King of Gods Chapter 1175 Stopping A Rank Three True God

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Chapter 1175 - Stopping a Rank Three True G.o.d

The pressure on Zhao Feng and company instantly increased after the elder in azure and the Fire Winged Race Quasi-G.o.ds entered the palace. However, based on the explosions sounding from inside the palace, it seemed as if the battle inside was even more intense.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning palm!" Zhao Feng merged his Lightning-Fire Obliteration and Sacred Lightning Physical Force together and unleashed a brilliant scarlet-golden palm that crushed toward the Golden-Horned Fire Rats.

Now that it was just the three of them dealing with the Golden-Horned Fire Rats, Zhao Feng had to take out some of his true skill or else Wei Ke and Ma Lings.h.i.+ wouldn't be able to stand it anymore.

However, they were worthy of being geniuses of the Blue Scaled Race. They were extremely talented, and their potential was activated in this fight, increasing their battle-power.

"Brother Zhao, I didn't think you were so strong!" Wei Ke said with surprise.

The times Zhao Feng took action before were all very short. Nothing could really be seen from those, but now that Zhao Feng was releasing all his battle-power, it surprised Wei Ke.

Weird lights flashed through Ma Lings.h.i.+'s eyes. Zhao Feng's strength was on par with the strongest Quasi-G.o.d of the Blue Scaled Race, Lan Ye. Perhaps they could indeed obtain a share from the inheritance of the Golden-Horned Fire Rat Race.

Boom! Peng!

Explosions kept on sounding from the blazing palace, and the occasional angry roar of Golden-Horned Fire Rats could be heard.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but circulate his left eye and look at the situation within the palace. The Golden-Horned Fire Rat inside was even bigger than the rats outside. It was surrounded by fire and golden light, and its strength was even greater than the elder in azure.

However, the two Quasi-G.o.ds of the Fire Winged Race weren't simple either. Their fire bloodlines were of a higher grade than the Golden-Horned Fire Rats', and they were agile and fast. They kept using their divine weapons to attack the Golden-Horned Fire Rat.

"Senior, if you don't hurry up, more experts will be attracted here!" Zhao Feng smiled faintly and said loudly.

The expression of the azure-robed elder became grim as he fought the Golden-Horned Fire Rat. Their luck was just s.h.i.+t. They just entered the palace, but the Golden-Horned Fire Rat had already completely received the inheritance. However, they were the ones that came up with this suggestion, so they had to finish off this terrifying Golden-Horned Fire Rat even though their scalps tingled.

"The two of you are both Quasi-G.o.d prodigies of the Fire Winged Race. You must have some sort of hidden card, right?" The elder in azure asked the prodigies from the Fire Winged Race.

One of the Quasi-G.o.ds from the Fire Winged Race felt helpless and prepared to use one of his hidden cards. This Quasi-G.o.d of the Fire Winged Race released an abnormally strong Divine Power into his divine weapon, and his battle techniques started to damage the Golden-Horned Fire Rat.

The other two then used this chance to force the Golden-Horned Fire Rat into a weak position, giving it severe injuries.


The Golden-Horned Fire Rat charged out of the palace with heavy injuries. It didn't run away or attack Zhao Feng and company; instead, it charged into the lava around the palace.

"Hmm? The temperature of this lava isn't very high, but it contains a weird bloodline power!" Seeing that, Zhao Feng realized that the lava was also a precious type of resource.

The elder in azure and the Fire Winged Race youths arrived next to Zhao Feng and company and helped them defeat the Golden-Horned Fire Rats.

"This is what we obtained. You can choose a part of it!" The elder took out an interspatial ring.

"I thought that the three of you would just run off with the treasures!" Zhao Feng said with a deep smile.

In reality, the elder in azure robes had no intention of helping Zhao Feng and company after he came out, but he heard what they said and decided to help Zhao Feng and company resolve the danger.

Zhao Feng and company's Intents entered the interspatial ring. There were many precious resources and techniques.

Wei Ke and Ma Lings.h.i.+ obviously wouldn't believe that this was everything, but seeing that Zhao Feng didn't say anything, they said nothing either. After all, the treasures were already very plentiful.

"How dare you steal the treasures of the Golden-Horned Fire Rat Race? I won't let you off!" The giant Golden-Horned Fire Rat roared within the lava.

"Not good, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's injuries have recovered. Run!" The elder put away the interspatial ring and flew toward the exit.

Zhao Feng and company also left without hesitation.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng, the elder in azure, and company jumped out from the cave, but Ma Lings.h.i.+'s and Wei Ke's expressions changed dramatically as they looked forward.

"Hu Cheng, you shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Ma Lings.h.i.+ cursed directly.

The elder in azure and company looked at the group of people from the Blue Scaled Race in front of him with a wary expression.

"Lings.h.i.+, I immediately went to find reinforcements after I escaped to come back and save you!" Hu Cheng immediately started to explain, but his expression showed no signs of any kind of worry.

Of the three next to him, one was his big brother - Hu Sang, a Quasi-G.o.d prodigy of the Blue Scaled Race. The other two were Blue Scaled Race True G.o.d experts.

"Zhao Feng, back then, you did nothing but stole my resources. Now that my big brother and seniors of the Blue Scaled Race are here, they will deal with you fairly!" Hu Cheng glared at Zhao Feng with hatred and smugness.

"Hu Cheng, Zhao Feng didn't take any resources when he was with you, but when we met danger, you threw us behind and ran away by yourself. If it wasn't for Zhao Feng, we would have died long ago. Now you're putting the blame on Zhao Feng!?" Wei Ke explained the truth angrily.

"Hmph!" Right at this moment, Hu Sang took a step forward and released a surge of pressure toward Wei Ke. Wei Ke told everyone the truth; wasn't this making him lose face?

On the side, the elder in azure and the other two revealed smiles. They were originally scared of the Blue Scaled Race teaming up and dealing with them, but it seemed like the internal strife between the Blue Scaled Race couldn't be resolved very easily. This meant that they didn't need to worry about the Blue Scaled Race stealing what they had obtained. Furthermore, the person that the Blue Scaled Race was dealing with was Zhao Feng, which the trio was happy to see.

"Brat, hand over the interspatial dimension, and I'll let you live!" Hu Sang looked at Zhao Feng with fiery eyes.

They could obviously tell that Zhao Feng and the other five had obtained something after entering the cave. Those from the Fire Winged Race were strong, so they weren't easy to deal with. Wei Ke and Ma Lings.h.i.+ were from the same race, so they couldn't steal from them. However, it would be easy to deal with Zhao Feng, whose cultivation was low, and he had no force behind him.

The two True G.o.d experts of the Blue Scaled Race behind Hu Sang also took a step forward, and an invisible aura crushed toward Zhao Feng. It was obvious that the status of Hu Cheng's big brother was unique amongst the Quasi-G.o.ds in the Blue Scaled Race. The True G.o.d experts of the race were obviously protecting him, and they didn't care about what Ma Lings.h.i.+ and Wei Ke said.

"You…!" Wei Ke's body started to tremble. He didn't know what to say, and he gave an apologetic glance to Zhao Feng.

"Move aside or else I will treat you like a traitor!" Hu Sang looked at Wei Ke coldly. Although they were both Quasi-G.o.d geniuses of the Blue Scaled Race, Wei Ke could not be compared to him.


Hu Sang raised his right hand, summoned his Divine Power, and was about to take action, but right at this moment, the earth started to tremble. The trembling sensation became stronger and stronger until, finally, the entire earth started to shake. The sky became dark as countless fierce beast auras rose into the air.

"This is… a beast horde?" Hu Sang stood in shock as he looked into the distance in shock.

The Fire Winged Race youths and the other Blue Scaled Race members were in utter shock as well as they looked at the terrifying number of beasts in the distance. They had never heard of a beast horde in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension.

Although the cultivations of these beasts weren't very high, their numbers were terrifying.

"Go!" The elder in azure and those from the Fire Winged Race left.

"Younger brother, go!" Hu Sang said before leaving with the Blue Scaled Race members.

"What are you still doing there!?" a True G.o.d expert from the Blue Scaled Race roared coldly toward Wei Ke and Ma Lings.h.i.+.

"Brat, I'll let you live today!" Hu Cheng glared at Zhao Feng. Saving themselves was the most important thing.


Zhao Feng didn't stay behind either and flew in a certain direction. No one realized that there was a faint smile on his face.

This large beast horde was obviously composed of Zhao Feng's slaves. They had been hiding near Zhao Feng and listening to his orders.

"That group from the Fire Winged Race…!" Zhao Feng's eyes locked onto the azure-robed elder's group and chased after them.

The beast horde suddenly changed direction and started moving toward the Fire Winged Race's group.

Whoos.h.!.+ Weng~~

Zhao Feng turned into a faint golden streak of light that sped through Heaven and Earth. His speed was greater than the azure-robed elder, and this was the Ancient Dream Realm, where he was even faster than in the outside world. He soon managed to catch up to the Fire Winged Race's group.

"Zhao Feng?" The elder in azure had a surprised expression as he looked at the golden-haired male in front of him. It was incredible that a peak Mystic Light Realm could catch up to them.

"Not good, the beast horde is coming in our direction!" At this moment, one of the Quasi-G.o.ds from the Fire Winged Race exclaimed.

The trio's expressions changed dramatically. How could the beast horde suddenly change direction toward them unless it was being controlled by someone? Thinking up to here, the trio's expressions turned to shock as they stared at Zhao Feng, and a cold sensation started to travel upward from their feet.

"You're not going anywhere!" Zhao Feng's index finger released a surge of ancient bloodline Divine Power. At the same time, a terrifying force of Lightning-Fire Obliteration surrounded it.

Zhao Feng obviously couldn't hide his strength anymore if he wanted to kill them.

"Earth Destroying Finger!"

A storm of limitless scarlet-golden lightning shot out. It was like a pole of heaven that thrust forward.

The two Quasi-G.o.ds of the Fire Winged Race were heavily injured by Zhao Feng in just one finger. They looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief; how could he be so strong?

Boom! Weng~~~

Lightning crackled around the azure-robed elder's body as he broke through Zhao Feng's attack, and he remained uninjured.

"Hmph. I don't know how you managed to enslave so many ancient races, but do you really think you can stop me with just your measly peak-stage Mystic Light Realm cultivation?"

Although the azure-robed elder was shocked by Zhao Feng's skill, his mind was very clear. While the beast horde was terrifying, its speed wasn't as fast as his. Everything would be solved as long as he killed Zhao Feng.

"Humming Thunder, Flash of Lightning!" The elder in azure waved his palms in the air. Lightning in Heaven and Earth instantly turned into a desolate beast that charged toward Zhao Feng.

"G.o.d Eye Duplication!" Zhao Feng smiled faintly as a dreamy light flashed through his eye.


A chaotic lightning beast jumped out from Zhao Feng's left eye.

"How is this possible? That's my Humming Thunder, Flash of Lightning!" The azure-robed elder's mind shook as he looked at the two terrifying surges of lightning clash against each another.

King of Gods Chapter 1175 Stopping A Rank Three True God

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