Prince was talented in both martial arts and academics. He actually managed to take over Moon Dragon City even though he didn't have any Sacred Lords in his army.

Some of the other upper echelon members didn't think too much about it. Everyone knew that the princes had come to the battlefield to gain war points. It was the same for the other princes. Therefore, the forces that supported every prince would usually send a few experts to help the prince gain war points.

For example, the Fourth, Thirteenth, Seventh, and Eighth Princes were all doing a good job in the war as well. Although the Ninth Prince's army didn't have any Sacred Lords, many geniuses in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, such as Tie Lingyun, Nan Gongsheng, Xuanyuan Wen, and many other Quasi-Sacred Lords all have the battle-power of a Sacred Lord, so it wasn't surprising.

Weng~ Weng!

On a certain day, Zhao Feng's name suddenly appeared on the 1982th spot on the Lan Province War Board Rankings.

King of Gods Chapter 1023 War Points

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