King of Gods Chapter 1138 Calming Down

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Chapter 1138 - Calming Down

"Human, you can come with us to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds as well!" the elder said with a faint smile.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the aura of Ancient Origin within Zhao Feng's body was extremely rich. Zhao Feng had a strong foundation and was actually slightly stronger than some people of the same cultivation in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. From his point of view, Zhao Feng's only flaw was that his bloodline was too weak, but Zhao Feng had a unique Soul Body that made up for this flaw. What surprised this Spiritual Race elder even more was that he couldn't see through Zhao Feng's eye.


Those next to Zhao Feng and even Zhao Feng himself were dazed.

"Zhao Feng's luck is too good!" Kun Yun couldn't believe that an elder from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds would say something like this. Entering the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds was a legend for everyone in the continent zone, but for this elder of the Spiritual Race, it was as if entering the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds was a very small matter.

Everyone looked at Zhao Feng with envy and jealousy. In particular, DemiG.o.d Taichi's heart was extremely chaotic. His hatred for Zhao Feng was very strong, and he wished to kill Zhao Feng. With Zhao Feng's talent, if he entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, his future would be immeasurable.

At this moment, apart from Zhao Feng, everyone was thinking about begging this elder to take them to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds as well, but they didn't dare to say anything at all.

"Master!" Yuan Long was also surprised. What was the point of bringing a normal human from this weak dimension who didn't have an ancient bloodline to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds?

"Brother Feng!" Zhao Yufei was overjoyed and revealed a smile that could make any male's heart move, but when she looked at Zhao Feng, she realized that Zhao Feng didn't seem to be very happy. Zhao Yufei immediately understood. She hadn't thought it through; she was being selfish.

"Yufei, you should go with Senior!" Zhao Feng was silent for a moment before speaking to Zhao Yufei in an apologetic tone.

If Zhao Feng was selfish and went to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, then the Hall of G.o.ds that he had raised up would be taken over by the Grand Imperial Hall, and the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn't let go of anyone related to him. There were also many forces in the lord dynasty that were deeply connected to the Hall of G.o.ds, and once Zhao Feng left, disaster would befall them as well.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had created the Hall of G.o.ds for another reason - to completely control the Nanlin Sea. Only then would he be able to completely protect his hometown, the Azure Flower Continent.

"What? Zhao Feng actually…" Sacred King Feather Spirit's expression turned to shock as he stared at Zhao Feng. He was suspicious that he had heard wrong.

"This brat knows that the Grand Imperial Hall will definitely trouble the Hall of G.o.ds, but he still chose to remain behind…." DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was puzzled as well as shocked. Who would remain behind and choose to face danger when they could escape, especially to some place better?

Kun Yun and Nan Gongsheng also looked at Zhao Feng in shock.

"Hmm?" Yuan Long was surprised. He didn't expect a human from this weak dimension to reject his master's invitation. It was the same as a hobo rejecting a rich meal. Yuan Long revealed a smile of mockery. From his perspective, Zhao Feng's actions were extremely dumb, and there was no medicine that could save him from that.

"Brother Feng, I'll wait for you in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds!" Zhao Yufei wiped the wetness from the corner of her eyes and looked deeply at Zhao Feng. She had already foreseen that Zhao Feng would make this decision.

"Senior, I'm extremely sorry. This junior still has some things to take care of here!" Zhao Feng bowed respectfully toward this elder of the Spiritual Race and placed great emphasis on the last few words. Zhao Feng then looked at those from the Grand Imperial Hall after raising his head.

The two from the Spiritual Race and Zhao Yufei also instantly looked at DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor and company. The bodies of these four from the Grand Imperial Hall shook, and cold sweat poured from their foreheads as the fear of death spread through their bodies.

Experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds viewed beings not from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds as ants and wouldn't care whether they lived or not. At this moment, two experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had come for Zhao Yufei. As long as Zhao Yufei spoke, these four would definitely be killed.

"Zhao Feng, if you have anything you need, the Grand Imperial Hall will help you as much as we can!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor squeezed out a kind smile and pretended that he had a good relations.h.i.+p with Zhao Feng. The other three - even DemiG.o.d Taichi and Sacred King Feather Spirit, who hated Zhao Feng's guts - also squeezed out smiles and tried to get on Zhao Feng's good side.

"Hmph!" In the sky, Yuan Long harrumphed coldly in disdain and extended a white crystalline arm.

Weng~~ Boom!

Heaven and Earth shook as a terrifying Intent instantly gained control over the nearby s.p.a.ce. The area around the four Grand Imperial Hall members seemed to freeze. Even DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was unable to move, and he couldn't even release his Divine Sense.

In an instant, everything within their bodies started to crystallize. Even s.p.a.ce itself started to crystallize around them! If this continued, everything in range would become blocks of crystal.

"Such terrifying power, this person…!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor's heart jumped, and he was utterly shocked. This person named Yuan Long was much stronger than True G.o.d Tian Fa!

However, this was reasonable; Yuan Long had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race, which was ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. He was a s.h.i.+ning prodigy even in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. It was hard to imagine what kind of cultivation his master had.

A sense of life-and-death danger they had never felt before covered the four from the Grand Imperial Hall.

"Yuan Long, let's go!" The elder faintly looked over them as if he was looking at an ant or a drop of water. He didn't care at all.

"Zezeze, okay!" Yuan Long put down his arm with a laugh.

Boom! Peng!

The crystallized dimension instantly shattered, and countless shards of crystal floated in the air.

"Thank you for not killing me, Senior!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor knelt on the ground and said in fear.


Sacred King Feather Spirit and the phoenix-robed Sacred King had fallen to the ground next to the two DemiG.o.ds. There were no signs of any aura from them.

DemiG.o.d Taichi's eyes shook as he looked in shock at the two Sacred Kings next to him that had died. If Yuan Long had stopped just a moment later, he might have turned out like that too.

Nan Gongsheng's and Kun Yun's hair stood on end as they looked at the two Spiritual Race members in fear and respect.

In the sky, the elder's body revealed a dazzling divine light that covered Yuan Long and Zhao Yufei.


A faint disturbance came from the very center of the Fan Universe.


A unique spatial undulation appeared around the trio.

"Brother Feng, do what you need to do quickly!" Zhao Yufei bit her lips, and her eyelashes fluttered as her eyes became watery.


The trio's figures started to fade with the unique undulation of s.p.a.ce until they completely disappeared. Heaven and Earth started to calm down after the experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds and Zhao Yufei left.

"Let's go!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor said in a deep tone before taking the bodies of the two Sacred Kings and leaving the Hall of G.o.ds. DemiG.o.d Taichi glared at Zhao Feng before turning into a streak of white light and disappearing into the sky.

"They can come back now!" Zhao Feng messaged Bi Qingyue. Luckily, he had told the other members of the Hall of G.o.ds to retreat before the experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds arrived. Otherwise, the members with lower cultivations might have been crushed by the aura of two True G.o.ds.

The Hall of G.o.ds returned to normal a day later, and news of this incident quickly spread across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. The DemiG.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall that had gone to the Hall of G.o.ds returned with heavy injuries, including DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor. Sacred King Feather Spirit and Sacred King Phoenix Righteousness had died.

This result shocked the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty. None of the forces in the lord dynasty doubted the truth of this, but then another piece of news soon spread as well; experts of the Spiritual Race from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had appeared in the Hall of G.o.ds and took Zhao Yufei away. Before they left, they severely injured the DemiG.o.ds and killed the two Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall.

This news completely stunned the lord dynasty. In just a few short years' time, more experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had appeared. This made all the DemiG.o.ds in the continent zone become even crazier about breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

"Bi Qingyue, quickly train all the talented disciples to the Mystic Light Realm and put all focus on them!" Zhao Feng messaged Bi Qingyue. He then took out some substandard G.o.d crystals, resources from the Ancient Dream Realm, and other items, then handed them to Bi Qingyue.

"The Grand Imperial Hall shouldn't take any action for a while!" Zhao Feng guessed in his heart as he entered seclusion in the Misty Spatial World.

The experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had invigorated him as well. Zhao Feng wanted to go to the legendary Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds and see what kind of place it was. He wanted to witness the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and see the legendary Eight Great G.o.d Eyes!

"I need to put in more effort or else Yufei will get too far ahead of me!" Zhao Feng smiled helplessly.

Zhao Yufei's bloodline would become even purer after going to the Ancient Spiritual Race in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. At that point, the cultivation speed of the Spiritual Race would be fully displayed, and with Zhao Yufei's talent, she would be able to become a Rank Three G.o.d at the least!


Strong power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning radiated from Zhao Feng's Lightning Soul Body. Countless crackles of white lightning roared on Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body and destroyed everything around him.

Right now, Zhao Feng's main focus was to use the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning to refine his Sacred Lightning Body. Of course, while refining his Sacred Lightning Body with the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, Zhao Feng was still using many thoughts to cultivate other aspects.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng started resting for a while. He ate many precious resources to recover his injuries, but he never stopped cultivating. While resting, he changed his focus to comprehending the different Intents.


The three vine fruits appeared before Zhao Feng, and a thick Intent covered Zhao Feng.

Whenever his understanding of the Intents reached a bottleneck, Zhao Feng turned his focus back to refining his Sacred Lightning Body.

Since he had repet.i.tively used his various resources, their effects started to weaken, so Zhao Feng would also occasionally enter the Ancient Dream Realm and continue scouting around. He would increase the number of his spiritual pets and expand his territory.

"Sky Lightning h.e.l.l Refined Gra.s.s, Evil Swamp Earth Crystal Rock, Heaven Wind Jade Bamboo…"

Even more precious resources from the Ancient Dream Realm floated in front of Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng circulated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body to absorb the energy from these herbs.

Zhao Feng spent a year in seclusion. In this period of time, Zhao Feng didn't think about increasing his cultivation - he chose to consolidate it instead!

One day, Zhao Feng entered the G.o.d Eye Dimension and prepared to duplicate some ancient resources he needed.

"Zhao Feng, I want to speak with you!" At this moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon spoke from a corner in the dimension.

King of Gods Chapter 1138 Calming Down

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