King of Gods Chapter 1060 They’Re All Here

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Chapter 1060 - They're All Here

"What is this…!?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' heart trembled. If he continued to use his Eyes of Myriad Forms to form the Myriad Forms Dimension, he would be unable to protect his soul. However, if he didn't use his Myriad Forms Dimension, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms realized that he wouldn't be Zhao Feng's match.

Zhao Feng had a calm expression as he used the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye to suppress Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and slowly drag his soul out. At the same time, Zhao Feng released his Divine Sense to see how Nan Gongsheng was doing.

"Evil Demon Chaos!" Nan Gongsheng released surges of purple-and-blood-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power and thrust out his palms, sending waves of silver-and-purple ancient demonic light forward.

Sacred Lord Sky Trampler, still in the Myriad Forms Earth World, had to go on the defensive.

"Is this Nan Gongsheng's true strength?" Sacred Lord Gonghuang was stunned. He felt that Nan Gongsheng was able to deal with Sacred Lord Sky Trampler alone.

"Blood Devil Claw!" Nan Gongsheng revealed a bloodthirsty smile as he formed a purple-and-blood-colored claw that slashed toward Sacred Lord Sky Trampler.

Sacred Lord Sky Trampler had a grim expression as he awakened the bloodline within his body and released a fierce aura.

"Trampling the Earth, Shattering the Sky!"

The image of a fierce elephant appeared around Sacred Lord Sky Trampler. This giant elephant raised its foot and stomped downward. A terrifying force caused Heaven and Earth to tremble as the laws of Earth shot out in every direction.

"Nan Gongsheng, I'll come help you!"

Sacred Lord Gonghuang held a golden halberd and slashed out, releasing a golden dragon as he charged forward.

Peng! Bam! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng and Sacred Lord Gonghuang had the advantage when they teamed up, so they started suppressing Sacred Lord Sky Trampler.

"It seems that, as Nan Gongsheng's cultivation rises, his control over the power of the Evil G.o.d rises as well," Zhao Feng said gently.

"This brat still has the heart to pay attention to other things…!?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was enraged. Zhao Feng was watching the other battle while still fighting with him.


Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes suddenly spun in a circle once, and a figure leapt out with a rainbow-colored light.

Since Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' soul was being suppressed by Zhao Feng, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms couldn't use his Myriad Forms Dimension, so he could only release his clone.


Zhao Feng's expression became grim. He couldn't use other attacks when using the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye or else it would be interrupted. However, almost all Sacred Lords at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm or higher had a clone. This meant that, when dealing with Mystic Light Realms, the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye would be much less effective.

"Die!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' clone blinked with a rainbow-colored Sacred Light as it charged at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng stopped the Gaze of the G.o.d Eye and punched out.


A powerful force landed on Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' clone. When the attack appeared, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' clone turned into a metal ball. The Metal element increased his defense, and he was able to take the punch from Zhao Feng head-on.


Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' clone was sent flying, and a large hole appeared in his chest. Even though Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' clone focused on defense, he was still unable to stop Zhao Feng's punch.

However, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' soul used this chance to return to his body and quickly pull away from Zhao Feng as he recalled his clone.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' clone had comprehended many laws and Intents within the Myriad Forms Dimension and understood much more than others, but Zhao Feng's punch still severely injured and almost destroyed him.

"How is this possible!? How did this human become so much stronger so quickly…?"

Fear appeared on Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' face. In just two years, the human he could easily crush last time had reached the same level as him and even had the advantage.

"That's…!?" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms seemed to sense something with his Eyes of Myriad Forms, and Zhao Feng's left eye also fluttered slightly.

A human group containing several powerful auras was closing in from the right side of the Ninth Prince.

"Elder Sky Trampler, the humans have sent reinforcements. Retreat!" Sacred Lord Myriad Forms immediately messaged. The power of Wind Lightning then surrounded him as he ran away.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' group wasn't a match for the Ninth Prince's group to begin with, and now, this new group was also very strong. If they didn't run now, they wouldn't have a chance to run later.

On the other side, Sacred Lord Sky Trampler also knew the situation and immediately started to run by relying on the thick element of Earth nearby. His speed was also extremely quick.

"You want to run?" Nan Gongsheng was feeling refreshed, and he immediately chased after Sacred Lord Sky Trampler.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heaven and Earth started to move as a storm of ice formed before Nan Gongsheng. The chilling Intent of ice reduced Nan Gongsheng's speed.

"Nan Gongsheng, don't chase after them!" Zhao Feng called Nan Gongsheng back.

Even if Zhao Feng chased after Sacred Lord Myriad Forms personally, his hope of catching up wasn't high. The Eyes of Myriad Forms could change the surroundings; the ground could turn into ice or a swamp. Lightning, fire, and various storms could also be easily summoned.

The Eyes of Myriad Forms also specialized in the laws of Wind Lightning as well, so Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was at least as fast as Zhao Feng. This meant that, if one wanted to chase after Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, they first needed to be able to block the power of nature itself, and they also had to have speed that surpa.s.sed Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

"Your Highness Crown Prince, your recent achievements aren't bad at all!" a voice slowly sounded as the group approached.

"Brother Thirteenth Prince, your elder brother still can't catch up to you!" The Ninth Prince had a calm expression.

The newcomers were the Thirteenth Prince and his group, and at the front of the group was a female in purple. She was extremely stunning and elegant, and she instantly attracted everyone's gaze.

"Brother Feng…!" Zhao Yufei's eyes were watery as she stared at Zhao Feng below. There was nothing else in her eyes.

Nine years had pa.s.sed since she saw Zhao Feng in the Divine Illusion Dimension. Nine years - Zhao Yufei finally managed to see Zhao Feng once more.

"Brother Feng, I can finally see you again…!"

A purple figure leapt into Zhao Feng. Zhao Yufei's eyes were slightly red; although she was happy, she also wanted to cry. She had too many things to say, and she wanted to tell Zhao Feng all about it.

Zhao Feng's eyes flashed as he felt a soft body leap into him. The teary eyes of Zhao Yufei made his cheeks wet.

"Yufei!" Zhao Feng also became emotional. Excitement and sadness appeared at the same time. He couldn't distinguish what he was feeling.

"Sister Yufei…!"

On the side, the Thirteenth Prince's face and ears were scarlet-red as anger covered his face. The Sacred Emperor and the Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family had already agreed to the marriage between them, but now, the girl he liked leapt into the embrace of another male. This made him extremely angry, and he was about to unleash his rage.

"Master!" Zhao Feng looked at Duanmu Qing within the Thirteenth Prince's group.

Next to Duanmu Qing was a Sacred Lord of the Demonic Dao who coldly glanced at Zhao Feng.

At this moment, the members of the Ninth Prince's group who retreated earlier returned. Ji Lan's inner heart shook slightly as she looked at the stunning G.o.ddess in Zhao Feng's embrace, and she lowered her head, speechless.

As more and more spectators arrived and discussed in low tones, Zhao Yufei's face became red, and she let go of Zhao Feng.

"Sacred Lord Myriad Forms has run away. Let's conquer the stronghold ahead, then we'll talk!" The Ninth Prince could tell that the Thirteenth Prince wasn't here to reinforce them. There should be something that he wanted to talk about.

The Ninth Prince's group and the Thirteenth Prince's groups pushed forward. They found no non-human groups on the way; it was obvious that they had given up on this stronghold.

The groups soon arrived at an empty city. Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and Duanmu Qing gathered together in a hall.

"Brother Feng, I…" Zhao Yufei wanted to tell Zhao Feng about the frustrations she had, but she didn't know how to start. Her emotions were extremely chaotic right now. Although she had a n.o.ble bloodline and powerful strength, she was just a normal girl in terms of relations.h.i.+ps.

"I know everything…. Don't worry, if you don't want to do anything, no one can force you to do it!" Zhao Feng's expression was solemn, and his tone was decisive.

Zhao Feng wanted to kill the Thirteenth Prince a long time ago, but he never had a chance. Ever since, the Thirteenth Prince kept on testing Zhao Feng's bottom line. Zhao Feng had his mind made up - as long as he had a chance, he would take action. If the Thirteenth Prince died, then what was the point of the marriage?

"Zhao Feng, Junior Martial Sister Yufei and I came to the battlefield to discuss the marriage with the Thirteenth Prince," Duanmu Qing said.

They had talked to the Thirteenth Prince many times, and the Thirteenth Prince kept on saying that he would make Zhao Yufei fall in love with him. Therefore, every talk they had never resulted in anything.

"I won't agree to cancelling the marriage!" The Thirteenth Prince slowly walked into the hall and coldly looked at Zhao Feng.

He was extremely angry over the plan he made with all his forces failing. If they had just managed to kill Zhao Feng back then, none of this would be happening right now.

This was the second time he saw the girl he liked hugging Zhao Feng now. This pushed the Thirteenth Prince's jealousy and killing intent toward Zhao Feng to the limit.

However, he knew that Zhao Feng was very strong, and he could only rely on the forces that supported him and his mother to deal with Zhao Feng. As long as he didn't agree to cancel the marriage, the Duanmu Family couldn't force the Sacred Emperor to cancel the marriage.

"Your Highness Thirteenth Prince, I will never like you!" Zhao Yufei looked at the Thirteenth Prince and spoke in a decisive and frustrated tone.

"You…!" The Thirteenth Prince was enraged. The girl he liked had continuously injured his heart and ignored his love. On top of that, she hugged another male in front of everyone.

At this moment, the Thirteenth Prince finally realized how disgusting the girl he liked was! Right now, he just wanted to kill Zhao Feng and torture Zhao Yufei!

Zhao Feng looked at the Thirteenth Prince, and a stealthy ripple of mental energy pa.s.sed through the air. No one in the entire stronghold sensed it.

At this moment, a terrifying pressure descended onto this hall.

"What's going on? Are the non-humans counterattacking?" The Thirteenth Prince's legs became soft as he immediately ran out.

"Sacred Lord Black Iron, what happened?" The Thirteenth Prince arrived next to Sacred Lord Black Iron with fear.

Sacred Lord Black Iron was the Demonic Dao Sacred Lord in his group. He was a Sacred Lord sent by Nine Darkness Palace to protect the Thirteenth Prince and create achievements.

Sacred Lord Black Iron was at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm. One had to know that only a few late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords appeared in Lan Province, and they only appeared to stall the experts of the non-humans.

Even the Crown Prince only had Sacred Lord Gonghuang, who was at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, with him. If the forces that supported the Thirteenth Prince sent a late-stage Sacred Lord to support the Thirteenth Prince, the imperials wouldn't give him a very good rating even if his results were good.

Divine Senses appeared one after another in the city as Quasi-Sacred Lords and Sacred Lords appeared.

"Those that are supposed to be here are all finally here!" Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

"Zhao Feng, come out!" A thunderous roar boomed and shook the city, as if it was going to shatter it.


Zhao Feng appeared in the air above the hall and looked at the handsome youth with short hair in front of him.

"Long time no see, Little Kun Yun!"

King of Gods Chapter 1060 They’Re All Here

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