King of Gods Chapter 1051 Breaking Through To The Mystic Light Realm 3

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Chapter 1051 - Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm (3)

Heaven and Earth shook around the forbidden grounds at the back of the Hall of G.o.ds as a three-colored divine light formed. It lit up the air and started to slowly form a three-colored whirlpool of blue, green, and red.

The Demonic Dao aura spread by the three from Nine Darkness Palace was instantly pushed aside by this dominant force. The three-colored Sacred Light then started to expand and cover the skies. The center of the whirlpool seemed to be an endless hole that absorbed all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within several dozen thousand miles.

At this moment, close to ten forces of different size were gathered in the Hall of G.o.ds, including Nine Darkness Palace, their forces, and the Hall of G.o.d's subordinate forces.

"Master is about to become a Sacred Lord!" Bi Qingyue's heart shook.

"Zhao Feng is about to become a Sacred Lord as well now!" Supreme Emperor Dark Night exclaimed and then sighed. What kind of level would Zhao Feng lead the Hall of G.o.ds to after he broke through?

"What a terrifying pressure of Heaven and Earth!" Sacred Lord Dark Ghost's heart jumped. He was a Sacred Lord, but he was frightened by the force of someone merely trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

"This is interesting!" Nan Gongsheng, who was currently hiding nearby, revealed a wicked smile.


Bi Qingyue and Supreme Emperor Dark Night flew outside with grim expressions.

"Elder Demonic Abyss, Nine Darkness Palace has no evidence, but you're going to forcefully blame it on other forces?"

Bi Qingyue felt it hard to breathe against Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and company but still managed to speak.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night, Emperor Withered Shadow, and she were in charge of setting up the missions. Zhao Feng had put the Dark Heart Seal in all three of them, so they couldn't betray Zhao Feng unless Nine Darkness Palace captured them and searched their souls.

Furthermore, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was also within the forbidden grounds. Nine Darkness Palace didn't dare to capture her or else they would offend even more forces.

"Then why are all these missions set up in the Silence Division?" Sacred Lord Evil Caster questioned.

"There are also targeting Nine Darkness Palace in Black Screen Corner!" Supreme Emperor Dark Night said.

Back when he and Zhao Feng had been discussing actions, they expected this, which was one of the other reasons they set up a small amount of missions in Black Screen Corner.

"Hmph, Nine Darkness Palace will obviously take out evidence!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss snickered coldly as black clouds formed in the air behind him. They seemed to turn into a desolate beast that gave off a forceful power.

There would be evidence as long as he captured Bi Qingyue and Supreme Emperor Dark Night!

"Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, what are you doing?" Duke Nanfeng instantly flew out from within the hall, and all the experts and forces within the hall appeared outside.

"Duke Nanfeng… you again!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' eyebrows furrowed, but he still circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power. There were no signs of him stopping.

Because of Duke Nanfeng, he wasted time when trying to kill the forces of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, which allowed the Sky Sword Pavilion to arrive and force him away.

Duke Nanfeng had appeared to interfere with him once again.

"Duke Nanfeng, Nine Darkness Palace won't be responsible if we accidentally injure you!"

Sacred Lord Wicked Truth, with his red hair and black robes, stood behind Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss with a cold expression. Sacred Lord Wicked Truth didn't even bother looking at all the other small forces apart from Duke Nanfeng.

A powerful mental energy aura suddenly appeared behind Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

"Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, are you here to cause trouble in Yu Province?" Sacred Lord Star Demon's voice sounded.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Sacred Lord Star Demon and two Quasi-Sacred Lord experts arrived beside Bi Qingyue. Sacred Lord Star Demon's pair of dark purple eyes looked at Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss with a deep expression. He didn't expect Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and two early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord experts to come all the way from Nine Darkness Palace.

"Sacred Lord Star Demon, are you sure the Ji Family wants to involve themselves in this matter?" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' gaze was cold as he looked at Sacred Lord Star Demon.

"This is Yu Province, and Little Friend Zhao Feng is the Ji Family's esteemed guest!" Sacred Lord Star Demon said despite the invisible pressure.

Although Sacred Lord Star Demon was only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm, his Soul Intent was incredibly strong, and he had the battle-power of an early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord with his profound Soul eye-bloodline techniques. However, even though the enemy didn't specialize in mental energy, the mental energy wave that came from Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss still made Sacred Lord Star Demon's soul shake.

"Looks like the Ji Family wants to go down the path of the Duanmu Family!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' cold voice sounded as a demonic power spread.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss wasn't worried because of Sacred Lord Star Demon's arrival because he was the only Sacred Lord that had come from the Ji Family. It wouldn't really affect their plan. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss would even be able to use this reason to trouble the Ji Family in the future after finis.h.i.+ng off the Hall of G.o.ds.

Sacred Lord Star Demon's expression froze for a little bit. In the past, the Duanmu Family offended Nine Darkness Palace, and two of their Sacred Lords were killed by Nine Darkness Palace. This was why they had become so much weaker.

"You two, stop Duke Nanfeng, the Ji Family, and the others," Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss messaged.

The current battle-power of the Hall of G.o.ds wasn't enough to stop Nine Darkness Palaces.


The three Sacred Lords of Nine Darkness Palace instantly took action, and a surge of terrifying Demonic aura instantly covered the Hall of G.o.ds. All of the spectators with low cultivations immediately retreated. Even Bi Qingyue retreated far away because she knew that, once Nine Darkness Palace performed a soul search on her, they would be able to destroy the Hall of G.o.ds "righteously."

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Sacred Lord Evil Caster and Sacred Lord Wicked Truth charged toward Sacred Lord Star Demon and Duke Nanfeng. The forces that arrived at the Hall of G.o.ds earlier, such as Sacred Lord Dark Ghost and the Grand Elder of the Black Radiant Clan, immediately stopped Supreme Emperor Dark Night, Old Monster Xu, and the upper battle-powers of the Hall of G.o.ds.


The unstoppable Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss flew straight toward the forbidden grounds at the back of the Hall of G.o.ds.

As Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was about to approach the building that Zhao Feng was staying in:

Weng~ Boom!

A mountain suddenly exploded as a purple-and-blood-colored wicked light shot into the sky. A wicked purple-and-blood-colored flower also flashed in the air as a terrifying evil power exploded and charged toward Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

This sudden evil power made the nearby Quasi-Sacred Lords and Sacred Lords tremble and start to panic.


A youth with purple-and-blood-colored hair and covered in similarly-colored flower tattoos blocked Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' path with a flash of silver light.

"Nan Gongsheng!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss exclaimed as fury burned within him.

Nine Darkness Palace had sent two upper echelon members to the True Martial Sacred Land to capture Nan Gongsheng, but they were scared back by the legendary DemiG.o.d Kun Yun. Nine Darkness Palace wouldn't have caused trouble for Nan Gongsheng anymore if he just stayed in the True Martial Sacred Land, but now Nan Gongsheng had appeared in the Hall of G.o.ds in the continent zone!

"Nan Gongsheng… is here!" Sacred Lord Wicked Truth's eyes turned red as his red hair blew in the wind. He had gone to the True Martial Sacred Land to capture Nan Gongsheng but was scared away by Kun Yun.

"That's good. Today, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo shall both be killed!"

Black Mystic Light Sacred Power circulated through Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' body, and the black light around him suddenly started to spread like tentacles with intelligence. The terrifying pressure of the Demonic Dao was like an enraged ancient beast.

As if sensing the fierce battle in the outside world, the speed of the three-colored whirlpool's spinning in the sky started to increase. The Yuan Qi in the bodies of all the experts below started to disappear.

Weng~ Boom! Boom!

A forbidden aura that could suppress Heaven and Earth appeared from the three-colored whirlpool. The winds howled as the clouds blew.


Three condensed beams of Sacred Light within the large three-colored whirlpool suddenly descended onto a certain mountain peak. Yuan Qi in every direction seemed to be directed toward a certain place and gathered toward the three beams of Sacred Light.

"His Sacred Power Whirlpool has successfully connected. No! We can't let Zhao Feng break through!"

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss leapt out from the side of the explosion and sped toward where the three-colored Sacred light descended.

Zhao Feng was at the last moment of his breakthrough.

"Evil Devil Claw!" Nan Gongsheng extended his right arm, and the flower on his arm started to spread into limitless branches and leaves that finally formed a giant claw and ripped through the air.

"Nan Gongsheng, f.u.c.k off!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss roared as countless black tentacles appeared and attacked Nan Gongsheng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two forces of evil clashed. The forbidden power contained within them was enough to devour anything and everything.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' footsteps paused for a moment. He didn't expect Nan Gongsheng to improve so quickly; he was now able to fight back against a late-stage Mystic Light Realm with the power of the Evil G.o.d.

Of course, if Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss attacked with his full power, Nan Gongsheng would definitely lose, but stopping Zhao Feng from breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm was the most important matter right now. Once Zhao Feng broke through, he would be able to turn the tide with his terrifying power.

In addition, if Zhao Feng still really had a G.o.d Slaying Arrow, then Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss himself would be in danger. When thinking up to here, Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss used a secret technique, and the tentacles turned into a barrier that guarded him.


Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss decided to not bother with Nan Gongsheng and just finish Zhao Feng off first.

"Don't even think about it!" Nan Gongsheng's eyes turned dark purple, and a blood-colored flower seemed to appear.

"I'll leave the rest to you!" Nan Gongsheng prayed.

"Kekeke, let me play with you!" Nan Gongsheng's voice suddenly changed as the purple-and-blood-colored power of the Evil G.o.d started to become active. A purple-and-blood-colored light instantly shot toward Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.


Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was pushed back a few steps, and the black barrier around him completely shattered.

"The power of a G.o.d!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was stunned as he locked eyes with Nan Gongsheng. Although there was only a wisp of the Evil G.o.d's power within the Mystic Light Sacred Power, it was enough to completely change the power.

"Looks like the Evil Thought has taken over his body!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss started to think. After the Evil Thought took over Nan Gongsheng's body, it would use his power uncontrollably.

"Hmph, no one can stop me!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' expression was cold as he completely circulated his Demonic Dao Mystic Light Sacred Power. At the same time, a black whirlpool appeared behind Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, and a black figure jumped out.


Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss charged directly at Nan Gongsheng after summoning his clone. Countless tentacles shot through s.p.a.ce.

The fierce battle made everyone else in the Hall of G.o.ds retreat.


Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' clone laughed evilly as it sped toward Zhao Feng, who was sitting within the building at the top of the mountain. This clone had 60% of Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' strength and was even stronger than normal early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss also laughed coldly. Nan Gongsheng had now lost his mind and only existed to fight. He wouldn't catch onto any details. With no one guarding Zhao Feng, he would certainly die!

"Zhao Feng, die!" A demonic tentacle extended out from the back of Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' clone and stabbed straight through the defensive array toward Zhao Feng's head.

Zhao Feng was being cleansed by the Sacred Power of Heaven and Earth. He felt the danger appear, but he wasn't able to move nor use any part of his True Yuan or the Sacred Power. If he did so, it would destroy the Sacred Power Whirlpool.

Just as the attack from Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' clone was about to pierce through Zhao Feng's head, Zhao Feng's left eye on his slightly angered face suddenly opened.

King of Gods Chapter 1051 Breaking Through To The Mystic Light Realm 3

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