King of Gods Chapter 1058 Unstoppable

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Chapter 1058 - Unstoppable

Zhao Feng continued to search for prey as well as the Ninth Prince's group after finis.h.i.+ng off this group of non-humans. Zhao Feng's left eye soon found another non-human group, but this time, the leader was a Sacred Lord.

"Let's go!"

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled. Although late-stage Sacred Lords started appearing on the battlefield, there were only two or three of them in an entire province. The strongest fighters on the battlefield were still usually initial-stage Sacred Lords.

"Ambush from the humans!" The Sacred Lord in the non-human group was from the wolfmen race, and he immediately sensed it.

The forty or so experts in the group immediately became on guard.

"Two humans?" The wolfman Sacred Lord's heart jumped up, but he immediately sensed that these two were only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm. However, the purple-and-blood-colored-hair youth gave him a very dangerous feeling.

"Retreat for now!" The wolfman leader's expression darkened as he gave the order.

"The humans have increased the number of their Sacred Lords?" A peak Emperor in the group was surprised.

Although the number of initial-stage Sacred Lords was increasing, this was the first time they had seen two Sacred Lords in the same group. Their group was one of the strongest groups in this warzone, but they still had to retreat against two Sacred Lords.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng immediately charged over. This time, Zhao Feng went for the wolfman Sacred Lord leader and left the other members to Nan Gongsheng.


A purple-and-blood-colored divine light spread across Nan Gongsheng's back and filled the air. All of Heaven and Earth turned into a purple-and-blood-colored wicked dimension, and Nan Gongsheng's figure swayed through the projection of his Little World like a ghost.

"Not good! I estimated their strength incorrectly!" The wolfman Sacred Lord's heart turned cold as he felt the terrifying power contained within this Little World projection.


The non-human enemies in Nan Gongsheng's Little World projection felt their blood and energy quickly deplete. Some of the weaker Kings were turned into dried corpses.

"How is this happening?"

Some of the stronger non-human Emperors were completely stunned. They didn't expect these two Sacred Lords, who were extremely young, to have such terrifying battle-power. They couldn't fight back against these two humans at all.


The wolfman Sacred Lord instantly used a secret technique, and the bloodline within his body activated as he turned into a giant azure wolf that ran away. At the same time, he crushed a message token, and a streak of light merged into the air and disappeared.

The wolfman Sacred Lord suddenly felt a dangerous sensation close in on him. It was extremely easy for Zhao Feng to catch up to this wolfman Sacred Lord.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!"

Zhao Feng condensed his power of Wind Lightning and unleashed a scarlet-golden palm. Although the Earth of Wind Lightning was on a higher level, it focused on defense and control, so Zhao Feng still used the Fire of Wind Lightning for offense.

"This power…!" The wolfman Sacred Lord felt a danger that he had never felt before. This palm seemed to merge with Heaven and Earth as it closed off all paths of escape.

The wolfman Sacred Lord immediately turned around, and an azure Mystic Light Sacred Power started to burn. Wolfmen didn't specialize in defense; to them, offense was the best defense.

"Azure Wolf Sacred Light!"

The transformed wolfman Sacred Lord opened his mouth and spat out a condensed ball of Mystic Light Sacred Power. However, when this azure Sacred Power landed on Zhao Feng's scarlet-golden Sacred Lightning Palm, it only slowed down the Sacred Lightning Palm a little.


The scarlet-golden Sacred Lightning Palm crushed forward and destroyed the azure power.


The remaining power from the palm landed on the giant azure wolf and sent him flying for several miles.


Zhao Feng immediately followed and unleashed several more palms, taking the life of this non-human Sacred Lord.

Just like that, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng easily destroyed one of the most powerful non-human groups in this warzone. They proceeded to travel across the warzone outside Meng City and kill all the non-human groups they saw.

At the same time, they met many human groups, and they finally located the Ninth Prince's group through them.

Within a ruined hall:

"Who's there?" The eyes of a middle-aged male wearing a black-and-gold robe flashed and released a sharp and powerful pressure.

"Zhao Feng, you're here?" The Ninth Prince flew out.

"Zhao Feng?" The expression of the middle-aged male changed slightly as he looked at the two youths flying over.

New of the Hall of G.o.ds and Nine Darkness Palace fighting had already spread across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, including the front lines. The newly-formed force, the Hall of G.o.ds, managed to fight back against an Elder of Nine Darkness Palace who was at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm. Such strength made others look at it in a different perspective.

There were also rumors that the Grand Elder of the Hall of G.o.ds, Zhao Feng, chased Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss across an entire province, and the pursuit only ended when the Grand Elder of the Earth Demon Cult appeared.

The other Emperors and Kings in the group looked at Zhao Feng with jealousy, envy, or respect.

"Senior Zhao!" The three members of the Ji Family were also in the Ninth Prince's group. They weren't as childish as before; they had matured. Amongst them, Ji Lan had become prettier like the leaves of autumn; elegant and n.o.ble. She had many people chasing after her in the battlefield.

"This is an upper echelon member of the Grand Imperial Hall, Sacred Lord Gonghuang!" the Ninth Prince introduced to Zhao Feng.

"Greetings, Senior!" Zhao Feng looked over and gave a faint bow.

The Ninth Prince's group was the strongest group that Zhao Feng had seen so far, and Sacred Lord Gonghuang was the strongest person in the group. He was at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, and the group also had two Quasi-Sacred Lords. The other members were also experts.

"Zhao Feng, I heard of you a long time ago. And this must be Nan Gongsheng!" Sacred Lord Gonghuang inspected the two youngsters in front of him and didn't dare to underestimate them at all.

"Indeed!" Nan Gongsheng replied.

"Zihang, now that your friends are here to help, we can push forward and wipe out all the non-human groups!" Sacred Lord Gonghuang suggested. Because of Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, the Grand Imperial Hall worried about the Ninth Prince's safety, so they sent Sacred Lord Gonghuang over.

"Zhao Feng, thank you!" The Ninth Prince faintly smiled and spoke.

After Zhao Feng left, all the princes increased their own forces and performed well. For example, the Thirteenth Prince had the support of Nine Darkness Palace and the Earth Demon Cult. After Zhao Yufei arrived as well, the Thirteenth Prince took back a lot of territory in an unstoppable manner and defeated many non-human Sacred Lords. The Grand Imperial Hall was very satisfied with his performance.

The non-humans then sent Sacred Lord Myriad Forms to stop the Thirteenth Prince.

On the other hand, ever since Zhao Feng left, the Ninth Prince hadn't made any progress, losing the glory of their former days. Zhao Feng's ranking on the Lan Province War Board had also dropped; he was now ranked 273rd.

However, Zhao Feng now returned as a Sacred Lord, and he brought Nan Gongsheng as well, who had the power of the Evil G.o.d.

The morale of the Ninth Prince's group increased dramatically. Most of them had followed the Ninth Prince from the beginning, and they couldn't help but remember the days when they conquered two cities and defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

"Let's go!"

The Ninth Prince was extremely confident, and Zhao Feng smiled faintly. No group with three Sacred Lords had ever appeared before. Although this might attract a lot of attention, that was precisely what Zhao Feng wanted. If Kun Yun and Zhao Yufei heard news that Zhao Feng was at the front lines, they would definitely come over.

The Ninth Prince's group then travelled across the warzone and killed all the non-human groups they met. They were unstoppable; in just ten days' time, they managed to push forward ten thousand miles outside Meng City and were almost at the stronghold of the non-humans.

One day, the Ninth Prince's group decided to rest in a canyon.

"I heard that the non-humans have reacted and sent more Sacred Lords to this area."

"It doesn't matter. With our group's strength, we don't need to be scared of anyone!"

The members of the group discussed with each another.


Zhao Feng's figure disappeared and entered the Misty Spatial World. He took out some of the items he had duplicated in the dimension of his left eye.

The next instant, Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm. At this moment, the pond water in the forest had been completely used up by the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and the Five Poison Distinct Bees.

In this period of time, Zhao Feng also sent in some of the duplicated resources. The overall strength of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers had increased by 50%.

"Attack the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls Race!" Zhao Feng ordered. He led the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and Five Poison Distinct Bees to attack the territory of the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls Race.

Zhao Feng's sudden disappearance surprised many people.

"I heard that Senior Zhao has a substandard G.o.d item that contains a Little World that he can freely enter and exit!"

"That's right! That substandard G.o.d item came from the ancient mysterious palace in the Divine Illusion Dimension!"

"Back then, all the geniuses and disciples of various forces were present, but that substandard G.o.d item fell into Senior Zhao's hands."

Some of the Kings and Emperors in the group admired Zhao Feng and talked about him the entire way.

Zhao Feng appeared a while later with a Whoos.h.!.+

"Zhao Feng, let's get ready to leave!" the Ninth Prince said after seeing Zhao Feng finish.

They could capture more territory since the non-humans hadn't sent powerful reinforcements yet and obtain some war points from killing the non-human groups.

Zhao Feng took out some herbs that could recover True Yuan and Mystic Light Sacred Power and ate them.

I've successfully conquered the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls Race. Now I just need to defeat the strongest force in the forest - the Sky Fire Lightning Apes. Then the entire forest will be my territory!

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. He had obtained many resources after defeating the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls Race, and many of the materials and herbs were of the Earth element.

Zhao Feng needed to be careful when dealing with the Sky Fire Lightning Apes. The Sky Fire Lightning Ape Race was ranked 9412nd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, several hundred places above the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls.

According to the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers, the fortunate thing was that there was only one Sky Fire Lightning Ape in the forest, but the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger leader didn't even dare to approach it. It was the king of this forest.

"We haven't met any non-human groups for a long time now!" Sacred Lord Gonghuang felt that something was off and suddenly spoke.

"Hahaha! Our group is too strong! Maybe the non-humans have already given up on this warzone!"

"It's all thanks to Senior Zhao Feng and Senior Nan!" Some of the Kings in the group laughed and said. They didn't need to do anything at all with three Sacred Lords in their group. They were able to just obtain free war points.

However, right at this moment, Heaven and Earth darkened. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi started to move as rain, wind, lightning, and fire descended.

A non-human group charged over from the distance. The leader was a tall figure with a pair of rainbow-colored eyes that seemed to contain Heaven and Earth themselves.

King of Gods Chapter 1058 Unstoppable

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