King of Gods Chapter 1025 Unexpected Rewards

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Chapter 1025 - Unexpected Rewards

"The Earth of Wind Lightning focuses on defense and control…."

With the Fire of Wind Lightning and his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng's physical attacks were already strong enough. Therefore, the Earth of Wind Lightning was precisely what Zhao Feng needed.

"It's also easier to obtain resources that contain the element of Earth."

Zhao Feng felt a bit better. Most precious minerals contained a certain amount of the Earth element, but it wasn't worth wasting them since there was so little Earth elemental power. It was better to absorb actual Earth-elemental resources, but they were more common than other elements.

Zhao Feng exited seclusion and walked out his room.

"Captain Zhao Feng!" A personal guard of the Ninth Prince stood outside Zhao Feng's residence.

"What is it?" Zhao Feng asked.

From the looks of it, this guard had been waiting here for a long time for Zhao Feng to come out of seclusion.

"The general invites you over."

The guard then led Zhao Feng to the Ninth Prince's residence.

"Brother Zhao, I have a very important mission for you this time. If you aren't willing to accept, I won't force you," the Ninth Prince said. He knew that Zhao Feng liked to be straightforward.

"Our scouts went to gather intel from Meng City but never came out!" Old Ying told him a secret.

Meng City was the non-human city nearest Moon Dragon City, and the scouts of both armies specialized in stealth and sensing. The result was obvious if the scouts hadn't returned; they were discovered and killed.

"According to some news from a while ago, a Serpent Son has arrived in Meng City. They are comparable to the princes of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. However, we don't know how many experts this Serpent Son brought with him!" Old Ying continued to speak. Only by knowing the opponent would they be able to win.

If the Ninth Prince attacked Meng City rashly and an early-stage Mystic Light Realm expert suddenly jumped out, it would be horrendous. Therefore, the two armies would usually send scouts to find out such information.

"At this moment, the non-humans are patrolling in a ten-thousand-mile radius around Meng City. It's even harder to find information!" Old Ying sighed and told Zhao Feng the details.

"I wonder if Brother Zhao could become a scout and head to the non-human city to gather information?" the Ninth Prince told Zhao Feng what he had in mind.

Everyone knew that being a scout was extremely dangerous. The enemy may have set up traps for scouts to fall into. Scouts could also sometimes learn false information.

Therefore, this position was dangerous and important. Making someone who didn't have professional training do this job was the same as throwing them into a firepit, but Zhao Feng was an exception.

"If Brother Zhao doesn't want to do it, I won't force you. We'll just use defense as offense and wait for them to attack. At that point in time, we'll get to know how strong they are," the Ninth Prince continued.

Zhao Feng personally coming to the front lines was already a great help. The Ninth Prince felt kind of bad if Zhao Feng had to become a scout as well, but he and Old Ying had discussed this idea for a long time.

Firstly, Zhao Feng had the Misty Spatial World. If there was an accident, he could use it to run away easily. Secondly, gathering information with his eye-bloodline should be a simple task for Zhao Feng.

"Leave the task of scouting to me!" Zhao Feng agreed after understanding what was going on.

He was also curious as to why the non-humans didn't continue to attack. There had to be something going on.

Zhao Feng obviously wanted to fight because he would be able to gain more experience and more war points that he could trade for resources. He also hoped to know the enemy better before the two sides fought.

"Brother Zhao is willing to scout the front lines?" The Ninth Prince and Old Ying paused for a moment. They didn't expect Zhao Feng to be so decisive.

"Zhao Feng, do you need any helpers?" Old Ying asked.

"I am more than enough!" Zhao Feng said before leaving the palace. He left behind a marking with the Misty Spatial World before leaving and heading toward Meng City.

Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye sensed something before he made it very far.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng used the Lightning Wings Flying Spatial Technique and quickly closed in.

It was a pile of rocks with several rotting bodies nearby. At this moment, a non-human was hiding within a big pile of boulders. His hands were pressed onto the ground and releasing a surge of stealthy mental energy.

"Not good, someone's approaching!" This non-human who had merged into the rocks was stunned; a human had suddenly entered range of his senses.

"He can't have found me. He should just be pa.s.sing by!" This non-human thought. From the beginning, he hadn't sensed any disturbance of mental energy, so he was sure that Zhao Feng hadn't sensed him.

He was the top scout from Meng City, and he had never failed to report with the help of the unique bloodline in his body.


Zhao Feng flew toward this non-human at a very fast speed and instantly approached.


Zhao Feng thrust his palm out and shattered the pile of boulders. A dark yellow figure full of fear instantly jumped.

"You should be a non-human scout, right?" Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression as purple-and-gold light started to spin in his left eye.

"Mental Energy Spike!" A purple-golden crystalline spike of lightning suddenly shot out from Zhao Feng's left eye directly into the non-human's soul.


This non-human was only an Emperor, so he was instantly killed by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng waved his hand and took this captain's head and interspatial storage item.

"An Emperor is one thousand war points. I can't let it go to waste."

Zhao Feng was pretty happy. His luck was pretty good; a non-human had given him some war points just after he left the city. After all, Emperor's weren't cabbages; each city only had a limited number of Emperors, and some were captains.


Zhao Feng continued on his path after killing this non-human scout.

The distance between the two cities wasn't too great. Five days later, Zhao Feng was several dozen thousand miles away from Meng City.

"Perhaps I can use my Eye of Heaven to complete this mission," Zhao Feng thought. However, if he did this, it would reveal one of his hidden cards to the non-humans, and he wouldn't get anything out of it.

Zhao Feng continued to approach Meng City.

In a forest outside Meng City:


A loud explosion suddenly sounded in the forest as a chaotic disturbance of True Yuan started to move.

"Hahaha, the prodigy of the leopardmen race is only so-so!" A non-human male with purple bat wings sped through the forest.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

Every time the male with purple bat wings flapped his wings, two purple tornadoes would howl through the air and rip everything apart.

"You're becoming weaker as well!" a deep voice sounded from the forest below, and a golden figure suddenly leapt toward the male with purple bat wings as a giant golden claw suddenly shot out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A thunderous boom sounded wherever the giant golden claw pa.s.sed by. The powerful wicked aura from it could shake one's heart.


The non-human male with purple wings quickly fluttered his wings and evaded the attack from the leopardman.


The giant golden claw landed on the mountain behind the male with bat wings and instantly left behind four deep chasms.

"Purple Wings Tornado!" The purple-winged male also unleashed a powerful attack.

The battle-power on display by these two non-humans Quasi-Sacred Lords was enough to surprise normal Sacred Lords.

The two of them were Quasi-Sacred Lord prodigies that had come alongside the Fifth Serpent Son to Meng City. They were bored after arriving in Meng City and occasionally went out to spar. They had found the scouts before by accident and killed them on the way.

"Wait, I feel something weird!" the male with bat wings messaged.

"Hmph! Is it another human scout? What idiots! We killed them last time and they still dare to come!?" The expression of the leopardman changed.

"Hehehe, let's see which one of us can kill this human scout first!" An evil smile appeared on the bat-winged male's face.

"Sure!" The leopardman revealed his battle intent.


One purple and one golden streak of light immediately shot toward a certain direction.

These two were prodigies from the batmen and leopardmen races respectively, and they both specialized in speed.

"Hahaha, this scout is a Quasi-Sacred Lord. No wonder he dares to come here." The batman licked his lips and revealed an excited expression as he saw the golden-haired male slowly walking forward.

"I didn't expect to come across two big fis.h.!.+" Zhao Feng was slightly excited. Two Quasi-Sacred Lords would be worth twelve thousand war points.

"Human, die!" The leopardman turned into a golden leopard and pounced toward Zhao Feng as fast as lightning.

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as he circulated his Sacred Lightning Body.

Ding! Bam!

The leopardman felt like tofu smas.h.i.+ng into a metal wall when his golden claw landed on Zhao Feng's chest. A powerful force of lightning instantly pushed the leopardman back, and cracks appeared in his golden claws as well.

One had to know that Zhao Feng's body was enough to take the attacks from normal Sacred Lords head-on. How could this leopard-man's attacks damage Zhao Feng?

"How… how is this possible!?" The bat-winged male was slightly slower, and he almost fell from the sky in shock when he saw what happened.


The bat-winged male immediately turned around and tried to escape. He didn't know what happened, but this golden-haired male was too strong. He was even stronger than the prodigy he had seen from the serpentmen race.

"Twelve thousand war points. I can't let you two off."

The Scarlet Wings of Lightning spread open behind Zhao Feng's back as he turned into a bolt of lightning and instantly appeared in front of the leopardman and the bat-winged male.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bam!

An ancient and destructive storm of lightning merged into the air behind Zhao Feng's back. Everything within ten thousand miles instantly turned dark, and the two non-humans were heavily suppressed.

"What a powerful Little World!" The bat-winged male was stunned. He felt that his True Yuan and bloodline were heavily restricted.


The bat-winged male instantly released his Little World as well to reduce the pressure of Zhao Feng's Little World.

Whoos.h.!.+ Weng~~~

Zhao Feng's speed was even faster than normal within the Little World of Wind Lightning. He instantly arrived before the bat-winged male and thrust his palm out. This nonchalant palm was the simplified version of the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm, but it still contained the essence of the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm.


The image of a scarlet-golden palm immediately smashed onto the bat-winged male's purple Little World.

Crack! Crack!

Cracks instantly appeared on the bat-winged male's Little World and started to extend.

"How is this possible!? My Little World!"

The bat-winged male's heart rate sped up, and his entire body started to tremble.

At this instant, cracks hadn't appeared only on the surface of his Little World - the foundational structure of his Little World had been damaged as well!

King of Gods Chapter 1025 Unexpected Rewards

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