King of Gods Chapter 1169 Surrounded

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Chapter 1169 - Surrounded

News of the Sky Feather Island Lord's forces being slain started to slowly spread after Zhao Feng left.

Only the patriarchs of the strongest five forces in Sky Feather Island had the strength to break through the Heaven Luo Earth Sha array, but none of them would dare to slaughter subordinates of the Sky Feather Island Lord. Who was the person that offended True G.o.d Guisha and slaughtered these disciples and servants?

At this moment, Zhao Feng was standing on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon as it charged toward the Sky Feather Island Lord's territory. Along the way, Zhao Feng saw some forces that he had never seen before. Zhao Feng even saw a force stronger than the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race.

"That serpent dragon's bloodline is terrifying!" The bloodline of a certain force's patriarch trembled as he felt the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon fly past his head.

Apart from the Sky Feather Island Lord's forces, the strongest experts of the other forces were Rank Two True G.o.ds at most. At this time, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had recovered to the cultivation of a Rank One True G.o.d, so they were obviously scared when they sensed its bloodline.

"When did someone so strong appear in Sky Feather Island!?" many experts exclaimed when they saw the black serpent dragon and the golden-haired male fly over their heads.


Black flames flashed through the air as the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon left a trail of scarlet-black Destruction fire in its wake.

Now that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had become much stronger, its speed had also increased dramatically. In addition, since Zhao Feng had chased True G.o.d Guili to a place not far away from the Sky Feather Island Lord's territory, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon arrived in a month.

The Sky Feather Island Lord's territory was a range of mountains. Ghastly auras that reached the sky could be felt from them; there were countless tombs erected and several large halls built half-way up the mountains.

At this moment, there were some servants in these halls. They were relatively weaker, so True G.o.d Guisha didn't call them over earlier.

"Everyone f.u.c.k off or else I will kill you!" Zhao Feng circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power and roared. A thunderous voice spread out and reverberated in everyone's ears.

Although Zhao Feng was decisive when it came to killing, he didn't kill innocent people.

Some servants instantly flew out from the halls and hid after retreating a certain distance, but they didn't leave. They thought that Zhao Feng wouldn't dare to do anything. Who would dare to cause chaos in the territory of the Sky Feather Island Lord?

However, there was an exception for everything, and Zhao Feng was this exception.

"Destroy!" Zhao Feng said.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon swiped out with its tail, then charged forward as it released scarlet-black flames from its mouth. The buildings here were made from rare and precious materials and the arrays were extremely tough, but they were destroyed by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's Destruction Dragon Flames. Everything turned into ashes when the scarlet-black flames pa.s.sed by.

"The ancient teleportation array!" Zhao Feng's gaze landed directly below the halls.


Zhao Feng's figure instantly landed next to the ancient teleportation array. At this moment, Zhao Feng started hesitating over whether he should use the teleportation array to just leave.

Right at this moment though, a ghastly aura suddenly descended.

"Zhao Feng, how dare you destroy this place!?" True G.o.d Guisha looked at the scenery in front of him, and flames of anger almost shot out from his eyes.

Zhao Feng had even destroyed this place? It would be hard to explain this when his big brother came back. At least killing Zhao Feng and taking his treasures should be enough to calm down his big brother's anger.

True G.o.d Guisha's eyes then focused onto Zhao Feng.

"What an idiot! This teleportation array needs an Array Master to activate it. It can teleport to any other array in Blue Ocean Bay, but you can't use it!" True G.o.d Guisha revealed a cold gaze full of mockery.


A dark world instantly appeared behind True G.o.d Guisha's back. This was the power of his Little World projection.

"True G.o.d Guisha is going to use his full power now!" Zhao Feng's eyes spun.

True G.o.d Guisha unleashed the power of his Little World right from the beginning. This meant that Zhao Feng would be unable to teleport away either way. If he tried to hide in the Misty Spatial World again, a lot of flaws would be revealed.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon arrived next to Zhao Feng. Although it had recovered back to a Rank One True G.o.d, it wasn't enough to deal with a Rank Three True G.o.d.

"Sky Ghost Punch!" True G.o.d Guisha punched out against Zhao Feng. With the addition of his dark world, it was even stronger.

Zhao Feng didn't circulate any Mystic Light Sacred Power. He just stood within True G.o.d Guisha's Little World projection with a smile. Dreamy golden light suddenly flashed through Zhao Feng's left eye as it locked onto True G.o.d Guisha's attack and instantly a.n.a.lyzed its structure.


A black fist suddenly shot out from Zhao Feng's left eye.

"What?" True G.o.d Guisha instantly lost the ability to think as he watched the two fists clash in the air. Zhao Feng had actually used the exact same battle technique as him, and its power was the same as well?

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon suddenly released a forbidden Destructive power from True G.o.d Guisha's left side.

"Not good, the Origin Power of Destruction!" True G.o.d Guisha's expression changed. He had sensed the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, but the scene just now was too shocking, so he forgot about it for a moment. He never underestimated the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon since it had the bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race.

"Destruction Dragon Breath!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon spat out a scarlet-black divine flame.


A giant sun-like scarlet-black fireball seemed to set everything ablaze as it appeared in Heaven and Earth. Even True G.o.d Guisha's Little World was being burned.


A ghastly air scattered the scarlet-black sun. Being a Rank Three True G.o.d, True G.o.d Guisha obviously had many hidden cards. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon couldn't deal with him so easily.

True G.o.d Guisha held a dark silver spear decorated with bones. The tip of the spear looked like a tongue poking through a skull's jaws, which was terrifying and gruesome.

However, when he managed to block the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's attack, Zhao Feng's Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame finished forming.


A ball of golden-white lightning exploded in True G.o.d Guisha's face.

"Argh…!" True G.o.d Guisha felt as if ten thousand bolts of lightning were bombarding his soul, and he was in extreme pain.

Zhao Feng didn't stop after this blow; he took out a triangular piece of metal.

Ding! Ding!

The triangular piece of metal turned into a long black sword, and the green lines on it flashed with a faint gold light. Zhao Feng instantly slashed out after he merged his Lightning-Fire Obliteration and Divine Power into it.

"Little Black, let's go!"

Zhao Feng put the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon into the Misty Spatial World, then touched the whirlpool in the mysterious golden ball so that he teleported into the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng only used the duplication ability of his left eye to attract True G.o.d Guisha's attention so he could release a cycle of attacks. However, once True G.o.d Guisha recovered, he would still have the advantage. Zhao Feng knew that he couldn't kill True G.o.d Guisha. He only did everything just now to tell True G.o.d Guisha that he wasn't someone that could be trampled on.

He could damage True G.o.d Guisha already, and he would be able to kill him soon. If True G.o.d Guisha knew what was good for him, he would leave, but if he still wanted to kill Zhao Feng, then it would be the time of his death the next time Zhao Feng emerged.

"Argh…! Zhao Feng!" True G.o.d Guisha roared as he released the anger in his heart.

He had been injured by the Destruction Dragon Breath just now, and his soul was then heavily injured by Zhao Feng's Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame. He then had to face Zhao Feng's divine weapon as well. From the beginning till the end, he was on the defensive.

However, at this moment, Zhao Feng disappeared into s.p.a.ce once more. True G.o.d Guisha couldn't take revenge even if he wanted to.

"Zhao Feng, you forced me to do this!" True G.o.d Guisha yelled before leaving.

True G.o.d Guisha took out a token after retreating several dozen thousand miles and sent out a message; "All True G.o.d experts, come to this place!"

True G.o.d Guisha wasn't dumb; Zhao Feng had hidden in that dimension for half a year and only reappeared the moment True G.o.d Guisha left. This meant that Zhao Feng could see what was happening in the outside world. Thus, True G.o.d Guisha retreated by several dozen thousand miles and gathered all the True G.o.d experts of Sky Feather Island to completely surround this place. He didn't believe that Zhao Feng could stay in hiding forever. Some of these people specialized in the laws of s.p.a.ce, so they even might be able to find one of Zhao Feng's flaws or stop Zhao Feng from returning to that unknown dimension next time.

The moment True G.o.d Guisha completed all that, the teleportation array beneath the scarlet-black dragon flames flashed with a silver light, and a white figure appeared.

"Guisha, what's going on?"

This person wore white robes and had a cold expression. His hair was white, but he didn't seem to be very old. True G.o.d Guisha's body trembled when he saw this person. His big brother had returned!

A weird disturbance suddenly appeared in s.p.a.ce. The Sky Feather Island Lord slightly raised his head, and a cold light flashed through his eyes as he looked toward the area where the weird disturbance in s.p.a.ce appeared.

Zhao Feng's heart was unable to calm down in the Ancient Dream Realm.

"The Sky Feather Island Lord has returned!" Zhao Feng originally thought that the "big brother" of True G.o.d Guisha and True G.o.d Guili was an old man, but it was a youth. This meant that he was very talented - a genius that was able to cultivate to the True G.o.d Rank at such a young age!

"The Sky Feather Island Lord is a Rank Four True G.o.d, and he's the strongest person in Sky Feather Island. It looks like I won't be able to leave for a long time now!" Zhao Feng smiled helplessly.

He had caused destruction here in an attempt to scare and anger True G.o.d Guisha. He didn't expect the Sky Feather Island Lord to come back.

Although the difference between the Ancient Dream Realm and Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds wasn't very big, Zhao Feng couldn't stay here forever. The path of martial arts was to roam around freely and not be scared of risk or danger.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was completely surrounded. If he didn't dare to ever leave, this would heavily affect his mentality, and it might become a problem when undergoing the Lightning Tribulation.

However, Zhao Feng had caused too much trouble this time. Going out when the Sky Feather Island Lord was back was the same as going straight to his death.

The True G.o.d experts of Sky Feather Island headed toward this place. They were originally unhappy at True G.o.d Guisha's order, but they instantly had no more disagreements when they saw the Sky Feather Island Lord.

The True G.o.d experts amongst them that specialized in spatial laws and arrays soon set up a forbidden array spanning several dozen thousand miles. Several dozen people floated in the air ten thousand miles away; all of them were True G.o.d experts.

"If this succeeds, I won't treat you badly!" The Sky Feather Island Lord had a cold expression. No one could tell what he was thinking.

True G.o.d Sky Fire was also present, but the Sky Feather Island Lord didn't bother with him even after he explained everything. The island lord was just too disdainful.

True G.o.d Sky Fire's heart was also filled with fear and worry when he saw this scene. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to cause so much trouble by himself.

"Sigh… I'm reaching the end of my lifespan, and the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race will also fall. This might be why the Sky Feather Island Lord is too disdainful to take action against me!" True G.o.d Sky Fire sighed in his heart.

"Zhao Feng, you won't be able to escape once you reappear even if you have wings!" True G.o.d Guisha had a cruel expression.

King of Gods Chapter 1169 Surrounded

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