King of Gods Chapter 114 - Grass-Wood Division

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Chapter 114 - Gra.s.s-Wood Division




Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan dragged their tired bodies back to their room.


“What? Brother Zhao Feng challenged a subst.i.tute inner disciple?”


Nan Gongfan was surprised when he heard this news. Yang Qingshan sighed, feeling guilty and worried.


He worried about Zhao Feng as well as his own future.


“Brother Zhao Feng, you were far too rash. I know it was for my good, but… ”


Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan found Zhao Feng, they weren’t confident that the latter would win.


“Brother Zhao Feng, I know you’re good at fighting, but if you want to battle Ji Fengyun, you should at least reach the 9th rank first, so you have a higher chance of winning. Furthermore, one can challenge a subst.i.tute inner disciples once every 6 months.” Nan Gongfan said.


No one thought that Zhao Feng would win because he was only at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm while his opponent was at the half step - Ascended Realm.


From Nan Gongfan’s point of view, Zhao Feng was just wasting this chance and if Zhao Feng wanted to challenge again, he would wait half a year. In they eyes of other outer disciples, Zhao Feng’s action was ridiculous.


“Haha, good, we’ll be able to see how strong a subst.i.tute inner disciple is in 3 days.” Xiao Sun smiled and said towards Princess Yun Mengxiang.


After entering the Clan, Xiao Sun’s cultivation had reached the peak 9th rank and he was wondering whether or not he should challenge the top 20. But right now, he wasn’t fully confident and Zhao Feng’s actions were like a ‘detector’, so Xiao Sun was obviously happy.


Inside the room.


Zhao Feng didn’t mind what others thought, but he still had to explain his actions to the two.


“My aim is to become an inner disciple and if I can’t even take care of these outer disciples what right do I have to reach further into this world?”


Zhao Feng’s voice was full of confidence.


Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan looked at each other full of shock. Zhao Feng’s talent wasn’t better than theirs, but his ambition was much larger. From what he was saying, it seemed as if he wanted to crush all the outer disciples.




The morning of the second day, Vice Deacon w.a.n.g arrived at where the outer disciples lived.


“Greetings, Vice Deacon!”


The nearby disciples all bowed down in respect. Vice Deacons had a position even higher than inner disciples.


Vice Deacon w.a.n.g nodded his head and arrived at where Zhao Feng lived. The nearby outer disciples all turned towards Zhao Feng, who had just walked out.


“Zhao Feng, your task has been allocated. Follow me to the Outer Clan Hall.” Vice Deacon w.a.n.g was full of smiles.


“Thanks, Deacon.”


Zhao Feng followed Vice Deacon w.a.n.g with respect. This scene caused the other disciples to look at each other with surprise. If it was just a normal job, the Deacon would’ve just announced it, but Zhao Feng’s situation was different. Firstly, the Deacon didn’t announce his task. Secondly, they were headed towards the Outer Clan Hall, where all the powerful figures were.


Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan looked at each other with worry in their eyes.


The three of them were all Lord Guanjun’s disciples and they had already created a feud with an Elder, so their path was destined to be harder than others.


After walking for a while, Vice Deacon w.a.n.g led Zhao Feng to where the Outer Clan Division was. This place controlled everything about the outer disciples and apparently, the Head of the Outer Clan Division was an Elder who had reached the True Spirit Realm.


True Spirit Realm, when one reached it, it meant that they were at the peak of the clan and were not often seen since they were almost always in secluded meditation, so how would they have the time to bother with these things?


Therefore, the Head of the Outer Clan Division wasn’t the true controller, it was the Vice-Heads.


“Zhao Feng, the Vice-Heads are inside waiting for you.”


Deacon Qiu, who had led the entrance exam that day, was waiting outside of the hall. Deacon Qiu and Vice Deacon w.a.n.g were both from the Outer Clan Division, so they were quite familiar with each other and this was why Vice Deacon w.a.n.g’s att.i.tude was respectful towards Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng greeted Deacon Qiu, then he immediately entered the hall.

There were three terrifying auras in the hall, these auras were much stronger than anyone else’s that Zhao Feng had felt so far.


Of the three auras, two of them were familiar, they came from a white robed elder and a red faced elder.


Zhao Feng knew these two old men, they were old man Zhang and old man Guan who he had met in the 3rd test.


These two were both Vice Heads and they had a high authority.


Apart from the two, there was a azure clothed middle aged person who had a stern face and his aura was on par with the two others.


Zhao Feng guessed that this person would be the Vice Head of the Outer Clan Division.


“Greetings, three vice heads.”


Zhao Feng didn’t dare to be slow, he was only a lowly ant of the Clan and anyone of these three people held actual power and cultivation.


Seeing Zhao Feng walk in, both old man Zhang and old man Guan’s eyes lit up.


“Haha, he’s Zhao Feng?”


The azure clothed vice head looked at Zhao Feng with interest. Being a Vice Head, he knew everything about Zhao Feng and it was someone like him, who had a Low Tier Spiritual Body, that the two other Vice Heads fought for.


The two Vice Heads, old man Zhang and old man Guan, both wanted Zhao Feng to work for them and the azure clothed Vice Head obviously wouldn’t mind, but the problem was that both of them wanted him and neither of them gave way.


Who should he give Zhao Feng to? This was a brain breaking question.


Under this situation, the azure clothed Vice Head called Zhao Feng over to discuss.


Soon, Zhao Feng had understood what everything was all about.


“Zhao Feng, what do you think? If you enter the Gra.s.s-Wood Division and follow me, I’ll promise your future will be great.” Old man Guan said expectantly.


Pill master seemed to be a great occupation and Zhao Feng knew that most of the pills supplied by the Clan were made by the Gra.s.s-Wood Division. If he was to become old man Guan’s disciple, he would have the advantage in terms of pills.


One had to know that once a pill reached the tier of ‘Spiritual Pill’, its uses were at an entire level higher than the best pills in the mortal world.


“Peh! This kid’s true talent is arrays! Zhao Feng! As long as you follow me, I’ll give you 10 extra substandard primal crystal stones every month and there’s a ‘Spiritual Condensing array’ in the Thousand Leaf Pond, the liquid inside has been there for a thousand years and it is great for body strengthening… ”


Old man Guan immediately threw out a bigger bait.


Hearing this, Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. An outer disciple would receive one substandard primal crystal stone, which could greatly increase one’s cultivation speed and old man Guan had decided to give him 10. Apart from this, there was also an array in the Thousand Leaf Pond which greatly increased one’s cultivation speed.


After their respective suggestments, the two Vice Heads started swearing and cursing each other again.


The azure clothed Vice Head couldn’t help but be stunned: “I have a suggestion.”




The two old men stopped their bickering and turned towards the other Vice Head.


“Your argument is whether Zhao Feng is better at pill making or creating arrays right?” The azure clothed Vice Head smiled.




“That’s right.”


The two nodded their heads.


“Then it’s much easier. Let Zhao Feng learn at each place for a while, then see which place he’s better suited for.” The azure clothed Vice Head said while smiling.


Hearing his suggestion, both old man Guan and old man Zhang thought for a while then nodded their heads.


It looked like this was the only way to settle where Zhao Feng went.


There was only one last problem left and that was where Zhao Feng wanted to go first.

“I’ll go with Vice Head Guan first and stay at the Gra.s.s-Wood Division first.” Zhao Feng gave his answer.


The reason he chose the Gra.s.s-Wood Division was that both Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan’s jobs were connected to the Gra.s.s-Wood Division. Yang Qingshan was a farmer, while Nan Gongfan was to carry the trash.


If he was working at the Gra.s.s-Wood Division, he could look after the two.


The argument was finally settled and through their discussion, it was arranged that Zhao Feng would first stay at the Gra.s.s-Wood Division for 10 days, then go to old man Zhang’s.


Like this, Zhao Feng’s task was handed down.


On the same day, he followed old man Guan to the Gra.s.s-Wood Division.


On the way, old man Guan kept on saying how good pill makers were and if Zhao Feng followed him, he would have a greater future.


Zhao Feng kept on agreeing with what he said.


“Greeting, Vice Head.”


After entering the Gra.s.s-Wood Division, everyone bowed down and Zhao Feng could see that the respect of these people came from the bottom of their hearts.


There were pill masters and inner disciples amongst these people.


“Why’s that kid with Vice Head Guan?”


After pa.s.sing a certain hill, an outer disciple exclaimed. That outer disciples was Chen Feng.


“Could that kid be Vice Head Guan’s new personal helper?”


“Impossible! Vice Head Guan is extremely strict in choosing personal helpers. An inner disciple last time was even fired.”


The nearby disciples broke out in discussion, but looking at how old man Guan was heading towards the important grounds of the Gra.s.s-Wood Division, it seemed Zhao Feng was very important.


Soon, old man Guan led Zhao Feng to the important grounds, this place gave off a strong medicine smell and pill masters could be frequently seen here.


“Zhao Feng?” A girl’s voice sounded.


Looking over, Zhao Feng saw that the owner of this voice was the Princess of the Cloud Country, Yun Mengxiang.


Yun Mengxiang was helping a beautiful woman tidy the items.


“Vice Head Guan.”


The woman turned around and greeted old man Guan with smiles.


“Pill master Yun Yao, this is your niece you talked about?” Old man Guan asked.


The two knew each other pretty well and after a bit of introducing, Zhao Feng found out that the pill master named Yun Yao was Yun Mengxiang’s real aunt.


“Old man Guan, this kid’s your new personal helper?” Pill master Yun Yao looked at Zhao Feng with interest.


“This is a pill making genius that I finally wrestled from old man Zhang.” Old man Guan said proudly.



King of Gods Chapter 114 - Grass-Wood Division

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