King of Gods Chapter 1163 Lightning-Fire Obliteration

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Chapter 1163 - Lightning-Fire Obliteration

At this moment, Xi Feng lay in a hole with an enraged expression, but he showed signs of fear in his eyes when Zhao Feng approached.

"How dare you injure someone from Sky Feather Island?" True G.o.d Guili suddenly stood up from the eastern stands and radiated a terrifying pressure. The force of a Rank Two True G.o.d caused the hearts of everyone present to shake, and they took a few steps back.

"Hehehe, this brat will definitely die now!" Those from the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race laughed coldly in their hearts when they saw True G.o.d Guili become angry.

Although Zhao Feng had defeated Xi Feng, which was extremely shocking, True G.o.d Guili had to take action now that Xi Feng was injured. This meant that Zhao Feng would die without a doubt.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed when he sensed this horrifying force. He had only partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion for the Exchange Spiritual Hall in order to take control over it. He really wanted to kill Xi Feng, but he didn't do so because True G.o.d Guili was present and because Xi Feng was the Sky Feather Island Lord's disciple. However, killing intent appeared in Zhao Feng's heart after seeing that True G.o.d Guili was going to attack him anyway.

"Sky Penetrating Finger!" Zhao Feng's index finger radiated the aura of an ancient bloodline, which shot out alongside a piercing Metal of Wind Lightning.

The Sky Penetrating Finger was extremely fast, and its power was released to its maximum potential when used with the Metal of Wind Lightning.

"How dare you!?" True G.o.d Guili roared as he charged toward Zhao Feng.

True G.o.d Guili didn't think that Zhao Feng would still dare to attack Xi Feng after he spoke. If Zhao Feng truly injured Xi Feng, then True G.o.d Guili would also lose face. However, Zhao Feng's finger technique was extremely fierce. Even a Rank Two True G.o.d couldn't stop it.

"Zhao Feng wants to kill Xi Feng!" The hearts of the several dozen thousand spectators thudded. This peak-stage Mystic Light Realm human dared to kill Xi Feng!

"Zhao… Zhao Feng!" Those from the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race felt their hearts twitch. Zhao Feng was going to kill the disciple of the Sky Feather Island Lord? They never would have thought that the compet.i.tion for the Exchange Spiritual Hall would end up like this.

"He's going to kill me…." Xi Feng felt as if he was covered in ice. Ever since he became the disciple of the Sky Feather Island Lord, he had never felt such bone-chilling killing intent.

Zhao Feng's finger technique was very strong. Even if Xi Feng wasn't killed by it, he would be heavily injured, but at the critical moment, Xi Feng took out a small circular s.h.i.+eld from his interspatial dimension and activated it.


The flash of golden light landed on the small circular s.h.i.+eld. Xi Feng felt his hands go numb, and his heart started to thud.

"So close…." Xi Feng was drenched in cold sweat.

"Brat, today, I will scatter your ashes!" True G.o.d Guili let out a breath after seeing that Xi Feng was fine and immediately descended toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's eyes revealed battle-intent when he looked at True G.o.d Guili. DemiG.o.ds were like ants to Zhao Feng, and Rank One True G.o.ds were comparable to him. Rank Two True G.o.ds were the ones that he wanted to challenge. One would only be able to unleash all their potential when fighting against someone stronger.

"He's challenging a Rank Two True G.o.d!" Below the arena, Gu Lan revealed a stunned expression.

At this moment, everyone was in utter shock as they looked at Zhao Feng on the arena. He was filled with battle-intent when facing a Rank Two True G.o.d. This made them unable to take their gazes away from Zhao Feng.

"Ignorant junior, I will show you the power of a Rank Two True G.o.d!" True G.o.d Guili had an enraged expression. A measly peak-stage Mystic Light Realm dared to challenge him?

"Heaven Luo Earth Sha Palm!" True G.o.d Guili started to circulate limitless Divine Power as he thrust out a fearsome black palm.


At this moment, the skies darkened from the pressure. The palm was like a ghost that leapt toward Zhao Feng.

"Rank Two True G.o.ds are indeed not simple!" Zhao Feng had a grim expression.

The power of True G.o.ds came from their Divine Stage, and all attacks were formed from pure Divine Power. The higher ranked one was, the stronger and purer their Divine Power was.

At this moment, Zhao Feng didn't dare to fight with Sacred Power since his five-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power was nothing against a Rank Two True G.o.d.


Zhao Feng circulated a surge of his white Divine Power. This was the Divine Power that he had refined through the Divine Forming Technique. At the same time, Zhao Feng completely activated the bloodline Divine Power in his index finger.

"Earth Destroying Finger!" Zhao Feng's finger released a brilliant light of Metal of Wind Lightning that contained a wisp of Divine Power, and it shot out with domineering power.

Weng~~ Boom!

An enormous bolt of limitless scarlet lightning clashed with True G.o.d Guili like a pole from heaven.


An enormous shockwave spread outward.


"What terrifying power!"

The spectators around the arena instantly retreated very far away, including the strong forces on the stone stands.

When the dust faded away, Zhao Feng and True G.o.d Guili both stood on the tattered arena. Based on the explosion, the two were on par with one another!

"How is this possible!? Zhao Feng's not dead or injured!" Everyone was shocked. They didn't think that Zhao Feng would be able to fight against a Rank Two True G.o.d.

It would be very unfortunate if someone so talented like him was killed by True G.o.d Guili like this. However, the hearts of those that had feuds with Zhao Feng clenched, and they hoped that True G.o.d Guili would immediately kill Zhao Feng.

"He was preserving his strength before!?" Xi Feng's pale-white face became even uglier.

"This brat has Divine Power!" True G.o.d Guili had a grim expression. He could tell that Zhao Feng had just broken through to the peak stage of the Mystic Light Realm not long ago, but he already had Divine Power? If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Feng had injured Xi Feng and didn't give True G.o.d Guili a way out, he would've really liked to recruit Zhao Feng to be a subordinate of the Sky Feather Island Lord.

"Come at me again!" Zhao Feng fully activated the Sacred Lightning Body. The Metal of Wind Lightning surrounded his right hand while the Fire of Wind Lightning gathered on his left hand. The two Sacred Powers of Wind Lightning also contained some Divine Power.

"You're courting death!" True G.o.d Guili's expression turned cold. No matter how excellent Zhao Feng was, he was going to be killed.

"Luo Sha Palm!" True G.o.d Guili's palms condensed the Divine Power of Luo Sha, and he was like a devil from h.e.l.l as he unleashed a terrifying attack toward Zhao Feng.

"G.o.d Obliterating Finger! Sky Destruction Sacred Lightning Palm!"

Zhao Feng used two powerful techniques at the same time. The Sky Destruction Sacred Lightning Palm was Zhao Feng's most familiar palm skill and could be used very easily. The power of this skill was also very great.

The G.o.d Obliterating Finger was Zhao Feng's current strongest finger skill, and it was incredibly powerful.

Boom! Peng! Bam!

Zhao Feng and True G.o.d Guili clashed, and everything around them turned to dust.

"One move, two moves, three moves… ten moves. Zhao Feng's managed to exchange ten moves with True G.o.d Guili without being defeated!"

"Using two different powers and skills at once! Zhao Feng's talent is terrifying!"

The spectators exclaimed in shock around the Exchange Spiritual Hall. It was incredible that a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm could exchange blows with True G.o.d Guili.

Boom! Peng!

Zhao Feng was forced back by True G.o.d Guili.

"Hahaha, brat! How much more Divine Power do you have?" True G.o.d Guili laughed.

Zhao Feng relied mainly on his Divine Power in order to fight, but how much Divine Power did a measly peak-stage Mystic Light Realm have?

Zhao Feng had a grim expression. He indeed didn't have much Divine Power, and his Divine Power was also much weaker than True G.o.d Guili's. If Zhao Feng didn't have any Divine Power, he would not be True G.o.d Guili's match.

However, Zhao Feng revealed a smile at this moment. Such a smile at such a difficult moment made one feel weird.

Zhao Feng clapped his hands together, and the Fire of Wind Lightning and Metal of Wind Lightning clashed.

Boom! Peng!

An explosion sounded as the two eruptive forces finally merged together. One had to know that it wasn't just the two Sacred Powers that merged together; the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning had also merged as well.


A ball of scarlet lightning flashed with golden light as it radiated a terrifying force not any weaker than the Divine Power within Zhao Feng's body.

"This is… you're using me to refine your power!" True G.o.d Guili stared at the ball of golden lightning-fire in Zhao Feng's hand as anger filled his face. His face became extremely terrifying and cruel; a measly Mystic Light Realm expert was using him to refine his power in battle? This was True G.o.d Guili's greatest humiliation in life.

"Zhao Feng, I will rip you into ten thousand pieces!" Black light flashed in True G.o.d Guili's hand as a long black sword appeared. He was radiating a fearsome aura that made him seem like a war ghost from h.e.l.l.

"Hehe, I'll call you… Lightning-Fire Obliteration from now on!" Zhao Feng had a joyful expression as he merged this power into his body.

The reason he used two powers of Wind Lightning and two different techniques when fighting against True G.o.d Guili was because he was thinking about how to merge the two powers together.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+" The wings behind Zhao Feng instantly released a sparkling golden light.


With the help of the Lightning-Fire Obliteration, Zhao Feng's Lightning Wings Spatial Flash was faster than ever. His body turned into a bolt of scarlet lightning that flashed by in an instant.

Although he had merged with these two powers, Zhao Feng was extremely calm. However, True G.o.d Guili was completely enraged. Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to even take one blow from a Rank Two True G.o.d without Divine Power, so Zhao Feng escaped without hesitation.

"You have nowhere to run to in Sky Feather Island!" True G.o.d Guili turned into a flash of light and chased after Zhao Feng.

The Exchange Spiritual Hall was dead-silent before erupting.

"So strong! A peak-stage Mystic Light Realm can be so strong?"

"And Zhao Feng is so fast as well! True G.o.d Guili will need to spend a lot of effort to catch up to and kill him!"

Countless people across the Exchange Spiritual Hall discussed Zhao Feng and True G.o.d Guili. They had even forgotten that today was the compet.i.tion for the Exchange Spiritual Hall. However, while others may have forgotten it, the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race wouldn't.

"Zhao Feng has offended the Sky Feather Island Lord, so his battle record does not count. Thus, the controller of the Exchange Spiritual Hall is still the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race!" the patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race announced. The Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race was completely ignored by him; he didn't put such a small four-star power in his eyes.

On the other side, the Shark Tooth Race and Emerald Green Feather Race were about to say something, but Xi Feng was still present, and Xi Feng would definitely stand on the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race's side. Furthermore, they were defeated by Gu Lan anyway, so there was nothing they could use anyway.

"Zhao Feng is actually using Martial Uncle's strength to train himself!" At this instant, Xi Feng was still thinking about the fight and didn't bother with the Exchange Spiritual Hall. He had taken a deep blow, and his heart for martial arts had been crushed by Zhao Feng.

"No, this person must die! I must kill him!" Xi Feng revealed an insane expression, and he flew in the direction of Zhao Feng and True G.o.d Guili. He needed to see Zhao Feng die or else he would be unable to calm down.

However, Xi Feng suddenly stopped in midair, and a white token appeared in his hand.

"Come back and prepare to head to the Golden Jade Race!" the voice of the Sky Feather Island Lord sounded from the token.

King of Gods Chapter 1163 Lightning-Fire Obliteration

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