King of Gods Chapter 1031 Myriad Forms Dimension

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Chapter 1031 - Myriad Forms Dimension

In terms of restriction ability, the Intent of Earth was stronger than the Intent of Wood. The Intent of Earth that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms controlled was extremely close to the origin - it was pure. Adding on the fact that he had reached the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm and also had the Intent of Fire increasing his strength, Zhao Feng found it very hard to even move his body.

If it was a normal Quasi-Sacred Lord, they would have been buried alive by the Intent of Earth contained within the dark yellow ashes. Zhao Feng had to rely on the 6th level of his Sacred Lightning Body to bear the weight of the Intent of Earth.

"The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique only touches the Intent of Earth in the next level."

Zhao Feng didn't specialize in the laws of Earth, so he was instantly suppressed by the Intent of Earth that the owner of the Eyes of Myriad Forms used.

"Hmph, how will you run away this time?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms acted all high and mighty as he looked down at Zhao Feng.

"Sword of Piercing Metal!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms waved his hand, and a surge of rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power turned bright gold as it transformed into several thousand piercing swords that stabbed toward Zhao Feng.

Not good! If that hits me, I'm dead!

Zhao Feng felt a danger he had never felt before. His Sacred Lightning Body had reached the 6th level and could take the attacks of normal initial-stage Mystic Light Realms head-on, but Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had reached the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm. The Intent of Metal he released was especially pure and strong; it had reached the power of a late-stage Mystic Light Realm.

The strength of an attack from a late-stage Mystic Light Realm could instantly turn Zhao Feng into ashes.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared from the Misty Spatial World holding a spade, and it was also restricted by the Intent of Earth.

"Eh? A cat?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was faintly surprised. He didn't know what Zhao Feng meant by summoning a cat at this time, but this cat couldn't escape his Intent of Earth either, so what could it do?

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat looked at Sacred Lord Myriad Forms with disdain.


The little thieving cat slowly moved the spade, and the dark yellow ashes around Zhao Feng started to shake as the power of Earth weakened. The pressure on Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat reduced drastically.

The little thieving cat could now move a little bit more, so it dug down with the spade a couple more times, then jumped back into the Misty Spatial World.


The dark yellow ashes floating in the air started to shake.

"What? That spade…!?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was stunned. He didn't expect the normal-looking spade in the little thieving cat's hands to be able to get rid of the dark yellow ashes and weaken the power of Earth.


Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body at full power and used the Fire of Wind Lightning to push aside the dark yellow dust nearby.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

At this moment, several thousand golden flas.h.i.+ng swords were flying forward.

"Sacred Lightning Protection!"

Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng circulated the Sacred Lightning Body and used it with the Ice Imperial Spear to defend himself.


The golden swords sliced through the Sacred Lightning Protection.

"What powerful penetration abilities!" Zhao Feng exclaimed. It was indeed worthy of being a Metal-elemental attack. It was extremely strong, and it used the characteristics of the Metal element to the maximum.

Boom! Ding! Ding!

Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Protection shattered apart, and a surge of recoiling force instantly shot out.

However, the next instant, lightning appeared within the golden swords and ignored the majority of the recoil.

"Hmph, with the Eyes of Myriad Forms, my attacks can turn into any element I want them to be!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms snickered coldly.

The countless golden swords were blocked by the barrier formed by the Ice imperial Spear after piercing through the Sacred Lightning Protection. Without any accident, the golden swords pierced through the Ice Imperial armor and were about to stab into Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body.

"Water condensing into Ice!"

The barrier of water around Zhao Feng turned into ice and released a coldness that was ready to slow down the golden swords. However, as Zhao Feng expected, a surge of Ice and Water Intent appeared from the golden swords and continued to stab toward Zhao Feng after ignoring the resistance of the Ice Imperial battle armor.

"Little World of Wind Lightning!"

At the critical moment, an ancient storm spread behind Zhao Feng and covered him completely like a dark ball.

Ding! Ding! Bam!

Countless golden swords penetrated the defense of Zhao Feng's Little World.

Zhao Feng had to fully control his Little World of Wind Lightning to survive.


Zhao Feng let out a breath. If it wasn't for the fact that the Sacred Lightning Protection and Ice Imperial battle armor had weakened the attack, his Little World of Wind lightning might not have been able to block the attack.

In terms of offense, the power of Metal wasn't quite as strong as Fire, but its penetration ability was stronger and it was sharper than the power of Wind.

"What a condensed Little World!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' gaze paused.

With Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' control over the power of nature, he could instantly tell how unusual Zhao Feng's Little World was. A normal Little World wouldn't have been able to block his Metal-powered attack.

"Then let me stab your Little World into a beehive!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms snickered coldly as he waved his hand once more, and a surge of Myriad Forms Sacred Power appeared in the air.

"Metal Sword Wind Storm!"

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Golden light instantly flashed across Heaven and Earth as countless golden sword phantoms flew around the sky and seemed to become a world of golden sword-light. This golden sword-light was extremely sharp, and it could ignore whatever stood in its way as it rotated around Heaven and Earth.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

All of the piercing swords pointed toward Zhao Feng and stabbed at him.


Zhao Feng's eyes bulged open as he gazed around Heaven and Earth. Facing such a powerful Metal attack, the Little World of Wind Lightning definitely wouldn't be able to block it. Instead, it would be heavily damaged.

However, Zhao Feng's elements of Wind Lightning, Water, Wood, and Fire were ineffective against Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. This was also why Sacred Lord Myriad Forms tried not to use any power of Wind, Lightning, Fire, or Water against Zhao Feng because Zhao Feng was resilient against them.

"Maybe this could work…."

Zhao Feng felt the world of golden swords and remembered how he used the Light of Dispersion to disperse the purple mist on the 9th floor of the Purple Star Tower.

Zhao Feng immediately retracted his Little World of Wind Lightning.


A golden rippled jumped out from Zhao Feng's left eye. This golden ripple came from the mysterious golden ball and didn't contain any element. This golden ripple spun in the air and formed a faint golden barrier that s.h.i.+elded Zhao Feng inside.

"Law of Light?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' expression paused for a moment as he squinted, but his Eyes of Myriad Forms had no reaction. This meant that, either Zhao Feng's left eye didn't contain any element of Light, or his Eyes of Myriad Forms couldn't control this "light."

"You want to stop my Golden Sword Storm with just that?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms couldn't help but laugh.

The golden ripple that Zhao Feng released didn't have any elemental power within it, nor did it have a strong undulation of True Yuan. What use did it have then?

"This still isn't enough!"

Zhao Feng's gaze was decisive. His dispersion ability needed time to disperse the target. Zhao Feng would probably be stabbed into nothing before the Light of Dispersion managed to disperse anything.


Zhao Feng immediately started to burn his True Yuan and blood as he pushed his Sacred Lightning Body to the maximum. A dominating surge of power instantly spread.

The Eyes of Myriad Forms didn't control lifeforce. Zhao Feng had also absorbed a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura after re-cultivating, and he had eaten a large number of Ancient Dream Realm fruits. This meant that the explosive force from the Sacred Lightning Body was very strong.


Countless golden swords around Heaven and Earth were about to stab into Zhao Feng's body, but they were slowed down for an instant by this original and powerful force.


At that instant, the Light of Dispersion started to work.

"Hmph. Intent of pure Metal!"

Zhao Feng couldn't help but smile. While the structure of these atoms was tight, they only had one element and were very condensed. The structure of all the atoms was the same.

Zhao Feng realized that, the purer something was, the easier it was to disintegrate it.


The faint golden ripple of light instantly spread out from Zhao Feng's body.


The golden swords instantly disappeared wherever the golden light went, and all of Heaven and Earth returned to normal within an instant.

"What!?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms exclaimed.

He originally thought that Zhao Feng would definitely die from that attack. Furthermore, since all Intents in Heaven and Earth were being controlled by him, it was impossible for Zhao Feng to use his treasure to pa.s.s through s.p.a.ce.

However, in an instant, the enormous Metal-elemental attack that he released disappeared into thin air.

He couldn't understand any of this.

"Wait, the element of Metal is still in Heaven and Earth!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms squinted his eyes.

He could still sense that the power of Metal was in Heaven and Earth, but it was extremely difficult for the Eyes of Myriad Forms to control it.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' expression became extremely ugly.

Zhao Feng was able to counter all five elements and even other powers such as Wind and Lightning.

I've finally found a power to counter him!

Zhao Feng let out a breath. He would be able to easily disintegrate a pure elemental power. However, the Light of Dispersion used up a lot of his energy.

On the other hand, the energy that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms used was extremely tiny. Even if he used up all his Myriad Forms power, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms could easily control the power of nature with his own power, given his understanding of it.

"Human, you brought this upon yourself!"

The lines in Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes started to spin. At this instant, all of Heaven and Earth seemed to tremble as countless elements and powers moved through the air. It was as if the world was coming to an end.

"Myriad Forms Dimension!"


A rainbow-colored light appeared around Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, slowly trapping them within it.

"Not good! The dimension within the Eyes of Myriad Forms is the source of its power!"

Zhao Feng was stunned. He understood a lot about the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes. Any one of them, as well as their descendants' eyes, contained a dimension within. For example, the Eyes of Death had the Dimension of Death while the Eyes of Samsara had the Samsara of Death, and there was also the Ancient Dream Realm within Zhao Feng's unknown G.o.d Eye.

The abilities of every dimension were different, but the Samsara of Death, the Dimension of Death, and the Ancient Dream Realm were all support types. However, the Myriad Forms Dimension within the Eyes of Myriad Forms could be released at will, meaning that it was an offensive-type dimension.

"The Myriad Forms Dimension is similar to my Little World, and it can easily merge with Heaven and Earth!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms floated in the Myriad Forms Dimension and looked at Zhao Feng as if he was already dead.

"This is the Myriad Forms Dimension?"

Zhao Feng's heart jumped as he surveyed this rainbow-colored dimension. This meant that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms didn't even need to form a Little World; all he needed to do was awaken the origin power of the Eyes of Myriad Forms and he would be able to use that as his Little World.

The Little Worlds of Sacred Lords weren't able to fully merge into the dimension of the continent zone since the laws within them were too strong, but the Myriad Forms Dimension was an exception. It could borrow the power of nature and merge into almost any dimension.

King of Gods Chapter 1031 Myriad Forms Dimension

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