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Chapter 1049 - Breaking Through to the Mystic Light Realm (1)

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit opened her eyes after a long time, and shock filled her eyes.

The effect of this mysterious pond water was incredulous. She had taken just a small sip, and her state of existence increased. Her Soul Intent was refined, and her soul strength became calm.

If she started to refine pills at this instant, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was confident that she could create even higher graded pills.

"I'm confident that I can create what Little Friend wants with this liquid and the bloodline of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers," Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit said after calming down.

She finally realized that she had underestimated this junior. Every time Zhao Feng took out something, it was something that the continent zone didn't have. It moved her.

"Since Senior is refining pills for the Hall of G.o.ds, Senior will be treated like all the other members and rewarded for your contribution!" Zhao Feng knew that Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit would be very interested in the mysterious pond water, so he said this with a faint smile.

Although there was an entire pond of this liquid within the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng didn't dare to take it all out or else it would just fuel Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit's greed.

Zhao Feng then left the Pill Refining Building and returned to his own place.

"Bi Qingyue, send me information on the front lines and the information needed for one to break through to the Mystic Light Realm!" Zhao Feng ordered directly through the Dark Heart Seal, and someone arrived the next day with everything that Zhao Feng wanted.

Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. All the intel floated in the air and started to flip by itself.

"Sacred Lord Myriad Forms has returned to the battlefield, forcing all the Sacred Lords around Meng City to gather together to stop him. A late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord from the Lan Province War Hall then appeared and defeated him…."

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. As expected, after Sacred Lord Myriad Forms recovered, he returned to the battlefield in order to take revenge against Zhao Feng.

This time though, the Lan Province War Hall was ready; they had already given the order for all the Sacred Lords nearby to gather at Meng City in order to block Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. The Thirteenth Prince couldn't stop the order even if he wanted to!

At last, a late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord arrived and defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. This was why Meng City wasn't lost.

However, because of the clash between Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and the late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, the war was becoming more dangerous. Sacred Lords at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm were starting to appear, and those at the Small Origin Core Realm slowly retreated and became back-ups.

"Yufei is also on the battlefield?"

Zhao Feng's expression changed. When looking closer, he realized that the date Zhao Yufei arrived at the battlefield was right when he left.

Because of her bloodline, Zhao Yufei's cultivation speed was extremely fast; she had already broken through to the Mystic Light Realm.

Although Zhao Yufei stayed at the Thirteenth Prince's city in order to gain more experience, she had also helped the Thirteenth Prince obtain a lot of war points in doing so.

The bottom levels of the two lord dynasties had big losses. The number of people fighting decreased while the grade of the war increased. The middle-upper echelon members of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were starting to enter the fight as well. For example, Xuanyuan Wen, Luo Zun, s.h.i.+ Yulei, Ji Bai, Jiang Hao, and the various geniuses that entered the Crown Prince trial also started to appear on the battlefield.

Zhao Feng then flipped through the situation of the other two provinces. It was basically the same as Lan Province.

After reading through the information on the front lines, Zhao Feng started to read through the information regarding how to break through to the Mystic Light Realm. The information was written by experts that had successfully broken through to the Mystic Light Realm. Each stroke of comprehension was different from the rest.

Zhao Feng knew a lot more things about what he needed to do after reading the intel.

Zhao Feng firstly took out some Fire-elemental resources and used the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique to consolidate the Fire of Wind Lightning. The Crystal Core within his dantian was smoother and harder. A three-colored True Yuan of lightning spun around his Crystal Core dimension.

The next day, when Zhao Feng opened his eyes, the aura radiating from him was suddenly stronger.

"I've reached the limit of the Fire of Wind Lightning."

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.


The next instant, Zhao Feng's consciousness entered the Ancient Dream Realm.

The Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers were used to Zhao Feng suddenly disappearing and reappearing.

Zhao Feng took a few gulps from the pond, then opened his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye to enter a state of cultivation.

Zhao Feng could now suppress his state of existence and body so that the pond water was more effective on his soul. He opened his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye in order to increase the level of his comprehension as well.

"The effect of it isn't obvious enough!"

Zhao Feng opened his eyes after a long time. The pond water still cleansed Zhao Feng's body first before using a small amount of its energy on his soul.

"Why don't I just do this…?" Zhao Feng suddenly said, and a dark purple soul body covered with white lightning jumped into the pond.

Zhao Feng's soul split away from his body. His soul then entered the pond, thus it wouldn't waste anything on his physical body.

"It's effective!"

The moment his Lightning Soul Body entered the pond, Zhao Feng could a.n.a.lyze that the water in the pond was very effective. A cold sensation suddenly swept across Zhao Feng's soul.

At this instant, Zhao Feng's senses and reactions became a lot stronger. It was as if he had entered a limitless world where time flowed slowly.

Zhao Feng could feel his Divine Sense and consciousness slowly spreading through the broad Heaven and Earth. Small changes to the world could be instantly sensed by Zhao Feng. Surges of Heaven and Earth's laws and the power of Intent merged into Zhao Feng's mind.

Zhao Feng became immersed in this feeling and felt like his body was becoming deeper and deeper, as if it was ten thousand yards underwater. He needed to remain silent and focus on cultivation and comprehension.

Some of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers looked at Zhao Feng's Lightning Soul Body sitting in the middle of the pond in the Ancient Dream Realm. The aura coming from Zhao Feng started to become weaker, but the flow of power from the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning also became weaker, as if it would stop at any moment.

The Dark Heart Seals within the two larger Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers loosened for a moment.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye started to twitch, and it released an ancient and desolate aura. Zhao Feng's Lightning Soul Body instantly released a powerful aura, and the nearby dozens of Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers revealed looks of fear as they trembled on the ground.

However, this desolate aura only appeared for an instant before disappearing.

"Master indeed has one of the peak Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines!" the leader of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers murmured.

"So close!" Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes as his soul flew out of the pond and returned to his body. Only after waking up did he realize how dangerous the situation just was. His soul had almost entered eternal sleep, but luckily, the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye saved him.

"This is still too dangerous!"

Zhao Feng let out a breath. Once the soul left the body, it would slowly weaken.
Only if Zhao Feng's soul body reached an extremely high level would it be able to stay outside his body for extended periods.

The unique power within the pond was too strong; the cool and calm sensation kept on eroding Zhao Feng's consciousness, almost freezing it completely.

"However, my level of comprehension has almost reached the level of the Mystic Light Realm now!"

Fortune came alongside disaster. The possibility of death allowed Zhao Feng's level of comprehension to increase to a level that it had never reached before.

"I can try to break through to the Mystic Light Realm now!"

Zhao Feng's gaze was deep as he disappeared from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm was a long process; it needed at least a month or two, and it could reach up to six months. Therefore, Zhao Feng needed to prepare everything before he entered seclusion.

Zhao Feng first told Bi Qingyue and Sacred Emperor Dark Night the news of Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit making new pills. When they were made, they could set up even more difficult tasks.

Zhao Feng only told Bi Qingyue, who was in charge of the Hall of G.o.ds, the news of him entering seclusion to attempt a breakthrough to the Mystic Light Realm. He told her not to disturb him under any circ.u.mstances.

Within the hall, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and released control of his body as his consciousness entered a place very far away.

Within a ghastly palace in the Darkness Ghost Clan, a purple-golden light suddenly flashed through the eyes of the wicked and evil-looking Zhao w.a.n.g.

The instant Zhao Feng's consciousness arrived in Zhao w.a.n.g's body, he knew everything that had happened. Zhao w.a.n.g was now the number one Core disciple of the Darkness Ghost Clan and had just become a King. However, Zhao w.a.n.g's Soul Intent had long ago reached the level of an Emperor, and normal Emperors wouldn't be able to sense this.

In addition, the Grand Elder of the Darkness Ghost Clan was the elder that tried to Zhao Feng, but he left a few days after coming back. This meant that, as long as Zhao w.a.n.g didn't reveal too much, the Darkness Ghost Clan wouldn't be able to sense anything.

The Darkness Ghost Clan placed a lot of importance on Zhao w.a.n.g. The martial brothers and sisters all sucked up to Zhao w.a.n.g while the Regulators and Elders all cared about Zhao w.a.n.g. In their hearts, Zhao w.a.n.g was someone that would definitely become an Elder in the future, and he might even be able to break through to the Mystic Light Realm and lead the Darkness Ghost Clan to the pinnacle.

After confirming the situation with Zhao w.a.n.g, Zhao Feng started the array near his residence and blocked out everything.

Zhao Feng took out the Green Spiritual Gourd and drank a few sips of pond water. A cold and calm power flowed throughout Zhao Feng's body and soul.

"This doesn't seem to be enough!"

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. Maybe it was because his soul had been soaked in the pond before, but the effect of the pond water wasn't as strong now.

Gulu! Gulu!

Zhao Feng had to take another few sips before entering a profound state.

Five days later, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit managed to craft an entirely new pill with the pond water and the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. Supreme Emperor Dark Night came in person to take it away.

"Hehe, my mastery of the Dao of the Pill seems to have improved here!"

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was very satisfied by the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill that she made.

Another few days pa.s.sed, and a new mission was set up in the Silence Division. The number of here was only below that of Black Screen Corner, and it was now ranked as the second-best organization.

When these missions were set up, the entire world was shaken. Some of the legendary that had been silent for a hundred years, a thousand years, or even ten thousand years, were woken up and appeared to the world again.

The reward for the this time was a treasure named the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill. It could increase one's lifespan and the purity of one's bloodline. It also helped one's soul and slightly increased the chances of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm.

Because of the Spiritual Blood Core Pills and Blood Essence Pills, no one doubted the effect of the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pills.

However, there were only three missions that gave out this reward, and the targets were all Quasi-Sacred Lord rank experts that had a possibility of becoming a Sacred Lord.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night and Bi Qingyue had discussed this together. Three was the limit of missions they could set at this level!

King of Gods Chapter 1049 Breaking Through To The Mystic Light Realm 1

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